Michigan town votes unanimously to ban Syrian refugees

The “Syrian refugees” that have been imported to American towns and cities have been almost exclusively Muslim. Source: Michigan town votes unanimously to ban Syrian refugees from being accepted | Daily Mail Online A Michigan town has voted to ban Syrian refugees from living there, because they believe the vetting process is not good enough. […]

Syrian “Refugees” to U.S. so Far in 2016 Up 675% from 2015; 99.1% are Muslims

0.5 percent are Christians

1,000+ Syrian “refugees” imported to American cities in last 3 weeks; 99% are Muslim!

Your Congressional Representatives have the power to rein this in if they want to (and they don’t want you to know that they have that power!)

“Independent” candidate McMullin is ex-CIA operative who met with Brotherhood-linked Syrian group

Long before anyone heard about Evan McMullin running for President, he was in Turkey chatting with Muslim Brotherhood affiliates (guise SETF) who are essentially the political arm of ISIS

NYC: Muslim Lyft Driver Terrifies Passenger, Tells Her to Convert to Islam, Arrange Syrian Marriage

“He asked if I was Islamic then he listed all the reasons why I needed to convert to Islam.” Police did not take a report until NBC 4 New York’s I-Team contacted them.

Islamic State terrorists destroy Assyrian Church in Iraq’s Nineveh

More than 1000 archaeological sites in Syria and Iraq have been attacked; Christian villages have been completely depopulated since Muslim invasion

Vermont: Secret Syrian Muslim Refugee Plans Funded by Taxpayers

Obama admin funneling at least $46M in tax dollars to shady operation that encourages elected officials to cover up Obama’s Syrian refugee scheme

Green Beret on Syrian Training Program: “Everyone on the ground knows they are jihadis”

No one on the ground believes in this mission…and they know they are just training the next generation of jihadis

UK: Mother raped by gang of 6 Muslim migrants from Iraq, Syria and Bahrain

Police arrested six men – aged between 20-30 – from Iraq, Syria and Bahrain

Germany: 3 Syrian Muslim Terrorists Arrested, Came as “Refugees”

The three came to Germany in the middle of November 2015 via Turkey and Greece

More Syrian Muslim “refugees” in Boise, Idaho than NYC and LA combined

Syrian Muslim invaders have been placed in 231 cities across the country

Rio: Saudi Forfeits to ‘Avoid Israeli’; Syrian Boxer Did Same

Muslims are representing in Rio. So far we have: Muslim boxer sexually assaults two Brazilian cleaning ladies Lebanese Olympics Team Wouldn’t Allow Israelis to Board Shared Bus, and two more incidents below… Source: Saudi Judo Competitor Forfeits Match to ‘Avoid Israeli’ in Next Round: Reports A Saudi judo competitor pulled out of her first-round match […]

Vermont: Lone councilman knew about, supported secret plan to flood town with Syrian Muslims

Rutland city councilman William Notte knew about secret plan and still supports Muslim refugee influx

Obama Has Imported 6,726 Syrian Muslims to U.S. in FY16, Only 23 Christians

Less than one-half of one-percent. Taxation for Islamization! The same Islamo-policy is causing death and destruction in France and Germany and every other country where the unvetted Muslims invade. In the U.S., rapes and threats of rapes by Muslim invaders are increasing  (Idaho, Mass., Minn., N.Y. to name a few). Source: 6,726 Syrian Refugees Admitted […]

Germany: Syrian migrant hacks pregnant woman to death with machete; another Syrian migrant bombs wine bar

Source: Germany machete attack: Syrian asylum seeker murders ‘pregnant’ woman in Reutlingen h/t Gary A Syrian man has killed a woman and injured two others with a machete in the southern German town of Reutlingen, police have said. Witnesses alerted the police at 4:30pm after a man fatally attacked a woman at a kebab shop […]