Chicago: Teenage Muslim terrorist called “villain” by judge; gets 15 year sentence

Tounisi, then 18, discussed terrorist plots - including a bomb attack on a night club that allowed the admission of teenagers on Route 59 in Naperville.

Boston: Muslim convicted in plot to behead blogger Pamela Geller over cartoon contest

Wright created a Twitter page seeking recruits for their "martyrdom operation cell," and created a manifesto warning that America's "days are numbered,"

Virginia: Man Who Lied to FBI About ISIS Friend Gets Two Years

Queen told Qamar, “I’m never going to throw a Muslim underneath the bus to try to do the right thing.”

New York: Muslim immigrant who bombed New Jersey & NYC sites found guilty

Afghanistan-born Ahmad Khan Rahimi was convicted Monday of planting two pressure-cooker bombs on New York City streets.

Texas: Muslim brothers join ISIS, parents lie to FBI about it & get $5K plea deal?

Mohommad Hasnain Ali and Sumaiya Ali pleaded guilty in federal court in June to lying to the FBI about their son's joining Islamic State terrorists in Syria.

Canada: Muslim confesses ‘I agreed to support ISIS’ in NYC terror plot

U.S. prosecutors revealed last week that Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, 19, of Mississauga, Ont. confessed to an ISIS-inspired plot to target key New York City landmarks.

Texas: Security guard wounded in ‘Draw Muhammad’ terror attack sues FBI, accuses cover-up

Joiner's lawsuit is seeking just over $8 million in damages, and argues that the FBI essentially allowed the attack to happen.

Charges Unsealed Against 3 Muslims Arrested in 2016 Plot Targeting NYC

"At no time was the safety or security of the public at risk."

Rhode Island: Muslim Bodega Owner’s Probation Revoked, Sentenced to Prison in $1.1M Food Stamp Fraud

Halal market owner robbed taxpayer-funded food stamp program of at least $1.1 million dollars.

Florida: Largest food stamp fraud bust in history, $20M, Muslim store owners arrested

South Florida reached another fraud milestone: “the largest combined financial fraud loss for a food stamp trafficking takedown in history.”

Canada: Muslim arrested in Ft McMurray faces extradition to US for terrorism-related prosecution

The United States has sought the extradition of Abdullahi Ahmed Abdullahi for prosecution for terrorism-related offences.

New York: Muslim testifies he was trained in Pakistan to use weapons for attack in U.S.

Al Qaeda operatives said they could better serve the cause with attacks back in the United States.

At Least 3 Muslim Women Called Police on Democrat’s Rogue Pakistani IT Aide

Officers found one of the women bloodied and she told them she “just wanted to leave,” while the second said she felt like a “slave,” according to Fairfax County Police reports.

Minnesota: Muslim moms charged with female genital mutilation of two 7-year-old girls

The mothers were charged with female genital mutilation and conspiracy to commit female genital mutilation, according to the indictment.

Minnesota: Muslim immigrant uses vacation to join ISIS; at least 5 other open investigations

Searching his bedroom in St. Louis Park, FBI agents found handwritten notes with a sketch of the symbol that adorns the ISIS flag, next to the word “allegiance” written in Arabic.