Colorado: White girl turned-Muslim gets 4 years; remains defiant, wants to marry jihad recruiter

Shannon Conley during US Army Explorer training (Facebook)

Shannon Conley during US Army Explorer training (Facebook)

The sentence should include four years without any access to the Koran, other Muslims or any Islamic material, all of which will only bolster her desire to wage jihad. via Arvada teen jihadist wannabe sentenced to four years in prison – The Denver Post.

A 19-year-old Arvada woman who was arrested while headed to the Middle East on a terror mission was sentenced on Friday to four years in prison.

“That woman is in need of psychiatric help,” U.S. District Judge Raymond Moore said before sentencing Shannon Conley. “She’s a bit of a mess.”

Moore also ordered Conley to spend three years under supervision and 100 hours of community service.

Conley told the judge she never intended to hurt anyone.

“Even though I supported a jihad, it was never to hurt anyone,” she said in a written statement interrupted by sobs. “It was always in the defense of Muslims. … I do not believe I am a threat to society and I hope you give me a chance to prove it.”

Conley had pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to provide material support to al-Qaeda. She was arrested last spring at Denver International Airport as she was about to embark on a potentially deadly quest to Syria.

Prosecutor Gregory Holloway said Conley continues to demonstrate her defiance in jail with guards. He also said the FBI repeatedly warned her that she was breaking the law, but she went ahead and planned to go to Syria to join a jihad instead.

U.S. Attorney John Walsh wrote in a statement that Conley was lucky she was arrested.

“Had she succeeded in her plan to get to Syria, she would likely have been brutalized, killed or sent back to the United States to commit other crimes,” Walsh said. “Today’s sentence underscores the seriousness of defendant’s conduct, but pales in comparison to the penalty she would have paid had she not been stopped.”

During the sentencing hearing, Moore engaged in heated arguments with Holloway and defense attorney Robert Pepin at times about the facts in the case, including Conley’s mental state.

“To me, it doesn’t seem like she gets it,” the judge said.

Conley arrived in court wearing a head scarf and a gray, striped prison jumpsuit. U.S. Marshals used bomb-sniffing dogs to sweep the courthouse before her sentencing.

As part of a plea agreement, prosecutors agreed not to file additional charges, and she promised to divulge information about co-conspirators and possibly testify in court.

During a search of Conley’s Arvada home, agents discovered videos of lectures by Anwar al-Awlaki, an American-born Islamic terrorist, and videos by other jihadists, said Jeffrey Dorschner, Walsh’s spokesman.

Although Conley is “pathologically naive,” did not have a criminal record and is a young woman, Holloway pointed out that an accomplice in the Paris terrorist attack was also a young woman who didn’t have a criminal record.

“Now current events demonstrate why a response is absolutely necessary,” Holloway said.

Authorities are still trying to find 26-year-old Hayat Boumeddiene, the former wife of deceased terrorist Amedy Coulibaly for her role in the murder of 17 in or near the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo earlier this month.

Conley first came to the attention of the FBI in the fall of 2013 when she began stalking the Faith Bible Chapel of Arvada. Her arrest came April 8 as she tried to board a plane en route to Turkey.

Faith Bible’s Senior Pastor George Morrison has said that although he believed Conley was a “terrorist wannabe,” he had to take her sketching of interior rooms of the church seriously, especially because a 2007 murder spree had directly affected the church.

In early December 2007, a shooter gunned down two people at Youth With a Mission, a missionary training center on the Faith Bible campus. The same man later killed two teenage sisters during a shootout at New Life Church in Colorado Springs.

Conley, who attended Ralston Valley and Arvada West high schools, had received military training in a Texas camp run by the U.S. Army Explorers. She developed a close relationship with an avowed terrorist who invited her to join the jihad.

At her sentencing she said she wanted to marry Yousr Mouelhi, whom she met online. She had previously told an FBI agent that she wished to fight a guerilla war in the Middle East or work as a nurse.


Colorado: Public School Forcing Girls to Wear Headscarves, “Ankles Must Be Covered” on Class Trip to Denver Mosque

via Denver: Schoolgirls Forced to Wear Headcarves, “Ankles Must Be Covered” on School Trip to Denver Mosque | Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs.

Sharia in the classroom.

School girls at a Douglas County public school in Colorado are being forced to cover up from head-to-toe to visit a mosque on a school mandated Common Core trip. There are no requirements to visit a Greek Orthodox cathedral or synagogue.

Here again we see that anywhere American law and Islamic law conflict, it is American law that has to give way.

The subjugation and oppression of women are enshrined under the sharia. Young school girls should not be forced to “respect” a dress code that represents honor violence, female genital mutilation, forced marriage, child marriage, et al.

I  appeared on the Peter Boyles Show this morning and we discussed the concern of parents who had contacted him asking for help in opposing this sharia in the classroom. Here is a copy of the instructions parents were given:

The world religions field trip is next Tuesday, January 13. We will be visiting the Denver Mosque, the Assumption Greek Orthodox Cathedral, and the Rodef- Shalom Synagogue. We will then eat lunch at Park Meadows Food Court. Students must either bring a sack lunch or money to
purchase lunch at the food court.
THERE IS A DRESS CODE FOR THIS TRIP: All students must wear appropriate long pants. Ankles must be covered. Girls must bring wide scarves or hooded sweatshirts for the mosque.

You can contact the Douglas County school board hereBe polite.

The islamization of our public schools is well-documented in my book Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.



An outraged parent contacted local media outlets to report the forced dress requirement, all of whom allegedly refused to cover the story except for one right-wing radio broadcaster out of Denver, Peter Boyles of KNUS 710. Boyles reached out to Principal Mike Loitz at Rocky Heights Middle School — the school imposing the dress requirements on female students — and Loitz confirmed in the interview on January 6 that they did ask students to comply.


Colorado: Muslim praises Allah, stabs cop, gets shot…asks for his Koran back

…and he had visited multiple “jihadist websites.”

via Cañon City Police Department: Suspect in officer stabbing made ‘Islamic-type statements’ – Canon City Daily Record.

The 32-year-old man who was shot five times after allegedly stabbing a Cañon City Police Department officer made “Islamic-type statements” prior to the incident, according to the CCPD.

At a press conference at the police department Monday, CCPD Chief Paul Schultz said a welfare check was conducted Friday by the Fremont County Sheriff’s office on Hudson Taylor Clark because he was “acting unusual.”

“When he was contacted by the Fremont County deputy (Friday), he was saying ‘Dear God please forgive the disbelievers. Praise be to Allah,'” he said.

According to the chief of police, the suspect’s family informed law enforcement about the multiple “jihadist websites” the suspect visited.

Schultz said he didn’t know what those particular web addresses were.

At about 2 p.m. Saturday, the suspect’s family told law enforcement that they were worried because Clark left his residence in Penrose and said he wasn’t going to return. They also said Clark was mentally disturbed, had been working out a great deal during the last two months and recently had broken up with his girlfriend.

At about 3:30 p.m., he allegedly robbed Victory Defense, a police supply store.

“At that point in time, Mr. Clark walked inside the store and he shoplifted a 9mm handgun and put it inside his waistband, walked out the back door,” Schultz said.

Schultz said there’s surveillance video footage of Clark exiting the store with the gun.


The two clerks in the store followed him outside and demanded that he return the gun, Schultz said, and he did but allegedly stole a holster shortly thereafter.

“One (clerk) walked up to him, tapped him on the back of the shoulder.” Schultz said. “He turned around, he pulled out an open knife on this clerk and said, ‘Don’t touch me or I’ll cut you.’ He then took another step toward the clerk.”

Clark then left the scene, Schultz said, and was found 10 minutes later at the intersection of Ute and Raynolds by CCPD Cpl. Andrew Sanders.

“Mr. Clark did not respond to the officer’s commands to stop and talk to him,” he said. “Our officer went up, tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around with a eight-inch knife … Then without saying anything, stabbed corporal Sanders under the left arm toward the armpit and then continued to encroach upon him.”

Schultz said the officer told him to stop after he was injured, but he didn’t comply.

“He continued to encroach upon Corporal Sanders with the knife, which was open obviously,” he said. “Corporal Sanders then fired his handgun in self-defense, striking Mr. Clark five times.”

He was shot twice in the left arm, once in the right arm, once in the abdomen and a bullet grazed across his chest, Schultz said.

Clark was shot at while he was somewhere between four and six feet away, he said.

“The suspect at this point dropped to the ground, never lost consciousness, was bleeding profusely and continued to make comments,” Schultz said. “Next to him was the Qur’an, which fell out onto the ground and during this first aid situation at this point, he did ask for his Qur’an.”

The suspect was transported to St. Thomas More Hospital and then airlifted to St. Francis-Penrose Hospital, where he had surgery, Schultz said. He will need more surgery in about two weeks.

While Clark was at the Colorado Springs hospital, he smiled when he asked police if he had “hit the officer,” Schultz said.

On Monday, Clark was transported to the Fremont County Jail, where he is being held on a $100,000 cash bond.

Officer Sanders, who is on routine paid administrative leave, has a stab wound 3/8 of an inch in diameter, Schultz said, and he was treated and released from the hospital.

The holster was recovered, he said, two boxes of 9mm ammunition was found in his backpack.

Schultz said Clark is a “loner,” but believes he doesn’t have any prior criminal history.

“Our information is that he has no friends and that he doesn’t have a job,” he said.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation is investigating the criminal portion of the case, while the CCPD is conducting an administrative investigation, he said.

“But we have been contacted by federal authorities who are interested in getting information about this due to the comments that were made by Mr. Clark,” he said. “I wouldn’t say they’re investigating it, but they are interested in what has occurred here.”

Clark has been charged with attempted murder of a police officer, aggravated robbery, first-degree assault, second-degree assault, two counts of menacing, attempted theft, theft and resisting arrest

He is scheduled to appear in court at 8:40 a.m. Dec. 24 for a bond hearing.


PS: Creeping Sharia is on Tumblr for those who use it.

Colorado: Hillary Clinton’s pet Libyan refugee arrested…again

via Libyan refugee arrested in Boulder again on suspicion of violating bond, probation – Boulder Daily Camera. h/t The Two Malcontents

Libyan refugee Iman al-Obeidi has been arrested in Boulder for the fourth time in two years after prosecutors said she tested positive for alcohol and opiates, a violation of the conditions of her bond and probation.


Al-Obeidi, 32, who is currently living in Boulder under the name Eman Ali, turned herself in to Boulder police on Monday after a warrant was issued for her arrest on two counts of failure to comply.

Ali, under the name Iman Al-Obeidi, became the center of a media frenzy in 2011 after she stormed into a hotel room in Tripoli and told the international press there that she was raped after being detained at a security checkpoint.

After a failed attempt to seek refuge in Qatar, al-Obeidi was granted asylum in the U.S. in June of 2011 and, with the help of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, she settled in Colorado as a political refugee.

In a court hearing this morning, prosecutors said Ali tested positive for opiates in September and could not provide a prescription, and also tested positive for alcohol in October. Ali at the time was both on bond for a pending assault case and on probation for a plea deal in a case from 2013.

Boulder District Judge Patrick Butler agreed to set bond at $5,000 in the violation of bond case and to a $5,000 personal recognizance bond in the probation case. But he warned Ali that if she is accused of violating either her bond or probation again, he will hold her without bond until her trial.

“You’ve been given more chances than you probably deserve,” Butler said. “This is the last chance from me to show that you are not a danger to the community while out on bond.”20140902_125326_20140725__26DCAALIw~2

Ali is currently scheduled to stand trial Feb. 17 on charges of second-degree assault, third-degree assault and obstructing a police officer in an incident at the Bohemian Biergarten in February..

According to an arrest affidavit, a woman accidentally “brushed up” against Ali while in the bar that night and told police that Ali then said, “That is not OK in my country,” and then poured a beer on her.

About a half hour later, the woman’s friend said, Ali came back and threw a glass at her head, giving her a one-inch gash on her forehead that required four staples to close, according to court records.

In January 2013, Ali was arrested on suspicion of unlawful conduct on public property stemming from an incident in which an apparently intoxicated Ali was uncooperative and combative when taken to the Boulder County Addiction Recovery Center. That case was later dismissed.

In August 2013, officers were on patrol in the 1000 block of Walnut Street when they were flagged down by witnesses who pointed out a “stumbling” and “intoxicated” Ali, according to court documents.

Officers again tried to take her to the Addiction Recovery Center, but while she was getting in a squad car, Ali allegedly spit in one officer’s face and chest, and then began kicking the officers, according to court records.

Ali was charged with felony second-degree assault on a police officer and misdemeanor counts of third-degree assault, obstructing a police officer and resisting arrest.

In September 2013, she pleaded guilty to attempted third-degree assault and was sentenced to one year of probation and ordered not to consume alcohol.

Ali was still on probation in that case when the alleged February assault took place.

Colorado: Muslim teens talked to ISIS terrorists for nearly a year

They talked with terrorists for one year on public social media sites and the FBI, DHS nor NSA were aware? via Colorado teens talked to high-level ISIS terrorists before allegedly trying to join its ranks: analyst report  – NY Daily News. & The Denver Post

The Denver teenagers who allegedly wanted to join ISIS had been conversing with Islamic State terrorists for nearly a year, according to a report released by a monitoring group.

The three girls had spoken via the Internet with at least two jihadists and a high-level handler and were quickly indoctrinated into radical views, the Denver Post reported, citing a new report by the Search for International Terrorist Entities Intelligence Group, also known as SITE.

The group looked at thousands of postings by the girls, ages 15, 16 and 17, over the past year. On Sept. 11, one of the girls tweeted “Muslims handing out apologies because of 9/11 are a disgrace to the (Muslim Nation),” the paper reported.

In August, another retweeted: “‘ISLAM IS PEACE’ ‘THIS ISN’T WHAT ISLAM SAYS’ ‘WHERE DOES IT SAY THIS IN THE QUR’AN’ said the moderate Muslim.”

The SITE report found that the social media accounts “show radical leanings as well as a shift towards extremism” spread over a number of social outlets. One girl’s shift was documented on an account where she was asked on several occasions why she had become so religious so quickly, the group said. is a social networking site that allows users to prompt one another and answer anonymous questions.

The girl said on the site that she realized her “purpose in life” and that “Islam makes things a lot easier.” Later, she said she would “never go to prom” because of temptation and since it might be sin. She also said she couldn’t remember the last time she watched television.


Two of the three girls had secondary Twitter accounts — one of which included “SlaveOfAllah” in the handle — that they used to express their Islamic views. When the three left on their trip, their travels created international chatter on social media as supporters and detractors offered words of support and criticism.

All social media accounts associated with the girls have been deleted. Past tweets were accessed by The Post using cached Internet archives. The secondary accounts were first reported by BuzzFeed.

@UmmSuleiman_ via Twitter Tweet from 15-year old using the Twitter handle @UmmSuleiman_ . In Arabic, ‘Dua’ means a supplication or a prayer. The Denver teen is one of three girls apprehended in Germany as they tried to fly to Syria to join ISIS, authorities say.

“If they didn’t have access to the Internet, I doubt very much they would be in the stage that they are,” said SITE director and co-founder Rita Katz, according to the paper. What happened to the teens is “a case study” of Islamic terrorists trying to recruit women, she said.


h/t Jihad Watch who writes:

It seems from news reports that every young Muslim from a Western country who tries to join the Islamic State has been “radicalized on the Internet.” That has become an easy way for authorities to avoid asking tough questions of the mosques in their own countries that they have been assiduously cultivating with “outreach” programs instead of monitoring or investigating.

Why didn’t they stop and say to the Islamic State recruiters, “You must be one of those Hijackers of Islam I have heard so much about, twisting my beautiful Religion of Peace and distorting its true, peaceful teachings”? Why didn’t they say, “No, no, no, you’re misunderstanding Islam, here are all the peaceful, tolerant Qur’anic teachings that I have learned at my local mosque”?

And why does it never seem to occur to law enforcement authorities to ask questions like these?

As we noted last week, the three Somali & Sudanese Muslim girls whose tweets suggest they knew exactly what they were doing have not been charged.


Colorado: No charges for 3 Muslim girls who tried to join ISIS and lied to officials

Poor Muslim girls are just the victims of an online predator. via 3 US girls who wanted to join ISIS victims of online predator, say officials.

DENVER: The case of three teenage girls being investigated for trying to join Islamic State militants poses vexing questions for US officials about the use of social media by terror groups to recruit people inside the United States, experts said Wednesday.

A Colorado school official said the Denver area girls – two sisters ages 17 and 15, and a 16-year-old friend – were victims of an online predator who encouraged them to travel overseas and eventually to Syria.

Mia Bloom, a professor of security studies at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, said the girls’ story so far suggests how Islamic extremists have mastered social media to prey on younger and younger women with “Disney-like versions of what it is like to live in the caliphate,” complete with promises of husbands and homes.

At least one of the girls was communicating with someone online who encouraged the three to travel to Syria, said Tustin Amole, a spokeswoman for the Cherry Creek School District where the girls attend high school.

Fellow high school students told school officials that the girls had been discussing travel plans over Twitter, Amole said.

The girls were detained at an airport in Frankfurt, Germany, and sent home over the weekend. They were interviewed by the FBI and returned to their parents in suburban Aurora. Those in the tight-knit east African community where they live said the sisters are of Somali descent and their friend is of Sudanese descent.

“There’s no indication they had been radicalised in a way that they wanted to fight for ISIS,” Amole said.

A US official said evidence gathered so far made it clear that the girls were headed to Syria, though the official said investigators were still trying to determine what sort of contacts they had in that country. Another US official said that investigators were reviewing evidence, including the girls’ computers. The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the ongoing investigation by name.

“Social media has played a very significant role in the recruitment of young people,” said FBI spokesman Kyle Loven in Minneapolis, home to the largest Somali community in the U.S. Authorities there have been concerned about terror recruiting of the young for years.

“What we’ve experienced here in Minneapolis is that young, disaffected youth who exist primarily on the fringes of society – they seem to be more susceptible to this type of propaganda, unfortunately,” Loven said.

Terror recruiting has been a problem for years in Minneapolis. Since 2007, roughly 22 young Somali-Americans have traveled to Somalia to take up arms with al-Shabab, an al-Qaida linked group. Those were all men.

Within the last year, a handful of people from the community left Minnesota to join militant groups in Syria, and this time, there are fears that women might have been targeted. Loven said the FBI is working with the Somali community to establish trust and help identify young people at risk for radicalization.

In Colorado, Amole said the three teens had no prior problems at school, aside from unexcused absences on Friday.

Still unknown is how they managed to get to Frankfurt. [Did anyone ask them? Fact check their stories? Cameras abound.]

The US government doesn’t have any restrictions on children flying alone, domestically or internationally. Airline policies vary. Most US airlines allow children 12 and older to fly alone but often with restrictions on international flights, according to the US Transportation Department.

The girls’ parents reported them missing Friday after they skipped school. They had taken passports and $2,000 in cash from the sisters’ parents’ home.

At some point, the US informed German authorities at the airport about the girls arriving alone on their way to Turkey, German Interior Ministry spokeswoman Pamela Mueller-Niese told reporters Wednesday. She said the three were detained by German police, with approval from a judge, and returned voluntarily to the US on Sunday. [So they skipped school and within hours these families were able to determine they were on their way to Germany, contact authorities, get a judge involved and alert German authorities? But they don’t know how they got to the airport? Something is fishy here.]

Once home, the girls told a deputy they went to Germany for “family,” but wouldn’t elaborate. [And officials let them off the hook with that lie? No charges?]

A spokesman for the US attorney’s office in Denver would not say whether prosecutors plan to charge the girls with a crime. State prosecutors said they have no imminent plans to charge the girls. Amole said they will not face discipline

“Our biggest concern is for the safety and well-being of these girls,” Amole said.

Will the Obama administration charge them or are Somali and Sudanese Muslims exempt from federal laws now?


Iowa: Muslim fugitive sought by federal law enforcement

via Fugitives being sought by federal law enforcement | KIMT 3.

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – Federal authorities are asking for the public’s help in tracking down two fugitives.

33-year-old Mohammad Al Sharairei and 35-year-old Melissa Al Sharairei, also known as Melissa Schermerhorn, are charged with maintaining a premises for the distribution of controlled substance analogues, money laundering and conducting an illegal gambling business. According to court documents, the premises in question was the Puff N Stuff II store in Cedar Rapids. They were indicted in June 2014.

After officially expressing an intent to plead guilty, the married couple failed to appear for federal court in Cedar Rapids on October 20.  Federal warrants have now been issued for their arrest.

The Al Sharaireis were last known to live in Pueblo, Colorado.  Anyone with any information on their whereabouts is asked to call the United States Marshals Service at (319) 362-4411.

 More: Mohammad and Melissa Al Sharairei set to plead guilty

The couple is accused of submitting a cashier’s check for $96,186 to Midland Escrow, property derived from a specified unlawful activity — distribution of controlled substance analogues or synthetic drugs on May 30, 2013, according to the information filed Friday in U.S. District Court.

In the other count, the couple is accused of conducting, financing, managing and owning all or part of an illegal gambling business from Feb. 5 through September 2013, which involved video slot-type machines that are a violation of state law, according to the information. The business involved five or more people who conducted, financed, managed, supervised, directed and owned all or part of the gambling operation.

There is also a forfeiture allegation for any property derived from and any proceeds obtained from operating the Puff N Stuff, according to the information. The property to be forfeited includes a money judgment of $425,000 and any proceeds or property from the couple’s business.

The Al Sharaireis previously lost four properties, one house in Cedar Rapids and three houses in Des Moines, two months ago in a default civil judgment. The civil forfeiture claimed the purchase of the real properties represent property traceable to the sale of controlled substance analogues, represent the proceeds of the sale of controlled substance analogues, facilitate the sale of controlled substance analogues and represents property involved in money laundering.


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