Special election results in first Muslim woman “hijabi” in Pennsylvania House of Representatives

As many reader’s regularly point out, it’s no longer creeping.

Source: Movita Johnson-Harrell Becomes Pa.’s First Muslim Woman State Rep

On Tuesday night, Movita Johnson-Harrell, the former interim supervisor of Victim Services for Philadelphia’s District Attorney’s Office, won a highly contested special election for the 190th District seat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

At 9:45 p.m., with 75 of 80 precincts reporting, Johnson-Harrell had garnered 66 percent of the vote, with her nearest challenger at 20 percent. The victory makes her the first Muslim woman to be elected as a state representative in Pennsylvania.

“I’m running because I care about my community — I don’t need a job,” Johnson-Harrell told Philadelphia magazine in January when she declared her run. “Many people enter politics looking for a career, money, power, fame — I’ll be personally taking a $20,000 pay cut if I become the next state representative.”

Johnson-Harrell’s platform encompassed several key issues, ranging from socioeconomic opportunity and education reform to making gun violence prevention a top priority in Harrisburg. The longtime West Philly native felt the impact of these issues personally when she lost her son to gun violence in 2013. That tragedy inspired her to create the CHARLES Foundation, a nonprofit founded in her son’s name to empower communities and push for more gun violence prevention.

The path to victory wasn’t easy for Johnson-Harrell. She was a surprise third Democratic nominee for the seat — vacated when state Rep. Vanessa Lowery-Brown resigned following her conviction on bribery and other charges — after two previous Democratic nominees announced but quickly withdrew when each of them faced questions over their residency in the district. The situation opened the doors for Johnson-Harrell, who had run against Lowery-Brown in the 2016 primary, to enter.

“I am grateful that the Democratic party has put their trust in me,” Johnson-Harrell previously told Philadelphia magazine. “I think I can get a lot done in Harrisburg.”

Johnson-Harrell defeated community advocate Amen Brown, activist and clergywoman Pamela K. Williams, and Republican candidate Michael Harvey.

More: It was Democratic corruption that propelled the hijabi into office:

On Sunday night, Movita Johnson-Harrell, former interim supervisor of Victim Services in Philly’s District Attorney’s Office, surprised many when she became the new Democratic nominee for a March 12th special election in the 190th District of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Two previous Democratic nominees for the seat — vacated when state Rep. Vanessa Lowery-Brown resigned following her conviction on bribery and other charges — have bowed out after questions emerged surrounding their residency in West Philadelphia. This paved the way for Johnson-Harrell, who ran against Lowery-Brown in the 2016 primary, to be the party’s third nominee.

What are a few things you want voters to know about you that aren’t often asked?
If elected, I will be the first Hijabi (covered Muslim woman) to be elected to the State House. It’s my faith that’s got me here and has kept me going. I’m running because I care about my community — I don’t need a job.

It’s telling that her first response to what voters should know about her is that she is a hijabi. What other aspects of sharia will she employ, but not tell citizens, while representing her “community”?

It should also be noted that Philadelphia is now known as “Muslim Town”.  For a closer look at Philly’s Muslim Town, start here: Philadelphia aka ‘Muslim Town’: A look inside then review posts in the Creeping Sharia archives, here.

Can we expect more of this in Philly with a hijabi in elected office? Philadelphia: Mosque under investigation after child bride says “husband” sexually assaulted her 10-year old sister

As we’ve noted before, Muslims are making an aggressive move into elected government positions and it should be no coincidence that the implementation of sharia – specifically Islamic blasphemy laws and silencing those who speak about or question Islam or Muslims – is rapidly advancing.

This number is now up to at least 60 that we’ve posted on but likely higher – Terror-linked CAIR reports at least 57 Muslims elected to local, state, and national positions.


14 thoughts on “Special election results in first Muslim woman “hijabi” in Pennsylvania House of Representatives

    • We can run from a battle or fight it. If we run from it we leave the battleground to the enemy. If we fight it we can win the battle because it is still being fought on our ground and by our rules. If we allow the enemy to change the rules the fight will be over before we know it.

      • I agree. Some of us are fighting and will continue to fight. But most won’t. Fight, or leave. They need to either listen to us or lose the taxes that subsidize muslims projects.

  1. There needs to be a check for voter fraud and scare tactics used against weaker candidates. If she is pro Sharia she should be immediately removed from office since Sharia is a violation of our Constitution and will not stand with it. We will either have or Constitution or Sharia law. It can’t be both ways. Since Islam means submission the Muslims fully intend to have it their way. Every Muslim of any position in our nation should be made to renounce Sharia or leave the country.

  2. Time to fight america this will not stop until they reach their islamic goal to use our laws and polititical system against us time to rise up to protect our children and grandchildren


  3. Time to fight america this will not stop until they reach their islamic goal to use our laws and polititical system against us time to rise up to protect our children and grandchildren

  4. The reason these islamic representatives have come into power is that through the resettling of immigrants in large numbers in states and counties that had very few residents such as Harrisburg P.A., This country is still allowing up to 1 Million immigrants a year to be settled in mostly states that have rural small towns and that are christian. When a massive influx of islamic immigrants enter a small town they usually take it over as it is happening all over America, these people say they are just running for office to help there community but they are spreading there base, there power infrastructure there web of deceit and control. This Administration needs to stop the radicalization of America, they need to stop All islamic immigration at all costs.

  5. There needs to be a prohibition put upon this ideology.
    The term ideology is more suitable in its description since it is not a religion, but a political ideology that has managed to masquerade as a religion the past 1400+ years.
    Adherents of the ideology have most aspects of their life governed by its system, particularly females.
    Becoming an adherent – recitation of the ‘Shihada.’ Attempting to leave the ideology – risks an adherent being labeled as apostate.
    The average person usually finds all of this to be quite unbelievable. The following site is one of the most informative websites to research the history of the ideology and it’s very easy to follow and understand. God Bless Us – Pray – and learn.
    politicalislam DOT com

  6. Pure evil – these people want to change America- we have to forget PC and throw their words in their faces and make sure they are eventually kicked out in disgrace

If sharia keeps spreading, you will not only be silenced by the media and big technology, you will be jailed - or worse. Speak while you can!

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