California: Muslim Student Association hijacks ‘reflection space’ at Catholic university

The College Fix found Loyola Marymount University's reflection space to be a mostly bare room with Muslim prayer rugs.

California: Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary Sells Berkeley Campus to Muslim College

Sharia-teaching Muslim college - whose founder called for jihad on 82nd Airborne - buys Lutheran campus in California.

California: Muslims demand anonymity in legal jihad, but use Facebook, give TV interviews

“It is an odd, if not untenable position, to claim a fear of public exposure while exploiting public exposure to generate a social media firestorm,” explained the filing.

California: Catholic school removes statues to avoid offending Muslims

The Catholic school’s director of philosophy, ethics and world religions is...Muslim!

San Diego: Muslim Student Association (MSA) refuses to condemn Islamic terror attack, targets group who asked

“They have shown their true colors and have exposed their own double standard.”

California: Muslim shoplifter gets $85,000 after hijab removed for mugshot

Laws for Americans and laws for Muslims. Step by step, it's becoming an Islamic state. Source: Long Beach to Pay $85,000 to Muslim Woman Whose Hijab Was Forcibly Removed by Police | KTLA The city of Long Beach will pay $85,000 to settle a 2016 federal lawsuit filed by a Muslim woman after an officer … Continue reading California: Muslim shoplifter gets $85,000 after hijab removed for mugshot

California State Univ-LA Muslim professor says genocide sometimes “morally required”, uses Southern whites as example

@CalStateLA ‏professor Mohammed Abed reasons, it’s sometimes “morally required” to commit genocide...against whites.

California: Police, Cerritos Mall enforce sharia after Muslims attack Counter Jihad Coalition

Americans better wake up fast and start pushing back on this encroachment of Sharia before our freedoms and rights are gone.

San Diego: Starbucks Holds Hiring Event…for Refugees Only

The 21.4 percent of refugees in the San Diego County study who tested positive for latent tuberculosis (TB) infection is about five times the national average.

California: Muslim Blamed Islamophobia, Then Her Husband was Arrested for Weapons Smuggling

LA Times op-ed author Lubana Ali's husband indicted for smuggling military equipment to Jihadis in Syria.

California Dem Refuses to Remove Muslim Statue of Liberty Painting from Office

Congressman Luis Correa refuses to remove painting of the Statue of Liberty wearing a Muslim hijab from his Santa Ana office.

Oakland: Muslim wanted to bomb San Fran gay club; set fires, goal to kill 10,000

"I'm going to redefine terror...the whole Bay Area is going to be up in flames," Muslim terror suspect.

California: Imam at San Bernardino Jihadist’s Mosque Calls Muslims…to Jihad

"Allah wants us to have jihad in our lives, no matter what and where we are," said Sheikh Harmoush.

San Diego School District Rescinds Anti-Islamophobia Initiative After Citizen’s Fight Back

Organization warns it will sue any public school district throughout the country that partners with CAIR in a similar "anti-bullying" program.

Berkeley Radio Station Enforces Sharia, Cancels Richard Dawkins Over Comments on Islam

"I make no apologies for denouncing those oppressive cruelties, and I will continue to do so,” famed atheist Richard Dawkins.