Militant ‘Muslims of America’ to hold “interfaith” meeting in upstate NY

We’ve posted on the nefarious ‘Muslims of America’ as have many before us. The group that has militant training compounds in the U.S. led by Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, leader of the International Qur’anic Open University – aka Muslims of America. Caught on video tape stating the goal is to train Muslims to […]

Militant ‘Muslims of America’ gather in Binghamton

Remember the Muslims of America? The Muslim group led by Sheik Gilani who was caught on video declaring the establishment of militant Islamic training camps in the U.S.? That same group is fooling the establishment in Binghamton, New York and once again another reporter fails to provide any details on another insidious Islamic group in […]

Militant ‘Muslims of America’ pulling out all stops for NY parade

We told you about the March 14 parade being held by the radical Islamist group ‘Muslims of America’ (MoA) here. The groups nefarious activities have been documented in blog posts, videos, and documentaries – including militant training camps within the U.S., as well as video of their leader, Sheikh Mubarik Ali Gilani announcing the formation […]

FBI warns of next big terror attack…against Muslims

…by Americans. via ‘Ridiculous’: FBI warns of next big terror attack. Just three weeks after an ISIS-inspired attack on a Muhammad cartoonist event in Garland, Texas, the FBI began circulating an intelligence bulletin that alerts state, federal and local law enforcement about the likelihood of attacks against Muslims by “militia extremists.” The bulletin, marked “sensitive” […]

Nashville’s Mayor Celebrates “Little Kurdistan” Sharia Enclaves

This south Nashville sharia enclave was profiled right here in 2012: Gangs, violence, crime plague Little Kurdistan, USA (south Nashville). Now it’s being celebrated by the mayor. via Nashville’s Mayor Celebrates Sharia Enclaves | tn Council 4 political justice. Is Nashville “Music City, USA” or “Little Kurdistan” – you decide. Nashville Mayor Karl Dean said the […]

The FBI’s Two Faces on US Terror Compounds

Patrick Poole (@pspoole) follows up on Ryan Mauro’s expose on Mahmoudberg and the Islamic groups behind it. via The FBI’s Two Faces on US Terror Compounds During the 1980s and 1990s, federal law enforcement authorities considered Jamaat al-Fuqra to be one of the most active domestic terrorist groups in the country. Operating in the U.S. […]

Obama recess appointment at US Trade Rep founded US Brotherhood umbrella group

We missed this appointment back in 2009 but he’s in the news now. via Obama’s secret war on Colombia. I began to investigate the reasons why the Free Trade Agreement negotiated by the Obama Administration was being implicated as the reason for the ICA ‘s Resolution 9.70. I found part of the answer in an […]

Author says Muslim group’s $30M libel suit will expose terror ties

via Bring it on: Author says Muslim group’s $30M libel suit will expose terror ties | Fox News. The shadowy leader of an American Muslim organization accused of running terror training camps in the U.S. could find himself being questioned under oath if his outfit follows through on its $30 million defamation suit against the […]

NY: Muslim group asks court to halt publication of book exposing terror training camps in America

via NY-based Muslim group asks court to halt publication of accusatory book | Syracuse, NY — A national Muslim organization headquartered in the Southern Tier has filed a libel lawsuit against the author of a book that describes the group as the host of terrorist training camps. Muslims of America, based in Hancock, Delaware […]

Saylorsburg, PA: Another militant Islamic training compound in U.S.

Williams states this compound is owned by Fetulleh Gulen, whom we’ve documented (here and here) as running Islamic schools in the U.S. The group CAN, who has exposed the Muslims of America / Jamaat al Fuqra compounds, refers to Williams article and states it is another Muslims of America compound (backposts here). It’s not clear […]

Militant Muslims at Islamville (NY) are rebranding

We covered the Muslims of America numerous times in the last month, mostly highlighting their Binghampton, NY parade disguised as an interfaith event, and how the State Dept failed to mention any of the militant and terrorist links while shilling for the event. A blog called rebelrebel has this news: Rebranding Jihad: Islamville Is Now […]

Islamberg suddenly a ghost town. Emptied to Pakistan for jihad training?

An update to these posts on Islamberg here and here. From Paul Williams: ISLAMBERG HAS BECOME A GHOST TOWN The Wall Street Journal reports this week that U.S. investigators are discovering that more and more young Muslims are vanishing from mosques, madrassas, and Islamic centers. The disappearances, the Journal notes, are raising grave concerns among […]

New Tape Shows Terror Training on U.S. Soil

Via Ryan Mauro who states more of the video will be released in the near future. The tape was given to me as the national security researcher for the Christian Action Network by a reliable law enforcement source. This source has provided me with other credible information on the Jamaat ul-Fuqra group that operates in […]

Known terrorist training camps in the U.S. (map)

Islamic terror training camps in America on video, watch it here.

Former FBI agent: Islamic orgs working to implement sharia law in U.S.

Every major Muslim organization is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, the former FBI agent said, which he said was formed to overthrow America and establish Islamic law. “They’re having great success of implementing Shariah law, I could give you a thousand examples,” Guandolo said. Guandolo also said that the group CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, is actually a front for the terror group Hamas.