Ben Carson Tells IRS:  Take Away Terror-Tied CAIR’s Tax-Exempt Status

Someone in the know has been advising Ben. via Ben Carson Goes After Terror-Tied CAIR, Wants Investigation of Tax-Exempt Status – Breitbart

Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson wants the IRS to investigate the Council On American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). The Saudi-funded, terror-tied CAIR may have jeopardized its non-profit status and violated the law by calling for Carson to step down and withdraw from the presidential race.

Routinely described as a “Muslim advocacy group” and a “civil rights organization” by the mainstream media, CAIR’s foundations tell a very different story. CAIR’s founder and current leader, Nihad Awad, has proven ties to Hamas, a U.S.-designated Palestinian terrorist group. FBI wiretaps found that Awad asked early CAIR employees to use coded-language when discussing their support for Hamas, due to its terror designation.

CAIR also has significant ties, if not membership, with the global Muslim Brotherhood, as the founders of CAIR were all members of Muslim Brotherhood-launched outfits.

CAIR has “brazenly violated IRS rules” as a tax-exempt organization, which are prohibited from intervening “in a political campaign on behalf of—or in opposition to—a candidate,” Carson alleged.

“Under the Obama administration, the IRS has systematically targeted conservative nonprofit groups for politically motivated audits and harassment,” Dr. Carson, one of the frontrunners for the Republican nomination for President, said in a statement on his website. “The agency should now properly do its job and punish the real violators of America’s laws and regulations.”

Meanwhile, Carson has seen a surge in contributions towards his campaign in the past 36 hours. Campaign manager Barry Bennett told ABC News on Thursday that the GOP contender has raised about $700,000 in the past 36-hours.

“This is not the first time that CAIR has disrespected U.S. laws or America. It has previously lost its tax-exempt status by failing to file federal taxes three years in a row. It had also been named by federal prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in a criminal conspiracy to funnel money to Hamas, a terrorist organization,” Dr. Carson reminded readers on his website.

The feud between Dr. Carson and CAIR started when the GOP nominee suggested that he would not “advocate for” a Muslim to become president of the United States. Carson would later clarify that he was talking about Muslims that follow Sharia Law, which calls for barbaric treatment of non-Muslims and women. CAIR then responded by calling for Carson’s immediate resignation. Instead of taking questions at their press conference suggesting Carson step down, CAIR ejected a Breitbart reporter for asking questions of the terror-tied outfit.

Carson has big donors, is he blowing smoke to get votes or will he follow threw with potential legal action against CAIR?

McCain Says Russia Attacking “our Free Syrian Army”

Did you know we Americans had a “Free Syrian Army”? If you’re a regular, you certainly knew Obama has been arming, training and funding jihadists in Syria for many years…at taxpayer expense. ISIS pal John McCain right there with him.


McCain pictured with known terrorists

via: Russia accused of bombing U.S.-armed rebels – CBS News

MOSCOW — Russian jets carried out a second day of in Syria Thursday, but there were conflicting claims about whether they were targeting Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and al Qaeda militants or trying to shore up the defenses of President Bashar Assad.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said his country and the U.S.-coalition “see eye-to-eye” on the targets of the fight in Syria and that the first military contact between Russia and the U.S. would take place “very, very soon.” He added that “we believe that our position is absolutely in line with international law.”

U.S. Sen. John McCain said Thursday that some Russian airstrikes in Syria were aimed at CIA-backed groups fighting the Assad regime, echoing claims from activists.

McCain, who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee, told CNN he “can absolutely confirm to you that they were strikes against our Free Syrian Army, or groups that have been armed and trained by the CIA, because we have communications with people there.” However, he later said the claim was based on published reports.

McCain lied to CNN about his source.

CBS News senior security contributor Mike Morell, the former deputy director of the CIA, said Putin is miscalculating the effects of his military action.

Morell told “CBS This Morning” co-host Charlie Rose on Thursday that the Russian leader was trying “to prop up Assad … because he really believes that if Assad falls, there will be more instability in Syria, giving more running room to ISIS, maybe even having ISIS in Damascus.”

“He’s absolutely right that if Assad leaves tomorrow with no follow-on government, then you’re in a Libya kind of situation with chaos. But the U.S. plan all along is a transition from Assad to another government. That’s what we have to have. That’s the only solution here, and Putin has just made that much more difficult.”

Yes, more difficult for Obama to help usher in a Muslim Brotherhood regime or worse. 

Hundreds of Muslim Chechens and Central Asian fighters have joined the battles in Syria since the early days of the civil war, and many form the backbone of al-Nusra and ISIS. Some of those Chechen extremists are part of the coalition that controls Idlib.

Putin has said Russia would be fighting “gangs of international terrorists.” The Syrian government considers all rebel groups terrorists.

So Russian is going after Chechens and Central Asian jihadists. Possibly with some help from China. What is Obama doing about the hundreds of Muslims from the U.S. who go to and from Syria to wage jihad?

The Rise of America’s First Muslim Brotherhood Political Party (video)

Creeping Sharia covered the birth of the Muslim Brotherhood’s U.S. political party here, here and here.

via: Star Spangled Shariah: The Rise of America’s First Muslim Brotherhood Party

The U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s stated goal in America is to “destroy the Western civilization from within.” Star-Spangled Shariah: The Rise of America’s First Muslim Brotherhood Party shows the newest weapon in their arsenal for doing so – a self-described “political Party” called the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO). This new monograph “connects the dots” between the Brotherhood’s secret plan to impose Shariah here and the insidious use it intends to make of our democratic political system to that end.

The USCMO understands that in order for it to succeed, the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood must be galvanized to the execution of the “Civilization-Jihadist Process” – a term taken from a key 1991 Brotherhood document, An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America, submitted as evidence by the Justice Department in the landmark 2008 U.S. v Holy Land Foundation, et al. HAMAS terror funding trial:

The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers, so that is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” 

By its nature, the object of such a stealthy form of jihad is to ensure that the target community remains unaware of the extent of the threat until it is too late. It is our purpose with this volume and the other monographs of the Center’s Civilization Jihad Reader Series to raise the alarm and to engage the American people and their elected representatives in countering this threat while there is still time.

Click here for a full PDF of the newly released monograph.

View all posts on USCMO in the Creeping Sharia archives.


More Than 90% of Middle Eastern Refugees on Food Stamps

Ninety percent of those or more are Muslim. And Obama, Pelosi, Kerry and most Democrats along with many Republicans want to import tens – if not hundreds – of thousands more Muslims who will immediately go on welfare. Couple that with the fact that Arabic is Most Common Language of Refugees in America.

Taxation for Islamization!! via More Than 90 Percent of Middle Eastern Refugees on Food Stamps

More than 90 percent of recent refugees from Middle Eastern nations are on food stamps and nearly 70 percent receive cash assistance, according to government data.

According to Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) data highlighted by the immigration subcommittee staff of

Sen. Jeff Sessions — chairman of the Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest — in FY 2013, 91.4 percent of Middle Eastern refugees (accepted to the U.S. between 2008-2013) received food stamps, 73.1 percent were on Medicaid or Refugee Medical Assistance and 68.3 percent were on cash welfare.

Middle Eastern refugees used a number of other assistance programs at slightly lower rates. For example, 36.7 percent received Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), 32.1 percent received Supplemental Security Income (SSI), 19.7 percent lived in public housing, 17.3 percent were on General Assistance (GA), and 10.9 percent received Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA).

The high welfare rates among Middle Eastern refugees comes as the Obama administration considers increasing the number of refugees — who are immediately eligible for public benefits — to the U.S., particularly Syrian refugees.

ORR defines refugees and asylees from the “Middle East” as being from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, and Yemen.

Sessions’ staff notes that that from FY 2008 to FY 2013 the U.S. admitted 115,617 refugees from the Middle East and granted another 10,026 asylum. Additionally the U.S. granted green cards to 308,805 immigrants from those Middle Eastern countries identified by ORR as refugee nations, making them Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs) eligible to apply for citizenship in five years and petition to have family members come to the U.S.

As of 2013, Sessions’ staff notes, the top ten countries for refugee admission to the U.S. were  Iraq, Burma, Bhutan, Somalia, Cuba, Iran, Congo, Sudan, Eritrea, and Ethiopia.

“More broadly, concerning all immigration, the Migration Policy Institute notes that the U.S. has taken in ‘about 20 percent of the world’s international migrants, even as it represents less than 5 percent of the global population,’ and that 1 in 4 U.S. residents is now either an immigrant or born to immigrant parents,” Sessions staff highlights, noting that the Census is projecting that another 14 million immigrants will come to the U.S. by 2025.

With illegal immigration/open borders, expect that number to double or triple.

Despite media bias, Two Out of Three Hispanics Oppose Immigration Increase.


Son of Notorious Muslim Brotherhood Figures Meets At White House & State Dept

For those who didn’t know, the Obama Admin Secured the Release of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Member from an Egyptian prison. Now he’s meeting with Obama in the White House.

via Son Of Notorious Muslim Brotherhood Figures Meets At White House; Mohamed Soltan Recently Released Fromn Egyptian Prison

By gmbwatch

US media is reporting that Mohamed Soltan, the son of the notorious anti-Semite and Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood figure Salah Soltan, has been meeting at the ‘White House and State Department following his release from an Egyptian prison. According to the New York Times report:

In recent meetings at the White House and the State Department, Mr Soltan has cited his unique experiences as both a child of the American Midwest and a political prisoner in Cairo to argue that Egypt’s mass incarcerations are hurting Washington’s interests, by radicalising previously non-violent youth into anti-American militants.

‘I was fortunate enough to have had the experience of freedom and democracy here in the United States, so I was able to translate my anger into the hunger strike,’ Mr Soltan said in a telephone interview from Washington. But tens of thousands of other young inmates ‘are more likely to go the other way.’”

Read the rest here.

The GMBDW reported in May that Mohamed Soltan had been released from a prison in Egypt and was returning to the United States.

Although some news reports identify Mohamed Soltan as the son of Salah Soltan, most of the mainstream reporting fails to make this identification and none that we reviewed delved either into his father’s background nor that of Mohamed Soltan himself. As we have frequently reported here, Salah Soltan (aka Sultan) is a notorious anti-Semite who is close to Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi and is or was a member of several important US and European Muslim Brotherhood organizations. Although as reported, his family is denying that he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, a US blog has documented Mohamed Soltan’s support for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood while he was living in the US including a beaming photograph of him together with his father and Qaradawi. In April 2014, we reported on a demonstration held by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in support of Mohamed Soltan.


Top U.S. Muslim Cleric Dr. Salah Soltan Sentenced to Death in Egypt

Ohio State Univ Muslim Student Association President arrested in Egypt

Reader Dee sent us this – Soltan was also buddies with Anwar Al-Aulaqi.

Why Did Huma Abedin Bring Desecration of Koran in Michigan to Sec of State Clinton’s Attention?

Source: Why Did Huma Abedin Feel the Need to Bring the Desecration of a Koran to Sec of State Clinton’s Attention? | BEN WEINGARTEN

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was understandably kept abreast of all manner of news from all over the world during her tenure as Secretary of State.

But buried amidst the thousands of emails recently released by the State Department is one news report of particular interest sent from top Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

Here is Abedin’s note:

This email begs the question: Why did Huma Abedin feel the need to bring the desecration of a Koran in East Lansing, MI to the attention of the Secretary of State?

Did Abedin feel that Clinton might be concerned about the news “inciting” attacks in America or abroad?

Might she have felt that such a story could be leveraged politically?

Was it just something Abedin as a Muslim found personally reprehensible, that she felt her confidant ought to be made aware of?

Whatever the reason that Huma Abedin felt the need to give a heads-up to Hillary Clinton on this particular story, this and the hundreds if not thousands of emails between them remind us that though the press may ignore it, a Muslim Brotherhood-tied aide has been closer to Mrs. Clinton than perhaps anyone else for many years, including critical ones at Foggy Bottom.

Note the Koran burning was reported by another Muslim Brotherhood entity, the terror-named Hamas front group CAIR and it took place in Lansing, Michigan – where the mayor celebrates the month of jihad – Ramadan – on 9/11.

FBI to Put Muslim Terrorists in Counseling, Not Jail

“This new FBI is totally different.’’

Indeed. via FBI to Seek Counseling, Not Handcuffs, for Some Islamic State Suspects – WSJ.

Faced with a wave of potential homegrown Islamic State supporters, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is embarking on a new approach with some suspects: putting them in counseling rather than handcuffs.

Federal and local officials working on counterterrorism say the logistical challenges posed by Islamic State’s propaganda—its slick online messages are readily available to anyone—make it difficult to address the problem solely through traditional investigations.

Proponents of the intervention model say it provides a possible “off ramp” from radicalization and addresses a hard truth: The FBI cannot effectively investigate all of the thousands of Americans who are believed to be interested in Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

The challenge is particularly acute for teenage suspects, because the federal criminal justice system is poorly equipped to prosecute minors, officials said.

“Nobody wants to see a 15-year-old kid go to jail if they don’t have to,’’ said one official working on the effort. That official said that when the FBI recommends a potential suspect for counseling, the criminal investigation will continue and agents will be prepared to make an arrest if they believe the person becomes more dangerous.

The issue has sparked an intense debate inside federal law enforcement, where many fear deadly consequences if they misjudge a suspect who is sent to counseling instead of being arrested.

“I get the principle, but there are a lot of potential problems with this, and I think it’s a wrong move,’’ said Peter Ahearn a former FBI counterterrorism agent. “I’m not saying it shouldn’t be done but it shouldn’t be done by the FBI. That’s not the mission.’’

In Dearborn, Mich., Police Chief Ronald Haddad’s officers were contacted about a month ago by a family worried their son might try to join Islamic State. Police ended up steering the teen toward psychiatric help, the chief said.

Such an intervention doesn’t stop a criminal investigation, but Mr. Haddad said the goal is to avoid any potential violence or arrest, if possible. In a city where roughly a third of the population claims some Arab heritage, several counterterrorism officials said Dearborn’s police department is better equipped than most to do such outreach and intervention.

The chief said that if someone is plotting an attack or a crime that person will be arrested. His hope is that police can catch individuals before they reach that stage and set them on another course.

The teenager’s case is still being worked out. “But I can tell you what didn’t happen—he didn’t harm anyone here,’’ said Mr. Haddad, who is one of the country’s biggest proponents of intervention.

In Dearborn, an intervention case typically starts when authorities, often local police, are tipped about a person’s behavior that worries family, friends or acquaintances.

“We can refer it to a school counselor, where appropriate, clergy, a psychiatric ward, and part of the intervention on the part of the police is to thoroughly research—not investigate but research—to make sure there are no weapons, no previous assaultive behavior,’’ Mr. Haddad said.

The approach is increasingly embraced by the Obama administration as part of a broader initiative federal officials call countering violent extremism, or CVE—which focuses on countering terrorist propaganda and spotting problematic behavior early.

Don Borelli, a former FBI counterterrorism official, noted the approach has been used in Europe for years, and said that with proper legal guidance and training, could work here.

Hennepin County, Minn., Sheriff Richard Stanek also attended the FBI gathering last month. He said intervention isn’t much different from what police have long done to lure young men away from street gangs.

Mr. Stanek said he was encouraged by the move but cautioned that the federal government has a long way to go because it lacks a coordinated effort. Nevertheless, the sheriff said, he sees a distinct change within the FBI.

In past years, he said, “there was a lot of resistance’’ to the idea that the FBI play a role in interventions, Mr. Stanek said. “This new FBI is totally different.’’

This is what you get when the Muslim Brotherhood Takes Charge of FBI Counterterrorism Training and the FBI Partners With Jihad Groups.

The Creeping Sharia archives are full of posts on the FBI and their submission to Islam.



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