Minneapolis: Judge sharply restricts media, public access to trial of Muslim cop who killed unarmed woman

Source: Judge restricts media, public access to fired Minneapolis officer’s murder trial | by Andy Mannix, Star Tribune:

A Hennepin County district judge has imposed tight restrictions on public and media access to the highly anticipated trial of Mohamed Noor, the former Minneapolis police officer charged with murdering Justine Ruszczyk Damond.

With Noor’s trial set to begin Monday, Judge Kathryn L. Quaintance cited the need to preserve “order and decorum” in issuing an order this week that places it in a courtroom that holds about two dozen seats — half the size of some others in the building. The judge reserved eight places for the media and 11 for the public. Quaintance also banned laptops, cellphones and recording devices from the floor on which the trial will take place, authorizing that people be searched to ensure compliance.

The Noor case marks a rare example in the American criminal justice system of an officer going to trial over a fatal shooting, and the first time in modern history a Minnesota police officer has been charged with murder for an on-duty death.

The restrictions pose serious First Amendment problems and will make it difficult for journalists to document the trial, said Jane Kirtley, a University of Minnesota professor who teaches media law.

“There’s been a deliberate decision made here to limit access by the press and public,” Kirtley said. “I appreciate the concerns that are being raised here, but it seems to me that [the courts] are overlooking the fact that the public and the press have a First Amendment right of access to a criminal proceeding like this one.”

In similar high-profile trials, Kirtley said, judges have consulted with reporters to establish rules without hindering access for journalists or the public.

Quaintance has already prohibited cameras from the courtroom. The court granted media seats based on order of request. The Star Tribune, Minnesota Public Radio, KSTP-TV and KARE-TV are the only local media who secured spots, said District Court spokesman Spenser Bickett. The other four media seats will go to ABC Australia, Channel 9 Australia, the Associated Press and the New York Times.

The families of Noor and Damond will be limited to four seats each in the courtroom. Others will be permitted to observe from an overflow room. Quaintance’s original order Wednesday stated that the trial would only be relayed in the overflow room by audio. On Thursday, after protest from media outlets, Quaintance and Hennepin County Chief District Judge Ivy Bernhardson amended the order to allow a video feed to the overflow room.

“Most importantly, it is the Court’s role to safeguard the parties’ right to fair and public proceedings and the public’s right to access them,” the order said.

Bickett would not comment on criticisms that the order could hinder First Amendment rights….

h/t Jihad Watch who comments:

Also, the media and gallery will not be allowed to see Noor’s bodycam footage. Why is Judge Kathryn L. Quaintance doing this? It isn’t hard to see. She wants to protect Noor as much as possible, so as to avoid unrest among Minnesota’s large Somali Muslim community. She also wants to avoid — as much as possible, anyway — shining a negative light on the Minneapolis officials who are responsible for this fiasco, the ones who were so avid to have a Somali Muslim cop on the police force that they elevated Noor beyond his ability and kept him on the force despite his manifest incompetence, all because of his value as a symbol of their multiculturalism and rejection of “Islamophobia.”

This entire incident is an indictment of identity politics. The case of Mohamed Noor is a demonstration of the need for police officers to be hired on the basis of their competence, not their race or religion, and a plea that the practice of hiring cops on the basis of their identity be discarded. But no one, outside of Jihad Watch, is seeing it in that light.

9 thoughts on “Minneapolis: Judge sharply restricts media, public access to trial of Muslim cop who killed unarmed woman

  1. One the one hand it helps insure a fair trial. On the other… it prevents the non-moslems who live in MNPLS from knowing the truth about corruption so deep…

  2. I smell another Jessy Smollett type outcome. There is no way this guy should get off for cold blooded murder. He had to reach across his partner to gun the poor women down. What were dealing with here is a Muslim cop in a Muslim community being tried by a scared as shit judge who is deathly afraid to have the media and the people know what exactly is taking place. Is this a jury of twelve men and women? I’m wondering how many of the jurist end up being Muslms. That would tell us for certain the outcome before the trial ever begins.

    • All it takes is ONE MUZZIE, on the jury, to get a mistrial. This judge is a POS who should be kicked off the bench. Somebody should check to see how much has been contributed to her re-election fund by muzzies. If the amount is significant, she should have recused herself.

  3. So the powers of the politicians are trying to throw the trial of an incompetent islamic murderer! For some unknown reason politicians in America for the most part go out of their way to not ‘offend’ mooslems. When in fact they don’t assimilate, they are for the most part criminals, lazy and pretty much useless in any developed nation. This Noor is a murderer, he gunned down an unarmed woman outside her home! He shot her right in front of his partner who the woman was trying to talk to! What this looks like is the fix is in and this useless asshat clown will get off. Maybe I’m wrong but, it sure looks like the judge is trying to silence the media@

  4. Fast track to be a police officer: faster track to not guilty then shipped out of the USA, There is no murder in Islam there is just death to non Muslims, wake up people,Islam is a fast spreading disease in our nation it needs to be vaccinated and removed so it cannot spread any further then it needs to be a known threat to the nations people and never allowed to be re-entered into the nation.

  5. Any word from his police partner having a high caliber weapon fired right in front of his face in this incident? Can he still hear? Do people know that by some insane policy of foggy bottom somalies are given on top of all the usual welfare benefits $2200 per month for every man , woman and offspring that gives them more purchasing power than working American citizens?
    We will rue the day that we allowed this infection of America!

  6. ow long until they demand separate entrances to the food pantry for men and women and separate entrances for Muslims who don’t want to see any Christmas or holiday food or decorations?

    The state of Maine has also been crushed by Somalis that Obama has forced upon them. The Governor of Maine, Paul LePage has valiantly been trying to cut off cash aid to Somalis– nearly all of whom are on welfare – since Obama has purposely dumped thousands of them in Lewiston and Portland.

    America got Black Hawk Down and 18 dead Americans. Somalis got 90,000+ “asylum” slots in America, free housing, Sharia-compliant facilities, and a lifetime of welfare. How do you say “chumps” in Somali?

    Each refugee already has access to the following:

    Temporary assistance for Needy Families

    Medicaid Food Stamps

    Supplemental “Security” Income

    Social Security Disability Insurance

    Administrative Developmental Disabilities (ADD)

    Child Care and Development Fund

    Independent Living Program

    Low Income Housing Energy Assistance

    Post secondary Education Grants

    Refugee Assistance Program

    Title IV Foster Care

    Title XX Social Services Block Grant Fund

    And from our lovely State Department…$2200 per month for every man, woman and child.

    How much is the SSI check you receive every month……the SSI fund you paid INTO all of your working life? And BTW all of us on SSI – will NOT be getting a Cost of Living Allowance in 2016 – Hmmmmmm I wonder WHY????

    IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG HERE????? And if you disagree with me – then vote for Hillary Clinton and get even MORE of this CRAP!!!!!!!

  7. She was a lovely lady who did not deserve this piece of muzzie crap killing her for no reason. He is lucky I am a long ways away or I would have to bring justice to him. One way or another. I would hope someone would. Scum does not deserve to live.

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