New Hampshire: Pakistani Muslim gets 6 years, duped 100,000 victims in $13M fake drug fraud

Mustafa Hasan Arif’s scheme generated more than USD 12.8 million in fraudulent sales from more than 100,000 victims.

Connecticut: Terror-linked Imam Arrested on Deportation Order for Visa Fraud Scheme

According to the Times of India, Abdul Hannah and his two brothers were most likely raising money for jihad as imams in Massachusetts

Dem’s Muslim IT Staffer Suspected of Security Breach Fled to Pakistan

Criminal suspect in investigation into major security breach on House of Reps computer network has abruptly left U.S. and gone to Pakistan

Florida: Tampa Man Converts to Islam, Kills Roommates For Disrespecting Muslim Faith

Florida man recently converted to Islam killed his two roommates Friday for “disrespecting” the Muslim faith.

Kansas City: Somali Muslim immigrant arrested, held for suspected jihad activities

Kansas City, Missouri, man born in Somalia ordered detained on a passport-fraud charge while FBI investigates terrorism links.

New York: ‘Homegrown’ al Qaeda terrorist to walk free after helping Feds

Vinas pleaded guilty to participating in rocket attack against U.S. troops in Afghanistan and providing details of New York’s transit system to Al Qaeda.

DC: Ex-Marine pledged support to ISIS, wanted to “conduct a violent revolution against whites”

Man pledged support to the Islamic State and expressed a desire to "conduct a violent revolution against whites"

Virginia: 43 Muslims indicted in $30M cigarette trafficking, bank fraud, and money laundering op

Investigators say the majority of the people are from north Africa and many are not U.S. citizens.

New Jersey: Man pledged allegiance to Allah, planned to “kill as many people as possible” in NYC

Suspect pledged allegiance to Allah and said he stabbed the family dog because the dog was "dirty" in his view of Islam.

Florida man – ‘devout’ Muslim – accused of fighting for Isis in Syria

46-year-old American accused of fighting for Islamic State, the terrorist group, and could face criminal prosecution on return to US.

FBI Records Show Boxer Muhammad Ali’s Racist Mosque Tirades

Ali’s family ironically uses his name and legacy to launch a national campaign to end racial and religious profiling.

Ohio: Jordanian Muslim arrested at airport en route to join Islamic State terrorists

Laith Waleed Alebbini arrested at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport after they said he attempted to help ISIS.

Georgia: Muslim refugee who attacked woman & daughter with U.S. flag skips court

'The only way justice will prevail is if the woman who attacked his wife outside her own home is deported back to Somalia.'

Minneapolis: Somali Muslim woman gets probation for funding Islamic terror group

Somali Muslim was the 21st person to be sentenced in terrorism cases in Minnesota in the last five years

Indiana: Muslim professor at ISU arrested over faked anti-Islam threats

Another Muslim hoax crime: Azhar Hussain made false reports of anti-Islamic threats against him and even reported an attack authorities say did not happen.