Univ of Illinois instructor arrested for attacking conservative students

Tariq Khan is a PhD candidate and is also involved with anarchist and communist organizations including Black Rose Anarchist Federation and Antifa,

Tennessee: Nashville Middle School Students Visit Mosque for Religious Indoctrination

Meigs Middle Magnet School visited the Islamic Center of Nashville.

Kansas: Fan Confronts Muslim Who Shot Hoops During National Anthem

The following day the Muslim was dismissed from the team.

Connecticut: Middle school forced to cancel CAIR-linked Islamic indoctrination speaker

The letter that went out to our parents stated that they were actually going to be sharing it looked like their faith.

NYU College Republicans disinvite anti-sharia speaker over fake ‘hate’ label

Speaking rhetorically about future campus Republican leaders, he asked: “Will they value free thought and speech?”

Stanford hosted son and supporter of jihad murderer and supporter of 9/11, with no uproar

Aarab Barghouti is a supporter of and apologist for his father, a convicted jihad mass murderer.

Harvard Univ Awards Terror-Tied Muslim Org’s Founder with Prestigious Award

Awad opened the first CAIR office in Washington, DC with a donation from a Hamas group.

800 US school websites hacked with ‘I love Islamic State’ message

"Everything that happened occurred at the web host's companies server farms in Atlanta, Georgia and Florida."

Pennsylvania: Catholic univ drops Crusaders mascot: ‘troublesome, offensive’

Comments on the university’s Facebook page suggested new nicknames such as bellyachers or Snowflakes.

Canada: Muslim who slit woman’s throat after listening to Koran found “not criminally responsible”

Almestadi, who is Muslim, listened to an audio-recording of a passage of the Koran and came to believe that Allah was sending him a message to kill her.

Idaho: Christian university caves, drops ‘Crusaders’ mascot

@nwnazarene’s Facebook post announcing the mascot change was lit up with comments lambasting the university for bowing to politically correctness.

Indiana: Muslim ISU professor who faked anti-Muslim ‘hate crime’ gets…probation

Judge John Roach agreed to allow Hussain to reside in Florida while on formal probation.

Massachusetts: Public high school had kids simulate Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca

A “purposeful attempt to indoctrinate our impressionable high-schoolers with the 'virtues' of Islam at the expense of Christianity, Judaism and other religions.”

Canada: Muslim student admits trying to kill woman after ‘listening to the Koran’

When asked by Sgt. Jeffrey why he might have attacked Mary Hare with a knife Almestadi said, "I started listening to the Koran..."

California: Muslim Student Association hijacks ‘reflection space’ at Catholic university

The College Fix found Loyola Marymount University's reflection space to be a mostly bare room with Muslim prayer rugs.