McCain Says Russia Attacking “our Free Syrian Army”

Did you know we Americans had a “Free Syrian Army”? If you’re a regular, you certainly knew Obama has been arming, training and funding jihadists in Syria for many years…at taxpayer expense. ISIS pal John McCain right there with him. via: Russia accused of bombing U.S.-armed rebels – CBS News MOSCOW — Russian jets carried […]

Baltimore to Bring in More Syrian Muslims, on Taxpayer Dime

Source: Baltimore Prepares to Receive Syrian Refugees, with Fed Help Only a few days after President Obama announced that the United States would take another 10,000 Syrian refugees, CBS News in Baltimore ran a story about that city’s preparations to receive the new arrivals: The International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Baltimore has resettled more than […]

The History of Assyria and Impact of Muslim Conquerors

“For the first time in the history of Iraq, Mosul is now empty of Christians.”

Slovakia: We’ll take Syrian refugees if they are not Muslim

Their reputation precedes them. A growing number of Western nations are waking up and pushing back against the unwanted hordes of illegal alien invaders and more specifically Muslims – illegal or not. via Slovakia agrees to accept 200 Syrian Christian migrants but won’t take Muslims | Daily Mail Online. Slovakia has agreed to take in […]

State Dept to Quadruple Number of Syrian Refugees to U.S.

Of which the majority, if not all, will be Muslims. via Number Of Syrian Refugees To U.S. Expected To Quadruple – Breitbart. The State Department is anticipating that the U.S. will admit up to 8,000 Syrian refugees in Fiscal Year 2016. In written responses to the Senate Judiciary Immigration and the National Interest Subcommittee Republicans […]

Syrian Christians Flee Asylum in Sweden as Muslims Force Them to Hide Crosses

Repeat…IN SWEDEN! via Syrian Christians Flee Asylum in Sweden Amid Harassment From Muslims Who Force Them to Hide Their Crosses. Syrian Christian refugees living in Sweden say they were forced out of their asylum house by Muslim refugees who demanded they hide their crosses and banned them from using communal areas in the home they […]

U.S. State Dept Denying Visas for Assyrian Christians Facing Muslim Persecution

As thousands of Syrian Muslims are imported to America. via U.S. State Department is Denying Visas for Assyrian Christians Facing Death in Iraq. h/t sharia unveiled The U.S. State Department may have sent a signal to an Anglican bishop in Iraq that despite persecution and harassment from the terror group known as ISIS, Christians in […]

Idaho: Residents Fight to Close Refugee Center Importing Syrian Muslims, Possible Terrorists

It’s about time Americans woke up, stood up, and fought back. via Idaho Residents Fight to Close Refugee Center Importing Syrian Muslims, Possible Terrorists. ALMON, Idaho (Reuters) — A long-standing refugee welcoming center in conservative Idaho has found itself at the center of a campaign by adversaries seeking to force it closed, citing fears that […]

Ohio: Made-to-order Neighborhood in Toledo…for Syrian & Afghani Muslims

via WELCOMING AMERICA WATCH–MIDWEST. Afghan and Syrian refugees are being resettled in Toledo, Ohio.  We have known for awhile that the address of an apartment complex’s office called Kenwood Gardens is listed on the State Department refugee resettlement subcontractor list as address for the subcontractor US Together.   At the link just Control+F (for find) and enter […]

Muslim terrorists kill 39 in Tunisia beach attack; another 164 killed in Syria attack

The month of jihad, celebrated by Hussein Obama at the White House this week, is living up to its deadly reputation. via Tunisia attack on Sousse beach ‘kills 39’ – BBC News. At least 39 people, mostly foreigners, have been killed and 36 injured in an attack on a beach in the Tunisian resort town […]

Did your city ‘welcome’ Syrian Muslims in first 6 months of 2015?

Did your city have any jihad-related arrests yet? via Refugee Resettlement Watch. These numbers are from 1/1/2015 to 6/15/2015 and were found at the Refugee Processing Center where the US State Department keeps data on incoming refugees. Of the total number of almost 1,000 Syrians resettled in the US so far since the refugee flow […]

Video: Senate “Jihad Caucus” to bring 65,000 Syrian Muslim refugees to US

Back story here, Senate Dems tell Obama to resettle 65,000 Syrian Muslim refugees. Norway is finding out the hard way. UN quota refugees had terror links: Norway PST According to the service, between five and ten of the 1,000 Syrians chosen to go to Norway by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), were discovered […]

Canada: Montreal mosque gave precise instructions to 10 young Muslims trying to join Syrian jihad

Catch and release. via Youth trying to reach Syria got instructions from Montreal mosque, family members say | Toronto Star. h/t Jihad Watch MONTREAL—Ten young Quebec Muslims who were detained for allegedly trying to join jihadist groups in Syria received precise travel instructions, financing advice and moral support from individuals they met at a Montreal […]

Senate Dems tell Obama to resettle 65,000 Syrian Muslim refugees

Refugees displaced by Obama, to be “resettled” into your neighborhoods, on your tax dollar, to rob your children’s futures. via Senate Dems call on Obama to resettle 65,000 Syrian refugees | TheHill. A group of Senate Democrats is urging the Obama administration to allow at least 65,000 Syrian refugees to settle inside the United States. […]

Iowa: 4 Muslims arrested for smuggling guns to Syria in halal food container

Halal food firm Midamar in the middle of more criminal activity.  via US Charges 4 After Intercepting Gun Shipments to Lebanon – ABC News. Four relatives were charged in Iowa on Tuesday with conspiring to smuggle guns and ammunition to Lebanon that were hidden with equipment exports and supplies for Syrian refugees. Federal agents intercepted […]


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