Sharia trumps security concerns of Orange County law enforcement in Muslim/ACLU shakedown

Muslim criminals continue to wage legal jihad backed by the ACLU. via OC Sheriff’s Department Settles Head Scarf Lawsuit With Muslim Woman SANTA ANA (CBS/AP) — An Orange County Muslim woman who was forced to remove her head scarf by jailers has settled a civil rights lawsuit. Souhair Khatib of Anaheim and her husband pleaded […]

Supreme Court Allows Hijabi To Sue Jail Over Headscarf

Like Islam itself, Muslims waging legal jihad are relentless. They will tax the system until there is nothing left to tax and sharia is instituted. Even if it takes four years or more. via Supreme Court Allows Woman To Sue Over Headscarf Removal « CBS Los Angeles. ORANGE COUNTY (AP) — The Supreme Court will […]

Appeals court backs removal of inmate’s headscarf

Rough week for hijabi’s in the U.S. and the lawfare jihadists. Another defeat, but don’t think for a second the CAIRorists will relent. via Appeals court backs removal of inmate’s headscarf – San Jose Mercury News. SAN FRANCISCO—A federal appeals court says Orange County officials acted legally when they ordered a Muslim inmate in a […]