UK: 8 more Muslims jailed in Rotherham child sex ring

An independent report found that more than 1,400 children were sexually abused in Rotherham by Pakistani Muslim men

Connecticut: Jordanian national crashes plane near military jet-engine manufacturer; likely intentional says NTSB

Small plane with Jordanian national on board went down near jet engine maker, which police chief called “critical infrastructure”

Boston: Pakistani Muslim Immigrant Arrested For Bomb Threats, Assault at DC’s Reagan Airport

Pakistani Muslim immigrant was arrested for bomb threats on a major airport last month and it is just making the news today

New Jersey: Town Approves Mosque with Minarets That Will Tower Over Residential Neighborhoods

This is the same New Jersey town forced to pay $7.75 million to Muslims to build mega-mosque. Now they’ll have several hundred “mainstream Sunni Muslims” coming to their quiet neighborhood regularly…a number that will double very quickly. The town is so terrified of another round of litigation jihad it is bending the zoning rules every way […]

New Jersey town forced to pay $7.75 million to Muslims to build mega-mosque

via Atlas Shrugs who writes: In a striking violation of the establishment clause, Obama’s lawless administration is imposing the sharia nationwide, allowing the rampant construction of rabats and jihad recruitment centers at a time when we should be monitoring the mosques and restricting construction of  Muslim Brotherhood beachheads and Islamic State madrassas.  Many churches and […]

Global Mosque Report (USA): May 2014

A new series over at Gates of Vienna. Each report is significantly longer than what is below covering all countries, however we’ve excerpted only the activity in the United States. Global Mosque Report: February 2014 This is the latest in a series of monthly reports by our British correspondent JP on the progress of worldwide […]

New Jersey: Mosque lawyer demands city ignore fire officials’ concerns

via Fire officials’ worries about proposed mosque must be ignored, Bernards attorney says | The proposal by the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge, which purchased the 4.3-acre property at 124 Church St. in late 2011 for $750,000, is one of two mosques proposed in Somerset County. The other, a plan by the AlFalah Center […]

New Jersey: Fed judge forcing mosque on local residential neighborhood

Back in April 2011 we questioned how long it would take the feds to would jump into this local matter. Now, a federal judge is poised to force another mosque in a quiet, upscale residential neighborhood. via US judge: NJ town most reconsider mosque plan – My9 New Jersey. BRIDGEWATER, N.J. (AP) – A federal […]

Jersey: Muslim wears full mask to mall, files lawsuit after asked to remove

Frivolous. via Muslim woman ‘intimidated, humiliated’ when mall guard asked her to remove veil, lawsuit says | BRIDGEWATER — A muslim woman who was asked to remove a traditional face covering, or niqab, by a shopping mall guard, has filed a lawsuit claiming discrimination against the guard and the mall’s owners. Wakeelah Salaam, of […]

NJ: Security guard who lost job over hijabi files lawsuit

via Man who lost mall guard job at Bridgewater Commons after asking Muslim woman to remove hijab sues | BRIDGEWATER — A Raritan Borough man is suing the company that manages the Bridgewater Commons mall claiming it wrongfully removed him from his security guard job after he mistakenly asked a Muslim woman to remove […]

Preserve Liberty Corner (NJ), Stop the Mosque

via Bernards mosque debate a ‘complex situation,’ Islamic Society head says | BERNARDS — Passions are running high around a proposal to build a mosque in what residents call a historic section of the town. But the president of the group trying to build the house of worship says he’d rather just stick to […]

NJ: Mall security asks Muslim convert to show face, she whines to media (video)

via HalalBoozeShack Recall Bridgewater is the same New Jersey town where Muslims are forcing a huge mosque in a very rural, affluent neighborhood. Also only about 50 miles from Philadelphia where robbers don similar attire to rob banks and kill. Fortunately for shoppers, this loud mouth says she’ll shop elsewhere. Unfortunately, the security guard was […]

Adopting Pro-Sharia Textbooks in U.S. Schools

via Alyssa A. Lappen — Adopting Pro-Sharia Textbooks One of the most important strengths of a nation is its education. When U.S. school textbooks fail to deal honestly with Islam but instead present apologetics and propaganda, children are Islamists’ pawns. When states should step in. In August 2011, a Marietta, Ga. 7th grade teacher gave […]

Feds plus 4 law firms seek to submit NJ town to mosque

An update on this central Jersey town being forced to defend itself and it faces the prospect of the DOJ forcing a mosque on an old landmark. via Bridgewater, NJ, hires more lawyers to defend mosque lawsuit as feds investigate | BRIDGEWATER — The Township Council is beefing up its defense team, hiring a […]

Mosque denied in residential NJ neighborhood, legal jihad ensues

An update on this previous post, via Mosque in Zone Fight – An Islamic group sued Bridgewater, N.J., for religious discrimination after the town changed zoning rules to block a mosque from opening in a residential neighborhood. The Al Falah Center wanted to convert a former banquet hall located on a quiet side street […]