Anaheim: “Tens of thousands” of Muslims turn Angel Stadium into giant mosque (video)

One day after 9/11. Source: Thousands gather at Angel Stadium to celebrate Islamic holiday of Eid-al-Adha – The Orange County Register Tens of thousands of Muslims gathered in the parking lot of Angel Stadium on Monday morning for prayers marking the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha. The event was organized by the four largest mosques […]

California: Two (More) Muslims Convicted of ISIS Terror Support in Anaheim

Muslim immigrant and son of Palestinian Muslim immigrants convicted of supporting ISIS

Anaheim: Two (more) Muslims Arrested Trying to Join Islamic Terror Group, Wanted to Die Martyrs

You remember Anaheim, the Muslim enclave recently minted: “Little Arabia.” via 2 Anaheim Men Charged With Supporting ISIS Wanted to Die As Martyrs: DOJ | KTLA. Two men arrested in Southern California and charged with conspiring to provide material support to the terrorist group Islamic State had expressed a desire to die as martyrs, authorities […]

Anaheim: “Little Arabia” Now an Official Tourist Attraction

The big Arabia is becoming a big caliphate. Now this in Caliph-ornia. via Anaheim’s Little Arabia: Now an Official Tourist Attraction! | OC Weekly. h/t UNDER THE BURKA After months of courting local communities, politicians and convention officials, Little Arabia marked another milestone yesterday. The ethnic enclave of family-friendly Middle Eastern restaurants and markets mostly […]

Anaheim: Opposition to mayor’s “ambitious marketing plan” for Little Arabia

They just don’t want to meld in with the community

California: Hilton Anaheim hosting unindicted co-conspirator ISNA’s forum on Islamizing education

ISNA and Common Core – what’s the connection?

Islamic jihad hits Anaheim & San Fran (video)

Moderate Muslims. Hamas and its operatives are alive and kickin’ in the U.S. of A. hat tip LGF. What does this mean for the U.S.? Take our poll from the sidebar on home page. ZombieTime reports: Meanwhile, at an earlier San Francisco Gaza protest on December 30, the Palestinian protesters (according to this post at […]

Creeping Sharia’s Islam in America, 2016: Part 3 (Jul – Sep)

2016 was a summer of terror with Muslims waging attacks in three U.S. states in one weekend alone. Read our 2016 review here.

Creeping Sharia’s Islam in America, 2016: Part 2 (Apr – Jun)

More arrests, convictions, at least 49 killed, child rapes, submission to sharia and Obama freeing terrorists and forcing Islam on Americans – all from April to June of 2016.

California: Uber Driver Raped Unconscious 17-Year-Old Girl Passenger

DA: Mahran not only knew that the girl had passed out due to drinking, but he was also aware she was 17 years old.

California: Palestinian Muslim who ‘wanted to die a martyr’ gets 30 years

“There is no remorse. There is just death and destruction,” said the judge.

California: 50 Recent ‘Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month’ Episodes

50 recent examples why California should not be celebrating Islam

Obama’s Muslim refugee “surge” begins, at least 10,000 before September

Say goodbye to America. No English. Five kids. A wife who will never work in the U.S. This is an immediate and permanent burden on U.S. taxpayers. And when the kids grow up in a mosque spewing jihadi rhetoric, multiplied by 10,000 – the consequences are dire for Americans. Source: First Syrians arrive in US […]

Muslims immigrants and refugees ‘raping U.S. women’

Leo Hohmann covers two Uber rape incidents involving three Muslims we told you about last week, plus a host of other Muslim rapes happening across the U.S.  via: Move over Europe: Muslims ‘raping U.S. women’. A growing number of drivers working for Uber, Lyft and similar taxi services have been accused of sexually assaulting female […]

California: Muslim Uber driver arrested for raping woman after driving her home

Life in the enclave city officials have officially named “Little Arabia.” Source: Anaheim Uber driver arrested on suspicion of raping woman after ride from bar – The Orange County Register An Uber driver is suspected of raping a woman at an Anaheim motel after giving her a ride from a Fullerton bar, leading authorities to […]