At least 40 “Americans” actively waging jihad with Muslim terror group Al Shabaab

“American recruits principally come from Minnesota, there’s also a small band of recruits constantly coming from Maryland, and other states…” All-American boys no doubt. via: African terror group Al Shabaab finds American recruits to aid jihad missions There are at least 40 Americans – far more than previously believed – actively serving in the Islamist […]

New York: Somali-born Muslim gets 9 years for Islamic terror support

Source: Somali-born man handed 9 years in U.S. prison for al Shabaab support NEW YORK (Reuters) – A Somalia-born man who U.S. prosecutors said abandoned Britain where he had been a citizen to return to the country of his birth and joined the Islamist militant group al Shabaab, was sentenced to nine years in prison […]

The growing list of Muslim Student Association (MSA) terrorists – updated

The MSA has a growing list of terrorist alumni as noted in this post, Why Muslim Student Group Concerned the NYPD:  *updates below The list is extensive, but among the MSA alumni who went on to terrorist involvement are: Anwar al-Awlaki, an influential American-born al-Qaida cleric who recruited a series of homegrown jihadists before being killed […]

Kansas City: Muslim Brotherhood Group Spreading Islam in Public High Schools

“Combating Islamophobia” is the latest way for Muslims to sneak into public schools as liberals knowingly allow terror-linked groups to spread a vile ideology to unsuspecting students held captive with no way out. It’s in the textbooks too. via Kansas City Terror Tied Group Combating Islamophobia in Public Schools | causingfitna. Islamic Propaganda Week at […]

Muslim Terror Group al-Shabaab Video Seeks Recruits in Minnesota

The Islamic terror group that Obama elevated in status and has grown under Obama’s watch. via Al-Shabaab Video Seeks Recruits in Minnesota :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism. by John Rossomando Al-Shabaab, al-Qaida’s Somali affiliate, wants Muslims from Minnesota to sign up. A new video released last week by the terrorist group’s media arm, the […]

Ohio: Muslim threatens to use AK47 to murder (non-Muslim) children at high school

Apparently this is not news in America. via Man Threatens to Murder Children Due to Israel-Hamas Conflict h/t Atlas Shrugs An Ohio school was placed on lockdown Wednesday after a man with a “heavy accent” phoned the school and threatened to murder children with an AK-47 due to the current conflict between Israel and Hamas, according […]

Alabama: Dead jihadi’s alma mater drops French for Arabic

via Arabic foreign language class at Daphne High teaches ‘a culture of hate,’ some parents say | DAPHNE, Alabama — Daphne High School is offering Arabic language classes instead of French classes this fall, taught by Sanaa El-Khattabi, a former University of South Alabama professor. The school had a staff position open after its […]

Officials: 20 Muslims with U.S. passports in Somali jihad group

via Somali terror group has 20 American members, prone to strike outside Somalia – Investigations. The Somali terror group that stormed a Kenyan mall, killing more than 60 people, has a larger U.S. contingent than any other al Qaeda offshoot, said U.S. officials, and is now more prone to mount deadly attacks on targets outside […]

Alabama: Muslim pleads guilty, talked of waging ‘jihad’ in United States

And if U.S. officials did not comply with their demands, the defendant said, “Well, at the very least, we kill them all.” via Terrorism defendant pleads guilty in Mobile; talked of waging ‘jihad’ in United States | MOBILE, Alabama – A Syracuse, New York, native pleaded guilty Tuesday to a terrorism charge, admitting that […]

Alabama mosque facing opposition alma mater of 3 indicted terrorists incl FBI’s Most Wanted

via Alabama mosque facing opposition to expansion plan – TimesDaily: State. Dianne S. Howard opposes plans by the Islamic Society of Mobile to expand its mosque just feet from her home, yards away behind a wooden fence. Never mind that the dilapidated brick mosque, which is painted a pale yellow with white trim, is in […]

Alabama: Father of Most Wanted Terrorist Wants Bigger Mosque in Res. Neighborhood

The local council rejected the plan. Will Eric Holder come to the rescue of the father of the FBI’s most wanted terrorist expand his mosque? via Mosque Leader Says Discrimination a Factor – WKRG News 5. It’s a situation that has the president of a local mosque pondering his next move. “I believe in all […]

Muslims make up 30 of 31 on FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist List

A public service reminder, as if one were needed, from Daniel Pipes.   The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s list of “Ten Most Wanted” fugitives dates back to 1950 but the list of “Most Wanted Terrorists” dates back to just after 9/11 and a sense that terrorism had become a strategic threat. Today, the list includes […]

Alabama: Muslim pleads guilty to plotting terrorism abroad, faces up to 15 years

via Alabama man pleads guilty to plotting terrorism abroad, faces up to 15 years | MOBILE, Alabama – Amid tight security at the federal courthouse, an Alabama man pleaded guilty today to plotting terrorism overseas. Randy “Rasheed” Wilson, who grew up in Mobile and Birmingham, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to provide material support to […]

$5M reward for two American-born Muslims waging jihad in Somalia

They’ll hype these guys up like they did al Awlaki – who was never more popular than after Obama raised his profile. via CNN: Bounty on two Americans tied to Somali terror group PS: He’s a Muslim Student Association Alumni The State Department has put a multimillion-dollar bounty on the heads of two Americans who […]

Twitter & Youtube host accounts for FBI’s most wanted terrorist

He’s not the only Islamic terrorist on twitter or youtube. via A person claiming to be an al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist uses Twitter, YouTube | Washington Free Beacon. Twitter and YouTube accounts claiming to be operated by a suspected al Qaeda terrorist who is listed on the FBI’s most wanted list have been disseminating jihadi propaganda, […]