Why hasn’t this Muslim Brotherhood fugitive in the U.S., wanted for murder, been arrested?

Nidal Sakr has been living in the US since he escaped Egypt, in March 2014, days before he was sentenced to death for murder...

California: 43-year-old youth counselor converted to Islam, joined ISIS

He also admitted to engaging in combat on two occasions, the report said, citing the court documents.

California: Terror-linked CAIR ‘appalled’ 7th-graders see version of Islam that isn’t sanitized

The sheet of paper distributed by the teacher states Sharia Law, or Islamic religious law, gives Muslim men sexual rights over any woman or girl not wearing the hijab or head scarf...

California: Muslim killed patrol officer, charged with 2nd degree murder

On Christmas Eve, officer Andrew Camilleri was killed after Mohammed Abraar Ali drove “directly into the path of the patrol vehicle,” at a speed of approximately 120 miles per hour.

San Diego: Brother of ISIS jihadi lied to FBI, gets 10 years in prison

The 35-year-old pleaded guilty to being a felon in possession of firearms and lying to the FBI as they probed his brother’s terrorism ties.

Google Fired Conservative for Questioning Muslim’s Anti-Trump Rant

To no one's great surprise, Google is run by lefties like a radical campus.

California: Muslim immigrant (honor) kills two daughters following custody dispute

Hamdy Rouin, 46, a Tunisian immigrant, killed his daughters, Sara, 9 and Sophie, 12, over a custody dispute with American wife.

San Diego School District Defends Notorious Islamic Syndicate (CAIR) Against Parents’ Lawsuit

'This motion is nothing more than a red herring. The superintendent and board of education cannot deny CAIR’s dangerous background'

California Prosecuting Man for Insulting Comments on Mosque’s Facebook Page

Given that insults targeted to a particular person, related to a political message, are thus constitutionally protected, so are more general insults aimed at an ideology and all its adherents

California: FBI sting nabs Muslim convert – charged with plotting Pier 39 Christmas jihad attack

An FBI employee accidentally called Jameson’s phone and hours later, Jameson told the undercover agent “I also don’t think I can do this after all."

Cal State Muslim Professor: Bin Laden’s Ideological Inspiration is ‘Misunderstood’

An Islamist ideologue credited with inspiring Al Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden is “misunderstood,” a California State University professor claimed in a speech last week.

Video: UC-Berkeley Students React to the U.S. Flag Versus the ISIS Flag

@UCBerkeley students hate on the American flag and America but silent on ISIS flag flown on campus.

California: Muslim supremacists suing café lose anonymity

“The claim that these women were asked to leave the café because they were wearing hijiabs is laughable given the number of hijab-wearing Urth Caffe customers.”

Los Angeles: Allah-Praising Muslim Arrested Over ISIS Threats to Kill at Courthouse

“Allah willing we will be able to take out as many officers that pull out your parking structure."

Stanford hosted son and supporter of jihad murderer and supporter of 9/11, with no uproar

Aarab Barghouti is a supporter of and apologist for his father, a convicted jihad mass murderer.

California: Muslim Student Association hijacks ‘reflection space’ at Catholic university

The College Fix found Loyola Marymount University's reflection space to be a mostly bare room with Muslim prayer rugs.

California: Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary Sells Berkeley Campus to Muslim College

Sharia-teaching Muslim college - whose founder called for jihad on 82nd Airborne - buys Lutheran campus in California.

California: Muslims demand anonymity in legal jihad, but use Facebook, give TV interviews

“It is an odd, if not untenable position, to claim a fear of public exposure while exploiting public exposure to generate a social media firestorm,” explained the filing.

California: Catholic school removes statues to avoid offending Muslims

The Catholic school’s director of philosophy, ethics and world religions is...Muslim!

San Diego: Muslim Student Association (MSA) refuses to condemn Islamic terror attack, targets group who asked

“They have shown their true colors and have exposed their own double standard.”