Louisiana: Muslim husband and wife – who had multi-million dollar business – busted receiving Medicaid

Abdelsalam owned several businesses including a "multi-million dollar" Medicaid provider company which disqualified him from receiving Medicaid benefits.

Wisconsin: Muslim pleads guilty, faces 20 years in prison for attempt to join ISIS

Cuban national attempted to join ISIS by traveling from Wisconsin through Mexico to Syria and Iraq in order to work under ISIS’ direction and control.

Texas: Muslim Couple Who Enslaved African Girl for 16 Years Get Just 7 Seven Years in Prison

Defendants called the victim a “dog,” “slave,” and “worthless,” repeatedly hit her with an electrical cord, shaved her head and washed her outside with a hose...

ICE: More Than 10,000 Illegals From Terror States Still in U.S. After Ordered Removed

These illegals have been ordered removed or have pending final orders of removal, but currently live in America.

Michigan: Muslim terrorist considered targeting Baker College and “gay club” before slashing cops throat at airport

Evidence of jihadi's searches, which came a year after the Orlando nightclub jihad that killed 49, was not presented at trial because it was considered too prejudicial.

Texas: Muslim teen pleads guilty to plotting mass shooting jihad at Frisco mall

Muslim wanted 'to achieve Allah’s pleasure and kill the kuffar'; discussed ambushing a Hindu temple and even a school because ‘it is the perfect place for an attack'.

Montana: Albanian Muslim immigrant who discussed US attack arrested at gun range

Fabjan Alameti, an Albanian national, moved from his home in the Bronx to Bozeman last month where he was arrested on terror charges.

Missouri: (Another) Muslim Refugee Pleads Guilty to Providing Material Support to Terrorists

Ramiz Zijad Hodzic pleaded guilty to one count of conspiring to provide material support and one count of providing material support to terrorists.

Minnesota: Rep. Ilhan Omar pushes for release of jailed Muslim Brotherhood leader

Democrat and Muslim Ilhan Omar is now openly pushing for the release of a senior member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (MB).

San Francisco: Judge frees Muslim terror suspect who had one-way ticket, talked of killing U.S. soldiers

Shafi reportedly said, 'I really wanted to kill some...like supporting America or-or American soldiers or something.'

California: How did a Muslim refugee – arrested for ISIS cop killing – get into the U.S.? (VIDEO)

Omar Abdulsattar Ameen lied multiple times on his refugee application and was later arrested for killing on behalf of ISIS.

Missouri: Muslim Refugee Pleads Guilty to Providing Material Support to Terrorists

Armin Harcevic - a native of Bosnia who came to the United States as a refugee - admitted to sending money to terrorists overseas.

Wisconsin: Muslim woman pleads guilty to providing support to ISIS

Dais is no longer a citizen. By accepting this plea, she could face deportation or other consequences.

Illinois: Bosnian refugee woman pleads guilty to funding fellow Muslim who died waging jihad in Syria

Mediha Medy Salkicevic was arrested with five other Bosnian Muslim refugees on terror charges.

Vetting Muslim Prison Chaplains (Still) a Global Problem

In 2014, the Federal Bureau of Prisons hired an Egyptian born cleric, Fouad El Bayly, who publicly called for the death of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former Muslim, activist, and writer.

Connecticut: Syrian Psychiatrist Agrees to Pay $3.38 Million to Settle Medicare, Medicaid Fraud

'For years, the defendant betrayed that trust and overcharged the Medicaid program for certain services they provided to Medicaid recipients.'

Daughter of American killed by Taliban with John Walker Lindh calls his early release ‘a slap in the face’

'Our family is serving a life sentence. John Walker Lindh is 38, an age my father never got to live to. Why are we giving him any extra years of freedom?'

Louisiana: Muslim – who plotted to kill girlfriend’s unborn baby – arrested in $1.2M food stamp fraud

Mohammad Z. Abudayeh is now charged with attempted feticide, food-stamp fraud, computer fraud, bank fraud, money laundering and racketeering.

Time to Reconsider CAIR’s Non-Profit Status (Again)

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) appears to have violated 501(c)(3) requirements prior to the 2018 elections.

New Zealand: Mosque targeted in shootings has produced at least two Muslim terrorists

New evidence is emerging that several people may have been converted to radical Islam at the Al Noor mosque in New Zealand.