Council member: Lilburn (GA) could have won federal lawsuit over mosque

Instead, they bowed down to Islam and the Dept. of Jihad inJusice. Taxpayers may regret this in the future. via Lilburn Could Have Won Federal Lawsuit, Council Member Says – Lilburn-Mountain Park, GA Patch. A federal lawsuit against the city was “without basis,” and the city could have won it had Lilburn chosen to fight […]

Georgia: An Islamic diaspora grows in Lilburn

And non-Muslim residents of Lilburn require around the clock police patrols after a mosque expansion was denied. Here’s more on the town itself from the Money Jihad blog, Welcome to Lilburn, Georgia: Or maybe Lilburnistan.  Did you think that only Europe is being Islamized? Lilburn is similar to many cities in America.  It has a […]

Streets turn to rivers of blood, literally, as Muslims slaughter animals for Eid al-Adha (video)

h/t The Point who writes, “another reminder of just how different Islamic culture is from our civilization. “ Source: Dhaka’s streets turn to rivers of blood as Muslims slaughter animals for Eid al-Adha | Daily Mail Online Huge swathes of animal sacrifices marking the Islamic festival Eid al-Adha turned the streets of Bangladesh’s capital into […]

Georgia: Burqa clad Muslim immigrant attacks woman and daughter with American flag

Another Muslim immigrant attack on American soil

Texas high school ‘fudges truth’; teaches that under Islam, ‘all people are equal’

Fudging truth means lying and lying is permitted in Islam – it’s called taqiyya. via: BizPac Review Schools are making Islam more Judeo-Christian friendly and more palatable to young, impressionable minds. The Woodlands, Texas Township Director Laura Fillault posted a screenshot of a lesson being taught to 9th graders at at the local high school. It claims […]

Georgia: What Muslim immigration looks like in Alpharetta (video)

Celebrating Islam days after one of their own waged jihad on U.S. soil, killing five American soldiers. Not concerned with or unaware of the rapid importation of Muslims to the U.S.? Even after last week’s jihad attack that killed four Marines and one Navy seaman. Sometimes a picture, or in this case a video, can […]

Atlanta: Bloody Muslim ritual includes children this year (video)

Immigration and diversity alert brought to you by progressives. Muslims from an ACLU / DOJ state-sanctioned mosque in action below. (Update: After we posted the video, it was quickly removed – the child abuse thing?) Here’s a video of the adults: Shocking unless you’ve read previous Creeping Sharia reports on the Islamization of Lilburn, Georgia.  […]

Obama begins importing Syrian Muslims to Georgia, USA

Thousands more expected, all at taxpayer expense. The future is dim America. via First refuge family from Syrian civil war resettling in Georgia | h/t Refugee Resettlement Watch Ahmed — a Sunni Muslim who asked that his full name not be used to protect his remaining relatives in Syria — said he fled to […]

Georgia: Alpharetta ignores residents & zoning, approves mega mosque

via City of Alpharetta approves mosque expansion – CBS Atlanta Alpharetta City Council Monday night unanimously voted to approve a proposal to expand a mosque. The Islamic Center of North Fulton, located at 1265 Rucker Road, has been fighting to expand their mosque since 2011. The city of Alpharetta voted not to change zoning laws […]

Islam creeping in Georgia

An interesting Twitter account does our job for us. @IslamGeorgia Although he doesn’t have many tweets, here are a few. Where there is a need for halal there must be barracks mosques. Corporate America falls for the sharia line. Are those meals for all unsuspecting patrons or just for Muslims by request? Posting this is […]

A Muslim diaspora grows in Manhattan, Kansas

We’re not in Kansas any more takes on a whole new meaning in the other Manhattan. via Muslim community experiences growth in Manhattan, K-State – News – Kansas State Collegian – Kansas State University. h/t @CausingFitna Seen from afar, Manhattan may be looked at as a small, predominantly white, Christian community. But with K-State and […]

Georgia town approves mosque, Feds reach “settlement”

Talk about duress. By “settlement” Obama’s Islamo-thugs at the DOJ mean “submission.” via Feds settle with Lilburn officials over mosque – Houston Chronicle. ATLANTA (AP) — The U.S. Justice Department reached a settlement Friday with the Georgia city of Lilburn over claims that it discriminated against a Muslim congregation’s request to build a new worship […]

After DOJ Threats, Controversial Georgia Mosque Wins Approval

Predictable. The voice of the people are no longer relevant. via Controversial Georgia Mosque Wins Approval | A controversial, 20,000-square-foot Muslim worship center won approval Tuesday by city council members in Georgia. The Lilburn City Council approved a Muslim congregation’s request to construct the center after two years of contentious debate. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution […]

DOJ’s litigation jihad against officials who dare deny massive mosque expansions

The Wall Street Journal is now writing about what we’ve covered several times. That is the Dept. of Islamic Justice’s aggressive defense of Islam and mosques across the U.S. Which appears to be official or unofficial policy at the DOJ. Mosque Zoning Row Draws Scrutiny – LILBURN, Ga.—A mosque dispute in this Atlanta suburb […]

Georgia: Holder’s DOJ intervenes on behalf of another mosque

Investigating or intimidating? Or enforcing sharia? An update on the proposed expansion of a Lilburn, Georgia mosque. What the DOJ should be investigating are the threats against those who opposed the mosque and the around the clock police protection now needed in the once quiet area. via Dept. of Justice Investigates Ruling Against Lilburn Mosque […]