Canada: Muslim Student Tries Burning Down Langara College Building

Nasradin Abdusamad Ali is accused of setting three incendiary devices at the school on April 1, two of which detonated and forced staff and students to evacuate.

Kansas State University Muslim Group Hijacks Holy (Maundy) Thursday for “Hijab Day”

Maundy Thursday commemorates Jesus' last supper with his disciples before he was crucified and established the ceremony known as the Eucharist.

Utah: 50 Salt Lake City teachers to be “trained” by Islamic groups on ‘how to grasp the needs of Muslim students’

Two Muslim groups have "chosen Salt Lake City for a pilot program to train 50 teachers on how to grasp the needs of their Muslim students."

Houston: Muslim Children Sing: ‘Allah Akbar, Khamenei Is Our Leader…We Are Your Soldiers’ (VIDEO)

...young boys wearing scarves and green headbands sang a song for Khamenei: "We are your followers, you are our Leader… We are your soldiers, and together we can all be your power…"

California: Anti-Islamophobia Settlement Bars Terror-linked Muslim Group CAIR from Indoctrinating Students in San Diego School District

Per the settlement, “Guest speakers from religious organizations are not permitted to present to students on religious topics.”

Tennessee: Nashville charter school uses supremacist hadiths to teach Islam

Parents took issue with the way Islam was being taught to their children in a 7th grade social studies class at STEM Prep.

Kansas: Muslims seeking to build mega-mosque complex next to public school in Overland Park

The massive Islamic complex, next to a public school, is being planned and funded in conjunction with the terror-linked and UAE terror-listed Muslim Brotherhood-founded MAS.

Unidentified Middle Eastern investor buys ‘911’ student-housing units across the U.S. in sharia compliant deal

The purchase includes 911 units with 2,059 student housing beds in Alabama, Florida, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Arkansas: Public high school teacher uses art project to indoctrinate students in Islamic faith

Fayetteville High School students in Ashley Grisso's classes went to mosques, interviewed Muslims in the community, then told their stories through art.

Feds launch investigation into disappearance of Saudi students facing U.S. charges

At least 17 university students from Saudi Arabia in at least 8 different states have fled the U.S. after being charged with serious crimes, including manslaughter and rape.

Islamic Activist Advocates Using Public Schools to Convert Americans to Islam

“We do not want to melt into American society and disappear...We want to turn them [Americans] into Muslim individuals.”

Wisconsin: Another Anti-Muslim Hate Crime Turns Out to Be a Hoax

Michael Kee admitted to police he painted the messages himself saying he [Muslim] wanted the same attention the campus was giving the other [Jewish] student.

Spy For Iran Allegedly Radicalized at U.S. University That Took $100M From Muslim Nations

Muslim-majority nations have given $100 million to George Washington University @GWtweets in the form of gifts and contracts since 2011.

Ohio University Muslim student from Oman arrested for rape, stalking, kidnapping and more

Mohammed Nasser Rashid Hamed Al-Mashrafi, on a student visa from Oman, was arraigned on charges including gross sexual imposition, rape, kidnapping, intimidation of an attorney, victim or witness in a criminal case and more.

Michigan: ICE allows Muslim to self deport with no charges after arrest in student visa fraud sting

Najilaa Karim Musarsa, 29, was one of 130 students arrested for a scheme that involved at least 600 people who collectively paid recruiters more than $250,000 to stay in the U.S. illegally.

Oregon: At least 5 Saudi students vanish while facing rape, other charges

The Oregonian found at least five Saudi nationals who vanished before they faced trial or completed their sentence including accused rapists, hit-and-run drivers and a man with child porn on his computer.

Oregon: Saudi who ran over, killed 15-year old girl escaped U.S. before trial with help from Saudi consulate

The DHS and U.S. Marshals Service are all but certain who helped orchestrate the remarkable escape: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Elite U.S. Universities Hide Information on Funding From Sharia Nation of Qatar

Terror-linked nation of Qatar, a Sharia-law monarchy, has given $1 billion to elite American universities since 2011.

Oklahoma: Saudi Muslim who attended al-Qaeda terror training camp pleads guilty – lied to get immigrant visa

After attending al Qaeda training camp, Alfallaj entered the U.S. as the spouse of a student visa holder, and in Oklahoma, he applied to a flight training school.

Missouri: Student Pledged “Loyalty to Allah”, Charged with Threatening Terrorism at Branson High School

Authorities say Nelson pledged “his allegiance to Allah,” and has been charged with threatening terrorism after sending threatening messages to fellow students.