Emails Show Obama Kept List of Muslims For Top Jobs, Excluded Non-Muslims


Undoubtedly these lists were produced at BHO’s request. Source: Obama Team Excluded Non-Muslims From Jobs | The Daily Caller

The newest batch of John Podesta’s hacked emails released by Wikileaks shows Obama’s transition team kept lists of Muslim and Asian candidates for jobs in the administration.

According to an email chain from 2008, John Podesta received lists of exclusively Muslims and Asians to be considered for jobs in the Obama administration. The email chain revealed that in this process, Middle Eastern Christians were purposefully excluded, or set aside in a separate list, with an aide writing,

In the candidates for top jobs, I excluded those with some Arab American background but who are not Muslim (e.g., George Mitchell). Many Lebanese Americans, for example, are Christian. In the last list (of outside boards/commissions), most who are listed appear to be Muslim American, except that a handful (where noted) may be Arab American but of uncertain religion (esp. Christian).

Also notable, there was concern that some of the Muslims suggested would not survive media scrutiny, with one aide writing, “High-profile Muslim Americans tend to be the subject of a fair amount of blogger criticism, and so the individuals on this list would need to be ESPECIALLY carefully vetted.”

She continues, “I suspect some of the people I list would not survive such a vet — but I do personally know, at least in part, virtually all of the candidates in the 1st two categories (but I know very few of those listed for outside boards/commissions).”

Within the lists themselves, candidates were further broken down, with every candidate labeled by their nationality and sometimes race.

This follows a pattern of the Obama Administration using race and religion to determine hiring, with other leaked emails showing potential political appointees being labeled with an F for female, B for black, H for Hispanic, and M for Muslim.

Another Wikileaks release showed the Obama transition team keeping extensive lists of non-white candidates for administration posts.

As we warned readers eight years ago:

Muslim Congressman Keith Hakim Ellison, Muslim Congressional Staffers seek to fill Obama’s 8,000 jobs

Obama gets list of top Muslim Americans

Recruiting Muslims to Capitol Hill goes viral

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.

~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

Video: Hillary’s Michigan, America’s Worst Nightmare


Refugee Resettlement Watch https://refugeeresettlementwatch.word…
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Germany: School forces children to chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ and “there is no God but Allah”

Source: Fury as German primary school ‘forces’ children to chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Muslim prayer Daily Express

The father of the pupil at the girl’s primary school in German ski resort Garmisch-Partenkirchen discovered that his daughter had been forced to learn the Islamic prayer when he discovered a handout she had been given.

He claimed she had been “forced” by teachers to memorise the Islamic chants and forwarded the handout to Austrian news service unsertirol24.

Headteacher Gisela Herl did not confirm the incident when questioned, but said the school would issue a written statement detailing its position in the coming week.The incident comes just weeks after parents complained to German newspaper Hessian Niedersächsische Allgemeine (HNA) that their children’s nursery was refusing to acknowledge “Christmas rituals” to accommodate the “diverse cultures” of other pupils.

The Sara Nussbaum House daycare centre in Kassel refused to put up a Christmas tree, tell Christmas stories or celebrate Christmas in general because it said only a minority of pupils were Christian.

A spokesman for Kassel explained: “There will be no Christmas celebrations, in the strictest sense. Because the majority of children at this kindergarten are not Christian the festival will not be celebrated in the way that it is at other schools.”Migrants now outnumber native children at many schools in Germany as the country has been inundated with migrants in recent years.

More than one million migrants are estimated to have arrived in Germany during the last year alone.The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees estimates that another 200,000 people will apply for asylum in 2017.

Virginia: Muslim immigrant pleads guilty – helped Muslim friend try to join Islamic State

ramirez-isisAnother of Obama Muslim immigrant or refugee…which is not clear. Source: Va. man pleads guilty to helping friend who wanted to join the Islamic State – The Washington Post

On Jan. 15, Mahmoud Elhassan headed out in his taxi from Northern Virginia to pick up a friend in Richmond who was preparing to travel overseas. They pulled over at a rest stop, where the friend, Joseph Farrokh, shaved off his beard. Then, with hours left before Farrokh’s flight, they went to a mall to pass the time.

Finally, Elhassan called another cab to take Farrokh to the Richmond airport. Elhassan began driving back north.

The shave and the second taxi were intended to help the pair avoid detection as Farrokh set out on his way to Syria to join the Islamic State. It was no use; the FBI had been watching the whole time, and an undercover informant was in on the plan. Farrokh was arrested as he walked toward his gate, Elhassan in the food court of Potomac Mills mall.

Elhassan, 26, pleaded guilty Monday morning to attempting to help a terrorist group and giving false statements to the FBI. He admitted that he introduced Farrokh to the informant at Farrokh’s wedding last fall and spoke numerous times about ways to get to Syria. He also lied to investigators, claiming that his friend had flown out of Dulles International Airport to attend a funeral in California.

He may yet go to trial on a charge of conspiracy to provide material support. He says that he himself never tried to go abroad.

“There’s an issue of whether this is more than an attempt” to help the Islamic State, said Thomas Durkin, Elhassan’s attorney.

A trial would be “meaningless,” Durkin said, because it probably would have little effect on Elhassan’s sentence. He said he hopes prosecutors will agree to drop the conspiracy charge.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Dennis Fitzpatrick said in court that Elhassan and Farrokh, both of Woodbridge, engaged in conversations that were “violent in nature,” discussing “chopping off heads” and “fighting against the U.S. military.”

Durkin said there are personal details that put Elhassan’s actions in context.

“Preceding all this, he was under tremendous emotional and family problems,” Durkin said. “His mother had died at a young age, which was traumatic for him and his family.”

Elhassan’s father died in 2008, which is when most of his family came from Sudan to the United States. His mother became sick in 2014 and died of cancer in September 2015.

Durkin called Elhassan “a very, very thoughtful and intelligent kid,” who, as a refu­gee in Cairo, studied at Al-Azhar University, the oldest in Egypt. In the United States, before his arrest, he was a student at Northern Virginia Community College.

Elhassan had initially pleaded not guilty, with his attorney Ashraf Nubani arguing that the case was manufactured by undercover informants. Nubani identified the key informant as Jesse Morton, a former Islamist extremist who was let out of prison more than seven years early.

Farrokh, 29, pleaded guilty earlier this year and was sentenced to 8½ years in prison. Raised by a Shiite Muslim father and a Christian mother, he turned to Islam in his 20s after battling an opioid addiction. Court documents show that he latched onto an extreme religiosity and became fixated on the idea of dying as a martyr on the battlefield in Syria. After his arrest, he expressed bafflement and disgust at his actions.

The two are among seven young men from Northern Virginia accused of ties to the Islamic State this year. Along with Farrokh and Elhassan, Haris Qamar has pleaded guilty to terrorism-related charges. Four other cases are pending.

Sharia Marches on in Florida and New York

Just like in Missouri and California. It’s a coordinated attack in the U.S. by Muslims.

Source: Articles: Shariah Marches on in Florida and New York

On Friday, October 21st, the Miami, FL, Commission; the Monroe County, NY, Legislature; the Rochester, NY, Board of Education; and the Rochester, NY, City Council announced proclamations condemning hate speech against Muslims.  These proclamations define neither hate speech nor the person or persons who will decide what constitutes hate speech.  Far from benign calls to let peaceful Muslims go about their lives and prayers in peace, these proclamations represent a step towards elevating Shariah (Islamic law) over the Frist [sic, First] Amendment.

Why do I make this claim?  Backtrack to 2012 and the aftermath of Benghazi, when President Obama told the UN, “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”  The subtext of this statement was lost amidst several nods by Obama to the First Amendment later in his speech.  The subtext was this: slander in Shariah is not telling lies that hurt someone’s reputation; rather, slander in Shariah is telling a truth or a lie which someone doesn’t want to be told.  Slander in Shariah is thus defined by what the potentially aggrieved party wants or doesn’t want to hear, not by evidence.

For evidence of this, see Reliance of the Traveler: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law.  On page 730 of the English translation of this law manual – – which has been endorsed by the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Al-Azhar University, the premier authority in Sunni Islam – – slander is defined as follows: “to mention anything concerning a person that he would dislike, whether about his body, religion, everyday life, self, disposition, property, son, father, wife, servant, turban, garment, gait, movements, smiling, dissoluteness, frowning, cheerfulness, or anything else connected with him.”

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Michigan Township Defies Feds: ‘Will Not Actively Participate in the Refugee Resettlement Program’

Will they passively accept Muslim “refugees” being forced into their township? Source: Michigan Township Defies Feds: ‘Will Not Actively Participate in the Refugee Resettlement Program’ – Breitbart

Waterford Township trustees in Oakland County, Michigan, passed a resolution on Monday telling the federal government not to resettle any refugees, including those from Syria, within the township’s boundaries, until the program “has been significantly reformed.”

The vote was unanimous, seven to zero.

The resolution stated: “[T]he Charter Township of Waterford will not actively participate in the Refugee Resettlement Program until the Program has been significantly reformed, and until it has been demonstrated that the Townships of Oakland County have the capacity to absorb refugees without diverting funds from needy residents or exposing their residents to unwarranted security risks.”

Waterford Township has a population of 72,000 and is located in the geographic center of Oakland County, population 1.2 million, a suburban Detroit county.

The resolution passed just hours before the Thomas More Law Center announced on Tuesday that it has been selected to represent Tennessee it its lawsuit against the federal government on Tenth Amendment grounds over the operation of the refugee resettlement program by the federal government in the Volunteer State.

It also indicates further legal trouble ahead for the federal government in Oakland County, Michigan, where County Executive L. Brooks Patterson has said he intends to sue the federal government for resettling refugees in the county while failing to comply with the “consultation clause” of the Refugee Act of 1980 that requires the federal to government and the director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement to consult with state and local government officials prior to the placement of refugees within their jurisdictions.

The full resolution reads:


WHEREAS: Refugees are placed in Michigan through the Federal Refugee Resettlement Program, a federal taxpayer funded program that contracts with vendor agencies to coordinate placements and welfare benefits for refugee families coming into our country, and

WHEREAS: State records show that federal vendors operating in Michigan have requested a total of at least 4060 refugees be settled into Michigan in FY 2016, and

WHEREAS: President Barack Obama has called for the resettling of at least 10,000 Syrian refugees in the United States this fiscal year, and

WHEREAS: Federal vendors have, thus far this fiscal year, resettled more Syrian refugees in Michigan than any other state; Oakland County is a focus area for resettlement; and the arrival numbers are expected to surge dramatically given the federal vendors’ preparations, and

WHEREAS: The FBI and other homeland security agencies have testified before Congress that refugees from failed states such as Syria cannot be adequately vetted to ensure that they do not have terrorist ties because the necessary records do not exist, and

WHEREAS: Intelligence officials have testified before Congress that terrorists are seeking to use the program to enter the United States, and

WHEREAS: Federal immigration law requires that local governments be consulted prior to placement of refugees in their communities and that they be involved in defining their local capacity for refugee placements, and

WHEREAS: Federal reports indicate that there continue to be major gaps in communication between federal vendors and local governments and schools prior to the placement of refugees, and

WHEREAS: The Refugee Resettlement process creates significant unfunded financial burdens for receiving states, counties and local communities to provide public assistance to meet refugee needs for schools, law enforcement, housing and health care, etc., and

WHEREAS: There is pending federal and state legislation to reform the Refugee Resettlement Program requiring federal vendors to operate with more transparency, to more fully involve local governments in placement decisions, and to report to the state police all situations which could be related to security risks or human trafficking events,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Charter Township of Waterford will not actively participate in the Refugee Resettlement Program until the Program has been significantly reformed, and until it has been demonstrated that the Townships of Oakland County have the capacity to absorb refugees without diverting funds from needy residents or exposing their residents to unwarranted security risks.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that copies of this resolution be provided to all elected county, state and federal officials representing the Charter Township of Waterford.

“The resolution, which has been pushed by the Oakland County Association of Township Supervisors, states that the federal Refugee Resettlement Program creates significant financial burdens for communities to meet the needs of the refugees, WWJ, the local CBS television affiliate in Detroit, reported.

Under the Refugee Act of 1980, state and local governments have standing to sue the federal government for failure to comply with the “coordination clause” of the act.

To date, only two states, Alabama and Texas, have sued the federal government for violation of the Refugee Act of 1980. Both suits lost in federal district court, but are on appeal.

No local governments have yet sued the federal government for its failure to comply with the consultation clause of the Refugee Act of 1980.

The Tennessee lawsuit has not yet been filed, but it is anticipated to be in court within the next few months.

Michigan: Two brothers convert to Islam, arrested plotting terrorist attacks in Tunisia

Tunisia, where Obama and Hillary Clinton started the Arab Spring/Winter/Summer/Fall.


Source:  Brothers From Michigan Arrested in Tunisia in Terrorism Probe

TUNIS, Tunisia — Two American brothers have been arrested in Tunisia on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist organization, two local sources told NBC News.

A senior police official said the brothers were both aged in their 30s and originally from Michigan. A source in the governor’s office also confirmed the arrests.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the police source said one of the men was carrying a U.S. passport that identified him as Patrick Alan Lawwill. NBC News has seen a photocopy of the passport, which was apparently issued in July 2015 and lists Lawwill’s place of birth as Michigan.

Police were not able to provide a copy of the second suspect’s documents.

A State Department official said it was aware of reports the pair had been arrested “on suspicion of terrorist activities” but declined to comment further because of “privacy considerations.”

The brothers were arrested in the northwestern city of Jendouba on Tuesday, according to the local police source.

The pair had recently converted from Christianity to Islam and one of them was married to a Tunisian woman who was also arrested, the source said.

The brothers, who both wore beards and traditional clothing, were reported to authorities by locals who said they were “behaving suspiciously,” the source added.

Another official in the local governor’s office, also speaking anonymously, told NBC News that the pair came to study in the University of Jendouba two weeks ago.

Officials who raided the encampment where they were staying found material relating to hardline Islamic law and jihad, according to the governor’s office source.

More via Michigan Brothers Named in Connection With Jendouba Terror Charges

One of the American brothers arrested in northern Tunisia in connection with terrorism charges is understood to be 31 year old Patrick Alan Lawwill, from Lansing, Michigan. Lawwill was arrested along with his brother, understood to be a 32 year old named Nathan.

Working in partnership with the Lansing State Journal, a daily newspaper in Michigan’s capital, Tunisia Live has discovered that both brothers appear to have lengthy criminal records, including charges of domestic violence and,  in one instance, indications of mental health issues.

Lawwill and his brother were detained by Tunisian authorities Tuesday morning  after they were found plotting terror attacks from an encampment in Zawha City. The brothers have been staying in the greater Tunis area for about a year, Jawhara FM reports, but recently moved to Jendouba on October 23. According to police, the brothers had been in contact with international terror groups via social media.

Police described the brothers as having been found unwashed, with long beards, and living in poor conditions in an encampment near the University of Jendouba.

While the brothers claimed to have been studying computer science at the University of Jendouba, sources at the local police station said they were not enrolled at the University and that this was likely a cover.

Police were tipped off by locals, suspicious of the men’s activities and discovered jihadist content on the brother’s personal laptops and plans to build explosives.

In the company of a translator, the brothers told authorities that they had recently converted to Islam, and wanted to introduce Shariah law throughout the country. They also had stamps from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on their passports.

One of the brothers is said to have entered into an Urfi, (religious rather than legal) marriage with a Tunisian girl from Borj Louzir, Ariana. She was arrested in Lafeyette, Tunis Tuesday afternoon.

According to local police in Jendouba, the brothers will be transferred to a judicial division in Tunis.

A spokesperson for the U.S. embassy speaking to Tunisia Live yesterday declined to comment on the developing story.


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