San Diego: Dem Congressman holds town hall at 9/11 linked mosque, urges uprising

"I think many of your constituents would be shocked by the symbolism of holding our town hall in this place, this Mosque has connections to the 9/11 terrorists," said Roger Ogden.

UCLA bans book on Islamic totalitarianism… from free speech event!

@UCLA brown shirts and school admins ban book that highlights persistent failure to confront Islamic totalitarianism, and that movement's global assaults on free speech.

Muslim who bought weapons used by jihadists in San Bernardino terror attack gets plea deal

Marquez also admitted to plotting with Farook in 2011 and 2012 to massacre college students and gun down motorists on a gridlocked California freeway

San Diego: Terror-linked Muslim Group’s Islamic Indoctrination Training Hits Public Schools

Taxation for Islamization: The school's principal, José Villar, urged the students to learn about Muslims.

San Fran Police Dept Cuts Ties with FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force

San Francisco is now a sanctuary city for Muslim terrorists

Diocese of San Jose partners with terror-linked CAIR

Why is the Diocese of San Jose partnering with terror-linked Muslim group and mosque that preaches death for gays?

Wife of Orlando jihadi arrested for role in deadly attack on gay club

Salman purchased ammunition with her husband, and FBI believe she drove with him as he cased the Pulse nightclub prior killing 49 people.

San Diego: Another faked Muslim hate crime, hijabi drops charges, refuses to cooperate

police have suspended the case because the victim no longer wants to cooperate

Want to see Islamic taqiyya in action? ‘Meet a Muslim’ at Milpitas Public Library Jan. 4 7PM

Islamic proselytizing at U.S. taxpayer-funded public library in California - Milpitas Public Library Jan. 4 at 7PM

California: Long Beach police submit to sharia, allow Muslim criminals to wear hijabs

Conversely, mosque director says, "wearing a hijab, or Islamic headscarf, is not a mandatory religious practice for women."

Truck barricades, checkpoints, 1000’s of cops ring in U.S. New Year, thanks to Muslim terror

Thanks to massive Muslim immigration since 9/11, Americans need a massive security apparatus to protect them from the so-called religion of peace.

On Christmas Day, director of Muslim group CAIR wished more Russians died in plane crash

CAIR's Hussam Ayloush tweeted on Christmas that it was too bad more Russians weren’t killed on the plane that crashed in Syria

California: Prominent Mideast Studies Profs Sexually Harassed Students

The field of Middle East studies, rightly condemned for its politicized scholarship, displays its moral rot.

Christmas party triggered Muslims to slaughter 14 in San Bernardino, 1 year ago

Well-vetted Muslim immigrant was furious her Muslim husband had to attend festive luncheon studded with Christmas decorations - so they slaughtered 14 people.

Muslim Group CAIR Leader: Overthrow the U.S. Government

Ayloush unambiguously and directly called for the overthrow of the U.S. government