Michigan: Hamtramck is first American city to elect majority Muslim council

Back in 2009, we told you that this same Michigan city council was now half Muslim. Then, in 2013 we told you that Three Muslims were charged with election fraud in Hamtramck and a 4th tried to sell votes. After that Muslim voter fraud was detected, Muslims failed to win Hamtramck elections. Six years later, the Muslims […]

Michigan: After voter fraud detected, Muslims fail to win Hamtramck elections

Recall a few weeks ago we posted this: Three Muslims charged with election fraud in Hamtramck; 4th tried to sell votes. Apparently without the fraudulent Muslim absentee votes, the Muslims couldn’t win two more seats including mayor. On that absentee ballot fraud via Atlas: Despite DoJ interference they failed to elect a Muslim Mayor in […]

Michigan: Three Muslims charged with election fraud in Hamtramck; 4th tried to sell votes

via Three charged with election fraud in Hamtramck; more shenanigans to be revealed, former candidate says | MLive.com. HAMTRAMCK, MI — A complaint by former Hamtramck Councilwoman Cathie Gordon may have helped expose election fraud in Hamtrmack’s August primary. Gordon, who placed fourth among four primary candidates running for mayor with 12 percent of the […]

Michigan: Islamic call to prayer broadcast in Hamtramck (video)

via LOOK UNDER THE BURKA OF ISLAM: This is was America. The Hamtramck city council is now half Muslim. The high school has a sharia compliant girls-only prom for Muslims. And a new mosque may force the Labor Day festival to relocate its drinking area. It’s why we modified Look’s title to, “This was America.”

Michigan: Dearbornistan elects first Arab Muslim to state House

State Rep-elect Abdullah Hammoud at a Dearborn polling location. As towns and cities become Muslim-majority, they will begin taking over, like they did in Hamtramck, Michigan. Source: Historic win for Abdullah Hammoud sets stage for challenges in state House Sealing his promise to Dearborn voters, Abdullah Hammoud, the Democratic candidate for the 15th District in […]

Georgia: Atlanta Mosque Blares Islamic Call to Prayer Through Neighborhood

A leader in the Muslim congregation, said neighbors set their watches by it. The reporter didn’t speak to any neighbors.

Video: Hillary’s Michigan, America’s Worst Nightmare

Dearborn, Hamtramck, Warren, Sterling Heights – once vibrant cities, are succumbing to the Shariaville’s within them.

Michigan: 65-year-old Muslim attacks boy with blunt object…in mosque

Source: Trial ordered for mosque assault defendant Barring a plea deal, a 65-year-old man accused of assaulting a juvenile boy inside a mosque in Canton is facing trial in Wayne County Circuit Court. Defendant Hobibur Rahman of Hamtramck, charged amid allegations he used a blunt object to attack the boy, could face four years in […]

Minnesota: “Historic” Muslim Primary Winner Reportedly Married Her Brother

Source: Ilhan Omar: Her back pages | Power Line  h/t Atlas by Scott Johnson Somali American Ilhan Omar defeated 22-term incumbent Phyllis Kahn for the nomination of the DFL to serve as the representative of House District 60B in the state legislature. Omar came in first in a three-way primary race for the nomination in […]

Another Michigan city on the verge of becoming majority Muslim

As reader’s here know, Hamtramck was the first American city to elect majority Muslim council. After Muslims took over that city they proudly proclaimed (on video) “Today we show the Polish and everybody else.” Author Ali Harb claims there is no “creeping sharia” in a city that is already 20% “Arab” – because wearing hijabs and […]

Residents say Islamic ‘call to prayer’ too loud in first U.S. city taken over by Muslims

Turns out one of the mosques in question wasn’t supposed to be a mosque – they pulled a zoning jihad on the city before it was run by Muslims. Now they are threatening legal jihad after being exposed. Source: Residents complain that ‘call to prayer’ is too loud | Hamtramck Review By Charles Sercombe The […]

In first majority-Muslim U.S. city, calls to prayer from & no alcohol sales near mosques

Sharia crept in. Good luck getting it out. This is the fate of every U.S. city that continues to allow Muslim immigration and refugees. via In the first majority-Muslim U.S. city, residents tense about its future – The Washington Post Let that title sink. The “first majority-Muslim U.S. city.” As titled by the Washington Post. […]

Michigan: Muslims behind 10-block Islamic enclave for Syrian “refugees”

As we posted back in October, US Muslim Brotherhood Coalition Meets White House Officials, Recommends More Muslim “Refugees.” It’s not without coincidence that at least one of the Muslims involved in building an Islamic enclave specifically for Syrian Muslim “refugees” in Pontiac, Michigan is related to the terror-linked Muslim group that urged the White House […]

Michigan: Governor suspends Syrian refugee resettlement…for now

This is an obvious move, but we predict it is temporary at best. Governor Snyder, a Republican, is the self-proclaimed “most pro-immigration governor in the country.” His state boasts the first American city ever taken over by Muslims and he fully supports that even boasting about a growing Muslim enclave called Banglatown. Furthermore, he’s relying on DHS […]

Muslim after Michigan city takeover:  “Today we show the Polish and everybody else”

We told you about the near-takeover in 2009 of Hamtramck, Michigan by Muslims (including voter fraud) and the recent successful Muslim takeover last week. Muslims didn’t wait long to gloat – caught on cell phone video. One can only imagine the private conversations and parties among Muslims in Hamtramck and other large and growing Islamic […]