Mississippi: Another Muslim Store Owner Arrested for Selling Jihad Drug Khat

Bill Clinton brought the Somali’s here and with it the khat. via Washington County Store Owner Arrested for Sale of a Controlled Substance Mohamed Anagi Mohamed, 44, of Greenville, is charged with the sale of a schedule III controlled substance following a search warrant executed on his business, the Hakims Mini Mart, announced Attorney General […]

Brooklyn: International drug ring stored khat in NY mosque, 17 arrested

via 17 busted in international narcotics ring selling khat | PIX 11. h/t LOOK UNDER THE BURKA OF ISLAM FLATBUSH, Brooklyn (PIX11) – State and NYPD investigators say it’s an addictive drug used in many countries, but many people in the New York area have never heard of it. Those are not the people in […]

Kentucky: Mohamad & dad get just 6 months in illegal prescription drug ring, selling khat, laundering $6M

And “ripping off every available welfare program”!!! Crime does pay…for Muslim immigrants!!!!  via Refugee Resettlement Watch (who has dozens of similar posts) AP at Kentucky.com: LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A Somali man was sentenced Tuesday to six months in prison and six months of house arrest for leading an illegal prescription drug distribution ring and selling […]

Mississippi: Four Muslims arrested in drug raid, typical in terror financing

At least the second major arrest of khat-selling Muslims in the last two weeks in the area. via Laurel Police Department arrests 4 in early morning drug raid – WDAM-TV  h/t Terror Trends Bulletin LAUREL, MS (WDAM) – Officers of the Laurel Police Department Narcotics, patrol and CID executed a search warrant early Thursday morning […]

Green Bay: Muslim gets probation in khat bust

Local drug enforcement officers say this was their first khat-related find but that they expect the drug to become more common as the area’s Somali population grows. via USA: Man gets probation in khat drug arrest. Charges against three men for allegedly bringing the first known supply of the illegal drug khat into Green Bay […]

18 Somali and Yemeni’s arrested in nationwide khat trafficking op

Khat is the drug that fueled many Muslims during the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down). The U.S. responded to that fateful incident by importing Somali’s by the thousands to the U.S. – a trend rife with fraud that continues to this day. The Somali’s – among other imported problems – are now smuggling […]

NC: Muslims arrested in khat, food stamp fraud

Khat is a drug that gained notoriety in Black Hawk Down and has been a growing problem in the U.S. as Somali Muslims are imported in larger numbers to the U.S. Feds bust suspected Yemeni terror ring in N.C. via WND Convenience stores, mosque raided in alleged al-Qaida finance scheme Federal agents have raided several […]

Seattle: Feds pay $40k to Somali Muslim in hijab-less drug raid

The dhimmitude by judges in the U.S. is astounding. The precedents they are setting are appalling – and will cost all of us dearly. via Seattle Times Newspaper. A Somali woman who was handcuffed for nearly five hours during a 2006 raid at her apartment while wearing only a nightdress received $40,000 to settle a […]

Muslim Persecution of Christians, March 2015

via Jihad on Churches: Muslim Persecution of Christians, March 2015. by Raymond Ibrahim “Destroying churches is permissible — as long as the destruction does not bring harm to Muslims, such as false claims that Muslims are persecuting Christians….” — Dr. Yusuf al-Burhami, leading Salafi cleric, Egypt. “The children were isolated and put in cages. Adults […]

2014: Creeping Sharia’s Year in Review, Part II (Apr – Jun)

A small sampling of Islam’s contributions to America in 2014 (excludes most terror-related activities, find them in our archives). Right-click links to open in new tab or window. Part I here. April Arizona: Muslim tries to kill wife, cites his ‘Islamic belief’ as right to do so Colorado: Iraqi Muslim convicted in brutal gang rape […]

A sampling of “powerful examples” of Muslim outreach since 9/11/13

On October 15, 2013, Barrack Hussein Obama praised Muslims – on behalf of the American people – citing their service as “a powerful example of the positive role that faith can play in motivating communities to work together to address shared challenges.”  Although Obama failed to list even one specific example, we’ve compiled dozens of […]

Holder makes quiet visit to LA mosque, pandering continues

Did the U.S. Attorney General defend CAIR – the unindicted co-conspirator to a convicted Hamas financier – alluded to in the article? Has Holder met with any churches, synagogues, or temples to make sure they understand his equal commitment, or lack thereof, to each of their respective groups? Or are Muslims a favored and protected […]

Jihadis chatter to “get it right” after NY Muslims “tricked”

Before we get to this all too predictable story – let’s quickly debunk the theory some of the Newburgh Four’s girlfriends and the media are propagating. The media fueled, lawyer concocted, public defense strategy is to claim these poor, black, fatherless, ex-con, drug using, converts to Islam caught planting bombs outside synagogues with the intent […]