MI5: Far Right Terror Cases ‘Absolutely Dwarfed by Islamist Cases’

Source: MI5: Far Right Terror Cases ‘Absolutely Dwarfed by Islamistc Cases

The number of far-right terror cases the authorities are faced with is “absolutely dwarfed” by the number of cases related to radical Islam, according to Britain’s Security Service, better known as MI5.

MI5 specialises in counter-espionage and domestic security, in contrast to the foreign intelligence-oriented Secret Intelligence Service – better known as SIS or MI6, made famous by Ian Flemming’s James Bond books. The assessment of the relative seriousness of the Islamist terror threat and the far-right terror threat was disclosed halfway through a Guardian report focusing heavily on the latter, later republished by other media outlets including CNN and Microsoft-owned MSN.

The left-liberal newspaper led on claims by the far-left HOPE Not Hate organisation, which describes itself as “anti-fascist” and has previously received funding from billionaire open borders campaigner George Soros, that “huge numbers of Britons are among the global audience for far-right forums” online.

The Guardian also quoted Britain’s anti-extremism “tsar”, Sara Khan, regarding the “frightening amount of legal extremist content online” which the left claim is fuelling far-right extremism. The comments suggest a clampdown on online anonymity and uncensored discussion groups may be on the cards.

Halfway through the article, however, the Guardian concedes that, while the security services “have not revealed how many of the 700 or so live terror plots and 20,000 individuals classified as ‘closed subjects’ … are related to right-wing extremism”, MI5 did disclose that such cases are, quote, “absolutely dwarfed by the number of Islamist cases” being dealt with.

This is the case despite the fact that Britain’s white population, from which white nationalist extremists are presumably likely to recruit, is in excess of 50 million, while the Muslim population, from which Islamist extremists are likely recruiting, is officially only 2.7 million – suggesting the radical Islamism presents a much more potent threat than the far right in terms of its capacity to radicalise people.

Nevertheless, the British authorities have placed a huge degree of emphasis on tackling the far right since even before Christchurch, with Cabinet minister Amber Rudd warning that people viewing what she described as “far-right propaganda” online could face up to 15 years’ imprisonment under harsh new counter-extremist penalties while she was still at the Home Office.

The measures drew some criticism from Max Hill QC, then terrorism legislation watchdog, now Director of Public Prosecutions for England and Wales, who warned that the Government should not “criminalise thought without action or preparation for action,” and that “the struggle for national security must not be used as a stick to beat down the rights we hold dear.”

“If that were to happen, terrorism would have prevailed,” he added.

FYI: All Islamists and all so-called radical Islamic terrorists have one thing in common – they are Muslim.

5 thoughts on “MI5: Far Right Terror Cases ‘Absolutely Dwarfed by Islamist Cases’

  1. Seems to me the ‘far right’ means patriotic Brits . Since just thinking unkind things about the ‘heroes of the islamic revolution’ is a ‘hate crime’, it stands to wonder the numbers aren’t even higher. As a curiosity I would like to know the number cases originating in London area.

  2. MI5 has just become another security group that is working for the downfall of all freedoms of the people of Britain, there may be a great population difference but when the government has kowtowed to islam it is now making and imposing new rules daily on the far right like patriots who really love there country, there are laws that impose extreme penalties and impose hefty fines and jail times even for the smallest of offences. Anything that the government can make up and list it as an offence they now scrutinize everything, Facebook, instagram, youtube etc……to see who they can toss in jail.

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  5. Remember, all this terror , murder and rape comes from a relatively small population of moslems. But they are reproducing like cockroaches and immigration will soon increase their numbers. Their atrocities increase exponentialy as their percentage in a country grows.
    They must be stopped before the infection kills the host. Purge the traitors, proscribe islam.

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