Canada: Muslim Couple Wanted to Infiltrate Synagogue, Kill Jewish Children

 via Daniel Greenfield | Frontpage Mag.

Islamophobia is a serious threat and must be defeated no matter how many non-Muslim children must be killed to make it happen.

Amanda Korody, a Canadian woman found guilty of taking part in a terrorist bomb plot, also wanted to infiltrate a synagogue and kill Jewish children, according to a report in the Western Canadian newspaper, the Times Colonist.

Both Korody and co-defendant, John Nuttall, her husband, are self-described Muslim converts.

Police notes presented in British Columbia (B.C.) Supreme Court on Monday described how Korody’s husband John Nuttall told an undercover officer that his wife believed she would be doing Jewish children a favor by sending them to paradise, since she believed “grown-up Jews” go to “eternal hell” when they die.

“I asked Nuttall how he thinks he will have access to Jewish kids and he said they were both white and could pass for Jewish,” according to the undercover officer’s notes, dated from March 2013.

They will be regulars in the synagogue. They will gain the trust of everybody. And once they have everything they will get enough guns and ammo to go ahead with their mission.”

The Times Colonist added that Nuttall acknowledged that Jewish children were non-combatants but explained that their killing was justified since they would be raised to hate Arabs and Muslims. However, he eventually conceded that to the officer that “you never know, they may convert (to Islam) in their adulthood.”

The plot is rather similar to Dylann Roof’s, with the gruesome twist that the Jihadist couple were targeting kids, except we won’t be banning anything Islam-related over it. That would be Islamophobic.

 John Nuttal was really into social justice. So he was obviously inspired by the mass murder of Americans.

Accused terrorist John Nuttall told an undercover officer in the weeks leading up to his alleged Canada Day plot to attack the British Columbia legislature that he converted to Islam because he wanted “jihad,” his trial heard Wednesday.

“I wanted jihad before I became a Muslim,” Nuttall says in the video, which was played for the jury. “I just wanted justice. … When 9/11 happened, I became really interested with these people.”

“The first thing I said when I converted is, ‘How do I worship my God?'” Nuttall says in the video. “And my second question was, ‘Where is my gun? Let’s go do jihad.”

The Crown alleges Nuttall and Korody, who were recent converts to Islam, built pressure-cooker bombs and then placed them on the front lawn of the legislature in Victoria hours before Canada Day festivities. The RCMP ensured the bombs were inert, the Crown says.

But you know Islamophobia is the real problem.

Post script:

A jury found the Muslim couple guilty of plotting to set off pressure-cooker bombs outside British Columbia’s provincial legislature on Canada Day 2013 when thousands of people were expected to be there.

Canada: Wannabe Muslim terrorist gets vicious prison beating after threatening non-Muslim inmates

via Inside the vicious jailhouse beating of Carlos Larmond: Terror twin recruiting ‘soldiers of Islam’. h/t Jack

Carlos Larmond’s time in jail since his arrest on terrorism charges in January has been anything but quiet, with him allegedly trying to recruit “soldiers of Islam” and ending up on the wrong side of a vicious two-on-one fight that left him hospitalized.

Since his arrest at a Montreal airport by the RCMP on charges of leaving the country to wage terrorism, Larmond, 24, has earned a name at Ottawa’s Innes Road jail for allegedly threatening non-Muslim prisoners. According to one inmate, Larmond told prisoners if they don’t convert to Islam their families on the outside would be killed by ISIL. Another inmate, a Muslim who refused to be a “soldier for Islam,” told fellow prisoners that Islam is a religion of peace, not war.

There was nothing peaceful about March 3, when two non-Muslim prisoners had had enough of Larmond’s talking and ended the conversation with their fists and feet, according to witness accounts.

It was just after 11:30 a.m, right as lunch was about to be served on B Range, when Larmond was talking up a storm with two other inmates. Then, outside of Cell No. 1, witnesses say that the two inmates unleashed a severe beating, hitting Larmond in the head with their fists again and again and backing him into a cell off the hallway, where he fell backwards onto the floor only to be foot-stomped in the head and body.

In all of this, according to witness accounts, the accused terrorist didn’t throw a single punch and tried as he could to keep his arms up in a defensive position.

The accused terrorist twins have been charged with intimidating and threatening guards at the Innes Road jail over events that occurred in March and April.

Terrence Wilson, 24, is also charged with assault causing bodily harm in connection with the incident. None of the allegations against the two men have been proven in court.

“I can’t really comment on the specifics of the case other than to say that there have been recent events at the (Innes Road jail) with Carlos Larmond and his twin brother getting charged with intimidation and threats that are related to my client’s defence on this charge and I fully expect to raise and explore these issues in greater detail at Terrence Wilson’s trial,” said Wilson’s defence lawyer Paolo Giancaterino.

Some infidels aren’t ready to go quietly.


Former CAIR-Canada Official Represents Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood

via Former CAIR-Canada Official Represents Egyptian Brotherhood.

By Ryan Mauro


Media coverage of the U.S. State Department’s decision to comply with Egypt’s request not to meet with a Muslim Brotherhood delegation this month missed an important point: That delegation included a former official from the Canadian wing of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and he has connections to several other Canadian Islamist groups.

The Muslim Brotherhood delegation visited the U.S. to advocate against the Egyptian government. The Brotherhood announced a new violent phase in January shortly after its representatives met with State Department officials. Brotherhood media outlets are calling for acts of violence in Egypt and against the interests of countries that are friendly towards President El-Sisi.

Eric Trager of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy writes that the Brotherhood delegation included Wael Haddara, a Canadian who served as a senior campaign adviser to former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s official candidate.

Haddara claims he is not a member of the Brotherhood but the group’s followers often play a game of semantics with what it means to be a “member.” He says he was a media advisor to Morsi before he launched his presidential campaign.

Haddara was on the board of the National Council of Canadian Muslims, formerly known as CAIR-Canada. CAIR is a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity and was banned as a terrorist group by the United Arab Emirates last year. Two other directors besides Haddara are known Muslim Brotherhood supporters. He left CAIR-Canada/NCCM in 2012 to work for Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Read it all.


Canada: Muslim Church Attacker, Out on Bail and Thinking About Killing a Priest

When hate crimes don’t count. h/t Gates of Vienna.

A Catholic church in Brampton, a suburb west of Toronto, was vandalized by a culturally enriched young fellow named Iqbal Hessan. Based on surveillance videos, Mr. Hessan damaged and desecrated St. Catherine of Siena church. And he also told police investigators that he wanted to kill a priest.

So what did the magistrate do? Why, he let the miscreant out on bail, of course!

Ezra Levant of talks about the incident in the following clip:

Elsewhere in Canada: QUÉBEC CITY’s LARGEST CHRISTIAN CEMETERY – Unprecedented vandalism to at least 170 tombstones

At least 170 and perhaps as many as 200 tombstones were knocked over and/or completely destroyed last night at the St-Charles Cemetery, in an unprecedented and appalling act of vandalism, says the outraged manager of the premises.

 (FYI: There are five mega-mosques in Quebec City and more than 80% of the taxi drivers are Muslim…Just sayin’)


According to cemetery officials, they do NOT intend to increase security for the premises.

Canada: Montreal mosque gave precise instructions to 10 young Muslims trying to join Syrian jihad

Catch and release. via Youth trying to reach Syria got instructions from Montreal mosque, family members say | Toronto Star. h/t Jihad Watch

MONTREAL—Ten young Quebec Muslims who were detained for allegedly trying to join jihadist groups in Syria received precise travel instructions, financing advice and moral support from individuals they met at a Montreal mosque, family members have alleged to national security investigators.

A source with knowledge of the allegations told La Presse that family members said they received advice so that their travel plans did not appear suspicious. Those instructions allegedly included advice to book tickets on an Italy-bound flight with a stopover in Istanbul. During the layover they were to make their way to the Turkish-Syrian border.

The source said the youths were also advised to get credit cards so that they could book their plane tickets and take out cash advances. The students also allegedly discussed details of their travel plan on a password-protected Internet forum.

No charges have been laid in the case and all 10 youths were released from police custody.

But the latest allegations raise more questions about the Assahaba mosque, which is run by Adil Charkaoui, a Canadian citizen whom security services long suspected of being an Al Qaeda sleeper agent.

Of 21 individuals who have either gone missing, been charged with terrorist offences, or had their passports confiscated in the last six months, at least nine have been linked in some way to Charkaoui or his mosque.

WTF’s all around. Neither the terror-recruiting imam nor his mosque have been shut down and the 10 wannabe jihadis were released? Canada, like the U.S., is on a suicide mission.


Muslim arrested for vandalizing Mississauga Catholic church (updated)

via Police make arrest in suspected hate crime at Mississauga Catholic church.

MISSISSAUGA, ONT. – A 22-year-old Mississauga man has been charged in connection with alleged hate crimes committed at St. Catherine of Siena Church and its neighbouring elementary school over the past two months.

Iqbal Hessan was reportedly arrested in the early hours of May 26 on the Mississauga school’s grounds, though police would not confirm this. Hessan faces five counts of mischief over $5,000, and break, enter and commit indictable offence. A bail hearing was held later that day.

On May 20, the Sacred Heart of Jesus statue that stands in front of the church was covered in black paint and the fingers of its outstretched arms were broken off. Behind the church, graffiti with the words “There is no Jew God” was scrawled across the brick wall along with a drawing of a face labelled “Jewsus.”

It was the third time the church has been targeted. On April 9, surveillance footage caught a young man breaking into the church, ripping pages of the Sacramentary book on the altar and throwing them at the tabernacle. He is then seen stealing one of the church’s amplifier speakers.

On May 17, a drawing of a hand gesturing with the middle finger was found spray painted on the front steps of the church. And on May 25, graffiti was sprayed on the school walls.


Update: VIDEO: Investigation into suspect who allegedly targeted Catholic church far from over  h/t Pislam:

While Father Camillo Lando, the pastor at St. Catherine of Siena church, wondered why police didn’t tell him that Hessan was out on bail or that he had thoughts of killing or hurting a priest, he told The News police came to see him Friday afternoon and informed him.

Lando held a meeting with his two priests Friday to “tell them to be careful” after hearing of the disturbing allegations that were revealed in Brampton court Thursday during the bail hearing for the 22-year-old former University of Toronto student.

Court heard that in his statements to police after his arrest this week, Hessan said he was thinking of killing or hurting a priest the night he’s alleged to have broken into the church.

Hessan was released on bail Thursday afternoon by Justice of the Peace Gerry Manno after a lengthy bail hearing that lasted two days.

He has been charged with break, enter and commit indictable offence and five counts of mischief over $5,000 in connection with numerous incidents at St. Catherine of Siena Church over the last five weeks.

While questioning the accused man’s father, who is one of Hessan’s sureties, Crown prosecutor Ann Marie De Grace told the court Hessan said in his statement to Peel Regional Police after his arrest that he had plans to hurt a priest last month on the night he is accused of breaking into the church. Manno later said Hessan told police he was thinking of killing a priest.

Manno also questioned Hessan’s father on allegations that his son was upset at the church and “upset with Christian religion.”

Basir Hessan said his son was diagnosed with schizophrenia and that caused his anger and imbalance.

De Grace was opposed to Hessan’s release, saying the criminal allegations ‎against him are “troubling and very disturbing” and “shook up” a church and school community.

“We still have a segment of society that’s under the threat of Mr. Hessan,” she said.

Manno said the public has a great deal to be concerned about, including Hassan’s mental illness and the perception “of a young man with a Muslim upbringing attacking a Christian church.

Besides the simple property, many people would see this as an attack on their faith,” he said.



Canada: Soccer team from ISNA Islamic high school refuses to play team with 2 girls

via EXCLUSIVE: Boys soccer team refuses to play against team with 2 girls.

A boys soccer team from ISNA Private Islamic High School refused to finish a game on Tuesday because two females were on the opposing team during a Brampton tournament.

Robert F. Hall Catholic School, in Caledon, does not have a girls team so the two females played on the senior boys team, which was approved by the Region of Peel Secondary School Athletic Association (ROPSSAA).

During halftime, the ISNA Private Islamic High School team brought the concern to the referee. Robert F. Hall Catholic School school was winning the game 3–1 at that point.

Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations, South Western Ontario Secondary Schools Athletic Association and ROPSSAA all have the same gender rule stating:

“If a sport activity is not available for a female on a girls’ team, she is eligible to participate on a boys’ team following a successful tryout.”

The girls on Robert F. Hall Catholic School team told CityNews they insisted on sitting out for the second half to allow the game to continue. The team went on to win 6-1 but both teams ended up advancing to the next round.

There is a chance the two teams could face each other again on Monday.

ROPSSAA said their rules are black and white.

But this is uncharted territory for the board so they are gathering their facts and will make a ruling on Friday about how to proceed.

Bruce Campbell of the Catholic School Board says they are disappointed and that they expect any team participating to know the rules.

The uncharted territory is called…SHARIA.


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