Australia: Muslim “refugee” who married 14-year old at mosque gets slap on wrist

Mohammad Shakir, who shook and sobbed during his sentencing on Thursday, will spend less than 14 more days behind bars.

Muslim illegals from Obama’s “dumb deal” with Australia to be resettled in U.S. within weeks

About 50 Muslims from Bangladesh, Sudan, and Rohingya Muslim illegals from Myanmar were the first to be told this week.

Australia’s Jihadi Jail (Video)

Inside Australia's supermax prison holding Muslim terrorists.

Australia: Mosque protesters convicted for “inciting contempt and ridicule of Muslims”

"If we cannot freely express ourselves and criticise other ideologies, that lays the ground for blasphemy charges in this country. And that pretty much destroys freedom of speech,"

Australia: Senator calls to deport halal boss & “his extremist poison”

'Frankly, I don't want him, his halal racket or his extremist poison in our country,'

Australia: No jail for imam who married 14-year-old to older man in mosque

Aussie judge frees imam who married a child in a sharia wedding inside a mosque.

Australia: Muslims plan cradle-to-grave Islamic enclave in Brisbane

The development will provide cradle to grave care for Muslims

Video: Child bride forced to wed Muslim in Australian mosque

Muslim mother sells 14-year-old girl to Muslim man 20 years older than her in the back of a Melbourne mosque

Australia: More sharia down under, another public pool goes dark for Muslims

[Muslim] 'Enclaves are a disaster for Australian multiculturalism. It becomes monocultural.'

Australia: Muslim pleads guilty to marrying a child – at a mosque, by an imam

The imam who oversaw the ceremony is charged with conduct that caused a minor to enter into a forced marriage

Australia: Questions on Child Marriage, FGM, Wife-Beating Included in New Citizenship Test

“They’re pointed at people who might think domestic violence is okay – well it’s not”

Australia: Pakistani Uber driver convicted of raping female passenger

Muhammad Naveed will be sentenced at Parramatta Local Court in early May.

Obama fast-tracks secretive plan to import 1,800 Muslims rejected by Australia

The deal is not only a matter of grave national security concern, but it could be illegal.

WTF! Obama to import 1,800 Muslim illegals from Australia

Taxation for Islamization. Treasonous.

Australia: Catholic high school teacher reads Koran before class prayers, parents fuming

'He gives us a demerit if any of us tell him not to read it ... He has read more than half the Koran'