Canada: Govt encourages hotels to impose “Sharia” swim times for refugee girls (VIDEO)

Watch as I tell you about how Sharia law came to the hotels, under the advice of the refugee wranglers in the federal government.

Canada: Muslim stabber in army recruiting centre jihad attack released, allowed to attend Mohawk College

He believed soldiers were a “legitimate target” due to Canada’s military action in Muslim countries. Who's next?

Ottawa mosque loses charity status for promoting ‘hate and intolerance’ (i.e., promoting Islam)

It means the mosque no longer benefits from the tax advantages enjoyed by government-registered charities.

Canada: Anti-Islamization Blogger Convicted of Defaming Sharia Supremacist, Fined $60K

The political prosecution under the sharia of Philippe Magnan, the anti-jihad blogger who operates the website Poste de veille, will be appealed.

14 Canadian children linked to ISIS

...more than 4,600 foreign minors were affiliated with ISIS.

Toronto gunman that killed 2 and injured 13 ID’d as Faisal Hussain; ISIS claims responsibility

Hussain killed a 10-year-old girl and an 18-year-old woman and injured 13 others in the attack on a busy restaurant-filled street.

Canada: Judge dismisses all charges against Muslim refugee accused of sexually assaulting teen girls at pool

The judge cited the fact that Hajj Solomon is from a different cultural background from the six complainants as a reason to call into question their identification of him.

Video: Canada Is Funding Terrorism

Will Canada be identified as a national security threat to the United States?

Canada to Combat “Islamophobia”…by Funding Terror Front Groups with Taxpayers’ Money

Canada plans to funnel $23 million in taxpayer monety to combat "Islamophobia" to groups accused of supporting terrorists.

Canada: Refugee reports seeing her ISIS slave master on Ontario bus, told to keep quiet (VIDEO)

A refugee center official reportedly told her, “Don’t tell anyone.”

Canada: Omitting “hate” facts in migrant rape cases becomes official policy

Watch the video. "... media, judges and police have stopped describing these men as Muslim migrants"

Canada: Muslim charged in Edmonton robbery ordered extradited to U.S. on terrorism charges

Abdullahi Ahmed Abdullahi, 33, is accused of being part of a January 2014 jewelry store robbery in Edmonton to fund the Syrian trips [for jihad].

Canada: Muslim found guilty of sex attack on hotel employee, but judge lets him remain free

Mostafa M.Y. Hussien, convicted Tuesday of sexually assaulting a hotel employee and forcibly confining her in his hotel room.

Canada: Plea deal over honor killing threats saves Muslim refugee couple from deportation

...her mother, who urged her to tell police she lied, otherwise she would be killed; her father threatened to poison her food.

Canada: Transgender denied Brazilian wax because only employee on duty was “practicing Muslim” woman

"...the female employee working that day was a practising Muslim"

Canada: Muslim acquitted of terror charges after military center stabbing spree for Allah

Ali said, “Allah told me to do this, Allah told me to come here and kill people,” during the attack.

Canada: Muslims (and sharia) take priority over LGBT at Islamized Peel public school (video)

Which identity group occupies the pinnacle of the human rights hierarchy? In Canada, the answer is clear.

Calgary: Woman killed by Muslim ex-boyfriend was stabbed 40 times, had throat slit, shot twice

22-year-old woman was stabbed 40 times and had her throat slit before being shot twice as she tried to escape her attacker.

Canada: Two more women testify to sexual abuse by Muslim physician in Windsor

Bassam Mohamed Khalil Darwish El-Tatari is charged with six counts of sexual assault involving six female former patients.

YouTube suspends Canadian anti-terror expert…before first video even posted

Techno-fascists @YouTube removed Quiggin’s new podcast from its platform before he even posted the first episode.