California: Muslim refugee researched deadly Islamic terrorist attack in N.Y. before running down Jews at L.A. synagogue

It was jihad. By a refugee. Who was Muslim. Following the words of his namesake and so-called prophet.

Source: L.A. synagogue suspect researched deadly terrorist attack in N.Y., detective says – Los Angeles Times

The Seattle man accused of trying to run over two Jewish men outside a Los Angeles synagogue last year in what prosecutors allege was a hate-fueled attack had previously researched a New York City terror act in which a vehicle was used to kill pedestrians, a detective testified in court Wednesday.

Mohamed Abdi Mohamed, 33, had searched online for information about a November 2017 terrorist attack that left eight people dead in lower Manhattan less than a day before he barreled his car toward two Jewish men outside Congregation Bais Yehuda late last year, according to Los Angeles Police Det. Easley De Larkin, who was testifying at a preliminary hearing in Mohamed’s case.

On Nov. 23, police said, Mohamed drove into an intersection near the synagogue as a number of people were leaving a Friday night service. He began to curse at the congregants and made anti-Semitic remarks while driving past, before attempting to run them down near La Brea and Oakwood avenues, police said.

The two men escaped unharmed. Mohamed tried to flee but was arrested after crashing his car a short time later.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Deborah S. Brazil ordered Mohamed to stand trial on charges of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon with hate crime allegations during the 90-minute hearing. Prosecutors have contended he specifically targeted Jewish victims.

Mohamed is acting as his own attorney. Relatives who were in the courtroom left without commenting Wednesday. He has pleaded not guilty, and his family previously provided The Times with medical records showing he suffered from schizophrenia. They denied he held any ill will toward the Jewish community.

Police had initially expressed concern about the similarities between the incident outside the synagogue and other terrorist attacks around the globe that have involved the use of vehicles to ram pedestrians. A search of Mohamed’s cellphone revealed he had reviewed information about the Manhattan attack — in which a 29-year-old man drove a rental vehicle onto a riverfront bike path in New York City, killing eight people and injuring a dozen more — less than 24 hours before he arrived outside the Hancock Park synagogue, De Larkin said.

De Larkin testified that Mohamed had also searched for information about the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks prior to the incident. An “anti-Semitic pamphlet” that De Larkin described as “involving Jews and the entertainment industry and something needing to be done about it” was also found during a search of Mohamed’s Seattle residence, De Larkin said.

The missive, titled “A Straight Look at the Jewish Lobby,” was written by Mark Weber, who has been described as a Holocaust denier by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Mohamed had tried to buy a firearm twice in Washington several years ago but was denied by gun shop owners who believed he was behaving strangely, De Larkin testified. He had driven to California from Seattle in a stolen car a month before the attack outside Congregation Bais Yehuda, but he was arrested in Citrus Heights in Sacramento County, De Larkin said. Charges were not filed in that incident.

Police recovered a copy of the Koran and a 13-inch-long “buck knife” in Mohamed’s car after the November 2018 incident, according to De Larkin, who noted the similarities between that discovery and other vehicle attacks in which suspects have exited a crashed car and used a firearm or blade to attack injured victims.

7 thoughts on “California: Muslim refugee researched deadly Islamic terrorist attack in N.Y. before running down Jews at L.A. synagogue

  1. Of Course…: “Seattle man charged in possible hate crime outside L.A. synagogue suffered from schizophrenia, family says”.. Well Moe.. Naaaa… I’m all filled up with that sometimes-useful-byproduct-of-a-BULL today..

    Just roll up with the CAIR and Islamist/Terrorist excuse wagon, and take your pick from the grab-bag of moronic insane-o-world crazy talking points.. “cultural issues”…”mental illness”…”disaffected immigrant”…”a victim of white nationalism”, says Ilhan Omar perhaps…”did not get enough ‘free stuff’ from American taxpayers”…”someone looked at him funny” perhaps…MY “dog ate HIS term paper”…”His neighbors would not bow down to Allah”.. …TAKE YOUR PICK..

    The truth? This is just 7th century BARBARIC CRAP, acting itself out on the 21st Century stage. That’s all..I am sure there are decent Muslims in the world, who have no intention of destroying America, or everything else in their path toward WORLD DOMINATION, or just behaving like 7th century animals for kicks..

    The two people I have referenced here are not among them..

    This is barbaric Political Islam Jihadist Trash!

  2. Americans better wake up and address this islamist problem, NOW!! If not, prepare to fight and dir, because they have always been violent people. That will NEVER change.

  3. This will only get worse as more and more of them invade America. Nothing will really be done about what they do until they start mowing down school children going to or going home from school. Media & dumbass-o-craps support what they do. They must because both the media & dumbass-o-crats are trying to hide all of it.

  4. Allah is my lord
    Islam is my life
    The Koran is my guide
    The Sunnah is my practice
    Jihad is my spirit
    Paradise is my goal

    I will die to establish Islam

    That is what they say and we know moslems do not lie!
    We must send them all to Paradise as quickly as possible. We must develop the stomach and balls to exterminate cock roach’s eggs and all.

  5. After 911 I was driving in Sacramento when I saw about a dozen moslem women in their filthy hijabs. They were just bopping smiling and laughing obviously overjoyed at the death of the 3000 kufars. The thought came to me I should swerve and run them down. Of course being a sane person I fought off that idea, but today I wish I did not and I could have struck a blow for Western Civilization and I could consider myself a hero.
    Proscribe islam or be a slave or worse to sharia!

  6. Muslims believe that it’s perfectly acceptable for them to lie to non-Muslims, so the statement made by Mohamed’s family holds no weight, Moreover, their claim that Mohamed held no ill will toward the Jewish community is clearly a lie, for Mohamed’s own words and actions testify against him. If he had held no ill will toward Jews, why did he choose to perpetrate this unspeakable act outside a Jewish synagogue? Also, if he did not hate Jews, why did he curse them and why did he yell antisemitic remarks at them moments before his attack?. It’s clear that he went to that location that evening, with the intention of killing Jews– all because of his deep-seated hatred of the Jewish people. This is a slam-dunk case for any honest prosecutor.

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