UK: Muslim asylum seeker stabbed wife 50 times, killing her for converting to Christianity

Source: Failed asylum seeker who killed wife when she converted to Christianity jailed for life

An Iranian immigrant who killed his wife at her Stoke-on-Trent home after she converted to Christianity has been jailed for life.

Dana Abdullah stabbed Avan Najmadiein 50 times last October.

Before the attack, he discovered the 32-year-old mother-of-four children under the age of eight, had refused to support his application to remain in the UK.

Wilson Chowdhry, chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association told Premier there are countless people in the UK who can relate with this story.

Speaking during Premier’s News Hour, he said: “We recently wrote a report for the hate crime inquiry on Islamophobia so that we could show the other side of the coin, where much of the persecution of apostates in this country is based on a real hatred for those who quit Islam.

“And if you think of Nissar Hussain who suffered 17 years of persecution, where he had his car smashed at least six times a year, which amounted to thousands of pounds.

“The house next door to him burned down in an attempt to burn him out of his house also. And also he was beaten so badly that he was hospitalised for 14 days.

“The poor man had to escape with a four police car entourage away from Bradford to a place of safety. It really is an atrocious situation.

Abdullah had previously been deported after being convicted for a child sex offence.

After killing his estranged wife, he handed himself into a police station after the attack, but only to admit being a “failed asylum seeker”.

Stafford Crown Court heard Abdullah had threatened to kill his wife before as she had “dishonoured” him by converting to Christianity.

Speaking of Abdullah’s previous conviction, the judge said: ‘It does show that you are not someone of good character and, having been deported for that matter, you chose to come back into this country illegally and have committed this very serious crime.’

Chowdhry told Premier Christian converts need better protection.

“We do really need to think about how best we protect ourselves in this country,” he said.

“Our immigration laws have to be flexible enough to offer help and support to those most in need – the asylum seekers…the genuine asylum seekers.

More: Dana Abdullah: Illegal immigrant paedophile who murdered his estranged wife is jailed | The Independent

A convicted paedophile and illegal immigrant who murdered his estranged wife after she refused to support his application to stay in the UK will serve a minimum of 18 years and eight months in prison.

Jailing the defendant for life, Judge Michael Chambers QC said: “This was, on any view, a planned and pre-meditated murder involving a brutal and sustained attack using a knife, knowing full well that it would deprive four children under the age of eight of their mother.

4 thoughts on “UK: Muslim asylum seeker stabbed wife 50 times, killing her for converting to Christianity

  1. It sounds like this person should be in line for execution from the crimes he committed. Ignored by Liberal Democrats the world over because Islam is ” The Religion of Peace “.
    This is what the Democrats want in The United States. Defenseless victims.
    People need to open their eyes as to what is happening in every Western country that is allowing hordes of immigrants from other countries in. It is a know slope to violence and destruction of the Western civilization. Shown over and over again.

  2. Just think…. This guy gets to share his “wonderful” eternal reward for killing his “infidel” wife with the DEVIL IN HELL–WHAT A FOOL!!!!!

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