Alabama: Muslim-owned stores turned EBT cards into cash, wired profit to Yemen

via Corner stores turned EBT cards into cash for drugs, wired profit to Yemen, authorities say |

A couple of steaks shoplifted at a Gardendale Walmart three months ago led to the biggest food stamp fraud investigation in Jefferson County’s history, and launched 11 simultaneous raids this morning at convenience stores countywide.

Led by the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office, teams of law enforcement officers met at 5 a.m. for a briefing and then fanned out across the county beginning at 6:50 a.m. The officers and agents were armed with 242 arrest warrants and plans to arrest 17 suspects.

All 17 suspects were in custody by mid-morning, and investigators already today have filed for forfeiture and condemnation of those 11 stores, which totals more than $1 million in assets.

“This is huge for us,” said Jefferson County District Attorney Brandon Falls.

The massive probe, dubbed Operation T-bone, targeted those they say have been cheating the food stamp system to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars and sending at least some of the profits via wire transfer to Yemen.

“It’s apparently rampant,’‘ she said. “If you just wander into the community and say something about a beneficiary card, someone will sell you one. It’s everywhere.

Those arrested in today’s raids are: Jowher Almnasoob, Abdulrahman Alqublani, Ismail Hassan Elnaham, Saleh Yahya Rowaid, Ramzi Jowher Ali Almansoob, Mujahed Jowher Ali Almansoob, Bashir Abosaleh Mohamed, Fouad Zamzami, Muneer Zindani, Sufyan Saleh, Mansoor Almansoob, Audrey Morris, Jerry Brown, Keith Lee Lucas, Travis Wayne Holmes, Murad Nooruddin and Mable Olympia Kirksey.

They were arrested on charges including public assistance fraud, fraudulent use of a credit card and theft of property, which are felonies. All of those arrested are U.S. citizens, Falls said.

The following stores were raided and now will be subject to forfeiture and condemnation: Graymont Grocery on Graymont Avenue; R&S Supermarket, 326 6th Ave. South; Nana’s Supermarket, 400 1st Street South; 3rd Avenue Package, 1501 3rd Ave. West; Bessemer Market, 2931 Dartmouth Avenue; 40th Street Grocery, 1200 40th Street; Christy’s Texaco, 201 6th Ave. S.W.; Uptown Grocery, 1531 12th Court North; Triple M Food Mart, 1546 FL Shuttlesworth Drive; R&F Inc. Convenience Store, 5612 1st Ave. South; and Munchies-Avondale, 4100 5th Ave. South.

Massive EBT fraud, medicaid fraud, and food stamp fraud in the tens – maybe hundreds – of billions of dollars appears to be a well-coordinated, multi-billion dollar effort within the ummah. Are any of these criminals deported?



Alabama: Muslim woman joins Islamic State

And Hamas-linked CAIR is the spokesman for the family. via Hoover woman joins ISIS: Meet Hoda Muthana who fled U.S. to Syria |


The 20-year-old woman from Hoover who abandoned her family and fled to Syria a few months ago to join the radical Islamic group called ISIS was quiet and reserved in the halls of Hoover High School, a former classmate said.

Hoda Muthana, who graduated from Hoover High School in 2013 and went on to study business at the University of Alabama at Birmingham before skipping the country in November, was not someone her former classmates suspected would have joined up with a violent Islamic group, said Jordan LaPorta, who graduated with her.

Muthana, who seemed harmless in high school, has shared violent contempt for the United States and non-Muslims in posts she made on Twitter under a different name.

“Terrorize the kuffar [derogatory term for non-Muslims] at home,” she tweeted. “Americans wake up!” “Men and women altogether. You have much to do while you live under our greatest enemy, enough of your sleeping! Go on drive-bys and spill all of their blood, or rent a big truck and drive all over them. Veterans, Patriot, Memorial etc Day parades..go on drive by’s + spill all of their blood or rent a big truck n drive all over them. Kill them.”

It’s that kind of talk that is most shocking to her former classmates.

“To know that someone from your own city can get involved in something so evil, it’s an eye-opener,” LaPorta said. “When you hear about these things on the news, it seems like just an overseas problem. It really opens up your eyes that there are people in this country that sympathize with people like that and think it’s OK … I don’t think anybody saw this in her.”


Really? Look at the above picture. Which student would you have chosen as most likely to adhere to the sharia and/or support jihad?

She’s not the first Muslim living in Alabama to act on Allah’s commands: Former Muslim Student Association president from Alabama identified as al Qaeda-linked Somali terrorist.

CAIR rep is spokesman for family of Alabama woman who joined Islamic State terrorists

CAIR reppin' family of Muslim terrorist

CAIR reppin’ family of Muslim terrorist

via Spokesman: Alabama woman joined ISIS militants in Syria after being recruited on Internet

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – A spokesman for a Muslim couple in Alabama says their 20-year-old daughter fled a Birmingham suburb to join ISIS militants in Syria after being recruited on the Internet.

Attorney Hassan Shibly spoke at a Birmingham mosque on Monday on behalf of the parents of the young woman, whom he identified only as Hoda.

Shibly said Hoda left in November after being “brainwashed” for an undetermined length of time. He says the woman’s actions go against the family’s wishes and against the teachings of Islam.

The spokesman added that Hoda’s family has been in contact with U.S. law enforcement and government officials since she disappeared.

Members of the Birmingham Muslim community were meeting on Monday evening to discuss how to protect other children from the influence of violent extremists.

 More via Gateway Pundit, Sympathetic BuzzFeed Article on American Jihadi Downplays HerTreasonous Role with ISIS:

The woman, named just Hoda in the article, went by UmmJihad on Twitter.

The Gateway Pundit was one of the first (and few) to report back on March 19 about UmmJihad’s call for the assassination of President Barack Obama and for terror attacks on patriotic parades in America.

Missing from the Buzzfeed article by Hall with the cutesy title of, Gone Girl: An Interview With An American In ISIS, is UmmJihad’s call for the assassination of President Obama.

Also missing are UmmJihad’s online fundraising solicitations for ISIS included in The Gateway Pundit article.

Also missing is UmmJihad’s release of the names , photos and home addresses of American pilots so that the service members and their families could be attacked by ISIS sympathizers in the U.S which occurred after the article was published at TGP.

Also missing is UmmJihad’s call for Muslims to poison teachers.

One can learn more about UmmJihad’s treason on a few paragraphs from an article in Adelaide Now published March 22 than in the entire magazine=length article at BuzzFeed:

“Sharrouf’s daughter, along with Turkish-Australian Zehra Duman and Umm Jihad, yesterday shared a list of US pilots, including photos and addresses, who they claim “bombed Kobane”.

“The American wife of ­Rahman has asked Muslims to poison teachers.

““You can look up Obama’s schedule on the White House website. Take down that treacherous tyrant!

““If you can’t come here then terrorise the kuffar at home. Form and expand the Khilafah (Caliphate) where you are.”

“It is believed Rahman was killed fighting for the ­extremists in Kobane — a Kurdish stronghold near the Syrian border of Turkey.

“Between issuing threats and begging for cash to fund IS, she whinged that life in Syria without her extremist husband was difficult.

““Any wife of a shaheed that tells u its easy is lying but this is part of the sacrifice,’’ she said.”

The BuzzFeed article by Hall includes just one tweet by UmmJihad in which she calls for attacks on patriotic parades, but there is no follow-up and apparently no effort to get UmmJihad to explain herself further in the interviews conducted by Hall.

What one gets from the BuzzFeed article is a portrait of a young American Muslim girl who became a true believer and went off and married an ISIS jihadi in Syria and once said a bad thing about Muslims killing Americans—but only once.

The true portrait of Hoda aka UmmJihad, is one of an American citizen who has committed treason. No cutesy Gone Girl headline can cover that up, no matter the efforts of BuzzFeed.

Similarly, no matter how many media outlets peddle lies from CAIR, they can’t cover up CAIR’s terrorist beginnings and the fact that CAIR and ISIS share the same ideology, the same Koran, and both are fighting for sharia law.


In North Carolina, MAS represented Muslim terrorists too.

 Update: Hoover woman joins ISIS: Meet Hoda Muthana who fled U.S. to Syria


The 20-year-old woman from Hoover who abandoned her family and fled to Syria a few months ago to join the radical Islamic group called ISIS was quiet and reserved in the halls of Hoover High School, a former classmate said.

Hoda Muthana, who graduated from Hoover High School in 2013 and went on to study business at the University of Alabama at Birmingham before skipping the country in November, was not someone her former classmates suspected would have joined up with a violent Islamic group, said Jordan LaPorta, who graduated with her.

She’s not the first Muslim living in Alabama to act on Allah’s commands: Former Muslim Student Association president from Alabama identified as al Qaeda-linked Somali terrorist.

Or maybe it’s time for people to stop acting surprised when Muslims actually follow the pillars of their faith and the footsteps of Mohammed.

Alabama voters ban sharia law

via Alabama Sharia Law 2014: Voters Approve Foreign Law Prohibition.

Alabama voters passed a constitutional amendment Tuesday to prohibit the use of foreign laws in state courts. Republican state Sen. Gerald Allen, who is also a Baptist deacon, sponsored the amendment. He proposed a similar measure in 2011. It never made the ballot since it made specific mention of Islamic Sharia law, which was deemed a violation of the Constitution. A similar measure was also rejected in Oklahoma last year for the same reason, though the judge who struck it down acknowledged that if the term “Sharia” was removed it could solve the problem.

Amendment One, or “American and Alabama Laws and Alabama Courts Amendment,” bars state courts from applying “any law, rule or legal code system used outside of the United States or by any other people, group or culture different from the people of the United States or the States of Alabama.” Sharia refers, in general, to moral code and religious laws of Islam, drawn from the Quran and Sunna. In recent years, dozens of states have proposed measures to keep judges from consulting this and other foreign laws, with varying degrees of success.

This time around, Allen’s new bill made no mention of the Islamic term specifically, and he was confident it would appeal to voters’ conservative values. “It took several times to rewrite the bill itself, to make sure it was correct and to make sure it would be constitutional,” Allen said on Alabama Public Radio last week. “We as a legislature felt like it’s important to bring this before the people of Alabama to let their voice be heard because we’re living in a changing world.”

The measure was opposed by many groups in the state, including right-wing and religious organizations.

“This is a tremendous waste of effort. It is a waste of time and it costs money,” Randy Brinson, president of the Alabama Christian Coalition, the largest network of evangelical Christians in the state, told the Birmingham News in October. “My frustration is that people — good people — get behind something like this just because they want to score political points with the Christian community.”

As Christian communities are wiped off the planet across the Middle East and Muslims are being imported to the U.S. by the tens of thousands. A little foresight is all that’s needed.

But back to Alabama. People would be surprised if they knew how many jihadis and sharia-preaching mosques were in Alabama. Read about it in our archives.

Rather than laws banning sharia, America needs to start banning immigration from Muslim countries and deporting those who support sharia law.

Neighboring Georgia may want to ban both:

Alabama: Board of Ed submits school kids to whitewashed Islamic history

Also known as dawah. via BOE approves textbooks critics charged were pro-Islam | The Montgomery Advertiser

The Alabama state school board put to rest two controversial issues Friday and also placed the Selma school system on notice that the Alabama State Department of Education is planning an intervention.

With a pair of 5-2 votes, board members approved new social studies textbooks that had sections on religion some accused of being “pro-Islam” and a new math and language arts curriculum, which is based on Alabama’s College and Career Ready standards that pull somewhat from the controversial Common Core curriculum.

Fears of religious bias derailed an earlier vote on approval of new social studies textbooks.

Bice canceled a vote on the textbooks in early December when conservative groups in the state raised concerns about 12 books on the approved state list, which included more than 500 textbooks. They were concerned that the books were too pro-Islam and misrepresented some aspects of Christianity.

Specifically, the Eagle Forum and Act! For America sent letters to board members last month complaining that the books in question omitted references to Islam being spread by violence and don’t spend enough time on Christianity’s positives.

Bice said he had the textbook committee re-examine the books in question, and that he read them as well, before ultimately determining that they met state standards.

Betty Peters of Kinsey and Bell, from Montgomery, voted against approving the new books, and Bell introduced an amendment that removed the textbooks in question. That amendment failed.

“I don’t mind at all the teaching of other religions,” Bell said after the meeting. “I just want it to be presented fairly, and I don’t think these books measure up to that standard.”

Homeschooling is looking more attractive each day in Alabama. Or is it Allahbama?

Update: Birmingham conservative group not giving up fight against alleged pro-Islamic textbooks

Alabama: Five Muslims arrested in ring reselling stolen goods from Kroger, Publix

A sixth on the loose. Muhammad factor: 50%. via 5 convenience store employees charged with reselling items stolen from Kroger, Publix in Huntsville (photos) |

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Huntsville police arrested five local convenience store employees and charged them with reselling items stolen from Kroger and Publix.

Investigators partnered with Kroger and Publix grocery stores for several months, investigating convenience stores that police say bought merchandise stolen from Kroger and Publix. According to police, this detail, combined with previous operations, resulted in a reduction of retail thefts for the two grocery stores.

Here are the convenience stores involved and the employees arrested:

Fuel City located at 2000 Whitesburg Drive

Mohammed Naderi Keshtakari, 68, and Mohammed Ali Naderi, 62, were both charged with second-degree theft of property and second-degree buying and receiving stolen property.

Mini Mart 2 located at 4302 University Drive

Sharif Ahmed Nasser, 30, Mohammad Reza Moradi, 53,were both charged with third-degree theft of property and second-degree buying and receiving stolen property.

Conoco located at 2014 Governors Drive

Hosein Eslami, 60, was charged with third-degree theft of property and second-degree buying and receiving stolen property.

Huntsville police also has active warrants for Fateh H. Alradi ,30, for buying and receiving stolen property and receiving stolen property at the All In One located at 2520 Oakwood Avenue.

Alabama: 15-year sentences for 2 American-born jihad plotting Muslims

via Judge imposes maximum 15-year prison sentences for Alabama-hatched terrorism plot |


MOBILE, Alabama – Citing a lack of remorse and a failure to renounce their intentions to commit violent jihad abroad, a federal judge Friday sentenced a pair of silent men to the maximum punishment for a plot hatched in Alabama.

Randy “Rasheed” Wilson and Mohammad Abdul Rahman Abukhdair, both 26, will spend 15 years in prison for conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists and then will be supervised by the U.S. Probation Office for three years.

U.S. District Judge Kristi DuBose said she read hundreds of pages of recorded conversations and intercepted emails from the defendants and searched for evidence that they were “just talking a big game.” And, she added that she had reserved judgment, hoping they would renounce their intentions.

“Unfortunately, there is no other reasonable conclusion that (their conversations) were for the primary purpose of committing violent jihad,” she said. “I don’t have to speculate about that.”

At one point, prosecutors had asked for two days for the sentencing hearing. In the end, the lawyers did most of their arguing through written submissions to the court, and the hearing was over in less than half an hour.

Each defendant rose individually to hear his sentence. Neither said a word or expressed any emotion. Wilson, sporting a longer beard than the one he had when authorities arrested him at the Atlanta airport last year, gave a slight smirk toward his family as federal marshals led him out of the courtroom. His relatives declined to comment after the hearing.

According to prosecutors, Abukhdair moved from his home in Syracuse, N.Y., to Egypt and struck up an online friendship with Wilson in 2010 centered on their extremist views of Islam. Wilson, a convert to the religion, is from Mobile and spent time in Birmingham as a child before returning home. He converted after his mother married a Muslim. He, himself, is married to a convert and has two young children.

Abukhdair moved to Mobile after Egyptian authorities arrested and deported him. The two spent months discussing the best country to move to in order to defend Islam, according to court records. They then tried to board a plane for Africa.

The FBI began monitoring them in 2011, using a pair of undercover agents posing as a married Muslim couple who had just moved to Mobile. The male agent approached Wilson at the car lot where he was working at the time. A “confidential human source” – someone who knew Wilson from the Mobile area – also fed information to investigators.


Abukhdair was born in Syracuse on Oct. 3, 1987. Court documents do not say how long he lived in the area, but in 2007 he moved from the U.S. to Cairo, Egypt.

According to court documents, Abukhdair said that the purpose of Islam is to conquer the world with violent means. He suggested that he and Wilson could form “AQUSA” – al-Qaeda in the USA. He proposed seizing hostages in the U.S. and demanding the release of convicted terrorists.

Abukhdair and Wilson eventually decided to fight for Islam in Africa instead, and planned traveling to Mali, where they expected violence to break out. Abukhdair was arrested at an Atlanta bus stop on Dec. 11, 2012, as he prepared to fly to Morocco via Canada.


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