The Islamization of Hartford Seminary

Source: God Is Separating The Apostates From The Saints As “Christians” Are Giving Away Their Church Buildings To The Muslims (Shoebat Sunday Special)

By Andrew Bieszad

I went to Hartford Seminary. I received my M.A. in Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim relations from them in 2010. Hartford Seminary used to be a seminary for training Congregational (United Church of Christ) ministers. In 1893, the Scotch Calvinist professor of Oriental Studies and missionary, Duncan Black Macdonald, came to Hartford and convinced the seminary to set up a school devoted to missionary work to Muslims in the Middle East. His vision quickly grew into what at the time was the largest Protestant school for missions to the Muslim world in the USA. Their graduates became leading experts in Islamic studies such as the Rev. Samuel Marinus Zwemer, and their works are still available to read today. Many students went to the Middle East and preached to Muslims. Some of the students were even martyred and the plaques commemorating their martyrdoms dot the walls of the Hartford Seminary library (although they are now tarnished and handing on the walls in the basement).

During my time at Hartford Seminary, I witnessed yet another transition, and that was Hartford Seminary slowly moving from “interfaith” to “Islamic.”

I enjoyed those years because I learned a lot, and I had some very interesting teachers. I experienced my first death threats from Muslim students from the Sunni Al-Fatah Islamic Institute of Syria while there. I had the experience of classes with several leading Muslim figures in contemporary Islam and experienced the unique distinction of, many times, being the only Christian in a class of all Muslims and (unspoken) intended for only Muslims. I could go on and on about my experiences.

One of those experiences, and one which I have never written about before, was about the “interfaith prayer room” at the Seminary:

First, notice how sterile the room is, and how a tiny and flimsy excuse for a cross is stuffed into a corner of the room, as thought it were a mere “thing” off to the side and in a corner.

Second, notice how the cross does not appear in the first photo but it does in the second. This is because that cross is moveable- it can be removed from its location and, as I remember from my experiences, dumped onto the floor in a corner or under a pile of Muslim prayer rugs. Tell me, if you believe that the cross is the symbol of salvation, would you put it under a doormat that not just other people but Muslims who hate the cross use to worship the false god Allah on?

Third, as I mentioned above, and you cannot see it from the angle here but if you were to turn around in the first photo 180 degrees you would find yourself veritably leaning (as I imagine the photographer was) against a pile– no exaggeration- of Moslem prayer rugs. That is because the “chapels” primary uses is as a mosque. Yes, they call it “interfaith”, but really the only ones who actually use it for worship of any kind and five times a day are the Muslims.

I watch the news of my alma mater, and each year it takes a step closer to full Islamization. The Muslim World Journal, started by Rev. Zwemer to convert Muslims to Christ, is now little more than a rag for Muslim sophistry run by the virulently anti-Christian convert to Islam Jean Michot (see bel0w). The Duncan Black MacDonald Center for Islamic Studies is basically controlled by the Islamic Chaplaincy Program. More Muslim scholars and students are brought in each year, and the understanding is that Hartford Seminary will become by its own conscious choice a Muslim majority school in only a matter of time. One can only wonder what they will do to the personal papers of Duncan Black MacDonald or his fellow students, which I had the pleasure of being able to study during my time at the Seminary.

The Islamization of Hartford Seminary must not be viewed as an isolated case, but as a future omen of Islamic Studies in American and really, global education, at least as far as the West is concerned. Hartford Seminary is a small school, but because of its historical presence in Islamic Studies its roots run deep in the academic system and are connected to many other schools including but not limited to Cambridge (UK), Emory, Exeter (UK), Georgetown, Harvard, and Yale Divinity School. Well-established and up-and-coming minds in Islamic Studies associate themselves with Islamic Studies, and many major Islamic groups and figures also have strong connections such as ICNA, ISNA, the IIIT, and the MSA.

Hartford Seminary is a leader in its field. However, once upon a time its goal was to lead men on the path of salvation through Christ. Now the Seminary is committed to lead men away from Christ and on the literal road to hell through promoting and ultimately, converting to Islam.

There’s much more, continue reading at

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Connecticut: Jordanian national crashes plane near military jet-engine manufacturer; likely intentional says NTSB


Source: NTSB: Deadly Conn. plane crash was likely intentional – CBS News h/t TFI

The deadly crash of a small plane that struck a utility pole near the Connecticut River in East Hartford appears to have been intentional, according to investigators and the surviving witness.

In a statement Tuesday afternoon, the National Transportation Safety Board announced it had turned over the investigation of the crash to the FBI because their probe so far “indicates the crash is the result of an intentional act.”

Police said there were two sets of controls aboard a small plane that crashed in Connecticut with a flight instructor and student on board, killing one of them.

The instructor pilot survived, but remains hospitalized with serious burns. Two people in a minivan were also taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

East Hartford police Lt. Joshua Litwin told reporters Wednesday that he didn’t know who was controlling the plane when it crashed on a road.

East Hartford Mayor Marcia Leclerc said Wednesday that the survivor of the crash near a military jet-engine manufacturer told authorities that it was intentional. Leclerc cautioned that the information has not been confirmed.

East Hartford police asked the FBI to assist the investigation because it happened near Pratt & Whitney, which makes military and commercial jet engines. Chief Scott Sansom called the jet engine maker “critical infrastructure.”

“The path that the plane took could have been much worse. So we’re very fortunate in that sense,” Sansom said.

One of the men on the plane, Feras M. Freitekh, is a Jordanian national who first entered the U.S. in 2012 on a temporary student M1 visa to fulfill a course of study for flight school, CBS News has learned. At some point his status changed to anF1 visa, and he went to a language school in Toledo, Ohio. It then went back to an M1 visa.

The Hartford Courant reports that the Cessna took off from Hartford’s Brainard Airport on Tuesday with a student pilot and an instructor on board. It struck a utility pole in East Hartford and crashed around 4 p.m., bursting into flames.

The Piper PA 34 twin-engine plane crashed on Main Street in East Hartford at around 3:30 p.m., according to the deputy police chief. Main Street was shut down between Brown Street and Ensign Street. Drivers were being asked to avoid the area, CBS affiliate WFSB reports.

Police said Main Street will be closed between Willow Street Extension and Ensign Street until further notice.

Two people were in a nearby car when the plane crashed on Main Street, police said. Authorities said the car occupants were traumatized from the crash and were taken to the hospital. The car they were in was never hit by the plane.

Officials said the plane originated from a local flight school. The Federal Aviation Administration said the aircraft was on final approach to a runway at Brainard Airport.

On Tuesday evening, police said the surviving occupant of the plane is expected to survive. He is awake and speaking with investigators.

“As far as the occupants of the plane, he is expected to survive. He is cooperating with investigators he’s actually speaking with detectives as part of this investigation as ongoing,” said East Hartford Police Lt. Josh Litwin.

Fifteen years after 9/11 and the powers that be are still allowing Muslims to come into the U.S. for flight training. Another aspect of immigration policy that is wholly corrupted and must be halted.

Expect this story to change shortly to mental instability, prescription drugs, Islamophobia, pure coincidence, the survivor recants, never said it or can’t remember…or doesn’t survive. Anything but Islam.

Update: Nothing to see here, cousin says he’s not religious and governor warns citizens not to jump to conclusions. Run along.

A high-ranking local law enforcement official said Wednesday that the student pilot and instructor were arguing shortly before the crash, which killed the student and left the instructor injured.

Another source said the student pilot started flying the plane erratically and the instructor fought to gain control before the crash. The source said the student was distraught and feeling stressed over his poor performance at the flight academy.

Public records show Freitekh address as being in Orland Hills, Ill. since April 2013. He has a license to fly a single-engine plane. Federal Aviation Administration records show he was issued a private pilot certificate on May 29, 2015. On his Facebook page he spells his name, Rafael Majdi Feritekh.

Freitekh only received mail at the Orland Hills address and had never lived there, Orland Hills Police Chief Tom Scully said at a news conference Wednesday evening, according to the Chicago Tribune. His father also had not been to the Orland Hills address, Scully said

A man from Amman who identified himself as a cousin of Freitekh’s, contacted through Facebook, said Freitekh’s dream was to become a pilot, and that’s why he came to the United States.

“He was a good person, kind and helpful,” said the cousin, who did not want to be identified by name. “He wasn’t religious at all. He was open-minded.”

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy warned Wednesday that the public should not jump to conclusions about the reasons for the crash.

“As a nation, we have all had to adjust to a new reality,” Malloy told reporters at the Capitol. “When events such as this occur, we recognize that people almost automatically wonder if someone meant to do us harm. But we must exercise caution about jumping to conclusions before discovering and considering all of the facts.”

What new reality does Dannel Malloy want Americans to adjust to? Muslim immigrants that kill Americans? Another elected official failing to uphold his oath.

We’re told there are foreign Muslims in other flight schools across the U.S. including the Epic Flight Academy in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Unrelated but also in CT yesterday, per the WSJ:

Employees of Bridgewater Associates LP, the biggest hedge fund in the world, evacuated from the company’s Connecticut office after a “non-specific bomb threat,” according to an alert sent out by the company to employees. The alert, sent out at about 3:30 p.m.,

Connecticut: Immigrant engineer gets 8 years for attempt to deliver Air Force secrets to Iran

via Former Pratt Engineer Mozaffar Khazaee Given 8-Year Sentence For Attempt To Deliver Secrets To Iran – Hartford Courant

A former Pratt & Whitney engineer was sentenced to more than eight years in prison Friday for attempting to deliver what federal prosecutors called “highly sensitive” information about military jet engines to Iran.

Mozaffar Khazaee, 61, formerly of Manchester, was sentenced to 97 months and ordered to pay a $50,000 fine by U.S. District Judge Vanessa L. Bryant for violating the Arms Export Control Act.

Khazaee was accused of trying to send to Iran proprietary, trade-secret and export-controlled material relating to U.S. military jet engines, which he had stolen from Pratt and other U.S. defense contractors where he had worked. In addition to Pratt, Khazaee had been employed by General Electric and Rolls-Royce.

Bryant, at the urging of federal prosecutors, imposed a sentence that exceeded the 57- to 72-month sentence recommended by the advisory sentencing guidelines used in federal court.

“Violations of the Arms Export Control Act, particularly those involving attempts to transfer sensitive defense technology to a foreign power, are among the most significant national security threats we face, and we will continue to leverage the criminal justice system to prevent, confront, and disrupt them,” said John P. Carlin, assistant attorney general for national security.

While living in Connecticut in 2013, prosecutors said, Khazaee tried to send a shipping container to Iran that was packed with thousands of sensitive technical manuals, specification sheets, test results, technical drawings and data and other proprietary material relating to U.S. military jet engines, including those relating to the U.S. Air Force’s F35 Joint Strike Fighter program and the F-22 Raptor.

Khazaee was arrested in January 2014 while trying to board a flight to Iran at Newark Liberty International Airport. A search of his luggage turned up more protected materials concerning jet engines and $59,945 in cash.

h/t Vdare who writes:

How stupid did Pratt & Whitney have to be to employ an Iranian engineer? Mozaffar Khazaee was sentenced Friday to eight years in prison for attempting to carry sensitive material about the engines for the U.S. Air Force’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and F-22 Raptor as he left for Iran. He was arrested at the Newark International Airport in January 2014.

Khazaee was raised in Iran and entered to this country to attend the University of Oklahoma, later earning a doctorate in mechanical engineering from New Mexico State University. Interestingly, Washington doesn’t mind thousands of foreign students from unfriendly nations studying technology and other useful subjects. Literally hundreds of thousands of Chinese from the communist People’s Republic are currently taking valued college slots, along with quite a number of Saudis (thanks to some cheapie social engineering from George W. Bush a decade ago). This year saw a record number of foreign students attending American universities, where the full tuition checks are welcome.


Yale takes $10M from Saudi to establish Center for Islamic (Sharia) Law

The same university that enforced the sharia and Banned Images of Muhammad in Book about Images of Muhammad.

via Saudi Businessman Gives $10M for Islamic Law Center at Yale – ABC News

A Saudi businessman has donated $10 million to Yale Law School to establish what school officials hope will become the country’s top center for the study of Islamic law.

Abdallah S. Kamel made the award after meetings with university representatives including Yale President Peter Salovey. Kamel, chief executive of the Dallah Albaraka Group banking and real estate enterprise in Saudi Arabia, has sponsored a lecture series on Islamic law for the last three years.

Yale officials say the Abdallah S. Kamel Center for the Study of Islamic Law and Civilization reflects a growing interest at Yale and other institutions in Islamic law, history and culture.

“The contemporary challenges of Islamic law are broadly relevant to political events throughout the entire Islamic world and those are developments that are watched by a much larger audience of people who in many cases have not much knowledge at all of the history and traditions if Islamic law,” said Professor Anthony Kronman, a co-director of the center who was first introduced to Kamel by a Yale Law graduate who works as an attorney for the Saudi businessman.

For two decades, Harvard Law School has had its own Islamic legal studies program, established with support from the Saudi king.

Abdullahi An-Na’im, who teaches Islamic law at Emory Law School, said he considers the Islamic legal studies program at Harvard a disappointment because few faculty members took an interest and it has been treated as an isolated entity at the law school. He said it remains to be seen how seriously the Yale faculty will take Islamic law as a field of human jurisprudence.

Kronman said Yale aims to have the best program of its kind in the United States, if not the world, and one objective is to ensure the center’s work is integrated into the life of the law school.

Islamic law, or Shariah, carries weight in the legal code of most Muslim countries. Movements to expand its influence, including in areas of the West, have been controversial in part because some interpretations have been used to justify intolerance and harsh punishments.

Kronman said Islamic law is all the more deserving of intellectual attention because many people have views of the subject that are not very well informed.

“It’s the responsibility of universities to teach and instruct and that obligation applies with particular force where an issue or a subject tends to be viewed in an incomplete or inadequate or even caricatured way,” Kronman said. “There the responsibility to teach and enlighten is even stronger.”

The center aims to support research fellowships, a rotation of visiting professors and a tenured professorship in the field of Islamic law.

h/t Atlas Shrugs who writes:

There is no integrity in any of our most “venerable” institutions anymore. Whores, all.

Inform the sharia judges who mete out the death penalty for bloggers, blasphemers and homosexuals. Tell it to the sharia judges who sentence rape victims to prison for “adultery.” Tell it to the Muslim countries under sharia that give lenient sentences for honor killing (ie Jordan).

Actually, we are too informed, as are sharia’s victims.

Don’t forget women who shake hands with their lawyers.

Banning images of Muhammad and getting paid to open a sharia university isn’t Yale’s only foray into dhimmitude:

Connecticut: Waterbury schools bow down to Muslims, ban tests or field trips on Muslim holidays

What has Islam or Muslims in the U.S. – or anywhere for that matter – done to deserve any respect? The Koran clearly teaches Muslims not to take Jews and Christians as friends. Should this be respected? via Waterbury schools to respect Muslim holidays.

WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — Starting next fall, all schools in the Waterbury School District will be honoring two of the Muslim religion’s most holy days by not scheduling tests, field trips or major school events on those days.

It started with more than 300 signatures on a petition and has come full circle. Thursday night, the Waterbury Board of Education voted to honor two Muslim holy days. Fahd Syed says he is happy because his children won’t have to choose between education and religion.

“Growing up in Waterbury myself and going to school here, I missed a trip because of the holiday,” said Syed. “I had to choose my faith and I didn’t go to the trip. That was in the third grade at Washington Elementary.”

Syed has four children and he is happy that the new generation of Muslims coming up through the Waterbury School District won’t have to choose between exams and religious beliefs, which is the point of Thursday’s vote, says Board of Education President Charles Stango.

“We were approached about this, and we thought about it, and honored it,” said Stango.

It is not about a day off. They are not going to shut the schools down for two Muslim holidays. A memo is going to go out at the beginning of the year. Superintendent Dr. Cathleen Ouellette says the idea is to show respect for the Muslim culture.

A sensitivity memo will go out to the district to teachers and staff, asking them to be sensitive to the Muslim holidays in regards to scheduling assessments and major events that happen through the district,” said Dr. Ouellette.

This is the first decision of its kind in the state of Connecticut.

When a Muslim holiday falls on 9/11, what takes preference?


Connecticut: Another Uber driver refuses to pick up blind woman ‘because of guide dog’

Neither the media nor Uber will say it, but the driver was more than likely Muslim. via Uber driver refuses to pick up blind woman ‘because of guide dog’ | Daily Mail Online.

A blind woman has spoken of her anger after an Uber taxi driver refused to pick her up apparently because she was with her guide dog.

Amy Dixon says she ordered a cab through the firm’s app in her home town of Darien in Connecticut on Tuesday.

But when she went to open the door, she claims the driver sped off, leaving her and her dog Elvis stranded.

She said: ‘I was flabbergasted. I’m screaming at him, waving my arms like crazy thinking maybe he made a mistake because I was hoping it wasn’t what I thought it was.’

But her fears were confirmed around ten seconds later when she received a text saying the driver had cancelled the pick up, it was reported by NBC New York.

Mrs Dixon, who lost her vision around seven years ago, managed to get another Uber car to take her home.

Uber said it had fired the driver.

Uber has a long and growing history of Muslim attacks and sexual assaults, and a war-on-women attitude in general, starting with their executives.

Connecticut church sold for benefit of local Muslim community

via Former Connecticut church sold for benefit of local Muslim community. h/t pdollard

The Episcopal Church in Connecticut (ECCT) has sold its property at 35 Harris Road, Avon, former home to Christ Episcopal Church, to the Farmington Valley American Muslim Center, Inc. (FVAMC).

The sale, for $1.1 million, was completed on Oct. 21.

Trustees of the Farmington Valley American Muslim Center, Inc. with the Rev. Audrey Scanlan of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut at the real estate closing for the property in Avon, Oct. 21. Center: Khamis Abu-Hasaballah, Ph.D., President of the FVAMC Board of Trustees, with his wife, Noora Brown, M.A., chair of the FVAMC Interfaith Committee. Right of Khamis Abu-Hasaballah, Canon Audrey Scanlan of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut.

Trustees of the Farmington Valley American Muslim Center, Inc. with the Rev. Audrey Scanlan of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut at the real estate closing for the property in Avon, Oct. 21. Center: Khamis Abu-Hasaballah, Ph.D., President of the FVAMC Board of Trustees, with his wife, Noora Brown, M.A., chair of the FVAMC Interfaith Committee. Right of Khamis Abu-Hasaballah, Canon Audrey Scanlan of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut.

The building was vacated after the congregation voted in 2012 to dissolve as a parish and close by the end of that year.

The following spring, Bishop Ian T. Douglas and other ECCT staff hosted a meeting of community leaders and interested residents to discern how the property could best be used “as an asset to God’s mission of restoration and reconciliation” in greater Avon and beyond.

At the meeting they learned that the local Muslim community needed a place to gather for prayers, teaching, youth programs and interfaith work. In September 2013, the ECCT entered into an interfaith partnership with FVAMC that included leasing the Avon building.

Since then the FVAMC has reached out to its neighbors with open houses and other interfaith efforts, expanded its worship and service work, and grown its programs, particularly for youth.

The several committees of the ECCT needed to approve the sale gave it their solid endorsement and support.

Both ECCT and the FVAMC share the understanding that the sale isn’t the end of their relationship but the beginning of a new phase in this interfaith collaboration.

Douglas said of the growing relationship between the Episcopal Church in Connecticut and the Farmington Valley American Muslim Center: “I thank God that through the stewardship of our property in Avon we have come into relationship with our Muslim neighbors in the Farmington valley. Together we are learning about what it means to be people of faith working together for peace and understanding. It is a blessing to cooperate with the FVAMC in the development of their new home.”

“We are grateful to our brothers and sisters in the Diocese for their partnership,” said Khamis Abu-Hasaballah, president of the Board of Trustees of the FVAMC. “This house of worship will serve as a foundation for our efforts to continue building bridges with our neighbors, the local community, and other faith traditions. Our relationship with the ECCT serves as a shining example in our region, and as a beacon of hope for inter-religious understanding and cooperation the world over.


Check back in a year or so…our bet is the interfaith lovefest is just about over.

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