Canada: Cops shoot suspected Muslim suicide bomber

Source: Peel cops shoot suspected suicide bomber | Toronto Sun

Hours after the horrific terror attacks in Paris, a stand-off unfolded between police officers and a suspected suicide bomber in a Mississauga neighbourhood, the Toronto Sun has learned.

French officials were still counting their dead when Peel Regional Police officers ended a frightening confrontation by opening fire on the 26-year-old man at Golden Orchard Dr. and Grand Forks Rd. — near Bloor St. and Dixie Rd. — shortly after 2 a.m. Saturday.

In the aftermath of the shooting, police downplayed the incident saying only that the call involved “an emotionally disturbed person.”

But the presence of the service’s Explosive Disposal Unit and heavily armed Tactical officers at the scene suggested a far more serious threat was afoot.

A source, who asked not to be named, revealed to Sun on Monday that the bomb squad responded because the man in question was wearing what appeared to be a suicide vest and holding what looked like a triggering device.

It was not immediately known if the vest actually contained explosives.

But suicide bombers and gunmen killed 129 victims in Paris less than eight hours earlier. So police, who were on heightened alert, took the threat seriously.

Uniformed officers shot the suspected suicide bomber four times, the source said.

Fortunately, the shooting was not followed by an explosion.

The man, whose nationality was not immediately clear, was rushed to the trauma centre at St. Mike’s hospital in Toronto. He is expected to survive.


Police say Hamza Mohamed Abdi of Mississauga has been charged with possession of an imitation weapon for a dangerous purpose, two counts of uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm and failing to comply with recognizance.

Flashback: 4 Canadian suicide bombers since 2013

Since 2013, four Canadian nationals carried out suicide bombing attack and a fifth was reported as a would-be suicide bomber:

January 2013 – Ali Medlej and Xristos Katsiroubas (convert to Islam), residents of London, Ontario, joined al-Qaida, and were killed while committing a suicide attack, after participating in the murder of dozens of civilians in an attack on an Algerian gas plant. Two other residents of Ontario were mentioned as associated with Medlej and Katsiroubas. One of them was described as a would-be suicide bomber.

February 2013 – Jamal Muhammad Abdulkader, student from Montreal, member a of Kurdish family from north Syria, joined Jabhat al-Nusra, affiliated with al-Qaida. He was killed while driving a booby-trapped attack in central Damascus.

November 2013 – Salman Ashrafi (Abu Abdullah Al Khorasani), Calgary resident, who joined the ranks of ISIS [the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), carried out a suicide bombing attack in Iraq killing dozens.

Toronto: Muslim charged with sexually assaulting girls between 13 and 16 years old

Source: Toronto man facing multiple sex assault charges | Toronto Star

A Toronto father of two is facing 13 charges after a string of alleged sexual assaults on teenage girls near Centennial Park.

According to Toronto police, the assaults, which happened in the Rathburn Rd. and Renforth Dr. area, took place from April 1 to Oct. 27 and the victims were girls between 13 and 16 years old.

The man separately approached four victims, either on foot or in a vehicle, and asked for directions, Sex Crimes Det. Dan Luff told media Tuesday morning. The conversation then became sexual in nature and several of the girls were sexually assaulted.

The man’s 11-month-old child was in the back of the vehicle during one of the alleged incidents, Luff said.

“It’s further alleged that this gentleman, and I use that term very loosely, used social media to identify and locate a victim,” Luff continued.

In that case, the man allegedly used social media to develop an online relationship with a 15-year-old girl. During the relationship, the girl sent the man photos, which he then used to coerce her into a one-on-one meeting with him, Luff said. When they met, he allegedly sexually assaulted her.

Fathi Rashid, 29, was arrested on Oct. 27 and was charged with four counts each of sexual assault, sexual interference and criminal harassment, as well as one count of invitation to sexual touching. He is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.

Rashid, who Luff described as a stay-at-home parent with an 11-month-old and four-year-old, used “Malike Gavin D Sweeti,” “Gavin D Sweetie” or variations of those names on social media. He is also known to drive a white 2010 Hyundai Sonata and a blue 2014 Mazda CX5.

Police believe there may be more victims and anyone with information is asked to contact police at (416) 808-7474 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at (416) 222-TIPS (8477).

British Columbia: Muslim gets 23 years for sex trafficking nearly a dozen teenage girls

via Sentence exceeds Crown’s request for B.C. man who pimped underage girls – The Globe and Mail h/t Blazing

A British Columbia man convicted of trafficking underage girls for sex has been handed a 23-year prison sentence in a case described by a judge as violent, extremely disturbing and “bordering on psychopathic.”

Reza Moazami’s sentence, delivered by B.C. Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce on Tuesday, is nearly three years longer than the prison time sought by the Crown.

Mr. Moazami, 30, was convicted in September, 2014, on 30 charges involving 11 teenage girls as young as 14, including living off the avails of prostitution, sexual assault and sexual interference. He is the first person in the province found guilty of human trafficking.

Crown counsel had asked that Justice Bruce impose a 20-year sentence, which Mr. Moazami’s lawyer protested as “unduly harsh and crushing,” arguing instead that 10 to 12 years minus time served would be more appropriate.

Justice Bruce awarded Mr. Moazami about five years credit for time he had already spent behind bars awaiting trial, reducing his overall sentence to just under 18 years.

She went through each of the 11 complainants, listing off numerous “egregious” instances in which he used physical and verbal abuse to coerce “his girls” into following orders. He also repeatedly drugged and raped many of them, she said.


Canada: New PM Trudeau wants 25,000 more Muslim “refugees” by Jan. 1


via Trudeau wants 25,000 more Syrian refugees in Canada by Jan. 1. Not realistic, say advocates – National |

During the election, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau promised that his government would bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by the end of 2015.

It’s worth mentioning that moving 25,000 people would take a lot of planes. A passenger Boeing 747 holds 467 people. It would take about 54 full flights to get everyone over.

Refugees need more than just shelter, they need help with some basic parts of Canadian life. Resettlement organizations help with things like getting health coverage, getting a social insurance number, setting up a bank account, and accessing government financial assistance.

That amount is closely tied to provincial welfare rates, which in Ontario for a family of four would be about $1173 per month and vary based on the family size and number of dependants. Assistance is provided for up to a year or until the refugee is financially-independent, whichever comes first.

2015-11-06 21_29_10-Trudeau wants 25,000 more Syrian refugees in Canada by Jan. 1. Not realistic, sa

Refugees arriving at COSTI would also be able to access mental health services and counselling in their language, said Calla.

Refugees can’t stay in shelters, dorms and barracks forever though. At some point, they need houses or apartments of their own.

Once refugees have a place to live, health coverage and a bank account, it’s time for them to deal with other important, though less-pressing, needs. Again, there are many services which can help connect them with jobs, English or French language classes and help them get their kids enrolled in school.

Local school boards, health services and other groups would likely also appreciate some notice from the government, so that they can prepare for a possible influx of new demands for their services.

All of that burden on Canadians does not even begin to address the facets of Islam that these so-called refugees will bring: honor killing, wife beating, multiple wives, child wives, support for jihad, hatred of non-Muslims, and other aspects of sharia.

More via Poll: 31% of Syrian refugees support ISIS — and Trudeau is importing 25,000 by Christmas

Well, there’s actually a recent scientific poll of Syrian refugees, carried out by the Arab Centre for Research and Public Policy Studies, headquartered in Doha, Qatar. (click here to see the whole survey.)

Let me show you the bundle of joy we’re about to import by Christmas:

31% of Syrian refugees disagree with the objective of defeating the Islamic State terrorist group.

So out of 25,000 refugees, 7,500 will be ISIS lovers.

41% are Jew-hating, America-hating bigots.

97% are gay-hating, probably women-hating bigots.

In the U.S., Hillary Clinton will do the same as will all but one GOP candidate to date.

Canada: Maclean’s puts Muslim terrorist who killed American on cover of mag

Source: Cover preview: Canada’s unlikeliest friendship  h/t Dom

Rinelle Harper was left for dead on a Winnipeg riverbank, beaten and sexually assaulted. Omar Khadr was imprisoned in Guantanamo, captured in 2002 by American forces in Afghanistan and charged with war crimes. Amanda Lindhout was kidnapped by Somali criminals, and held hostage for 460 days.

The three Canadians have little in common, beyond the recognition of their names from the news. But they have each suffered immensely—more than most of us can understand.

The breakdown by Ezra Levant at Rebel Media, Maclean’s “grotesque” Omar Khadr cover is “propaganda”:

She became a symbol for racist violence against Aboriginal women — though her alleged attacker was himself Aboriginal.

That girl on the right is Amanda Lindhout. She was a waitress who decided she wanted to be a war reporter in Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia; she was kidnapped by Muslim terrorists and tortured and raped repeatedly.

So you’ve got two innocent women who were brutalized by violence and would never hurt a fly.

And then you’ve got Omar Khadr standing behind them, with a huge grin on his face.

Omar Khadr is a confessed, convicted Al Qaida terrorist. He plead guilty to five charges of war crimes. He murdered Sgt. Christopher Speer, leaving Tabitha Speer a widow, and their two children, Taryn and Tanner, fatherless.

Omar Khadr has never renounced Al Qaida or said that he regrets what he did.

Here’s how Maclean’s describes him, though:

“Omar Khadr was imprisoned in Guantanamo, captured in 2002 by American forces in Afghanistan and charged with war crimes.”

So, no mention of the murder he confessed to or his conviction for war crimes.

Would Maclean’s magazine put a smiling, chatty Paul Bernardo on their cover, and say, “he’s suffered so deeply in prison — all because he was charged with crimes.”

Both are pathological murderers. Why the celebrity treatment?

This isn’t journalism.

This is propaganda.

SIGN OUR PETITION demanding that the government!


Muslim cabbies turning away guide dogs a rampant problem in Torontostan

Dogs are man’s best friend…except in Islam, where dogs are reviled.

via Cabs turning away guide dogs a rampant problem in Toronto: Advocate | Metro News h/t Atlas

“I once had a guy drive off quickly as I was getting into the car,” she said. “It’s very upsetting and quite dangerous.”

Leslie, an advocate with The Seeing Eye who has limited vision, said cabbies refusing to pick up people with guide dogs are a problem running rampant in the city.

“It’s like saying, ‘Sorry I don’t take blacks or women,’” she said. “If you can’t accommodate people you shouldn’t be driving a cab.”

A leader at one cab company is promising to hit the streets for a solution.

Kristine Hubbard, operations manager at Beck Taxi, has promised to team up and test the waters first-hand with a woman who says she was turned away multiple times.

The pair intends to carry out a sting the next time Ann Gallery visits the city.

Gallery complained to Beck — along with Uber and Diamond Taxi — after being turned away by cabs because she was accompanied by her guide dog in training, Maddie.

Gallery, who’s from B.C., said she’s had no response from Diamond, and Beck has been able to track down the driver who gave her the snub.

Uber, meanwhile, has fired the person responsible.

For Hubbard, testing the waters is the only way to know what’s really happening.

“For us, to refuse service to someone with a dog, any dog at all, is a problem,” she said. “But to refuse service to someone with an actual guide dog is absolutely unacceptable.”

Canada: Radical links of Muslim who desecrated citizenship ceremony exposed

via: Tarek Fatah exposes radical links of Islamist who desecrated citizenship ceremony #elxn42 | Blazing Cat Fur

I have written about the ICNA previously.

A little about the ICNA: “The press release also recounted some of the views expressed at the aforementioned ICNA meeting. These included an exhortation that “Islam must be translated into political dominance”; pleas for support for “jihad” in “Chechnya, Kashmir, Palestine, Iraq [against U.S. forces], southern Sudan, and … in Bosnia/Kosova [sic]”; an appeal for unity among Pakistani Muslims against “Hindu Brahmins and Zionist Jews”; and an endorsement of Muslim women’s inclusion in carrying out jihad.”

Zunera Ishaq is employed by the ICNA Sisters, a branch of the ICNA.

Among the guests at the ICNA affiliated Al Falah Institute aka the Al Falah Islamic Centre, liked by Zunera Ishaq (see jpeg below) has been Khalid Yasin, who says Aids was created in America and used by Christian Missionaries to infect Africans.

The Al Falah Islamic Centre also hosted Bilal Phillips and Hakim Quick both of whom have called the murder of gays justified in Islam.

The ICNA dominates the Thorncliffe Park Parents Association.  I suspect the ICNA is heavily involved in the anti-sex-ed curriculum demonstrations at the local schools.

Note that one of the Facebook groups that  Zunera Ishaq has joined, Jamaat-e-Islami,  is the terrorist organization that was being funded by ISNA Canada.

ISNA had it’s charitable status revoked by the CRA for funding the group. Jamaat-e-Islami is recognized as an officially designated terrorist entity by our government.

zunera ishaq FB screenshot

Zunera Ishaq belongs to a Quran Study Group, you can see it listed in the “Group” section of her Facebook page posted above.

The name of the group is مطالعہ تفہیم القرآن roughly translated to Quran Study.

The group’s timeline is filled with Jihadist propaganda, such as the post I screen-grabbed below.

More with photos at BlazingCatFur.



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