Tennessee: Days before inauguration, Gov. Bill Lee prioritized meeting Muslim Council while denying requests for meetings with non-Muslim groups

Source: The Jew Haters Bill Lee Supporters Say He Had to Meet With – Part 1 | Dailyrollcall.com

Pat Hamsa

Ten days before his inauguration as Tennessee’s 50th governor, Bill Lee prioritized meeting with the Tennessee American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) while denying other requests for meetings with non-Muslim groups.

The following day, AMAC posted the photo of Bill Lee embracing members of the organization. Oh, the fundraising possibilities!

The photo also includes Samar Ali which is a little strange since she has not been known to publicly affiliate with the AMAC. Perhaps Haslam’s super-short term political appointee was the one who helped arrange the meeting between Lee and AMAC.

In addition to Samar’s expertise in sharia finance, she is also a devotee of former president Jimmy Carter, author of the biased book Palestine:Peace Not Apartheid a title which helps prop up the anti-Israel propaganda of the Boycott, Sanctions & Divestment (BDS) campaign against Israel.Carter’s persistence in casting the terrorist PLO’s leader Yasser Arafat in a  positive light, tells you all you need to know about Carter’s own anti-Israel biases.

In 2014, Carter while once again blaming Israel for the strife in the Middle East, “demanded recognition of Hamas’ ‘legitimacy as a political actor.’”

Gee, think he forgot that in 1997, the U.S. designated Hamas as a foreign terrorist organization?

Regardless, Samar traveled with Carter and his team to witness the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi being elected president in Egypt.

According to the Vanderbilt Law School website, Samar’s mother immigrated to the U.S. from Syria and her father is from the West Bank town of Ramallah. Both her parents are listed as large dollar donors of the Carter Center.

Another interesting note about Samar and her training in sharia finance relates to her position as an intern in Amman, Jordan, for the International Arab Bank during the time that a lawsuit had been filed against the bank alleging that the bank was managing the funding of payments to the families of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) martyrs.

Add to this that since 2005, Samar’s father Subhi Ali, has led the board of the D.C.-based Jerusalem Fund, an organization devoted to destroying Israel. The founder of Subhi Ali’s Jerusalem Fund, a guy named Hisham Sharabi, was also a board member of the World and Islam Studies Enterprise (WISE) which was funding the PIJ allegedly through the Arab Bank where Samar was interning.

Back to the Lee-AMAC meeting

Some Lee supporters have defended his meeting with AMAC going so far as to say, “he had to,” while others who have followed AMAC and their member’s activities, expressed concern about the meeting.

People are right to be troubled by Lee’s eagerness to connect with the group.

For starters, AMAC has fully adopted the radical left’s “intersectionality” ideology and along with it, Islamist Linda Sarsour, one of the country’s leading Jew-haters.

“Intersectionality” claims that all self-described oppressed groups are united through their alleged oppression.

Read it all.

Check out the last line of Lee’s About Me page:

Bill and Maria are people of strong faith. They are active in Grace Chapel Church and in numerous faith-based ministries, which have taken them all over the world to serve people in need, including to Africa, Central America, and the Middle East.

Lee seems to help everybody but Americans.

For more information on Tennessee’s sharia supremacists known as AMAC, see our previous post on Tennessee’s Troubling Islamic Network and much more in our archives here.

15 thoughts on “Tennessee: Days before inauguration, Gov. Bill Lee prioritized meeting Muslim Council while denying requests for meetings with non-Muslim groups

  1. Who cares what they think is important? Mr. Lee is treading on thin ice. Most Tennessean, like myself, don’t give two hoots what they want. If they don’t like the way things are in Tenn. they have the freedom to leave. I have the freedom to call them out!l

    • That’s the right attitude! My wife and are looking to relocate to Tennessee to get away from the liberal idiots in Maine. This was a shock to read about the new governor, after meeting so many great Tennesseans it didn’t make sense. You are the kind of Tennessean that I remember, a true American! These savages that have been forced on all the states think they can take over, we need to get politicians that won’t kowtow to their demands, either assimilate or get out!

        • That’s where we are looking in the foothills and Smoky’s. Trying to find enough land to hunt on. and not have to deal with close neighbors, we have six large dogs and the last thing we want is having some raghead bitching about dogs! And maybe a firing range to keep things tuned up!

          • Sounds great to me! It’s still a year or two off as we can’t leave until my mother passes, but, we look forward to more warm weather and putting miles on my Indian and the peaceful beauty of Tennessee, One of the most beautiful roads I rode on was the Newfound Gap road from Gatilnburg to Cherokee NC! Maybe we’ll meet up sometime in the future! United against islam!

    • Tired of Islam taking over stupid legislators are bending over backward to appease them! Well Wake up, Lee! Thought YOU Were Different!
      You are LIAR to TN.!!!👿👿👿A Disgrace!
      You are NO CHRISTIAN!!😡😡👺👺👺👺

  2. The new Minnesota governor put the Minnesota director of CAIR, Jaylani Hussein, on his “transition team”..

    But, Tennessee? Really?

  3. Don’t blame the gov, he was acting in self preservation. Some folks are just scared at what a pissed off islamofascist might do. Maybe he has already converted. Maybe some of barry santoro’s iran payoff has worked it’s way back into this country.

  4. How much does it cost to buy a governor these days? Are muslims really the highest bidders? And which muslim country funds muslim supremacy in the US – Saudi Arabia,Iran or the US State Department?

  5. This is against everything America stands for. . Thomas Jefferson formed the Marines to fight and destroy Islam Sharia believers. . All Muslims believe in Islam. .Read their beliefs. . Kill all Christians and jews..all who do not submit to Mohammed! . No muslim until McCain and a few other Congressmen got together and changed the law.. They are committing their grand jihid …to destroy and take over America. .

    • We have a Bunch Of Liberals and probably
      Conservatives slowly selling America and its rights away! Get RID of the bunch and start over with
      Genuine Honest People! Must Be Stopped and
      Stopped NOW!!!! People who uphold haters of Christians to be politics spotlight are TRULY
      SICK and self centered! Start with Pelosi and Schumer!! TRUMP is only one appearing to STAND
      TALL and can not do it alone!!!!
      SO LONG FAKE News Media because nobody will be watching your BS of hijabs!!!👿👿

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