Al Qaeda’s Base at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

by Ilya Feoktistov & Charles Jacobs

via Al Qaeda’s Base at MIT – Breitbart.

At the end of April, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology unveiled a permanent memorial to MIT Police Officer Sean Collier. Officer Collier was gunned down by the Boston Marathon bombers, Chechen refugees Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, three days after they blew up the Marathon.

It is painful to learn that in the late 1990s, there were students at MIT who helped recruit for the Chechen jihad and raised funds for Al Qaeda-affiliated groups operating in the Tsarnaevs’ homeland. It is even more painful that the man who led this fundraising effort was still on MIT’s staff when Officer Collier was gunned down.

Suheil Laher had been MIT’s Muslim chaplain for almost 20 years. Today he continues to preach at the Islamic Society of Boston, the extremist mosque founded by MIT students near campus, where the Tsarnaevs worshipped during their radicalization.

Americans for Peace and Tolerance have just released a mini-documentary, “Al Qaeda’s Base at MIT,” showing how MIT Muslim chaplain Suheil Laher used his leadership of the MIT Muslim Students Association as a vehicle for raising money for Al Qaeda causes around the world. We especially focus on the Al Qaeda affiliate in Chechnya, which Laher and his associates lionized, even as MIT trusted him to be its Muslim students’ spiritual guide.

Suheil Laher came to MIT as a student in 1990 and by 1998, he became the MIT Muslim chaplain. By the year 2000, he also became president of a Muslim charity based in Boston called Care International, which was founded by Osama Bin Laden’s mentor Abdullah Azzam and was originally called “Al Kifah Refugee Center.” Care International was, in essence, a fundraising vehicle for mujahideen. After the leader of Al Kifah in Brooklyn, “the Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdel-Rehman, was convicted for his role in the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, Boston’s Care International took over as Al Qaeda’s main base in the United States. Laher, then, was quite an important figure in Al Qaeda’s leadership here. His perch at MIT meant that he had easy access to the best American Muslim minds – and their world-class technical skills.

As a religious scholar and an engineer, Laher was both the spiritual and technological leader of Care International. He pioneered the Jihadist use of the new Internet medium to fundraise and recruit for Al Qaeda causes online. Laher’s personal website prominently featured Abdullah Azzam’s notorious call to Jihad, a tract called “Join the Caravan:”

Beloved brother! Draw your sword, climb onto the back of your horse, and wipe the blemish off your ummah. If you do not take the responsibility, who then will?

That same Jihadist tract was found on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s computer.

Laher’s website contained a large collection of his writings and of sermons he gave in the Boston area. These sermons are replete with calls for Jihad, such as this passage:

When the Muslim lands are being attacked, and the Muslims are being raped and killed, the only solution prescribed by Allah is jihad. Jihad is for all times. […] Jihad does not stop. Those of us who have not yet managed to go and physically help our brothers and sisters should support […] our mujahidin brethren with prayer, with money, with clothes, by taking care of their families, and at some point in person. Otherwise, we must face the wrath of Allah.

One of the MIT students who answered Laher’s call to join the Jihad in person was a bright young biologist named Aafia Siddiqui. She started out as a passionate and prolific fundraiser for Care International, but by the time she was arrested by the FBI in Afghanistan in 2008, she was known as “Lady Al Qaeda” and had become the most wanted woman in the world. She is now serving an 86-year prison sentence for attempting to kill the FBI agents arresting her. Her belongings upon arrest included two pounds of cyanide and plans for mass casualty attacks on New York using chemical and biological weapons, as well as literature about the Ebola virus.

While Laher’s sermons preached the general Islamic obligation to do Jihad, Care International’s website along with its newsletterAl Hussam” (“The Sword”) promoted what Laher and his fellow Care leaders saw as the concrete performance of that responsibility.

Three Care leaders, including the group’s treasurer, received minor sentences for tax evasion. After being questioned by the FBI, Laher walked free and continued to influence students at MIT for more than another decade. His successor as MIT’s Muslim Chaplain, Hoda Elsharkawy, is herself closely linked through her husband to Laher and to Islamic extremism in Boston, which will be the focus of our future reporting.

While Laher officially stepped down from his post as MIT chaplain in 2014, he continues to preach at mosques in the Boston area, including the Tsarnaev’s own mosque, the Islamic Society of Boston – giving a sermon there as recently as May 1, 2015. The ISB was founded by MIT students who purchased a building just down the street from campus and Laher regularly preached there. Beyond this, there is no evidence to indicate that Laher influenced the Tsarnaevs directly. Nevertheless, the legacy of radicalism at the Tsarnaevs’ mosque is very much tied to MIT and the Jihadist ideology that Laher preached as its Muslim Chaplain.

We hope that our documentary will serve as a warning to moderate Muslim parents of students at MIT and other Boston universities, as well as the moderate Muslims who attend ISB and other mosques throughout the Hub. Jihadists like Laher prey on Muslim youths, and even prestigious and seemingly immune institutions like MIT cannot guarantee a safe space from their influence.

Of course, the Brotherhood’s MSA is at MIT too. And Lehrer is one of the author’s of the extremist MSA Starter’s Guide.


California: Taxpayers paying for Islamic indoctrination in US university

 Not just in California either. via Taxpayers made to pay for Islamic indoctrination in US University 

By Lee Kaplan

Hatem Bazian is a senior lecturer in Near East Studies at UC Berkeley. A Palestinian Arab, Bazian is also a supporter of Hamas and one of the terrorist group’s apparatchiks in the United States. Bazian was the founder of the Students for Justice in Palestine which has chapters on over 80 campuses in the United States and that operates as a Hamas support network in the United States. Bazian also co-founded American Muslims for Palestine which also links to Hamas and functions as a propaganda and fundraising mechanism to Hamas in Washington and is active with the Muslim Students Association on over 150 campuses in the United States and Canada. As an organizer, Bazian is tough to equal and he has used the California college educational system and its taxpayer-funded deep pockets to help facilitate massive propaganda events and fundraising not only for the Palestinian terrorist group, but for pro-jihadist groups across American campuses and Europe as well.

It is through his bully pulpit at UC Berkeley that Bazian also created his Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project at UC Berkeley’s Center for Race and Gender Project. Racism and Sexism are hot topics on college campuses today. The fact that Islam is not a race, nor is a concept of Palestinian nationalism one, both of theories are being sold by Bazian and his acolytes in the university sphere worldwide. Thanks to UC Berkeley and surrounding colleges like San Francisco State (where Bazian did his undergraduate studies and led a Palestinian takeover of that campus as class president), Bazian’s campaign keeps gaining legitimacy as it aids the endless war against both the United States and Israel by militant Islamists including those who are fighting U.S. troops abroad.

A perusal of the websites for Baizan’s “documentation project” and the Center for Race and Gender events page at UC Berkeley reveals endless programs, lectures, events and other promotions dealing with alleged prejudice against all Muslims and “Islam” in America as endemic racism. On May 7th, the Center offers a book signing and lecture by a colleague of Bazian’s at Cal who claims American racism is the result of a refusal to establish a Palestinian state that would be led by notorious terrorists who support America’s and Israel’s downfall, such as Hamas.

“Islamophobia” refers to an irrational fear of Islam. It is supposedly to counter this irrational fear that Bazian staged April 23-25, 2015 his sixth annual “International Conference on Islamophobia: The State of the Islamophobia Field.” As done last year, the event was staged at UC Berkeley’s prestigious Boalt Hall Law School. Aside from providing a free venue at a distinguished law school, the event gets the entire imprimatur of one of the most distinguished universities in America. Other “sponsors” of the event included the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), who members of congress and terrorism experts have declared a Hamas front group in America. The “Ethnic Studies” department at San Francisco State was also a sponsor, a professor of “Resistance Studies” named Rebab Abdulhadi in attendance and one of the conference lecturers who had gained notoriety by spending $6,000 of California taxpayer’s money for a sabbatical to visit female terrorist Leila Khaled in jail in Jordan to “show solidarity.” It should also be noted Hatem Bazian posted personally the conference’s schedule on the website of Bay Area Intifada, a blog that claims to promote “News, Updates, Analysis & Action Alerts for 3rd World Liberation & Decolonization from the Bay Area & Beyond.” An Intifada refers to Palestinian terrorist attacks that have killed thousands of Israeli civilians. The blog features photos attacking Israel and the United States.

I attended this latest conference with a video camera and tape recorder. I did the same thing last year and sat almost next to Hatem Bazian the entire time. Bazian was very cocky back then during last year’s event and joked about my having recorders. I wrote an article about that event. Only last March, Bazian staged yet another “Islamophobia” conference where he claimed Muslims were being denied a voice for their “studies” in the American university system despite his constant conferences and demonstrations to the contrary that I previously reported on and recorded.

Things were to be different at this conference. Bazian had me watched closely. On the second day, he approached me in the audience and told me I had to turn off my recorders. On two more occasions during that day, two goons came to my seat and ordered me to turn off my recording equipment , the last one threatening to “call the police.” It is against state law in California universities to hold private meetings and prevent recordings and a quick cell call to the Chancellor’s Office who contacted the campus police prevented any problems.

Rather than being an educational event to increase understanding of Islam and communication in a university setting, the event really was a support rally for the likes of Hamas and Islamic movements at war with the United States, its true purpose to cast Muslims in general as victims of American racism and injustice. Considering this was the second such conference this year in as many months put on by Hatem Bazian, the Chancellor’s Office and UC Regents really need to take a hard look at Bazian’s handiwork in creating these events and his use of taxpayer facilities to promote a myth of “racism” against Islam in America that includes prejudice against black Americans also who murder police officers. The event was not education but indoctrination and manipulation for a specifically Muslim audience of radicals.

Read it all and watch the videos at

Suburbs of Denver, Colorado

via Atlas Shrugs

Upper middle class neighborhood in a suburb outside of Denver

New elementary school opening


Anyone have time to give them a call and ask a few polite questions? If so, report back in the comments or Contact page.

NY: Briarcliff High School Students Submitted to Islamic Dawah, Taqiyya

Why do we allow our children to be subjected to the most subversive, hateful ideology in existence? via Muslim Women Present Facts About Islam To Briacliff HS Students | The Briarcliff Daily Voice. h/t Iron Burka

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Briarcliff Manor Union Free School District.

BRIARCLIFF MANOR, N.Y. – Briarcliff High School freshmen recently had the opportunity to learn about Islam by engaging in a question and answer session with seven area women who are Muslims.

“We just finished studying Islam in class,” Jeanne Claire Cotnoir, a Briarcliff High teacher, said in a press release. “These women, who are all highly educated, go to schools and share a presentation about Islam.”

“They are just amazing and really just smash the stereotypes,” she said

Students asked why some of the female panelists wore hijabs, veils that cover the head and chest, and others did not.

“The women explained the Koran tells women to ‘dress modestly,’ which is open to interpretation,” Cotnoir said.

Some of the women discussed situations in which people had harassed them because of their appearance.

The students “got to see that Islam is not what’s on television,” Cotnoir said. “It really is a religion of peace.”

“The women said, ‘ISIS is not Islam; it is not who we are.’”

Get that? “Islamic State” is not Islam?  Yet these women are submitting American youth to the same dawah (see image above) and follow the same sharia that ISIS does.

By the way, who were these women? What group are they part of? Terrorist-named CAIR? ISNA? The notorious MSA? We don’t know because the reporter simply chose to pimp Islam and diversity rather than provide any real information.

If any parent or student has the entire slideshow – the school should have copies readily available – please forward a copy.

A few informational posts on taqiyya for Briarcliff students, faculty and parents:

Islam’s doctrines of deception (Raymond Ibrahim on taqiyya)

Taqiyya Revisited: A Response to the Critics (Part I)

A Response to the Critics: Taqiyya Revisited (Part II)

Video: Taqiyya – The Art of Deception

Share with the school:


 Debora French – Principal
Daniel Murphy – Assistant Principal


Univ of Minnesota tries to censor speech, ban Charlie Hebdo event poster


apparently the school paper didn’t dare publish the poster, so we created one for this post


via Charlie Hebdo event poster spurs debate on censorship | – The Minnesota Daily.

University of Minnesota faculty members were instructed earlier this year to take down event posters that recreated a Charlie Hebdo magazine cover, spurring a campus-wide discussion on free speech within academia.

School leaders received complaints on the image, which depicts a caricature of Muhammad with the word “censored” stamped across it, prompting the request for removal. They later clarified that the request — which was made after the event was held — wasn’t mandatory.

In late January, the University’s College of Liberal Arts sponsored the panel advertised on the fliers that discussed issues regarding free speech, following the Charlie Hebdo office attacks in Paris. Posters promoting the event appeared in several CLA departments leading up to and after the event.

Eight people contacted the University’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action to express their concerns with the college’s use of the image, calling it “blasphemous” and harmful to Muslims. The office began an investigation into the issue.

EOAA also received a petition signed by about 260 Muslim students, staff members and people outside of the University.

The CLA Human Resources department contacted faculty members and college leaders a few weeks after the event to notify them of the complaints and requested that the remaining flyers be removed.

Several faculty members expressed concern that the request infringed upon their freedom of speech.

According to the EOAA’s report, panel organizers said they decided to use the image because it related to the event’s focus on discussing free speech and the representation of Muhammad.

A few days after the human resource department sent its email, CLA Dean John Coleman sent another to faculty members. His email said the posters’ message may have been misconstrued and that faculty members and CLA leadership could make the ultimate decision to keep the flyers up.

In late March, the EOAA completed its investigation and found that the use of the image was not in violation of University anti-harassment policies. As part of its findings, the office recommended that Coleman voice disapproval of the flyer.

Coleman said he will meet with concerned faculty members in the coming weeks to further discuss the issue.

Defining free speech on a college campus

Coleman said CLA prioritizes the right of its students and staff to discuss their viewpoints freely on campus.

“Even material that’s going to be upsetting is still worthy of being shared and being discussed,” he said.

Health services management freshman Aisha Hassan signed the petition against the caricature’s use.

Though she wasn’t offended by the image, she said she thinks it perpetuates Islamophobia.

Hassan said she has the right to be offended by the image, just as the event organizers have the right to use it.

“That’s one of the positive sides of living in a free society,” Hassan said.

Coleman said the University is responsible for creating an environment where one person’s speech doesn’t infringe on another’s.

Catherine Sevcenko, an attorney and the associate director of litigation at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, said creating a respectful environment, like the one the University aims to uphold, requires openly discussing topics that may be controversial, rather than avoiding them altogether.

“You’re not going to be producing ideas if you’re saying things that are safe and everyone agrees,” she said. “The constitution doesn’t protect you from being uncomfortable.”


You know the campus Muslim Brotherhood was actively engaged in this affair.

Not the first time: Univ of Minnesota chooses Islamic terrorists over free speech



Canadian school board spends taxpayer money to buy hijabs for Muslims

Islamization of Canadian schools via Blazing Cat Fur

And in the UK: School officials publicly humiliate students because parents refused permission for mosque visit.

Video: Brooklyn College Muslim Student Thanks Allah for ISIS

via Answering Muslims

Pamela Geller spoke at Brooklyn College last night, and there were plenty of people trying (unsuccessfully) to shout her down. One of the most disturbing moments came when a Muslim girl yelled “Alhamdulillah!” (“Thanks Be to Allah!”) when Pamela mentioned the growth of ISIS. Apparently, support for ISIS is alive and well at Brooklyn College. Here’s the clip:

What are the chances she was a member of the MSA?

Much more via VIDEO: Muslim Student Strategies for Stifling Free Thought (Brooklyn College Students Harassing Pamela Geller)



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