Video: What mass Muslim immigration with zero integration looks like

…in Molenbeek, Belgium.

For more examples see what Muslim invaders are doing to Paris, France.

Star of Muslim Refugee Documentary Arrested in Belgium Terror Attacks

How many terrorists will Obama import? Source: Alleged Brussels Terrorist Was Star Of Documentary About Successful Integration Of Immigrants

The Syrian-origin Swedish passport holder arrested in Belgium last week for his involvement in the Brussels bomb attacks is a former poster boy for Sweden’s efforts at integrating migrants into their society.

Now accused of murder, and captured on CCTV cameras carrying bags which contained the explosive devices which killed 32 civilians, Islamist Osama Krayem had once been hailed as a model of integration. A former employee of the city of Malmo, at the age of 11 Osama starred in a documentary about migrants in Sweden.

Both of Osama’s parents are Syrian migrants to Sweden, and have told tabloid Aftonbladet they wanted to see their son integrate into Swedish society. The family featured in a 2005 documentary called ‘Without Borders — A Film About Sport And Integration’, in which football-mad Krayem demonstrated how the Malmo football team had helped him settle into Swedish society.

The club had run an integration project, encouraging local migrant youth to play football. Club marketing manager Christer Girke said of the programme: “We wanted to show the importance of integration… the boys were to go to the association to see what the other Swedes did and get to know the [football] associations were important, how it can be a gateway to jobs and much more”.

At the time of the film’s release, he had told local media: “90 percent of our members have a migrant background, as this integration is something I think a lot about. With this project we want to take responsibility for the society we all be living in formed. And how we are formed as people”.

A school friend told the paper that he was “noticeable” by the fact he didn’t party or drink because of his religion. Even when Krayem started posting pictures of himself on Facebook with Islamic State flags and guns, his old friends didn’t think anything was wrong. One said he just thought Krayem was trying to be “cool”, and that was just what “young people are doing”.

Shot with a budget of £22,000, an opening-night review of ‘Without Borders; in Sydsvenskan hailed the “football mad sons” of the Krayem family — the central players in the film — as showing “the essential role of sport for integration”.

When Osama Krayem got a job with Malmo city council as a management intern, he may have been displaying the outward signs of assimilation that were expected of him, but what his employers did not know is that he was saving his salary to buy tickets to Syria. He worked for a year, before suddenly failing to turn up for work one day in 2014.

Osama had successfully joined the Islamic State and started posting pictures of his exploits on Facebook. A year later, Krayem has swapped the migrant enclave he had grown up in — Rosengard — for another. Traveling through Greece as a refugee, he came to reside in Molenbeek, Brussels, he took on took a leading role in organising the bomb attacks.

That superficially well integrated migrants could be plotting attacks or engaging in criminal activity is not a phenomenon limited to Sweden. Breitbart London reported in January on four “unaccompanied minor” migrants who sexually abused young girls at their new school shortly after arrival.

The headmistress of the school responsible for the boys, who abused girls as young as 14, said they were ““integrating themselves very well” into Austrian society.

Belgium: ‘Far Right’ Hit And Run on Muslim Woman…By Muslim Youths

Facts be damned, there’s an Islamophobia myth to sell the sheeple. The media will have blood on its hands when Muslims start killing Belgiums in retaliation for this Muslim-on-Muslim attack that the media blamed on Belgians. Source: EXPOSED: Molenbeek ‘Far Right’ Hit And Run Was Muslim-On-Muslim Attack

A hit and run on a Muslim women in Molenbeek this weekend, blamed on ‘far right’ anti-Islam demonstrators, was in fact perpetrated by an allegedly drunk local youth named “Mohamed”.

The revelation comes after news websites across the world – including the Daily Mail, the New York Post, EuroNews, the Evening Standard, Russia Today, the International Business Times, the Sunday Times, the Huffington Post, the Metro, ITV News, the Daily Caller, the Independent, the Sun, the Mirror and more – lumped the blame onto “far right” protesters in the no go zone of Brussels.

Tensions in the notorious district of the capital city of the European Union (EU), now know as the ‘European capital of Jihad’, were exceptionally high over the weekend. The mayor had banned a planned protest by the nationalistic Génération Identitaire (GI) group, but left wing counter protests and local youth were out on the streets en mass.

The Mayor said nationalistic groups should not “express themselves” because they were “extremists” akin to the Islamist terrorists hailing from district, who were behind both the Paris and Brussels attacks.

So, a few days later when an innocent hijab wearing Muslim women was stuck by a speeding car, which had just evaded armed police, the media were quick to label it, or imply, that it was an anti-Muslim hate crime.

“Muslim woman is mown down by grinning far-right activist who then stops to take a PICTURE during anti-Islam rally”, touted the Daily Mail.

“Muslim woman was purposely run over… during a far-right protest”, and, “Muslim woman ‘mown down’ by car during far-right protest…” echoed the New York Post, the Evening Standard, the Express and others.

However, the two men arrested for the attack have now been named as “Redouane B.” and “Mohamed B.” in multiple local news reports.

Another Belgium news site, DH Net, reports the men are 20-year old “local youths” who were “under the influence of alcohol and drugs”, and their vehicle had been rented out by a friend.

The hit and run, therefore, is very unlikely to be ‘anti-Muslim’ or ‘far right’, but none of the mainstream papers have yet corrected their reports, or even reported the development including the arrested and their names.

The two young men driving the car were pictured filming and laughing at armed police – who were aiming their weapons at their car – seconds before the impact.

They sped off from the initial hit and run, but were arrested later after hitting a motorcyclist and several parked vehicles. DH Net claims they “reeked of alcohol”.

More via Molenbeek Hit And Run: How The Mainstream Media Spread Another False ‘Islamophobia’ Story

The Times, a well respected paper know as the UK’s ‘paper of record’, was one of the only major publication to report the perpetrators names from the start.

However, they only did so in the fifth paragraph, opening with the unnecessarily unclear: “A woman was seriously injured when she was struck by a speeding car during scuffles between Belgian police, far-right protesters and local youths…”

This reporting may have something to do with the fact that the ‘far right’ was mostly well behaved in Molenbeek this weekend. The only significant disturbance came from ‘rioting’ local migrant youths and bored, violent ‘anti fascists’.

Predictably, the ‘Islamophobia’ industry was quick to seize upon the fantastical story.

Britain’s ‘Tell Mama’ Organisation, which was once backed by the government and says it “supports victims of anti-Muslim hate” and “measures and monitors anti-Muslim incidents” tweeted about the story no less that TEN times (right).

As one Twitter user exclaimed: “Its amazing, these people are more outraged by fake tales of ‘Islamophobia’ in Brussels than the deadly terror attacks!”

Similarly, just last week, the murder of Asad Shah, a well loved Muslim from the persecuted Ahmadiyyah sect, rocked the British media.

However, the Guardian and others completely omitted the fact the killer was a Muslim, and the rest of the media lost interest when blame could not be pinned on ‘Islamophobia’.

The latest incidents highlight how the UK media is desperate to report false ‘Islamophobia’ stories, often failing to correct its reporting when it becomes clear that the crimes in question have no link to ‘Islamophobia’.

In December last year the media was led to believe that a normal Muslim family were the victims of ‘Islamophobia’ when they were simply trying to go to Disneyland. The story soon unravelled as it became clear that the family had connections with the same “army of darkness” mosque attended by the recent San Bernardino terrorist attackers. Breitbart London noted the discrepancies in their story almost immediately.

In September 2015, the BBC used a three-year-old video of a non-‘Islamophobic’ incident to highlight the “rise in Islamophobia”.

In June 2015 the BBC promoted a story about a man who couldn’t get a job because he had a Muslim name. But Breitbart London exposed the fact that not only did he change his name, he also removed all reference to an extremist, Islamist school from his Curriculum Vitae (Resume).

At the point of publication, none of the media outlets involved in the false reporting have responded to Breitbart London for comment. But the Daily Beast’s Dean Obeidallah did tell us to “f**k ourselves”.

“Belgium” Terrorists Can Still Enter U.S. Without a Visa

Of course they aren’t really Belgian, they are Muslim settlers who invaded Belgium. More “loopholes” courtesy of Hussein Obama.


Source: Belgium Terrorists Can Still Enter U.S. Without A Visa

Leading lawmakers identified Belgium as a hotspot for terrorism months ago and are warning that many of the radicalized individuals living there are still able to travel to the United States without first obtaining a visa and undergoing thorough security checks.

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R., Fla.), a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told the Washington Free Beacon Tuesday afternoon that current flaws in the U.S. visa waiver program—which facilities travel to the United States from partner nations including Belgium—have created a loophole that could permit radicalized individuals to legally enter the United States with minimal background checks.

DeSantis is warning of these flaws on the heels of deadly mass terrorist attack in Brussels on Tuesday that has killed at least 30 and wounded hundreds more.

“The visa waiver reform, this is something we have been perusing and the [Obama] administration has brushed us off at every turn,” DeSantis said, explaining that current policy does not mandate more strenuous checks on individuals identified as coming from terrorist hotspots, such as the small Belgian town of Molenbeek, which has emerged as a principal training site for jihadists.

“It’s the case that if those folks are citizens of Belgium they qualify for the visa waiver program and can hop on a plane and get here,” he added. “Clearly, that is not adequate given what happened.”

The Obama administration “even takes the position it’s safer to allow someone to come in on a visa waiver than make them get one, it’s kind of crazy,” DeSantis said. You’re not going to be able to have intelligence on everyone there because there are so many potential recruits. It’s a clear vulnerability.”

What is worse, DeSantis said, is that the Obama administration has been lax about deporting individuals who overstay their visas, meaning that a radicalized person could disappear in America as they plan a potential attack.

“There’s no enforcement once they get here,” DeSantis said. “Hundreds of thousands of people come over and then overstay” their visas. “You are not going to be removed under current policy under this administration.”

DeSantis and other lawmakers first labeled Belgium as a hotspot for ISIS terrorists in the aftermath of the 2015 attacks in Paris. At least five of the Paris attackers were French nationals, two of whom had been living in Belgium. Another one of the terrorists was a Belgian national.

Citizens from both countries are still able to freely travel to the United States under the visa waiver program, which facilitates travel between the American and a host of foreign countries.

“At least six of the Paris attackers could have attempted to enter the country under this program,” DeSantis said in December, during a congressional hearing on the visa waiver program’s flaws.

Molenbeek in particular “is a hellhole that is filled with Belgian national Islamic radicals who qualify to travel to the U.S. without a visa under the visa waiver program,” DeSantis warned during the hearing.

DeSantis said on Tuesday that following the attack in Paris, he realized that the United States is vulnerable from threats in Europe, in addition to those from Syria and other terror strongholds.

“The problem was not just people coming from Syria,” he explained. “There was a major vulnerability from places in Europe and this Molenbeeck neighborhood was one of the most egregious that I had seen.”

The Department of Homeland Security acknowledged on Tuesday that Belgium is still a part of the visa waiver program, and that policy has not shifted in the wake of the attack.

Asked about these screening methods, DeSantis cast doubt on the United States’ ability to thoroughly vet these individuals, explaining that gaps in U.S. intelligence cannot account for the large number of radicalized Europeans.

Belgium: Muslim terror attack at main airport: 34 killed and 200+ wounded in two bombings

French PM: ‘We are at war’

Will any other leader recognize this fact and take the necessary action? Fifteen years of war against us suggests the answer is no.  Source: Brussels explosions: 34 killed and 170 wounded in two attacks as terrorists ‘remain at large’ – live – Telegraph

At least 34 people have been killed and 170 injured after coordinated bomb attacks on the main airport and the Metro system brought terror to Brussels today.

The attacks, condemned as “blind, violent and cowardly” by Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, came after the arrest in the city last week of terror mastermind Salah Abdeslam, who plotted November’s Paris atrocity from the notorious Molenbeek suburb of Brussels.

Responding to the attacks, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said: “We are at war. In Europe we have been subjected to acts of war for several months.”

Belgian foreign minister Didier Reynders warned: “We fear that people are still at large.”

David Cameron hit out at “inappropriate” attempts to link the terror attacks to the debate on Britain’s future in the EU, adding that the countries of Europe need to “stand together against these appalling terrorists and make sure they can never win”. [but the Muslims are winning and Cameron’s inaction is helping them]


A suicide bomber struck first near the American Airlines desk at Brussels airport at about 8am local time (7am GMT), with local media reporting that shots were fired amid shouting in Arabic.

The explosion on the Metro was near European Union buildings and the US embassy around an hour later.

Flemish broadcaster VTM reported that an unexploded explosive belt was later found by police at the airport. And RTBF is reporting that a Kalashnikov automatic rifle has been found in the departure hall.

As the city went into lockdown:

  • The Brussels mayor said 20 people were killed following the explosion at Maelbeek metro station, while 14 died in a suicide attack at the airport
  • The number of injured people in both attacks is believed to be 170
  • Downing Street said one British national is known to have been injured at the airport
  • Police forces across the UK increased their presence at key locations as a precaution
  • Britons in Brussels were advised by the Foreign Office to avoid crowded places and public transport

The attack on the Metro came about an hour later.

Evan Lamos tweeted a picture of passengers climbing from his train into the tunnel near Maelbeek station, saying: “We are being evacuated from the back of the Metro.

“Smoke in the tunnel as we evacuate.”

Belgian public broadcaster VRT has raised the death toll from the attacks in Brussels to 34, with 20 people killed in the blast on a Metro train and 14 in explosions at the airport. Around 151 others are also believed to have been injured.

Belgian public broadcaster VRT is reporting that police have found a kalashnikov assault rifle next to a dead attacker at Brussels Airport.

Meanwhile, private broadcaster VTM reports that police have discovered a non-exploded suicide bomb belt at the airport.

Two suspected terrorists named by Belgian police as accomplices to November’s Paris attacks are likely to be the focus of investigations as to who was responsible for the triple blasts at Brussel’s airports and metros.

Najim Laachraoui and Mohamed Abrini are still on the run following police raids that led to the capture of Salah Abdeslam, the lead Paris attacker, in Brussels on Friday.

One theory is that they may have launched Tuesday’s attacks in Brussels on the assumption that police interrogation of Abdeslam would have given police leads as to their own whereabouts.

Peter Foster and Colin Freeman have more details here.

French PM: ‘We are at war’

At a press conference, Mr Michel called the attacks “blind, violent and cowardly”.

He added: “We must face this challenge in solidarity, united, together.”

Meanwhile, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has described the Brussels bombings as an “act of war”.

“We are facing a particularly serious threat. We are at war. In Europe we have been subject for several months to acts of war.”

The attack at Zaventem airport is believed to have been centred on the American Airlines departures desk.

An American Airlines spokesman said: “We are aware of an incident at the Brussels airport departure hall and are taking care of our customers, employees and contractors. At this time, all of our employees and contractors are accounted for with no reported injuries.

“American Airlines flight 751 has been cancelled for today. When operations at the airport resume, we will re-accommodate our customers.”

Update: At Least 9 Americans Among the Wounded in Brussels Attack

Officials revealed details Tuesday on at least nine Americans wounded in the deadly explosions at the Brussels airport and a subway station in the city, with one of the victims identified as a member of the U.S. military.

The unnamed U.S. service member and five of his relatives were wounded and “some are critical,” a defense official told Fox News. U.S. officials told The Associated Press the officer is a lieutenant colonel.

U.S. European Command said it would not release details of the service member’s injuries due to privacy concerns.

More: Donald Trump On Brussels Attack: ‘The Terrorists Are Totally Winning’

When asked how the United States prevents this type of attack—and prevents the devaluing of western and U.S. culture by installing pockets of non-assimilated people like the community in Stockholm, Sweden, that now is called “Little Mogadishu” from popping up—Trump quadrupled down on his call for a temporary ban on all Muslim migration.

“By not allowing the people in,” he said. “That’s how you prevent it, not allowing the people in. There has to be a moratorium.”

Dozens of posts in the Creeping Sharia archives on Belgium and its demise. All of Europe and America will follow unless immigration of Muslims is halted and the sharia/jihad supporting Muslims who defend the terrorists are deported.

Belgium: Muslims Blow Up Christmas Tree, Push Car Into Subway Station on New Year’s Eve

Immigration and diversity has had devastating effects on Belgium. via: RR: NYE in Muslim-Saturated Brussels: 804 Cars Torched, Xmas Tree Explodes, Car Pushed Down Subway Stairs h/t James

Belgian blog sites are reporting on mayhem in Brussels in New Year’s Eve (where they cancelled New Year’s celebrations entirely in a vain attempt to avoid Muslim violence). The stories are being buried/spun by media-despite their magnitude- because the EU, MSM, and Belgian government feel a persistent need to lie to their people about the reckless Islamic invasion they’ve brought upon Europe.
Violent scum described as ‘Belgian youths’ (by any site that dared report it) pushed a small car down the steps of a Brussels subway station as terrified (actual) Belgians on the escalator alongside watched it roll-on-by… nobody was hurt, but ironically it was some liberal’s electric car. Maybe the new arrivals will learn to love them later…

Nearby, (perhaps the same) hoods actually blew-up a Christmas tree, but these ‘Belgian youths’ were also Moroccan in appearance and shouted ‘Alahhu Akbar’ as they departed the scene of the crime… a tradition with drunken Belgian youths, apparently.

On top of all that 804 cars burned throughout the city -and throughout the night- in the style of the Paris Muslim riots– causing millions of dollars of damage. No reported injuries or deaths there, but one can assume that was because most Belgians are now cowering in their homes.

As in Germany, the blackout of Muslim-immigrant crime is being shamefully implemented so as to not further empower the conservative, anti-immigration parties now rapidly gaining all over the Continent.

Thus, it’s indeed time for the Belgian right-wing to hook-up with Geert Wilders and take out the trash… I can’t imagine what citizenry would put up with this for long– nor why.

Updates: Other sites report the 804 car burnings were in France.

Elsewhere, Militant Muslim youths storm a Christmas service at a Church in Mönchengladbach, Germany.

Brussels cancels New Year’s Eve over Muslim terror threat; Paris abandons too


A not so happy new year thanks to massive Muslim immigration. via Belgium terror alert halts New Year fireworks in Brussels – BBC News

New Year fireworks and festivities have been cancelled in the Belgian capital, Brussels, because of a terror alert.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said the decision had been taken “given information we have received”.

Earlier in the week, police arrested two people suspected of planning attacks during the festive season.

Belgium has been on high alert since the terror attacks of 13 November in Paris. Several of the perpetrators are thought to have been based in Belgium.

Brussels Mayor Yvan Mayeur told state broadcaster RTBF: “Together with the interior minister, we’ve decided to not have the celebrations on Thursday evening.”

Last year 100,000 people turned out in Brussels to welcome in the New Year, Mr Mayeur said.

“In these circumstances, we can’t check everyone,” he said.

Last month, Brussels was placed under a four-day lockdown closing universities, schools and the metro system, amid fears of a Paris-style attack.

The shootings and bombings in the French capital left 130 people dead and hundreds wounded.

Belgium and Brussels have been central to investigations into the Paris attacks, which are thought to have been masterminded by a Belgian national, Abdelhamid Abaaoud. Other Belgian nationals or Brussels residents were involved.

More Belgians have gone to fight for the militant Islamic State (IS) group than any other European country, per capita.

In Paris, a New Year fireworks display has been abandoned, but the traditional gathering on the Champs Elysees will take place, amid tight security.

“We have decided to mark the New Year in a reflective manner and without fanfare,” Mayor Anne Hidalgo said.

Dhimmis. Some media outlets are placing the blame on a non-specific “militant” attack. Others on a biker group. Yet most of the articles on the cancellation quickly segue into the jihadist problem in Belgium.

Who are the Muslim Kamikaze Riders? Isis-linked Belgian bike gang suspected of New Year terror plot

Claims from Belgian officials that the two men arrested for plotting terror attacks on New Year’s Eve in Brussels belonged to the Kamikaze Riders motorcycle club is not the first time the group has been linked to Islamic extremism.

Founded by Belgians of Moroccan descent, gang members show off their prowess on their Japanese motorcycles, wearing the leather jackets emblazoned with samurai imagery. However, investigations have exposed links between group members and Belgium’s shadowy jihadist underworld.

In 2013 one of the club’s founders, Abdelouafi Elouassaki, was arrested after providing material support to two of his brothers, who were fighting in Syria for jihadist groups.

All three were found to have ties to now-banned group Sharia4Belgium, which radicalised hundreds of young Belgian and Dutch men to fight for jihadist groups in Syria, including Islamic State (Isis) and the al-Qaeda affiliated Jabhat al Nusra.

Before his death in 2013 in a motorcycle accident, Eloussaki was questioned by police about his support for terrorism. One of his brothers was killed in Syria with the other seriously wounded.

According to Belgian media, one of the two men arrested on 28 December, Said K, was a Salafist preacher with links to the Eloussaki family.

Probing the social media accounts of Bilal Hafdi, one of the Belgians responsible for the 13 November Paris attacks, Vocative found praise for Brussels street gang Versailles, and links between networks of gang members and Kamikaze club members.

Another of the group’s founders, Said Saouti, is a Salafist preacher with firearms and burglary convictions who lists al-Qaeda preacher Anwar al Awlaki as a friend, crime expert Alexandra Jones writes.

On social media, members openly flouted their adherence to violent jihad.

Pages of posts on Belgium in our archives.

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