Activist to Americans Who Visit Ilhan Omar’s Minnesota District: ‘You Won’t Think You’re in America’

Ilhan Omar and gigantic Koran

Source: Assyrian Warns Americans to Visit Ilhan Omar District: You Won’t Think It’s America

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition (MEWC) director Nahren Anweya on Wednesday warned Americans who visit Minnesota’s 5th district, Rep. Ilhan Omar’s district, the 2016 “terrorist recruitment capital of the country.”

“You won’t even think you’re in America,” she said of the district that elected Ilhan Omar.

MEWC Director of Speical Projects Anweya was speaking at an MEWC press conference calling for Rep. Omar to resign. She said she has cousins and family members “called whores for showing” part of the back of the arm in Iraq, “a country where one day they were wearing mini skirts.”

“It is truly because of people like [Rep.] Ilhan [Omar], when the government is infiltrated and it starts this way because it happened in Iraq and it happened against us,” she went on. “Iraq used to be a country where Jews lived freely, where Assyrian Christians lived freely, where even Armenians were there, and even moderate Muslims lived until sharia law took place and everyone was affected.”

Americans truly need to understand that this will affect you one day if you don’t make a change right now,” she said of sharia, adding she knows the early signs of genocide.

Anweya asked how the House of Representatives passed 393-0, “Resolution 75 recognizing the ongoing genocide of Christians and other religious minorities under ISIS” in March 2016 but now support representatives like Ilhan Omar. She cited Omar’s request to a judge for a lighter sentence for a terrorist supporter.

“We are here because of God, to give you a warning as Americans,” said Anweya. “We are here to tell you this is coming here, and it is here and it will affect you. It will affect everyone.”

“You will see your daughters get beheaded,” she went on. Anweya said she interviewed hundreds of families of all religions affected in the genocide in Iraq who “watched family members get executed right in front of them and that’s when reality hit them and they knew it was too late and that sharia law had taken full control of that country.”

She said she would not stop until Rep. Omar resigns in light of her anti-Semitism, possible ties to terrorism, and sympathy for radicals. She pointed to her experience being born and raised in the Middle East. 

Anweya went further to decry members of Congress supporting Omar while “knowing what is happening in Minnesota’s 5th district,” Ilhan Omar’s district. 

“If you don’t know, I highly advise you to take a trip to Minnesota’s 5th district and you will see what’s happening,” Anweya suggested. “You won’t even think you’re in America.”

In West Virginia earlier last week, they were more to the point:

And Fox Faux News strongly condemned one of its commentators for asking if Omar’s “adherence to this Islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to Sharia law, which in itself is antithetical to the United States Constitution?

The infiltration of sharia supremacists is well underway in America.

10 thoughts on “Activist to Americans Who Visit Ilhan Omar’s Minnesota District: ‘You Won’t Think You’re in America’

  1. Trumps got this! Don’t worry… he has our OWN American Sleeper Cells just getting ready to pounce! He and the administration is NOT blind to what’s going on!! God be praised through Jesus Christ, our Lord! Amen

  2. It’s not simply Omar’s 7th century garb. It is her entire attitude and Anti-American BEHAVIOR for YEARS that we are talking about..

    Ilhan Omar is full of CRAP!.. …So is Nancy Pelosi.. Linda Sarsour, Rashida Tlaib, and others..

    I live, and suffer in Minnesota daily.. It is (Omar’s Minnesota 5th Congressional District) a dangerous and violent train-wreck, in real time, and growing by the day..

    This is the radical Islamist fool who actually supported “LIFE INSURANCE DEATH BENEFITS” FOR ISIS TERRORISTS, when she was a Minnesota State legislator.

    She also publicly called for “compassion” for CONVICTED TERRORISTS returning to Minnesota from the ISIS battlefield. You really should read the OMAR letter to St Paul, Minnesota “sentencing Judge” Davis, written shortly after she was elected to the Minnesota legislature, signed as “representative elect”.. It is priceless (attached). ..She is, and had always been arrogant and slippery political trash, and a modern day version of the Trojan Horse..

    Omar and Ellison were the first out of the gate, to make excuses and cover-up the MN DHS (various social services programs-Daycare billing fraud leading the charge) THEFT and SCANDAL of Hundreds of Millions of Minnesota Taxpayer Dollars STOLEN ANNUALLY for the past 10 to 12 years – AND STILL GOING ON.. They immediately tried to conflate the “Hawala” money scam transfer services, with the largest “ORGANIZED CRIME” – International Money Laundering – AND SYSTEMATIC THEFT IN THE U.S., of Taxpayer Dollars emanating from one place – one State – EVER in U.S. history! AND IT IS STILL GOING ON..

    Omar was one of the first excuse making fools, attempting to gloss over the killing (MURDER) of 40 year-old, Australian born, Justine Damond, on July 15, 2017, by 2-year rookie MPD police officer Mohamed Noor, AFTER he failed his Academy entrance & psych exam 3 times, prior to the Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges (he having 3 complaints against him by women in only 2 years), and MPD police Cheif, Jenee Harteau, and gave that psycho clown a gun and a badge to kill.. ..and then tried to claim that HE was the victim, and SHE was the cause of her own death, as referenced in the press.

    Omar has been spewing this nonsense for a decade or longer, and not many in Minnesota had the smarts – the integrity – or the courage to call her out for it.. Now, IT is America’s problem to manage, or to solve, right along with the Linda Sarsour America hatred, Rashida Tlaib, AOC, and all the rest…. Take your pick..

    Additionally, listen very carefully to her blanket excuse for all this CRAP.

    How many countries in the Middle East, North and South Africa – or Venezuela – Cuba – and more, are guilty as sin of committing “HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS”, while this “grifter”, lays that outrageous and disgusting accusation at the foot of ISRAELIS exclusively? …and then demands a boycott (BDS) of Israel ONLY, the most peace seeking and stabilizing force of a nation in that region.. So, is it myopia, stupidity, or just plain inbred, and blatant generational Islamic hatred of Jews (and Christians by the way) (see: Grand Mufti and the unholy alliance with Adolph Hitler and The 3rd Reich)…OR ALL OF THE ABOVE..

    And Pelosi suggests that “Omar really did not understand” the import relating to the seriousness of her words??? How old is Omar according to Nancy, the babbling fool? …Age FIVE?

    OMAR IS A JEW HATING – CHRISTIAN HATING – ANTI-SEMITE, and ANTI-AMERICAN mole, and an open supporter of the brutal Iranian regime, and the brutal Maduro Venezuela (Human Rights Violator) dictatorship, Castro’s Cuba, and…take your pick around the globe.. She is on the wrong side of any just position America stands for.. And she sits as a member still, on the US House “Foreign Affairs Committee”??

    And, Pelosi and company suggest that poor little traumatized Omar, having been raised in war torn barbaric Somalia, having escaped to Kenya, and eventually seeking “asylum” in the U.S., needs our “understanding”, and compassion for her “cultural background”??? Really???

    Just after poor poor little Ilhan won the election in 2016, she traveled – with one of her 2 husbands – back to Mogadishu, Somalia, and to endorse the latest Somali strong-man dictator there, securing her brother-in-law a cushy position 15 minutes later in the world’s WORST FAILED NATION STATE ON THE PLANET, as measured by professional international organizations and standards..

    Oh yea…she is so afraid, as a so-called “refugee” of that country, based upon her sad STORY, that she went back TO SOMALIA in 2016 for a political vacation..

    By the way, since she apparently used “campaign finance money” to pay for her 2017 divorce OF HER BROTHER (Immigration Fraud) (Perjury) in Hennepin County, Minnesota (while married to the other fella as well) (Polygamy & Bigamy), when she was a Minnesota State Legislator, after she scammed the Minnesota Legislators as well, by failing to file her required annual financial report in a timely manner, UNTIL AFTER LEGISLATIVE SESSION HAD ENDED, and she was beyond their jurisdictional reach…WHERE DID SHE GET THE TRAVEL MONEY, in order to fly back to that terrible place??..

    You really should read Omar’s one-page 2016 response to the duel marital controversy (attached). It’s a Pip! It is unintelligible, but it is priceless nonetheless.

    As an aside, please check out OMAR’s long term family political connections (many decades) in Somalia. THEY ARE THE PROBLEM THERE..

    Get passed that stupid grin of her’s, and look at her for exactly what she is. …A slippery (serpent) “fox in – OUR U.S. Congressional – hen-house”.. She didn’t look so “cute” in her 2012 mug shot when she was arrested and charged in Minneapolis for “CRIMINAL TRESPASS” I can assure you. (attached)

    …AND THERE IS MORE.. from Minnesota, “the Land of 10,000 cover-ups”…where hard news goes to die..

    Pelosi is full of CRAP, right along with far too many in Congress relating to this entire matter, including the political trash master, Omar.. Hypocrites!!!

    I can prove ALL of the above..

    Based upon this ridiculous and warped standard, please restore Congressman Steve King to his committee assignments.. Just kidding of course..

    Is this racist – Islamophobic – xenophobic – bigoted – or some other “ism” or “ist”? Not at all.. Just the truth for a change from Minnesota.. It is ALL about attitude, actions, and BEHAVIOR..

    As Ayaan Hirsi Ali and others might say, this IS about RADICAL Muslim supremacy and domination by force, or “civilization Jihad”.. In this case, “political Jihad. Omar knows exactly what she is doing.. She has been doing this, and laying the ground work for this, for YEARS..

    It is in her barbaric dictatorship upbringing, indoctrination, and association(s) since birth – DNA…


    Welcome to OUR Minnesota Nightmare America..

  3. Ilhan Omar may have married her brother Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in order to aid Elmi in obtaining U.S. citizenship. The two were married in 2009 and later divorced in 2017. While being legally married to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, Omar has publicly identified Ahmed Hirsi as her cultural husband and father of her children.
    Ilhan Omar should have never been allowed to run for office because it appears she committed Marriage and Immigration Felony Fraud. This should be investigated but is being swept under the rug the same way obama’s history was.

  4. Does she really know what genocide looks like? If the muslims keep it up, they will get first hand experience, of genocide on America. Better them than law abiding citizens.

  5. Having a business the Minneapolis and St. Paul area for 3 months a year… over a 34 year period, I can tell you that Minnesotans have been brain washed by liberalism and, to this day, do not see what the problem is.

    From personal experience and observations, Muslims, particularly Somalis, are just lower than low class and are proud of it. You have to see it to believe it.

    Meanwhile, some Twin Cities may complain, but do nothing. Thus, more and more anti-American and anti-Christian Muslims are getting into office.

    • I moved from the Colubus, Oh outskirts a couple of years ago, They have the same problems with the Somali population. Unfortunately, the same attitude exists in areas with high concentrations of muslim populations.

  6. Thank you CTTV15 and you others for giving us an idea of what is going on in MN. I dont understand why people in the US dont get it! Muslims tell us what they plan to do, do it, and get away with it! Look at Europe! It is being overwhelmed by their migration policy! Muslims wouldnt try the hard line,violent approach here because we are armed,and would shoot their asses if they tries their shenanigans here! Here they use the political approach and we cant fire a shot! Smart bastards!

  7. We just do not understand the wonderful cultural mores of the Somalies, Nigerians and others from the cradle of civilization in Africa.
    Our beloved Huessein obama has tried to improve America by importing millions who improve our economy and become doctors and surgeons.
    This news story will explain how America will improve and benefit from these fine peoples

    proscribe islam or be a slave or worse to sharia!

  8. RCH October 24, 2013 | Log in to Reply
    And I beg USA to please learn from the bitter lessons of history of Hindu sufferings due to Islaamic Jehaad. I beg the Americans to wake up to this pestilence, else it will completely ruin your great land. And U have to do this for your American children so that they can leave in peace and prosperity, which the Jehaadis will not permit if they are given to thrive and multiply in your country. PS WAKE UP B4 IT IS TOO LATE and to hell with political correctness, esp towards INTOLERANT and MAD jehaadis.

    Americans had better heed and understand what this wise Hindu has written!

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