Kansas City: Muslim Brotherhood Group Spreading Islam in Public High Schools

“Combating Islamophobia” is the latest way for Muslims to sneak into public schools as liberals knowingly allow terror-linked groups to spread a vile ideology to unsuspecting students held captive with no way out. It’s in the textbooks too. via Kansas City Terror Tied Group Combating Islamophobia in Public Schools | causingfitna. Islamic Propaganda Week at […]

Kansas City: Group with HAMAS Ties Training Activists to Engage the American Public

Infiltration and dawah is happening in cities in every state in America. via causingfitna. Fatima Mohammadi is an Islamist activist and ‎Legal Consultant from Overland Park, Kansas according to LinkedIn. The vivapalestina-us website (http://www.vivapalestina-us.org) was registered in May 2009 to Fatima Mohammadi. The Investigative Project on Terrorism has uncovered evidence that the Viva Palestina campaign is […]

Kansas City: Mother confirms son who killed Muslim is…Muslim, not Christian

Well, well. Will the media follow up on this story now that the black, Somali, Muslim mother is on the record stating her son is actually a Muslim? Crickets. via Son accused in teen’s death, Minneapolis mom says he needs mental help. Hawo Abdullahi of Minneapolis says her son, 34-year-old Ahmed H. Aden, needs help. […]

Kansas City: Somali ex-Muslim runs down, kills Somali Muslim

Refugee Resettlement Watch summed it up with: Isn’t diversity beautiful! One more long prison term that US taxpayers will have to fund. via Man charged with murder for allegedly charging teen with SUV outside Kansas City mosque | The Kansas City Star. Before suffering gruesome and fatal injuries Thursday, Abdisamad Sheikh-Hussein helped lead the evening […]

Kansas City: Pro-Hamas Muslims threaten American (video)

In every U.S. city where Muslims protest in favor of Hamas, they threaten Americans. It will only get worse as the “tiny minority” grows rapidly and more violent. via CausingFitna. Ban immigration of Muslims. ASAP. Your children and theirs will thank you. Update on the man who got camera shy before his henchmen came to […]

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour shills for jailed Muslim Brother from Kansas City

via causingfitna. Watch as CNN’s Christiane Amanpour becomes a mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood and HAMAS. This will be explained in just a few simple screen captures following the video. She talks about Mohamed Soltan and his hunger strike in Egypt…….. Listen to what she has to say and compare to the tweets from Mohamed […]

Kansas City: “Mohammed” arrested in highway shootings

Shades of the Beltway Sniper John Allan Muhammad? via Man charged in Kansas City highway shootings. h/t iOwnTheWorld.com KANSAS CITY, Missouri (CNN) – The man charged with shooting at motorists on Kansas City highways apparently fired a .380 pistol from his own car before speeding away, documents released on Friday said. Authorities identified the suspect […]

Kansas City: Muslim Gets 14 Years for Funding al-Qaida

via Missouri Man Gets 14 Years for Al-Qaida Support – ABC News. A Kansas City businessman who swore an oath of allegiance to al-Qaida and three years ago pleaded guilty to providing financial support to the international terror group was sentenced Monday to 14 years in prison, despite a plea from his attorney for lenience […]

Muslims from Minnesota & Kansas City Among Gunmen in Kenya Mall Attack

Death toll now up to 68. Back story here – Muslim terrorists kill 68, injure 150+ in Kenya mall attack targeting non-Muslims. The latest via 2 Kenya attackers from Minnesota, CNN reports | kare11.com. ATLANTA – Sources within Al Shabaab have released the names of nine of the alleged attackers in the Nairobi, Kenya shopping […]

Kansas City: Muslim attorney launches sharia law practice

A solution waiting for a problem? via KC attorney specializes in Shariah law | Missouri Lawyers Media. h/t @CausingFitna Even as anti-Shariah legislation roils statehouses, including in Missouri, one Kansas City attorney has launched a new practice precisely in that field. Ahsan Latif said that, like any good businessman, he saw a need and is […]

Kansas City: Muslim Brotherhood-founded group holds rally for MB “martyrs”

Tahrir Square – Kansas City. Minus the rapes, al Qaeda flags and killings. Not that the media would report on it if any of that did happen. via Timeline Photos | Facebook. h/t @CausingFitna via DiscoverTheNetworks: In May 2005, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross reported in The Weekly Standard that MAS is a U.S. front group for the […]

Spreading Islam and sharia in Kansas City

h/t @CausingFitna We profiled Sabeel Ahmed several years ago. These are the types of people who preach hate against non-Muslims in U.S. mosques and universities – aka dawah. Director of Islamic dawah ads in his own words December 24, 2009 The foremost thing to realize is that Christmas is a big innovation [bidah] which is […]

Leaders of Kansas City Muslim group tell Obama adopt Islamic blasphemy laws

That’s sharia. via Leaders of Kansas City Muslim group petition Obama to limit free speech of American citizens. The leadership of the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City have launched an online petition campaign for President Obama to back a bill to limit the free speech of American citizens they deem offensive. The petition states: […]

Kansas City: Muslim elected to “bring support to the Democratic Party”

Infiltrating one locale at a time. via Shaheer Aktaab ACGG Missouri State Coordinator wins Kansas City Missouri Ward 2 Committeeman Position | Muslim Journal Online. KANSAS CITY, Mo. – On Aug. 7, 2012, Shaheer Aktaab made history and was elected as Kansas City’s Ward 2 Committeeman. The Committeeman is a position within the local Democratic […]

Kansas City: Woman converts to Islam, shakes down AT&T for $5 million

via AT&T to pay Muslim woman $5 million for discrimination – NY Daily News. KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Muslim woman who was fired from her job with AT&T says years of harassment hit a peak when her boss snatched her scarf from her head and exposed her hair. A jury awarded former Kansas City […]


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