Toronto: Muslim worker dies when hijab gets stuck in conveyor belt

The hijab became tangled under a guard covering the chain drive of a conveyer belt.

Canada: Muslim jailed for forcing girlfriend to wear hijab, threatening to kill her

Ismael Habib psychologically harassed her, forced her to wear a hijab and quit her job and threatened to kill her if she reported anything to police.

Toronto city govt funding Muslim-only youth fellowship intern positions

Government internships for Muslims and Muslims only. This is the very definition of sharia law

Canada: “Islam Will Rule The World” Graffiti Popping Up In Windsor

The messages say “#Islam Will Rule The World Hosea 4.6, #57 Muslim Nations, #Sharia Over the U.N.”

Canada: 21-year old Muslim charged with attempted murder in attack on 75-year-old grandmother

“In my 12 years in Windsor, this is the most severe beating I’ve seen...among the most brutal things I’ve seen in my career” said Dr. Balraj Jhawar, a neurosurgeon...

Canada: Muslim who slit woman’s throat after listening to Koran found “not criminally responsible”

Almestadi, who is Muslim, listened to an audio-recording of a passage of the Koran and came to believe that Allah was sending him a message to kill her.

Canada: Muslim who stabbed wife to death (honor killing) convicted of first-degree murder

Ahmad Nehme stabbed his wife to death in the bathtub of their apartment.

Canada: Muslim father arrested, beat & threatened daughter for not wearing hijab

The teenager told authorities she had suffered repeated violence by her father for more than a year.

Quebec: New legislation bans covering face while receiving public services

A bill that requires people in Quebec who give or receive any public service to uncover their faces has been adopted into law.

Canada: Muslim student admits trying to kill woman after ‘listening to the Koran’

When asked by Sgt. Jeffrey why he might have attacked Mary Hare with a knife Almestadi said, "I started listening to the Koran..."

Canada: Muslim confesses ‘I agreed to support ISIS’ in NYC terror plot

U.S. prosecutors revealed last week that Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, 19, of Mississauga, Ont. confessed to an ISIS-inspired plot to target key New York City landmarks.

Video: M-103, Resolution 16/18, and the OIC’s War on Free Speech in the West

“M-103: Sharia Trap.” Deborah Weiss exposes the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the sharia threat to freedom of speech.

Charges Unsealed Against 3 Muslims Arrested in 2016 Plot Targeting NYC

"At no time was the safety or security of the public at risk."

Canada: Somali Muslim jihadi who mowed down, stabbed cop was illegal alien ordered deported from U.S.

Abdulahi Hasan Sharif was ordered deported to Somalia but released on an “order of supervision” and did not appear for a scheduled meeting months later.

Toronto public school guide pushes Muslim greeting during morning announcements (updated)

Toronto school board suggests Muslim greeting “As-salamu alaykum” (peace be upon you) and an invitation to visit a local mosque.