Obama to host Nigeria’s sharia-committed president as 9 sentenced to death for blaspheming Mohammed

via Obama to host Nigeria’s Buhari on July 20: White House – Yahoo News.

(AFP) – US President Barack Obama will welcome his Nigerian counterpart to Washington next month, the White House announced Thursday, a symbolic show of solidarity after the country’s first ever democratic transition.

“President Obama will host Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari at the White House,” on July 20, the White House said.

The visit will mark “our support for the Nigerian people following their historic democratic elections and peaceful transfer of power,” a statement added.

Meanwhile, Nigerian court sentences nine to death for blasphemy

Kano (Nigeria) (AFP) – Nine people have been sentenced to death in northern Nigeria after being found guilty of blasphemy, a court clerk and the head of the religious police told AFP on Friday.

The Upper Sharia Court in the city of Kano handed down death sentences to a Sufi Muslim cleric and eight of his followers for remarks they made about the Prophet Mohammed last month.

The comments, made during a religious ceremony, sparked anger and violence in the city.

Court clerk Alhaji Nasuru said the nine, including one woman, were “sentenced to death in accordance with sections 110 and 302 of the Sharia penal code.”

The head of the Kano state Sharia (Islamic law) police, known locally as the Hisbah, welcomed the verdicts.

“We are happy the Sharia court handed the death sentences to the nine people who made the blasphemous statements against the Holy Prophet,” said Aminu Daurawa.

The trial was held in secret to avoid violence, after crowds set fire to a section of the Sharia court on the defendants’ first appearance on May 22.

The judgment still has to be approved by Kano governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, added Daurawa, who warned the sentence should remind Muslims that blasphemy attracts the ultimate penalty.

He also said the risk of violence was high if the nine were released.

“The concern is mobs would take extrajudicial action if these convicts are for whatever reason released because they would certainly kill them when they see them on the streets,” he said.

There was no immediate word on whether the nine would appeal.

Sharia courts in northern Nigeria have handed down death sentences for adultery, murder and homosexuality since they were set up in the early 2000s. But to date, no executions have been carried out.

Twelve states in the mainly Muslim north have the courts, which run parallel to state and federal justice system.

Obama’s boy has clearly stated his desire for sharia in Nigeria:

“I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria,” Mr. Buhari said. “God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of the Sharia in the country.”

Investigation Exposes American Muslim Leaders’ Ties to Former U.S-Based Hamas-Support Network

via Investigation Exposes AMP Leaders’ Ties to Former U.S-Based Hamas-Support Network h/t Counter Jihad

Federal investigators shut down a massive Hamas-support network in the United States between 2001 and 2008, prosecuting some elements and freezing the assets of others.

But the Investigative Project on Terrorism finds that many of the same functions – fundraising, propaganda and lobbying ­– endure, now carried out by a group called American Muslims for Palestine (AMP). The IPT investigation identified at least five AMP officials and speakers who worked in the previous, defunct network called the “Palestine Committee.” It was created by the Muslim Brotherhood to advance Hamas’ agenda politically and financially in the United States.

Last year, AMP joined a coalition of national Islamist groups in forming the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is among the other founding members (for more on that coalition, click here). CAIR and its founders appear in internal Palestine Committee records admitted into evidence during the largest terror financing trial in U.S. history.

Several Palestine Committee entities were created by Mousa Abu Marzook, who remains a top Hamas political leader. One branch, the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), was convicted in 2008 along with five senior officials, of illegally routing more than $12 million to Hamas. HLF’s role in the Palestine Committee was the chief fundraising arm for Hamas in the United States, prosecutors say.

“The purpose of creating the Holy Land Foundation was as a fundraising arm for Hamas,” said U.S. District Judge Jorge Solis during a sentencing hearing.

A flow chart of other Palestine Committee entities includes the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) and a Northern Virginia think tank called the United Association for Studies and Research (UASR). IAP served as a propaganda outlet, organizing rallies and publishing magazines with articles supporting Hamas. CAIR was added to a Palestine Committee meeting agenda shortly after its 1994 creation.

UASR published an academic journal and, prosecutors say, was “involved in passing Hamas communiques to the United States-based Muslim Brotherhood community and relaying messages from that community back to Hamas.”

Today, AMP routinely engages in anti-Israeli rhetoric, sponsors conferences that serve as a platform for Israel bashers, and openly approves “resistance” against the “Zionist state.” One AMP official acknowledged the goal is to “to challenge the legitimacy of the State of Israel.”

An April 2014 AMP-sponsored conference in Chicago, for example, hosted Sabri Samirah, the former chairman of IAP, as a speaker. There was little to no talk about how to achieve peaceful coexistence.

“We are ready to sacrifice all we have for Palestine. Long Live Palestine,” Samirah said. “We have a mission here [in the U.S.] also to support the struggle of our people back there in order to achieve a free land in the Muslim world, without dictators and without corruption.”

The U.S. government had earlier deemed Samirah a “security risk” and he was barred from reentering the country for several years following a trip to Jordan in 2003. While in Jordan, he served as a spokesman for the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood’s political party, the Islamic Action Front. The charges against Samirah were subsequently dropped and he returned to the U.S. last year.

The AMP event also applauded Palestinian terrorist Rasmieh Odeh as “a great community member, a great member of the Palestinian cause, a great activist for the Palestinian cause.” Odeh was under indictment, and later convicted, on federal naturalization fraud charges for failing to disclose her conviction in an Israeli court for her significant role in a 1969 terrorist bombing at a Jerusalem grocery store that killed two university students.


Much more, read it all at The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

Egyptian Editor: ‘Washington Post’ Waging Vicious Campaign in Service of Muslim Brotherhood

via ‘Al-Ahram’ Editor: ‘Washington Post’ Waging A Vicious Campaign Against Al-Sisi Regime In Service Of Muslim Brotherhood. h/t Atlas Shrugs

“No country in the world [other than Egypt] receives so much attention in Washington Post editorials, which are full of a strange and pathetic fury over this country’s domestic affairs – to an extent that indicates the existence of a vast lobby behind these articles, whose number has broken every record in the last few months.

“The press inside and outside Egypt is entitled to write whatever it wants, and we have a right to tell [our] critics that the strength and the reputation of a great country that is undergoing a process of rehabilitation are not a ‘toy’ in the hands of interests groups that hammer the readers over the head every morning with editorials that constitute a vicious campaign. [This campaign] first of all undermines the faith in the changes that are currently happening in Egypt, and in its economic growth on the eve of the opening of the new Suez Canal in less than two months.

“The ongoing and widespread use of terms such as ‘oppressive state’ and ‘tyranny’ in this big American paper’s editorials [about Egypt] constitutes open incitement against the Egyptian state and against its judiciary, which is presented as a [mere] tool in the hands of the regime. [This criticism] is part of an ongoing attempt by some Western media to kill the rule of law [in Egypt] in favor of terrorist organizations that have become masters of deception, cheating and killing in the name of religion [namely the Muslim Brotherhood].

“During this period, we did not find in this widely-distributed American paper even one investigative article about the ideological roots of the culture that [condones] violence and opposes the nation state. [This is the culture of] the groups of political Islam, which have been the eternal allies of the U.S. and Britain since the 1920s. We never saw [in this paper] a single report about the deadly violence against Egypt’s civilians, police officers and military personnel. At the same time, there is plenty of sympathy and compassion for the Muslim Brotherhood and its leaders, who have fled to Arab and foreign countries in order to spread their endless poison. These are the same leaders against whom millions of angry [Egyptians] came out in the June 30 revolution.

“The Egyptian people left the handling of this issue to the police and the military, and let them deal with this group that is undermining the abilities of the nation states. [So far], we have not seen or heard that any of the imaginary assessments regarding the imminent collapse of the [Egyptian] state and the shattering of its foundations have come to pass. These papers’ efforts to spread [these assessments] is an open game, which most Egyptians receive with a sarcastic smile and with pity for these foreign reporters and for their Egyptian collaborators who see only what they want to see, while ignoring reality.

“The American paper displays overt hostility towards Egypt in its editorials, but it does not dare direct criticism at countries that never practiced democracy [at all]… [This,] out of concern for American interests and in order to avoid clashing with interest groups inside [the U.S.] that are close to those countries. Had the paper been fair, it would have discussed the issue of human rights and freedom of the press in Turkey, [or] the issue of the foreign laborers in Qatar, just as it addresses the situation in Egypt.

“The Egyptians practical response to this paper’s claims in recent days regarding empty promises [made by President Al-Sisi] will come when we invite papers from around the world to attend the inauguration ceremony of the new Suez Canal and the vast projects associated with it. Then we will see the promises that the president has undertaken [to fulfill] for the sake of his people – while other people justify the crimes of the terrorists between the lines [of their articles] and want the circle of bloodshed to widen and grow. The response of the [Egyptian] state and people in the coming months will expose the campaign of lies and deception that has been waged in Washington by fugitives from Egyptian justice and by agents [of various parties]. [This campaign] is waged on recruited websites and papers and in foreign papers that are more concerned with destroying the abilities of the Egyptian state than in supporting the interests of their countries.


Obama hosts ‘Month of Jihad’ celebration for Muslims at White House

Ramadan is the month of jihad. via Obama laments ‘distorted impression’ of Muslims

Obama lamented the “distorted impression” that many Americans have of Muslims.

“Here in America, many people personally don’t know someone who is Muslim. They mostly hear about Muslims in the news — and that can obviously lead to a very distorted impression,” Obama said.

He shared the story of protesters outside of an Arizona mosque who held up “offensive signs against Islam and Muslims. But when the congregants invited the protesters in to pray, some completely changed their minds.

“One demonstrator, who accepted the invitation later, described how the experience changed him; how he finally saw the Muslim American community for what it is — peaceful and welcoming,” Obama said.

“That’s what can happen when we stop yelling and start listening. That’s why it’s so important always to lift up the stories and voices of proud Americans who are contributing to our country every day.”

Samantha Elauf, the woman at the center of the recent Supreme Court case about whether she could where a hijab as an Abercrombie & Fitch employee, attended the White House dinner. Elauf won her case in early June by an 8-1 vote.

It seems Obama has the distorted view of Islam – either that or he is intentionally lying to all Americans. Watch:

Remarks by the President at the 2015 Iftar Dinner

Al Jazeera America exec sues network, says violated her civil rights, pushed 9/11 conspiracies

Following a previous lawsuit exposing gender and anti-American bias, via Former Al Jazeera America exec sues network – POLITICO.

Another former Al Jazeera America employee — this time a former executive — is suing the network.

Shannon High-Bassalik, former senior vice president for programming and documentaries, is suing the company and former CEO Ehab Al Shihabi for breach of contract and violating her civil rights.

In her lawsuit, High-Bassalik, who has also worked at CNN, MSNBC and NBC, alleges the network promoted only Middle Eastern and Arabic viewpoints, at one point even invoking conspiracy theories such as that the Sept. 11 attacks were conducted by the CIA. High-Bassalik said the network had abandoned “journalistic objectivity.”

High-Bassalik also alleges that non-Arabic and female employees were treated as “second class citizens.” Arabic employees were routinely given inflated performance reviews and promoted to jobs they were not qualified for, High-Bassalik alleges. Al Shihabi would often exclude female employees from meetings and would “leave meetings where female employees were giving presentations and [state] that he would only return when such employees had stopped speaking.”

The lawsuit also alleges that the company’s management promoted an anti-Israel bias, and when employees tried to counter the messages, they were told they were too biased in favor of the country.

High-Bassalik said she was fired for being in “default” of her contract for being an “ineffective leader” and not getting along with others.

In a statement an Al Jazeera America spokesperson denounced the allegations.

“The allegations made against Al Jazeera America are by a former employee whose conduct and performance went through a full process of investigation led by an external law firm before her employment ended, during which Ms. High-Bassalik made none of the allegations she makes in her complaint. We regret that Ms. High-Bassalik has now decided to make unfounded allegations against Al Jazeera and its employees. Al Jazeera values and respects all of its employees, and has zero tolerance of any form of discrimination,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson repeated what new CEO Al Anstey said in his first message to staff last month about respect, transparency and integrity.

Some of the allegations in the lawsuit are similar to a separate $15 million wrongful termination lawsuit filed in April alleging that top executives had discriminated against women and made disparaging remarks about Jews and Israel.

The past couple of months have been a period of intense turmoil at the network, the American arm of the Qatari-based Al Jazeera networks. Last month, Anstey replaced Al Shihabi, who was abruptly pushed out after a month in which three high-level executives had resigned from the Qatari-backed network.

Lest we forget the Muslim journalist who exposed Al Jazeera  as “sponsors of the Muslim Brotherhood.”


U.S. says won’t meet Muslim Brotherhood after called out by Egyptian leaders

What they say and what they do…via US Officials Won’t Meet With Muslim Brotherhood Visitors

The State Department said Tuesday that it would not meet with a Muslim Brotherhood group visiting Washington for a private conference but that its policy remained to engage Egypt’s entire political spectrum.

The department announced the decision a day after sources told Reuters that the U.S. ambassador to Egypt had been summoned by Egyptian authorities because of their unhappiness about the private visit by Brotherhood figures to Washington.

via Egypt summons U.S. ambassador over Muslim Brotherhood | Reuters.

Egypt summoned the U.S. ambassador in Cairo to show displeasure at Muslim Brotherhood figures coming to Washington for a private conference, sources familiar with the matter said on Monday.

One source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said U.S. officials did not intend to meet the group although they had met some Brotherhood figures that came to Washington in January.

The tensions reflect a clash between U.S. diplomats’ desire to deal with the whole political spectrum in Egypt and a fear of alienating Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi who, as army chief, toppled a Muslim Brotherhood-led government in 2013.

The sources declined to say precisely when U.S. Ambassador Stephen Beecroft was call in by the Egyptian government, though one said it was in recent days. Egypt sought the meeting to make clear its unhappiness at U.S. dealings with the Brotherhood.

State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke declined to say whether Beecroft was summoned by the Egyptian authorities or whether U.S. officials would meet Brotherhood figures visiting Washington, telling reporters he was aware of media reports of such a visit but that “I don’t have any meetings to announce.”

He said it continued to be U.S. policy to engage with people from across the political spectrum in Egypt.


Media Support Muslim Cleric’s Soda Discrimination Claim; Ignore Radical Ties (updated)


via Media Support Muslim Cleric’s Soda Discrimination Claim; Ignore Radical Ties.

Liberals raged on Twitter yesterday, coming to the support of a Muslim woman who complained about how she was treated on a recent United Airlines flight from Chicago to Washington, D.C.

Tahera Ahmad posted on Facebook that she was “in tears” after being discriminated against United Airlines staff and passengers for simply asking for an unopened can of Diet Coke.

According to Ahmad, she asked for an unopened can of soda for “hygienic reasons” but was refused that request by the flight attendant. After several more requests by Ahmad, the flight attendant explained she couldn’t do that because it could be used “as a weapon.”

Of course the first reaction an overly-sensitive liberal  would be to cry “racism” or “Islamophobia” and that’s exactly what Ahmad and her online media supporters did. Despite the fact that it’s a common policy for airlines to serve complimentary beverages in cups instead of handing out full cans, no one batted an eyelash at Ahmad’s claims of discrimination. The hashtag “#UnitedforTahera”  and “#IStandWithTahera” were trending through Monday as many liberals took to social media to express their outrage and dismay at United Airlines. Many even claimed they would no longer use the airline and called for a boycott.

But that’s not the whole story. Ahmad then proceeded to claim that the passenger across the aisle from her started yelling anti-Muslim obscenities at her while passengers and the airline flight staff stood by and said nothing. After they landed, the pilot and flight attendant allegedly apologized profusely for everything that happened.

(Before reading what happened next, please note the airsickness bag in the seat pocket in front of you.) Allegedly the pilot then told Ahmad that “as a white male he recognized his privilege and said he didn’t know what it must feel like to be a minority and go through something hateful like this.”

It’s important to note that not even one passenger has corroborated Ahmad’s account, yet the still the media has chosen Ahmad’s account as the absolute unverifiable truth. Sound familiar?

But Ahmad isn’t just an ordinary civilian; she is a full-time activist with an agenda to push. As Breitbart uncovered, Ahmad has some disturbing ties to radical Islam. In December, she attended a conference hosted by Muslim Brotherhood leadership. She also recited the Quran at the annual ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) convention. The FBI describes the ISNA as a Muslim Brotherhood front group. In 2014, she joined the MPAC (Muslim Public Affairs Council), another group originally founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

She also has boasted of her radical connections and viewpoints on social media.

Last November she posed in a picture with Suhaib Webb, Imam of the Islamic Society of Boston, which is partnered with the same radical mosque that the Boston Marathon bombers and other terrorists attended. Webb also was a known confidant to the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks, Anwar al-Awlaki.

Last year, Ahmad tweeted support for stopping an “Islamophobe” “bigot” from receiving an Honorary Degree in Social Justice at Brandeis University. Who was this Islamophobic bigot? Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an ex-Muslim woman who has written extensively on the dangers of Islam particularly in its treatment of women. Because of this petition which Ahmad supported, Brandeis recanted their award to Ali.

Yasir Quadhi also came to Ahmad’s defense for her flight plight. Quadhi is a cleric who speaks frequently at Northwestern and who has called for jihad against non-Muslims and denied the Holocaust.

It doesn’t help matters that an Islamic radical group like CAIR (Council on American-Islamic relations) wants to file a lawsuit on her behalf either.

But Ahmad’s less than innocent agenda has been swept under the rug by the media and even the White House, which honored her in 2014.

There’s also precedent for Islamists staging incidents on planes in furtherance of an agenda, as with the case of the “Flying Imams.”

Did ABC NewsCNN, and The Chicago Sun-Times, report on Ahmad’s extra-curricular activities? No, of course not. Instead ABC simply described her as a “cleric from Northwestern” and The Sun-Times called her a “Muslim woman” and “a chaplain from Northwestern.” CNN did bring up the fact that Ahmad had been honored by the White House and was the first woman to recite the Quran at the nation’s largest Muslim gathering – with no mentions of the radical ties, however.

On the other hand, the media’s been quick to dismiss United Airlines’ side of the story. The airline gave a different account of the exchange explaining that the flight attendant tried “several times”  to give the woman what she wanted after the “misunderstanding” about giving her the soda. After the flight, the crew stayed behind to speak to the woman and tried to apologize for any miscommunication. But that apparently was not good enough. Ahmad took her complaints to Facebook where it was shared by other prominent Muslim activists and media outlets pounced on the alleged case of discrimination.

CNN mocked the “so-called” misunderstanding while Al Jazeera reporter Wajahat Ali tweeted a picture of himself and Ahmad together where he is giving her an “unopened can of Diet Coke to put a smile on her face.” Who needs an unbiased media when we have media outlets who will reward you for telling them what they want to hear?

Update: An eyewitness provides details of the account. This lady is not telling the truth:


Related: Flying Imams Redux: Tahera Ahmad – Muslim Chaplain Claiming Discrimination On Flight Is Radical Islamist – Works With MSA and ISNA


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