Muslims force California school system to remove forced conversion of Hindus to Islam from history

Just like Muslims forced Hindus and Sikhs to convert to Islam in their homelands – or face death, supremacist Muslim groups and their abettors in the U.S. forced the California Board of Education to wipe their curriculum clean of forced conversions to Islam. It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

Source: California curriculum may fan Islamophobia: Scholars – The Hindu

Ahead of the California Board of Education meeting on Thursday to consider the new school curriculum framework, a group 25 experts on Islam and Muslims societies have expressed concern over many references related to India, particularly the notion of forced conversions to Islam in the subcontinent.

The California Instructional Quality Commission has proposed a draft for the consideration of the Board.

“We are concerned that conversations surrounding the historical identity, contributions and legacy of Muslims have taken place without due input from qualified scholars with expertise in history and religion relating to Islam and Muslim societies,” the scholars said.

Among them are John L. Esposito, Professor of Religion and International Affairs and of Islamic Studies, Georgetown University; William Albert Graham, Jr., Albertson Professor of Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University; Dr. Hatem Bazian, co-founder and Professor of Islamic Law and Theology, Zaytuna College; Jonathan Brown, Professor and Chair of Islamic Civilization, Georgetown University.

The scholars said the statement in the proposed curriculum framework that “sometimes Turkish Muslim leaders forced Hindus to convert, but at other times rulers practiced religious toleration” should be deleted.

Robert Spencer weighs in on the Saudi-funded Islamophiles, California removes “Islamophobic” contents from syllabus

Harvard and Georgetown and probably the others are heavily Saudi-funded and thoroughly compromised.

“These edits comprised of painting Islamic history in the Indian subcontinent as one of forced conversions, and projecting Islam as an inherently war-mongering religion.” Historian Koenraad Elst says: “Since about 1920 an effort has been going on in India to rewrite history and to deny the millennium-long attack of Islam on Hinduism.” Elst quotes the American historian Will Durant, who wrote in the days before the present-day politically correct stranglehold: “The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history.”

“The hearing witnessed a large turnout from the American Muslim community, who were motivated by the desire to ensure that their faith was not misrepresented in order to serve an Islamophobic and Hindu supremacist narrative.” It sounds as if the Board of Education conducted this hearing in a highly intimidating atmosphere.

“It is ironic that while publicly claiming to seek a fair portrayal of Hinduism, Hindu nationalist organizations expended considerable resources in order to inject Islamophobia into the California curriculum.” This is projection: in reality, Islamic groups expend considerable resources to whitewash Islam in public school textbooks all over the country.

A small sampling of previous Creeping Sharia posts on Islam in India. Mirror the videos as Youtube also has a history of suppressing and removing the truth to protect Islam.

LAPD Chief Panders at Terror-linked Mosque Named in Missing “28 Pages” (VIDEO)

Downing has gone off the deep end, but reader’s here have known that for some time. Source: LAPD Chief Downing Visits – King Fahad Mosque

King Fahad Mosque was honored to host LAPD Chief Downing and to break bread together as he joined us for Iftar. He along with Officers Shawn, Jim, and Chand helped serve iftar to people in the mosque and then joined us for dinner.

Chief Downing and Director Rauf Patel:

Officers Jim And Chand and Chief Downing (not pictured) serving food

Yesterday, Congress released the missing 28 Pages of a key 9/11 report. Pages that had been kept private for years. The notorious mosque Downing attended was among those listed, multiple times, in the previously sealed records:

king-fahad-28-Pages king-fahad

Search the CS archives on Michael Downing, we’ve exposed him before: 

Retired LAPD Captain exposes Deputy Chief of Police’s Muslim Brotherhood ties


Sharia compliant: No Islamic landmarks harmed in “Independence Day” sequel


Source: Sharia compliant “disaster porn”? No Islamic landmarks harmed in “Independence Day” sequel  h/t EuroNews

…even in make-believe world, thou shalt not desecrate landmarks that might upset adherents of a certain religion of peace.

The aliens are hell bent on extinguishing humans but even they bow to “sensitive groups” that use violence if offended. Which is why there’s no way you’ll see Mecca’s Grand Mosque flattened by alien ray guns.

Director Roland Emmerich, learned his lesson about blowing up “sensitive” Islamic architecture five years ago while making “2012”.

The Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica, Christ the Redeemer statue — all “blowed-up real good,” but Middle Eastern landmarks were spared.

Emmerich stated:

“We have to all, in the western world, think about this. You can actually let Christian symbols fall apart, but if you would do this with an Arab symbol, you would have… a fatwa… so I kind of left it out.”

And so again, thanks to self-censorship, the mavens of political correctness in the West continue to endorse the unofficial slogan of the Religion of Peace:

“Might makes right.”

Related dhimmitude from the real Islamophobes:

California: Two (More) Muslims Convicted of ISIS Terror Support in Anaheim

Elhuzayel and Badawi

Well-vetted of course. Source: Two O.C. men convicted of conspiring to fight with Islamic State – LA Times

A federal jury in Santa Ana convicted two men of conspiring to help Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, with one of the men trying to board a plane to the Middle East.

Nader Elhuzayel, 25, and Muhanad Badawi, 24, both residents of Anaheim, were convicted after a two-week trial that detailed their efforts to join the terrorist group, including their recorded pledges to “fight for the cause of Allah and to die in the battlefield,” according to court papers.

The jury deliberated for just over an hour before handing down the verdict.

Elhuzayel was found guilty of attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State, and Badawi was convicted of aiding and abetting the attempt to provide material support, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Los Angeles.

Kate Corrigan, an attorney representing Badawi, said the case was shrouded in secrecy and showed the extremes of government surveillance, with federal agents placing three listening devices in his family’s cars. She said she could never see the warrants for the listening devices, which were filed in the highly secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

The case demonstrated that “the government is listening and you better be careful what you say,” Corrigan said.

The duo were arrested May 21, 2015. Agents from a counter-terrorism task force intercepted and detained Elhuzayel at Los Angeles International Airport before he boarded a plane bound for Israel with a layover in Turkey. Badawi was arrested at an Anaheim gas station.

Agents began monitoring the men after seeing their inflammatory comments on social media. But the scrutiny of the men intensified in April and May 2015 as agents eavesdropped on their phone calls and surveillance teams tracked their movements.

On May 7, 2015, investigators watched the men as they sat together in Badawi’s car, according to an FBI agent’s affidavit filed in federal court. Later, a review of airline records showed that while they were in the car, Badawi’s debit card was used to purchase a one-way ticket for Elhuzayel to fly from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv.

U.S. Atty. Eileen Decker said there is a clear line between those who express support verbally and act upon it: “There is a difference between speech and action. These men took action,” she said.

During the trial, jurors heard evidence that Badawi encouraged others to support the Islamic State and “participate in violent jihad,” Fike said.

Among the evidence presented was that Badawi and Elhuzayel used social media to discuss the Islamic State and terrorist attacks, including their desire to die as martyrs. In recorded conversations, the duo explained “how it would be a blessing to fight for the cause of Allah.”

On Badawi’s Facebook account, he declared his intent to join the fight and support violence against non-Muslims while Elhuzayel’s Facebook account displayed the Islamic State flag as his profile picture. Badawi made a video of Elhuzayel swearing his allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State, and vowed to travel to Syria to fight.

But Corrigan, the lawyer for Badawi, said her client essentially bought an airline ticket for a friend who lacked access to a credit or debit card. And she said the government’s case showed its limits at trial: “They were only able to say he might go to Syria,” Corrigan added.

Elhuzayel was also found guilty of 26 counts of bank fraud, and Badawi was convicted of one count of federal financial-aid fraud — crimes that arose from the pair’s support for the terror group.

Elhuzayel got cash through a scheme to defraud three different banks where he had deposited stolen checks into his personal checking accounts, then withdrew money at Orange County branch offices and ATMs. Badawi was convicted of using his federal financial aid to buy the plane ticket for Elhuzayel.

The government’s case against the pair mirrors many across the country in which potential foreign fighters are accused of trying to travel to Syria and join the Islamic State. Similar cases have been more common in Britain, France and other western European countries with larger populations of young, disaffected Muslim men.

Elhuzayel could face up to 30 years in prison on each bank fraud count, while Badawi faces up to five years in prison on the financial-aid fraud count. Both men each face up to 15 years in prison on each material support count.

U.S. District Judge David O. Carter is slated to sentence Elhuzayel on Sept. 19 and Badawi on Sept. 26.

Both Muslim terrorists who ‘Wanted to Die Martyrs’ were residents of Anaheim, recently named Little Arabia – apparently trying to keep pace with big Arabia.

As noted in a previous Creeping Sharia report but missing from most media reports of the conviction, one was an immigrant (refugee?) and one was the son of immigrants (refugees?): Elhuzayel’s parents are Palestinian immigrants and Badawi immigrated to the United States from Sudan when he was about 16.

California: Muslim Woman at LAX Threatens to Bomb America (VIDEO)

Like Idaho, without the citizenry, there would have been no arrest. No media has investigated nor covered this terror threat in the nearly two weeks since it occurred.

LAX-muslim Continue reading

California: Muslim gets 12 years in terrorism case

Nicholas Michael Teausant (aka Ased Abdur-Raheem)


Source: Judge sentences California man to 12 years in terrorism case

A federal judge in Sacramento has sentenced a man to 12 years in prison for his conviction in a case alleging he tried to join Islamic extremists in Syria.

U.S. District Court Judge John Mendez said on Tuesday that terrorism had become a zero-tolerance crime, as he issued the sentence against 22-year-old Nicholas Teausant.

Teausant pleaded guilty in December to one count of attempting to provide material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization.

Teausant was arrested in March 2014 in Washington state. Authorities said he planned to travel to Canada and then on to Syria to join the Islamic State group and discussed his plans with a friend who was actually an FBI informant.

Teausant’s lawyers said he had a mental illness that made him vulnerable to the informant.

Are Teausant’s lawyers saying that following Islam is insane? Not sure why it reads “alleged”, he pleaded guilty:  California: Muslim pleads guilty to trying to join Islamic State terrorists



San Bernardino terrorist’s friend linked to Muslim group arrested for 2012 jihad plot

Source: Prosecutors say San Bernardino attacker’s friend had ties to group arrested for 2012 terror plot – The Washington Post

Federal authorities say they have discovered connections between a friend of the San Bernardino attacker charged with conspiring to carry out other attacks with him and a group of men arrested years earlier in California as part of a different plot.

This comes after the FBI had said in the weeks after the Dec. 2 rampage in San Bernardino, Calif., that they found no evidence of any ties between husband-and-wife attackers and a group of men arrested in 2012 and charged with plotting to travel to Afghanistan to kill American soldiers.

Weeks after the attack, authorities arrested Enrique Marquez Jr., a former neighbor of Farook’s, and charged him with plotting to carry out other attacks in 2011 and 2012.

The attacks plotted by Farook and Marquez were never carried out, and according to the criminal complaint filed against Marquez, he told authorities that “he distanced himself from Farook and ceased plotting with him after 2012 for a variety of reasons, including the arrest of Ralph Deleon and others on material support charges in November 2012.” All four men later pleaded guilty.

Around the time of Marquez’s arrest in December, Comey said investigators had not found any evidence suggesting that Farook had any connections to these men. But in a court filing Tuesday, prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles revisited the allegations that Farook and Marquez had been plotting attacks together and drew a connection.

During the window when he plotted with Farook, “Marquez had ties to a group of jihadists … who were arrested in 2012,” the filing states. After these men were arrested, it continues, “Marquez distanced himself from Farook.”

The filing does not elaborate on what these ties are or when federal authorities discovered them. An FBI official said Wednesday that investigators believed Marquez and these men did not have direct connections.

“The FBI thoroughly investigated the alleged connections between Enrique Marquez and the four individuals arrested for the 2012 terror plot and concluded there were no direct ties to any of the four,” the official said in a statement.

An attorney for Marquez did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday.

So the prosecutor and the FBI can’t even agree on the definition of “ties”? Or was the FBI told to stand down?

Continue reading for more background. Continue reading


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