Minnesota: Muslim refugees sending ‘suitcases of welfare cash’ to Somalia

FBI ‘won’t touch it’ for fear of offending Muslims

Source: Refugees sending ‘suitcases of welfare cash’ home to Somalia

Men and women pulling “suitcases full of cash” started showing up at Seattle’s Sea-Tac Airport last year holding tickets for international flights bound for Africa.

Transporting large amounts of cash overseas is perfectly legal. But it was who was carrying the money … and where it was going that caught the attention of law enforcement, according to a report by KING 5, the local NBC affiliate for western Washington.

Those hauling the cash-laden cases were Somali-Americans who’d come to this country as refugees. They routinely send money back to Somalia. And many of the greenbacks headed to the jihadist-infested East African country come from welfare checks the refugees receive from the U.S. government, compliments of American taxpayers.

Carrying more than $10,000 while traveling out of the United States is legal as long as the traveler declares it by filling out a one-page federal form.

It was while looking at these slips of paper that terrorism expert Glenn Kerns found a disturbing pattern.

“The thing was the amount, the staggering amount,” said Kerns, a Seattle police officer who was assigned to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force for 14 years before he retired in December.

The cash couriers were working for hawalas – businesses that derive their name from the Arabic word for “transfer.” Hawalas are part of a traditional system of banking in Shariah-compliant Muslim communities.

Seattle and King County are home to the fourth largest Somali community in the United States. More than 132,000 Somalis have come to the U.S. as “refugees” since 1983, with more than 60 percent arriving since the late 1990s.

The Somali refugees continue to arrive in the U.S. at a rate of 750 a month, placed in dozens of U.S. cities including Seattle, San Diego, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Lewiston, Maine; Fargo, North Dakota; Boise and Twin Falls, Idaho; and Columbus, Ohio, among other places.

Many use the hawalas to send money back to their families in Somalia.

But is all of it going to downtrodden family members?

That’s the question Kerns wanted the U.S. government to investigate.

It would make sense, since Somalia is home to an active jihadist rebellion from al-Shabab, an al-Qaida affiliate that slaughters Christians in neighboring Kenya and seeks to establish an ISIS-like caliphate in East Africa.

“(They) have Al Shabaab, which has been designated a terrorist organization, and our concern is how much money is going to them?” Kerns told KING 5.

Watch the report from KING 5 TV in Seattle:

Kerns said the first cash shipment rolled through Sea-Tac early last year. A man carrying $750,000 in cash told Customs officials he was transporting the money overseas. Over the next few months couriers carrying as much as $2 million boarded commercial flights at Sea-Tac.

One Seattle hawala sent out $20 million last year, said Kerns.

If it’s happening in Seattle, it’s likely happening in Minneapolis, Columbus, San Diego and other cities where large Somali communities have been resettled by the U.S. government in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Which leads to the next set of logical questions: Where is all this money coming from and why isn’t the federal government interested in investigating where it’s going? Continue reading

Florida: Broward County announces $25K cash for tips on terrorist activity


There must be some concern in South Florida. via: Crime Stoppers announces cash rewards of up to $25K for tips that lead to federal terrorism prosecutions – Sun Sentinel

Paris, San Bernardino, Brussels — South Florida law enforcement leaders don’t want a Broward County city added to the list of recent terrorist attacks.

On Thursday, officials announced that rewards of up to $25,000 are being offered for anonymous tips that lead to arrests for federal terrorism charges.

“We say, not here, not in Broward, not if we can help it,” said Paul Jaworski, president of the board of Broward County Crime Stoppers, which will disburse the cash rewards. “Terrorism will not go away on its own.”

Present at Crime Stoppers’ Fort Lauderdale offices were members of the FBI, Broward County Chiefs of Police Association, Sunrise Police, Lighthouse Point Police, Hallandale Beach Police and the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

“People know what suspicious activity is … but they fail or neglect to do anything about it,” said John Brooks, Sunrise’s police chief. He is also liaison for the chiefs association to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. “If they see something that they believe is suspicious, make that call to Crime Stoppers, through several different ways. Just make sure we get the information.”

The organization had previously offered a $15,000 reward for such information, but decided to increase it by $10,000 and publicize it “to make a bigger impact in the community, and to grab people’s attention, make them sit up and realize this could happen here,” Jaworski said.

The new, bigger reward will be promoted on social media, turf that is shared by terrorists, both foreign and domestic, to recruit followers.

“That is the tool that these subjects are using today,” said Xanthie Mangum, assistant special agent in charge of counter-terrorism for the FBI in Miami. “They’re very, very advanced, very sophisticated. We’re seeing young men and women; they’re very agile on social media platforms. So that is indeed a very critical component to try to identify these threats.”

Users of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will see the reward advertised, and it will also appear on a truck carrying electronic ads. A billboard on North Andrews Avenue, north of West Cypress Creek Road, will also describe the program.

Ralph Page, executive director of the county’s 35-year-old Crime Stoppers program, said he believes Broward’s branch of the national organization is the only one that is offering such a high reward. The group credited its civilian board members for fundraising and donations from the community to develop the pool of cash.

Some of the 9/11 hijackers spent time in South Florida, and prior to the attacks, trained in the state to fly planes. In the 15 years since, there have been several prosecutions of South Florida-based terrorism plotters or supporters.

“Broward County is very unique,” said the FBI’s Mangum. “We are a very cosmopolitan county. A lot of individuals converge here; they are coming from throughout the world and the United States. You just don’t know who may have seen something, what they can share with us.”

She described all of South Florida as “particularly important” for terrorism investigations but said Broward’s high population, tourism, schools and infrastructure make it “just as vulnerable.”

Since its founding in 1981, Page said Broward County Crime Stoppers has paid about $2.7 million in rewards to anonymous callers, “and none of that was in taxpayer money.”

Tipsters have helped police make 12,593 arrests in the county and solve 22,067 cases, including 269 murders, he said.

Federal investigators were reluctant to describe recent South Florida terrorism cases in which tips were a key to solving them, because an anonymous source could perhaps become vulnerable to offenders.

“Very critical,” Mangum said, describing the importance of tips. “There is an early warning indicator for everything that is about to impact us in the community … We don’t want to be sitting with our hands crossed, waiting for an attack.

“We see this as a very positive opportunity for us to share information and identify threats, prior to attacks,she said.

Broward County Crime Stoppers asks anyone with information about criminal activity to call 954-493-8477. For more information about how to email or text a tip to the organization, go to www.browardcrimestoppers.org.

They should include tips on food stamp, EBT and other types of fraud that Muslims use to fund terrorism but might not show any outward signs of terror links. Peruse our category on Fraud to see dozens of posts with damages in the billions of dollars stolen from taxpayers.

U.S. House Committee’s April Terror Threat Snapshot

Source: House Committee on Homeland Security

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The April Terror Threat Snapshot was released today by Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX). The “snapshot” is a monthly Committee assessment of the growing threat America, the West, and the world face from ISIS and other Islamist terrorists.

Chairman McCaul: “The alarming rise of Islamist extremists has spawned a deadly terror campaign across the globe. Sadly, we again have seen the resulting carnage recently in Brussels, Jerusalem, and Kabul. Our enemies are continuing to exploit growing instability and the retreat of American leadership. ISIS terror operatives have deployed from their Syrian safe havens and exploited security gaps to infiltrate and infest Europe. Al Qaeda thrives amidst the war in Yemen, methodically carving out greater sanctuary. The Iranian regime, empowered by a dangerous nuclear deal, grows increasingly belligerent as it tries to extract more undeserved economic concessions. Reversing this dangerous course remains an urgent imperative for homeland security and for our broader interests around the world.”

Key takeaways in this month’s Terror Threat Snapshot include:

  • ISIS poses an increasingly deadly threat to the United States, its allies, and global security. ISIS and its supporters have exploited sanctuaries across the Middle East and North Africa, the flow of nearly 40,000 jihadists into Syria, a massive refugee wave, and security gaps to execute a terror campaign that includes 83 attack plots against Western targets since 2014. There have been two dozen ISIS-linked attack plots inside the United States, where authorities have arrested more than 80 ISIS-linked suspects.
  • Al Qaeda and its allies have seized critical terrain and regenerated their terror networks. Al Qaeda’s key ally and enabler in Afghanistan, the Taliban, controls more territory than at any point since 2001. In Yemen, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has gained control over three provincial capitals, an estimated $100 million worth of bank deposits, and nearly 400 miles of coastline, according to a nongovernmental expert and a media outlet investigation. Al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate has also established a sizable safe haven.
  • The Iranian regime continues to meet Western concessions with escalating hostility. Iran has made several attempts to smuggle weapons into Yemen in the past month. These destabilizing actions follow Iran’s kidnapping of American sailors, another illicit ballistic missile test, unabated aggression in Syria, and repeated threats against Israel. The Justice Department revealed last month that an Iranian military-directed hacker was infiltrating the control systems of critical infrastructure in the U.S. just days before President Obama’s phone call with Iran’s president in 2013.
  • The Obama Administration has freed nearly 30 hardened terrorists from Guantanamo Bay this year despite historical recidivism rates topping 30 percent. As of earlier this year, the Director of National Intelligence assessed that 204 former Guantanamo inmates had rejoined Islamist extremists or were suspected of doing so.

The complete April Terror Threat Snapshot is available, here.

View the Committee’s interactive Terror Threat Snapshot map, here.

There were 104 Creeping Sharia posts in April 2016. Find them here.

FBI Investigating Leads on Illegal Female Genital Mutilation in U.S.


Previously, on the benefits of Muslim immigration to the U.S.:

All leading to the inevitable, that will only get worse: FBI Investigating Number of U.S. Leads on Illegal Female Genital Mutilation – Katie Pavlich

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is currently looking into a number of tips and leads regarding illegal, female genital mutilation in the United States.

“More than 500,000 women and girls across the country—most of them living in metropolitan areas—are at risk of undergoing female genital mutilation, a procedure that has long been practiced in many African and Middle Eastern countries as a cultural custom but has been illegal in the U.S. since 1996,” the FBI posted on its website last week. “A report showing the number of women at risk was published in January by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the figure was much higher than previously estimated. A separate report last year by the non-profit Population Reference Bureau (PRB) determined that women and girls most at risk were concentrated in major cities like New York, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., where large diaspora immigrant communities have coalesced.”

“The FBI is proactively investigating tips and leads on this illegal practice. Investigators are hoping victims and community members who are opposed to it will come forward and report cases.”

According to those who engage in the practice female genital mutilation, which occurs in predominantly Muslim communities and neighborhoods, is justified because the practice is “deeply rooted” in religious practice and beliefs. The practice is conducted by both men and women in these communities.

“We believe some of it is being conducted by medical practitioners—physicians, nurses, midwives—and some by female elders within the communities who have the distinction of being what is called a cutter,” Special Agent Kerry Sparks, who works in the FBI Human Rights Unit, said about the practice.

Tips about female genital mutilation can be submitted at tips.fbi.gov.

And where would a Muslim, new to the U.S., go to find someone willing to perform FGM ? The local mosque of course. More:


Pennsylvania: Muslim teen posted names of U.S. military, exhorted Muslims to kill, behead them

Now he is being charged. Twitter should be charged with aiding and abetting ISIS. aziz-terrorist

Source: Pennsylvania teen hit with new Islamic State-related charges | Reuters  h/t thereligionofpeace.com

A Pennsylvania teenager indicted for supporting Islamic State was hit with fresh terrorism charges on Wednesday, as U.S. prosecutors accused him of posting online the names of approximately 100 U.S. military members and exhorting his followers to kill them.

Jalil Aziz, 19, used his Twitter account to release the names, addresses, photographs and military branches of the U.S. service members, according to a superseding indictment filed in federal court in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Aziz told his followers to “kill them in their own lands, behead them in their own homes, stab them to death as they walk their street thinking that they are safe,” according to authorities.

The information had previously been posted online by supporters of Islamic State, according to Aziz’s defense lawyer, Thomas Thornton, who emphasized that the new charges are based on the same alleged acts that led to the initial indictment.

“All of these charges come from Mr. Aziz allegedly using his telephone in his room in his house,” Thornton said, calling it “teenage stupidity.”

Aziz was arrested in December on charges that he tried to help others travel to the Middle East to join fighters for Islamic State. The militant group controls territory in Syria and Iraq and has claimed responsibility for numerous mass killings, including the coordinated attacks in Paris in November that killed 130 people.

He used at least 57 separate Twitter accounts to advocate violence against U.S. citizens and to disseminate Islamic State propaganda, prosecutors said. Aziz served as an intermediary between a person living in Turkey and several members of Islamic State, according to court documents.

Prosecutors also said investigators found a “go bag” containing ammunition for an assault rifle, a black mask and a knife at Aziz’s house.

Ibn Ameer Aziz had previously been charged with attempting to provide support to ISIS. Our previous post: Pennsylvania: Muslim Charged With Supporting Islamic State Terror Group

FBI Tracking 1,000+ Islamic Terror Cases & Growing Across the US

Source: FBI Tracking Nearly 800 ISIS-Related Cases Across US, FBI Director Says – ABC News

FBI Director James Comey said online propaganda remains a serious threat.

Of the nearly 1,000 FBI cases across the country looking at people who may have been radicalized online, about 80 percent of them are tied to ISIS, FBI Director James Comey said today.

ABC’s Pierre Thomas pulls a slight of hand trick. He says “nearly 1,000 FBI cases” but the FBI director in the quote below says “north of 1,000 cases…and that number continues to tick up.” But whose counting?

“[ISIS’] ability to motivate troubled souls, to inspire them, remains a persistent presence in the United States,” Comey said. “We have north of 1,000 cases where we’re trying to evaluate where somebody is on the spectrum from consuming [ISIS propaganda] to acting, and that number continues to tick up slowly.”

However, Comey said ISIS — also known as the Islamic State — has been losing its ability to recruit people to Iraq or Syria, with the FBI seeing a “drop in the number of people traveling or attempting to travel” overseas to join the group.

“The so-called Islamic State brand has lost significant power in the United States,” Comey said. “They’ve lost their ability to attract people to their Caliphate from the United States.”

In 2014 and the first half of 2015, the FBI was seeing as many as 10 people a month trying to leave the United States for ISIS, but over the past year that number has averaged about one per month, according to Comey.

“So, there’s no doubt that something has happened that is lasting in terms of the attractiveness of the nightmare which is the Islamic State to people in the United States,” Comey added.

All just “troubled souls” who are well…crazy. That they are all Muslim is just a coincidence.

New York: 3 Muslim Relatives Operating 4 Gas Stations Arrested for Tax Fraud

Diversity and immigration alert.

Source: 3 Individuals Operating 4 Convenience Stores in Onondaga and Madison Counties Arrested for Grand Larceny

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance today announced the arrest of three individuals, each charged with multiple felonies for failing to pay thousands of dollars of sales taxes they collected from fuel sales made at their four gas station-convenience stores.

Combined, the four businesses, two in Onondaga County, two in Madison County, owe the State approximately $170,000 in back sales taxes.

The three defendants, Eliana Wady, Mohammad Wady, and Qusai Abdul Jaber, are related to each other and responsible for the operations of the businesses.

“These business owners are charged with keeping  the sales tax they collected from their customers, instead of  remitting it to New York State as they are required to do,” said Commissioner of Taxation and Finance Jerry Boone.  “Such criminal conduct deprives hard-working New Yorkers of valuable public services and puts honest competitors at an unfair disadvantage.”

Eliana Wady

Eliana Wady, 46, of 4853 Coventry Road, Syracuse, is currently the owner of Sanna Seniora, which operates as a gas station, convenience store, and a restaurant at 6325 Thompson Road in East Syracuse.  She was also the owner of two additional gas station-convenience stores: Tala-Seniora, formerly located at 5846 S. Salina Street, Syracuse, as well as Seniora 3, formerly located at 1864 Route 31, in the Village of Chittenango.

Wady was charged with numerous counts of Grand Larceny and Criminal Tax Fraud for allegedly failing to report and remit more than $162,000 in sales taxes collected from fuel sales made at these businesses between December 2010 and November 2014.  Wady was arraigned on these  charges  and is scheduled to next appear in court on November 12th.  If convicted, she faces up to 15 years in state prison.

Mohammad Wady

Mohammad Wady, 51, Eliana Wady’s husband, residing at the same home address, was also charged with multiple counts of Grand Larceny and Criminal Tax Fraud for his role in the alleged scheme to steal sales taxes.  He is accused of failing to report and remit more than $7,900 of sales taxes collected from fuel sales made at QA Seniora convenience store, formerly Seniora 3 in Chittenango, between December 2013 and November 2014.  He was separately charged and arraigned for the same crimes Eliana Wady is facing with regard to the fuel sales made at the Sanna-Seniora store.  If convicted, Mohammad Wady faces up to 15 years in state prison.

Qusai Abdul Jaber

Qusai Abdul Jaber, 33, is the Wady’s son-in-law.  He resides at 1872 State Route 31 in Chittenango.  He is the current owner of QA Seniora, formerly Seniora 3, and was also charged with Grand Larceny and multiple counts of Criminal Tax Fraud for allegedly failing to report and remit more than $7,900 of sales taxes collected from fuel sales made at QA Seniora between December 2013 and November 2014.  He is scheduled to return to court on December 17th.  If convicted, Jaber faces up to seven years in state prison.

The three defendants were released on their own recognizance.  These cases will be prosecuted by the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office.

A criminal complaint is only an accusation and the three defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Report fraud

You can report tax evasion and fraud online at the Tax Department’s Web site or by calling 518-457-0578. The information is kept confidential.


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