Ohio: Muslim in Columbus to plead guilty to supporting Islamic State terrorists

Daniels aka Harun Muhammad aka Abu Yusuf will plead guilty

Canada: Syrian Muslim Refugees Fight New Neighbors with Rocks, Bricks

Source: EXCLUSIVE: Refugees Fight Canadians with Rocks, Bricks - The Rebel Over one thousand Syrian refugees were welcomed into Hamilton, Ontario. However, one year after the newcomers arrived, local attitudes are shifting. In one Hamilton neighbourhood 12 months ago, neighbours gathered bicycles and patio furniture for the newly arrived refugees. They even bought soil to … Continue reading Canada: Syrian Muslim Refugees Fight New Neighbors with Rocks, Bricks

Jesuit Scholar: Seeking to Defend Islam at All Costs is Betraying the Truth

Muslim "Extremists are just applying what their religion [Islam] teaches them to do."

Florida Museum Celebrates Brutal Conversion of Hagia Sophia Church to a Mosque

Florida museum's Islamic exhibit celebrates conquest of famous Christian church by Muslim invaders.

Facebook Suspends Priest After Post About Islamic Jihad

They're spiking "the very information the community needs to understand current events.”

The Department of Justice is Privileging Mosques

DOJ has been using RLUIPA to establish mosques in residential areas across the U.S.

Alabama: Muslim arrested in terror plot that included US Army’s Redstone Arsenal

Aziz Sayyed, 22, was arrested and faces a state charge of soliciting or providing support for an act of terrorism.

Texas: Governor Signs Bill Banning Sharia Law

“American Laws for American Courts” or ALAC signed into law in Texas.

What is the Muslim Brotherhood doing in your state?

You'd better find out before its too late.

Michigan: Farmington Hills Mosque Allegedly Paid for Female Genital Mutilation

Michigan mosque "reimbursed" Muslim doctor who performed female genital mutilation on young girls.

ISIS cells in nearly all Indonesian provinces, except predominantly Christian province of Papua

Military chief singled out the predominantly Christian province of Papua as one of the few exceptions.

Michigan: Nearly 1/2 candidates for Dearborn city positions are ‘Arabs’, record number in Dearborn Heights too

Importing Muslim refugees and immigrants has led to near complete takeovers in several Islamic enclaves in the U.S.

Muslim ex-Intercept reporter pleads guilty to bomb threats on Jewish schools

The Muslim who threatened to bomb Jewish centers complained about "Islamophobia".

West Ignores ISIS “Safe Havens” In Bosnia

'A perfect safe haven in the underbelly of Europe'

My Hometown is Gone – the Islamization of a Small American Town

How a small upstate New York town was transformed by Muslim refugees and immigration.