Video: New book exposes Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood’s financing and Islamization network

How the West was lost?

Source: Terranoa: h/t @TomTSEC


An in-depth and eye-opening investigation on Qatar’s religious activism in Europe and its secret diplomacy, led by two seasoned journalists and renowned Middle East experts (Georges Malbrunot and Christian Chesnot). Based on leaked documents which have been analyzed and cross-examined, this film travels across Europe revealing the large-scale financial investments and Ideological influence at work and questions the tight connections existing between Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhoods network in Europe.

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More on Qatar funding the Islamization of Europe via: Qatar ‘spent huge sums on Muslim Brotherhood groups in Europe’

Details of the lavish payments made by Qatar to Muslim Brotherhood organisations in Europe, including furnishing funds the academic Tariq Ramadan has used for legal fees to fight rape allegations, have emerged in a new book.

Qatar Papers – How the emirate finances Islam in France and Europe, written by two French journalists, publishes evidence that cheques and money transfers from Qatar have been used to underwrite more than 140 projects around Europe, where the Muslim Brotherhood has sought to expand its influence.

They also spent huge sums in the U.S., including wooing and funding so-called conservatives in and around the Trump campaign. via Qatar quadrupled spending on US lobbying and created list of 250 people to influence Trump

Qatar spent US$16.3 million (Dh60m) on lobbying in 2017, almost four times the $4.2 million it spent in 2016. It also employed 23 lobbying firms, up from seven in 2016, according to federal filings reviewed by the Wall Street Journal.

The Gulf state sought to woo friends, academics and media figures close to the president in order to influence US policy.

The list was prepared by New York restaurateur Joey Allaham and his lobbying partner, former aide to senator Ted Cruz, Nick Muzin, who earned at least $3 million for their services. Their list included pro-Israeli academic Alan Dershowitz, as well as former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee (father of White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders), New York developer Steve Witkoff and radio host John Batchelor.

Both Mr Dershowitz and Mr Huckabee travelled to Qatar after the boycott, and the former governor was paid $50,000 for the visit. Mr Batchelor was on the list because Mr Trump listened to his show.

Chris Ruddy, chief executive of Newsmax Media was also approached. Following his introduction to the Qataris by Mr Allaham, “they began negotiating a multimillion-dollar stake in Newsmax.” But the talks broke down after Politico published an article revealing the talks last May.

According to Mr Allaham and Mr Muzin’s lobbying firms, “the Qataris implored their guests to spread the word about what they saw as Qatar’s good works, including its aid to rebuild Gaza”.

Will Trump, at the behest of son-in-law Kushner, be using U.S. taxpayer money to rebuild Hamas-run Gaza?

How many mosques did the Qatari’s fund and build in the U.S., covering millions in legal fees for lawsuits against small towns in cities in the America?

And don’t forget: 

Elite U.S. Universities Hide Information on Funding From Sharia Nation of Qatar

Texas: School Takes $100K From Brotherhood-linked Qatari Group to Push Arabic Language and Islam

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4 thoughts on “Video: New book exposes Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood’s financing and Islamization network

  1. Bill is s liberals, liberal. Common sense is what is seriously missing. I wonder, if he and most westerners get the big picture. Radical islamist will convert YOU, or KILL YOU and they don’t care which. If we don’t open our eyes now, we will be called to war against this scourge. They are not a joke.

  2. I believe the hate expressed on President Trump was that after the Saudi Kings arabic broadcast boasting he would place a moslem in the White House by 2008 and then proceeded to corrupt and bribe many Senators, Congressmen and high level people to ease the way for obama . They know they are guilty of high treason and when President Trump is re-elected they could be arrested and tried. They are fighting for their lives against President Trump. The Arabs are constantly using their unlimited wealth to spread sharia and have control of our education and media.
    Americans will become slaves under sharia.

    • Truer words will never be spoken. America needs to turn back to our founding principles, God have mercy on our souls, if don’t make the correct decision. Have a great day.

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