‘ISIS brides’ vow revenge when returned to the West

Source: ‘ISIS brides’ vow revenge when returned to the West

By Thomas Lifson

When people tell us they think Allah commands torture and death for infidels, it is best to believe they mean it.  So the only question I have about the women from Europe, Australia, and America who flocked to ISIS-held territory and bore children for the jihad fighters who gleefully beheaded, crucified, burned alive, and enslaved the infidels that fell under their control is, “How stupid do they think we are?”

Apparently, they think the kufrs of the lands they abandoned are deeply stupid.  They think enough of us are delusional enough to let them come back.  Some of them, like Hoda Muthana, think claiming they made a “mistake” and citing the accident of birth in the United States to a family in this country on a diplomatic visa will be enough.

Others have an even deeper contempt for the infidels they would happily torture and kill if given the power and don’t even bother to conceal their plans for vengeance.  The U.K. Sun interviewed some of the more contemptuously honest among them:

ISIS brides in Syrian refugee camps have vowed chilling revenge as the last outpost of their “caliphate” faces defeat by Kurdish forces.

It comes amid fears there are thousands of brainwashed followers in the camps, with one veiled woman warning: “We will seek vengeance, there will be blood up to your knees.”

The woman, feared to be among thousands of unrepentant fanatics who have fled Baghouz and surrendered to US-backed Kurdish forces, added: “We have left, but there will be new conquests in the future.”

Call me hard-hearted, but I don’t think there is any recovery from this virus for many, if not most people who were willing to turn their lives upside-down in service to Allah.  The horrors enacted by ISIS are so terrible that nobody who supported it should be let back in to any country.  People who believe that Allah wants them to inflict suffering on infidels, and that sanctified lying (taqiyya) is always in order when needed, do not deserve a second chance.

Since the decision seems to have been made not simply to drop daisy-cutters on the territory they still hold onto and “go Roman,” they must be kept in detention camps for the rest of their lives.  Perhaps let Syria deal with them.  I am sure Assad would be happy to solve the problem.

6 thoughts on “‘ISIS brides’ vow revenge when returned to the West

  1. Yes! they will be bringing up their future generations to hate and murder just as the palestinians train their children to kill and murder Israelis. They would plan to make America over in the image of the filthy, vile countries they have come from. Like dealing with rattlesnakes the only remedy is complete extermination of islam. The people of the West cannot understand this enemy that is trained from birth and we have no defense against their deceit and treachery.
    Proscribe islam or be a slave or worse under sharia.

  2. …one veiled woman warning: “We will seek vengeance, there will be blood up to your knees.”
    I’m not looking forward to it, but if she insists so be it. Meanwhile I don’t think she has enough blood to submerge my boots, let alone up to my knees.

  3. Never should be permitted to return to USA. They just think their NOT wanted over there. Boy, are they in for the shock of their life.

  4. The woman said all they wanted was a place for Muslims to live. What a crock. There are Muslim countries all over the world. Syria and Iraq were already Muslim. We wouldn’t let her have her Islam,her Qu’ran,teach her children in Islamic ways??? Bull. Revenge for what,defending civilization against invading hordes of homicidal savages? They started it, now they are paying the price for us having finished it. If we let them come to the US then that blood WILL flow in the streets. They will use their now innocent children to wage their revenge war on us. There are already too many jihadists here. They need a home where they can preach to each other and leave us alone,but it seems it is really an us or them scenario.Sadly they will most likely force us to annihilate them in self defense. I will not surrender to them.

  5. “They think enough of us are delusional enough to let them come back.”

    LOL! THEY’RE RIGHT! Before you get too sassy, let’s see how this shakes out. We KNOW there are more than enough politicians in the West who are willing to bow to these Islamic monsters and let them back in. In fact, I’d be SHOCKED to find out that NONE of them were allowed to return to the nations they forsook.

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