‘Why Islam’ dawah hits Dallas…Zoo…for Christmas

The stealth jihadists attack during one of the holiest seasons for Christians. via Islamic Circle Of North America Launches Billboard Campaign In Dallas « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth. A billboard has gone up by the Dallas Zoo that reads “One Family – One Message.” It’s part of a campaign, in both English and Spanish, […]

‘Why Islam’ dawah hits Orlando, Florida

via WhyIslam.org launches awareness campaign about Islam in Orlando, Florida. – PR Newswire – The Sacramento Bee. JAMAICA, N.Y., Dec. 31, 2012 — /PRNewswire-iReach/ — The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is pleased to announce launch of an awareness campaign about Islam in Orlando, Florida. The campaign is called “Why Islam” and is designed […]

‘Why Islam’ dawah hits Silicon Valley

More Islamic dawah, this time in California. By Lisa Fernandez, Mercury News. …for the first time, billboards asking “Why Islam?” have sprouted up in San Jose, Santa Clara and Concord, along with a blitz of posters on buses and bus stops… Some of the billboards are also in Spanish. More of the standard, unresearched, unproven, […]

‘Why Islam’ dawah hits DC buses

Infidels in Washington, D.C. – be prepared for Monday morning – you’ll be seeing a lot of this: All five ads are slated to “go live” on the DC Metrobus on Monday June 29 all over the Washington DC area. Please feel free to share your feedback by leaving us a comment, and thank you […]

‘Why Islam’ dawah hits DC, Maryland and Virginia

On Saturday April 18, 2009, the WhyIslam-DC chapter held its 2009 annual fundraiser. Invited speakers were Sohaib Sultan, the Muslim chaplain at Princeton University and author of “Quran for Dummies”, and Imam Jawad Ahmed, head of Islamic Studies at Al-Ghazali School in Teaneck, NJ. The event was held in St Joseph’s Parish in Herndon, VA […]

‘Why Islam’ dawah hits San Francisco

hat tip & photo via Jihad Watch The lies get more bold on each ad. The messages of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus never once mentioned Islam. Pure bullshit. More on ICNA that amazingly never is included in the media PR when these stories are release – here, here and here. “The greatest sacrifice for God […]

‘Why Islam’ dawah hits Tampa – St. Pete area

Of course there is already an extensive jihadi infrastructure in Tampa already, but no reason to stop the dawah. And of course, no mention by the reporter of the billboard sponsors terrorist connections – inform yourself here, here and here. SEFFNER — The billboard sits along the eastbound side of Interstate 4, just west of […]

‘Why Islam’ dawah hits Texas

Since the FBI and Congress have been warned about CAIR, maybe transportation and advertising venues should be warned of groups like CAIR and ICNA’s ties to terrorism as well. Ever wonder what the Quran has to say about terrorism? Why Muslim women wear veils? What Islam teaches about Jesus? Ask a Muslim. All you have […]

‘Why Islam’ dawah hits El Paso, Texas

The dawah billboards hit El Paso and NBC news on their infiltration of 20 cities across the U.S. You can even get your own Quran for free so you can read about the Islamic imperative to convert you to Islam. Feel free to caption the NCB newscaster.

‘Why Islam’ dawah hits Maryland

A new billboard on i95 near Baltimore solicits recruits to Islam – just give ’em a call.

“Discover Islam” dawah hits Canada

No pictures of this yet (got pics? send them in) but stumbled across this story through an incoming link from Scaramouche. Islam on the buses: Waiting for my son at the bus stop after school, I noticed an interesting message on the side of a TTC bus. “Catch a ride to inner peace,” it read. […]

‘Why Islam’ booth at ISNA does not allow questions

Why can’t a guy ask a question at a booth entitled ‘Why Islam?’ at the big 2009 ISNA conference? Watch. Because it’s mean. Watch the full video at Answering Muslims blog. Previous posts on “Why Islam” dawah here.

Muslim group: Illegal Latina immigrants flocking to Islam, taking it south

via Latina Immigrants: The New Ambassadors of Islam – New America Media. SOMERSET, N.J. — Tucked away in a quiet rural neighborhood in Somerset, New Jersey is an old brownstone that houses the New Jersey Chapter of the Islamic Center of North America’s (ICNA) WhyIslam Project. Within its confines, in a second floor office decorated […]

Creeping Sharia – 2009 in Review

2009 was a banner year for stealth jihadists, planting even more seeds of sharia, and in some cases fully submitting Americans to sharia, and infiltrating and submitting our most critical institutions, not to mention the jihad wasted no time attacking America under the new administration. We hoped to do this in a video or some […]

Six Flags Holding Muslim Family Days Nationwide

Muslim Family Day at Six Flags adventure and theme parks are being sponsored and promoted by the same group sponsoring the controversial Why Islam dawah advertisements on buses, billboards, and elsewhere. That group is the Muslim Brotherhood-connected Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) – more on them below. From the Muslim Family Day website: ICNA […]