Canada: Muslim who slashed 78 car tires arrested for threats against Catholic and public school boards

Ahmad Zafar is in custody and is awaiting a bail hearing. He faces five counts of criminal harassment and 11 counts of uttering threats.

Canada Becoming a Potential Base for Terrorists to Attack the US

Canada is today the happy home of thousands of radical Islamists, ex-ISIS fighters and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Canada’s Muslim Ban – on Adopting Children from Muslim Countries (it’s sharia)

The reason: According to the federal government, adoptions aren’t permissible under Shariah law …

Canada: Islam spreads, imam opens Saskatchewan legislature (VIDEO)

They Muslim invasion recently turned a Popular Saskatchewan nightclub into a mosque. Source: Muslim prayer to open Saskatchewan’s legislative session | Regina Leader-Post In a Saskatchewan first, a Muslim blessing will be delivered to open up a new legislative session. On Wednesday, when MLAs return to Regina’s Legislative Building, Imam Sheikh Mohammed will provide a … Continue reading Canada: Islam spreads, imam opens Saskatchewan legislature (VIDEO)

Canada: Muslim refugee who praised ISIS & attacks on non-Muslims ordered deported

But...despite the deportation order, Hamdan isn't likely to be removed from Canada anytime soon

Canada: Popular Saskatchewan nightclub to become mosque

@PumpRoadhouse sells out to the Sunni Islam community, which has grown to roughly 13,000 people in the area.

Toronto: Christian Mayoral Candidate and Jewish Journalist Blocked From Islamic Event, Told Muslims Only! (VIDEO)

Muslims blocked two women from entering the Islamic Society of North America conference feat. Linda Sarsour because they were Christian and Jewish.

Toronto: Muslim arrested in Leslieville, slashed tires on dozens of cars

“Hundreds and hundreds” of cars have been affected, Henderson said.

Canada Revenue Agency suspends, fines major Islamic charity over resources provided to armed militants (aka jihadis)

Islamic Society of North America-Canada (ISNA-Canada) suspended for a year and ordered to pay a $550,000 penalty.

Canada: Radisson Toronto East turned into unruly refugee camp, say guests (video)

“My daughter kept getting harassed by full-grown men (refugees),” the Montrealer wrote on TripAdvisor.

Michigan: Judge Rejects Muslim Terrorist’s Request to Move Airport Stabbing Trial

Tunisian-Canadian Muslim said in an interview that “he had entered the United State with the sole purpose of killing armed U.S. government employees.”

Canada: Syrian refugee charged with first-degree murder of 13-year-old Marrisa Shen

Ibrahim Ali, 28, a Syrian national, has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of 13-year-old Marrisa Shen.

Canada: Govt encourages hotels to impose “Sharia” swim times for refugee girls (VIDEO)

Watch as I tell you about how Sharia law came to the hotels, under the advice of the refugee wranglers in the federal government.

Canada: Muslim stabber in army recruiting centre jihad attack released, allowed to attend Mohawk College

He believed soldiers were a “legitimate target” due to Canada’s military action in Muslim countries. Who's next?

Ottawa mosque loses charity status for promoting ‘hate and intolerance’ (i.e., promoting Islam)

It means the mosque no longer benefits from the tax advantages enjoyed by government-registered charities.

Canada: Anti-Islamization Blogger Convicted of Defaming Sharia Supremacist, Fined $60K

The political prosecution under the sharia of Philippe Magnan, the anti-jihad blogger who operates the website Poste de veille, will be appealed.

14 “Canadian” children linked to ISIS

...more than 4,600 foreign minors were affiliated with ISIS.

Toronto gunman that killed 2 and injured 13 ID’d as Faisal Hussain; ISIS claims responsibility

Hussain killed a 10-year-old girl and an 18-year-old woman and injured 13 others in the attack on a busy restaurant-filled street.

Canada: Judge dismisses all charges against Muslim refugee accused of sexually assaulting teen girls at pool

The judge cited the fact that Hajj Solomon is from a different cultural background from the six complainants as a reason to call into question their identification of him.

Video: Canada Is Funding Terrorism

Will Canada be identified as a national security threat to the United States?