Baltimore: ICNA-MAS Hosting Muslim Brotherhood Speakers Memorial Day Weekend

via Cultural Jihad Muslim Brotherhood Speakers at 40th ICNA-MAS Convention Baltimore, MD will be hosting the 40th Annual ICNA/MAS convention Memorial Day weekend, May 23-25, 2015. The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is part of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) network in the U.S., and was listed as an affiliated organization in the seized MB document, […]

Islamists Behind Obama’s Terrorism Doctrine

Or lack thereof. An excerpt from Rich Swier’s An Analysis of President Obama’s Terrorism Doctrine: “Countering Violent Extremism Strategy” – highlights just how far gone things are under Obama. Some of these folks had already infiltrated the oval office during previous administrations. On August 3, 2011 President Obama released the National Strategy on Empowering Local Partners […]

The Muslim Brotherhood Ties Of A DHS Advisor, Redux

via The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report The Huffington Post has posted an article which cited DHS advisor Mohamed Elibiary as claiming that his name “has been dragged through the mud” by U.S. Congressional representatives who haves identified him as a potential example of Muslim Brotherhood influence inside the U.S. government. The article begins: Posted: […]

State Dept tells Islamic forum Obama made engaging Muslim world top priority from day one

And he’s using your tax dollars to do it while Congress does nothing to prevent it.  Pandith said that it is historically significant that the Commander-in-Chief of the US asked “us to put the priority of engaging with one fourth of humanity front and centre… The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report reports via Gulf Times […]

The Muslim Brotherhood in America: A Course in 10 Parts

This is a 10-part video course that you can watch here. We’ll post some of the videos after reviewing and until then the key findings are below. Key Findings This Course draws exclusively upon information in the public domain and that obtained from  first-hand accounts.  There is, assuredly, considerably more information that would be helpful […]

Obama’s Muslim Advisers Block Middle Eastern Christians’ Access to White House

Americans were warned about Mogahed when Obama hired her in 2009 [Obama Appoints Radical Muslim Apologist To Faith-Based Committee], and well before. H/t Bella via El Cid at Big Peace: Report: Obama’s Muslim Advisers Block Middle Eastern Christians’ Access to the White House. From a Middle East correspondent: Beirut Arab news agency al Nashra reported on […]

Dem Congressman to keynote Hamas-linked CAIR’s fundraiser with ’93 WTC bombing co-conspirator

via Congressman to keynote CAIR fundraiser with terror co-conspirator. Democratic Rep. Jim Moran of Virginia is headlining a fundraiser this weekend for the controversial Council on American-Islamic Relations along with an imam tied to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing who urges the violent overthrow of the “filthy” U.S. government and the establishment of Islamic […]

Obama admin to meet with CAIR, ISNA, OIC leadership in Chicago

Obama, CAIR, and the OIC – along with a few other jihad supporting Muslims, meeting in Chi-town. Conference on “Islam and Muslims in America” Day one, the very first panel features the Obama administration, submitters of the world to sharia law – the OIC, and the infamous unindicted co-conspirators with numerous of its leaders convicted […]

Obama gives support to Ground Zero mosque during White House Ramadan feast

Islamic prayers every Friday in the Capitol building. Ramadan feast Friday night at the White House. Wasn’t building a shrine to conquering America mosque at Ground Zero supposed to be a local issue? Ever the opportunist, Obama chose his Islamic feast with Muslims at the White House celebrating the month of jihad to endorse the […]

NYT falls for Muslim Brotherhood & Islamists video to “Rebut Militants”

Not only is this nine years too late, but 5:04 minutes of classic Islamic double-speak that never condemns a single Islamic terrorist group, individual or anything in the Koran. Delivered by a cadre of stealth jihadists with a long history of pro-jihad, pro-sharia and anti-American rhetoric and activism, this roster of Islamists MPAC has employed […]

Weekend link dump: All kinds of jihad & sharia creepin’

Never had time to post these and can’t keep up. It ain’t pretty, but Islamization never is. Jihad Watch: New Hampshire: Federally funded program for Somali refugee children put on hold after charges that it was teaching Qur’an Cherry New Jersey: FBI raids home, business in terror probe North New Jersey: Local cops, […]

Appeasing the Muslim Brotherhood

Nonie Darwish on the submission to the Muslim Brotherhood, from FrontPage Magazine. The empowerment of Radical Islam under the Obama administration has also emboldened the Muslim Student Association (MSA), which is merely an extension of the Muslim Brotherhood. The MSA has recently accelerated their efforts to silence any speakers who criticize jihad, Sharia or Radical […]

Recruiting Muslims to Capitol Hill goes viral

At least that was the goal, this past weekend, of the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association (CMSA). If you don’t recall, or have never heard of CMSA, they are a Muslim-members-only group, officially sponsored by Muslim congressmen Keith Ellison (D-MN) and Andre Carson (D-IN). They are the same group Ellison prays with on the Hill, as […]

Muslim women training for jihad (video)(updated)

Updates below (and more videos in Comments section). Violent jihad is not just for men. Muslim women are training for jihad, and training their children, as we’ve posted previously here and here. U.S. taxpayers are funding some of this training with the tens of millions of dollars the U.S. wastes on gives to ‘Palestine’. Just […]

Veiled at the White House

International propaganda from La Repubblica, an Italian paper, written by Francesca Cafferi (pronounced like kafr?), courtesy of zTruth (who previously pointed out Mogahed is eerily similar to mujahid). There is an article title Col velo alla Casa Bianca (Veiled at the White House) published in la Rebbuplica in Italian about Dalia Mogahed, who is on […]