Charlie Hebdo surrenders, editor says paper is done with Muhammad cartoons


Conversely, the Muhammadeans are not done slaughtering non-Muslims. h/t Atlas Shrugs who writes:

The jihadists won.

We’re not done. See our updated Mo’toons page here. via Charlie Hebdo editor says the paper is done with prophet Muhammad cartoons – The Washington Post.

The top editor and publisher of Charlie Hebdo, the satirical French newspaper that suffered a deadly terrorist attack in January, said the publication would no longer draw the cartoons of the prophet Muhammad that have garnered it worldwide notoriety.

“We have drawn Muhammad to defend the principle that one can draw whatever one wants,” said Laurent Sourisseau, in an interview this week with Stern, a German magazine.

But Sourisseau, who goes by the cartoonist nickname “Riss,” said that it was not Charlie Hebdo’s intent to be “possessed” by its critique of Islam. “The mistakes you could blame Islam for can be found in other religions,” he said.

On Jan. 7, two Islamist militants stormed Charlie Hebdo’s Paris offices, killing 12 of its journalists, including some of its top editors and cartoonists. According to statements made later by al-Qaeda’s branch in Yemen, which claimed responsibility for the attack, they were punishing the newspaper for its mocking depiction of Muhammad, images of whom are considered blasphemous in Islam.

Sourisseau’s recent remarks were foreshadowed in April by the cartoonist who drew that best-selling cover. Renald Luzier, who goes by the nickname “Luz,” told a French cultural magazine that drawing the prophet Muhammad “no longer interests me.”

He went on: “I’ve got tired of it, just as I got tired of drawing [former French president Nicolas] Sarkozy. I’m not going to spend my life drawing them.”

In May, Luzier announced his imminent departure from Charlie Hebdo, citing overwork and fatigue. He added that producing each issue without his slain friends and colleagues was “torture.”

The surviving members of the Charlie Hebdo staff all live under police protection and have spoken to media about the particular mental stress of producing the publication under the scrutiny that follows such tragedy. There have been reports of rifts within the staff over the moral role Charlie Hebdo should or should not to attempt to play, as well as disputes over what to do with the millions of dollars in added revenue and donations that have flooded in since the attacks.

Sourisseau, who owns 40 percent of the company’s shares, has come in for criticism for pocketing a good portion of Charlie Hebdo’s recent profits.

“The most important thing is there’s a real desire to keep getting this paper out every week, it should continue and it will continue,” Sourisseau told the Guardian in May. “The fact that everyone is watching across the world spurs us on to keep going, helps us not be scared.”

He managed to survive the January assault by pretending to be dead, he has said.

He might as well be dead if he’s going to give in to murderous Muslims who kill for the sharia.

France: Muslim beheads boss, scrawls Arabic on severed head then hangs on fence with flags of jihad


via France terrorist attack investigated as police swoop on ISIS suspect’s home | Daily Mail Online.

Four people are in custody in connection to a beheading and explosion at a gas factory in south-eastern France – and police are still searching buildings for evidence.

Heavily armed police investigating this morning’s brutal terror attack in France have removed a woman and child from the home of Yassine Salhi – the suspected Islamist Muslim accused of beheading his boss and trying to blow up the American-owned gas factory.

He was known to factory personnel because he came in regularly for deliveries, Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins said.

Police swooped on the apartment building in Saint-Priest, in the suburbs of the city of Lyon, just hours after the 30-year-old delivery driver was arrested on suspicion of writing Arabic slogans on his employer’s severed head and hanging it on a fence outside the nearby headquarters of Air Products.

Salhi is accused of going on to crash his Ford Fusion delivery van through the factory’s gates before ramming it into several large gas cannisters left in the car park – apparently in the hope they would explode and destroy the entire factory complex.

The explosions were relatively small, however, leaving just two factory workers with non life-threatening injuries.

The murdered man – who French media say owned the delivery company Salhi worked for – is believed to have been killed elsewhere before his corpse was dumped at the factory site in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier and his head impaled on a fence 30 feet away surrounded by homemade Islamist flags.

Speaking before the raid on her home, Salhi’s wife described her husband as a ‘normal Muslim’ who left for work as usual at 7am this morning. ‘My heart stopped when I heard he was a suspect….I expected him this afternoon,’ the unnamed woman told French radio station Europe 1.

Salhi – who is understood to have been known to security services since at least 2006 – reportedly told arresting officers that he is a member of the Islamic State terror group. He is believed not to have a criminal record and an investigation into his ‘possible radicalisation’ was dropped in 2008.

A local newspaper is reporting that the unnamed dead man was Salhi’s boss and that their company regularly delivered to Air Products.

He was known for links to extremism but not identified as a high risk who would carry out an attack, says Cazeneuve.

Mo’ Muslims, mo’ problems. 1,400 years of evidence.

Update: ‘Muslim beheading suspect admits to killing’

Yassin Salhi, 35, “has also given details about the circumstances” surrounding the killing, according to investigation sources, who said he would be transferred to Paris for further questioning later Sunday.

Salhi’s confession came after it emerged the married father-of-three sent a gruesome selfie photo of himself and the severed head to a WhatsApp number in Canada.

The victim, a 54-year-old local businessman named Hervé Cornara (see photo below), was found with Arabic inscriptions scrawled on him and Islamic flags were also found on the site at the small town of Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, some 40 kilometres (25 miles) from Lyon.

His head was “hung onto the fence surrounded by two Islamic flags bearing the Shahada, the profession of (the Muslim) faith,” said French prosecutor Francois Molins.

Hypocritical Charlie Hebdo suspends journalist over articles attacking Islamic terrorists


via Charlie Hebdo suspends Zineb El Rhazoui after death threats over articles attacking Islam | Daily Mail Online.

Satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has been accused of hypocrisy after it suspended a journalist who has received death threats for her articles attacking Islamic extremism.

Zineb El Rhazoui, 33, was called to a preliminary dismissal hearing to remind her of her ‘obligations’ towards the French weekly following ‘numerous incidents’.

The French-Moroccan columnist accused her employers of trying to ‘punish her’ for speaking out about the direction of the magazine four months after the jihadist attack which left 12 dead.

‘I am shocked and appalled that a management that has received so much support after the January attacks could show so little support for one of its employees, who is under pressure like everyone in the team and has faced threats,’ she told Le Monde.

‘My husband lost his job and had to leave Morocco because the jihadists revealed his workplace. I am under threat and having to live with friends or in a hotel and the management is thinking of firing me. Bravo Charlie.’

The move has prompted outrage on social media with thousands calling the decision ‘absurd’ and bewildering’.

Mrs El Rhazoui and her husband, Moroccan writer Jaouad Benaïssi, received death threats on Twitter from people claiming to be from Islamic State in February.

Photoshopped images of the couple dressed as ISIS prisoners about to be executed emerged on social media along with a map showing the places the journalist often visited.

Speaking at the time she said: ‘Pictures of my husband, his workplace and geolocation information have been published, as well as various suggestions on how to bump us off.’

The human rights campaigner was one of 15 Charlie Hebdo writers, editors and cartoonists who wrote an open letter criticising the magazine’s owners and management in late March.

They raised fears that the left-wing and anti-religious magazine might succumb to the ‘poison of the millions’ of euros that had flooded in since with terrorist attack in Paris in January.

The group called for the magazine to become a ‘co-operative’ and asked for its new found riches to be placed in a trust to guarantee the magazines’ survival for ’30 years’.

Killers Saïd and Chérif Kouachi targeted Charlie Hebdo after the controversial paper published cartoon images of the Prophet Mohammed.

But now thousands, including the magazine’s own writers, have accused the weekly of ‘hypocrisy’ after failing to support its own staff.

Writer Patrick Pelloux said: ‘We are all still trying to cope with life after the attack,’ he said. ‘It is nasty and unfair to call a disciplinary meeting for a member of staff who is still suffering incredibly.’

‘It is paradoxical that the magazine receives prizes for freedom of expression while disciplining a journalist whose life is under threat’.

Oliver Farry ‏tweeted: ‘The lack of self-consciousness among Charlie Hebdo management is bewildering.’

Romain Burrel said: ‘Even Charlie Hebdo is no longer Charlie. Zineb El Rhazoui is laid off.’

A spokesman for Charlie Hebdo said there were no plans to fire Ms El Rhazoui.

He said the journalist was suspended and called to an ‘interview’ to remind her of her ‘responsibilities’.

h/t Jihad Watch, who writes:

These are defining days. Many, many people whom I had thought to be clear-sighted, strong and courageous have proven to be cowardly, pusillanimous and self-serving, eager to betray the supporters of free speech and free society in exchange for a few more years of their miserable slave existences. Even Charlie Hebdo, the international symbol of defiance against violent intimidation and censorship-by-murder, has folded and submitted to the jihad force.

Another success for the jihad:

Renald ‘Luz’ Luzier famously drew front cover image of survivors’ edition quits Charlie Hebdo.


France: Brigitte Bardot on Trial for 5th Time for Opinion on Islam

Her opinion is a violation of sharia law.

via French Icon Brigitte Bardot’s Blasphemy Against Muslims – Breitbart.

Former film star Brigitte Bardot, France’s iconic blonde bombshell and “sex kitten” who reigned supreme from 1952 – 1973, has been on trial five times for insulting Muslims and “inciting racial hatred.”

The prosecutor in her fifth trial, Anne de Fontette, wants a heftier fine and a tougher sentence: the equivalent of $24,000 and a two month (hopefully) suspended jail term.

What crimes has Bardot committed in the land without a First Amendment, in the land of Hate Speech laws that are being slickly exploited by non-persecuted Muslims?

Bardot has written: “I am fed up with being under the thumb of this population which is destroying us, destroying our country.”

Islam. Is. Not. A. Race. 

Islamo-faux-bia. Only 24% of Americans Think Paris Jihad Attack Represents True Beliefs of Islam

Ignorance perhaps. But a majority of Americans polled believe Muslims will attack Islamophobes here in America. via Americans Think Charlie-like Attack Likely Here – Rasmussen Reports™.

Americans are hesitant to link the terrorist massacre in Paris this past week to the true beliefs of Islam, but many worry a similar attack on those critical of the religion in the United States could happen in the near future.

Sixty-five percent (65%) of American Adults believe it is at least somewhat likely an attack on those critical of Islam will happen in this country in the next year. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 26% think an attack similar to the one against the satirical Parisian publication Charlie Hebdo which mocked radical Islamicists is unlikely to happen here. This includes 29% who say such an attack is Very Likely and just five percent (5%) who say it’s Not At All Likely. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Even before the Paris incident, 86% of Likely Voters said radical Islamic terrorism is a threat to the United States.

It has been reported that the attackers in Paris shouted an Islamic expression of faith and also that they had avenged the prophet Mohammed after they killed several people in the magazine’s office. However, only 24% of Americans think the actions of the killers represent the true beliefs of Islam. Fifty-two percent (52%) don’t think their actions represent the faith, but another 24% are not sure.

By comparison, just 16% think the Taliban in Afghanistan represent true Islamic beliefs, and 27% say that of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

At the same time, most Americans (60%) don’t think it’s religious discrimination to refer to the killers as Islamic terrorists. Twenty percent (20%) do think it is discrimination to label the killers this way, but just as many (20%) aren’t sure.

The national survey of 800 American Adults was conducted on January 8-9, 2015 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3.5 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. See methodology.

Seventy-four percent (74%) of Americans are following news reports about the terrorist incident in Paris, including 37% who are following it Very Closely. The more closely one is following the story, the more likely he or she is to believe a similar attack could happen here and that the killers represent the true beliefs of Islam.

Women and Americans under 40 are less likely than men and older adults to believe the killers in Paris represent true Islamic beliefs and feel less strongly that a similar attack will occur in the United States.

But Americans of all ages agree that referring to the killers as Islamic terrorists is not religious discrimination.

Read it all. If only Americans knew what was in store for them. If only the media and politicians did their jobs. History tells us.

Muslims firebomb German paper that reprinted Charlie Hebdo cartoons


via Arson at German paper that reprinted Charlie Hebdo cartoons (VIDEO) — RT News.

A German newspaper, the Hamburger Morgenpost, that reprinted the Charlie Hebdo cartoons says it suffered an arson attack overnight.

The incident happened at about 2 am local time. Unidentified people threw stones and an incendiary devices into the building housing the “Hamburger Morgenpost” tabloid newspaper in Hamburg, Germany’s second largest city.

“Rocks and then a burning object were thrown through the window,” a police spokesman told AFP. “Two rooms on the lower floors were damaged but the fire was put out quickly.”


The attack was launched from a courtyard in the newspaper’s building and hit its archive room, where some files burned.

“It’s true: Tonight there was an arson attack on our newspaper,” the Hamburger Morgenpost said on Twitter.

Police have arrested two men who were behaving suspiciously in the area at the time of the attack, said the newspaper. The authorities have launched an investigation.

The Hamburger Morgenpost reprinted cartoons created by the Charlie Hebdo magazine whose HQ in Paris was attacked on January 7. Twelve people, including famous cartoonists, were killed in the massacre.

Meanwhile, German police arrested a suspected supporter of the so-called Islamic State (IS) and raided his home in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Reuters reports. The 24-year-old suspect is suspected of having joined the group following a year-long trip to Syria.

After the Paris shooting, the newspaper published three Charlie Hebdo cartoons on its front page. “This much freedom must be possible!” said the headline.

Police, however, didn’t comment on possible links between the arson attack on the German newspaper and the Charlie Hebdo massacre, saying it was “too soon” to know for certain.




French police kill Muslim savages, accomplice, who slaughtered Charlie Hebdo members, hijacked Jewish supermarket


via Charlie Hebdo suspects, accomplice, killed as twin sieges shake France.

French elite forces stormed two hostage sites Friday, killing the brothers behind the Charlie Hebdo massacre and a jihadist accomplice in a fiery end that also claimed the lives of four hostages.

The killings brought a dramatic close to three days of terror and high tension that began Wednesday when the two heavily armed Kouachi brothers burst into the satirical magazine’s office and slaughtered some of France’s best-loved cartoonists.

As shots and explosions rang out in the City of Light, five people, including the gunman, were found dead in the aftermath of the assault on a Jewish supermarket in eastern Paris and several captives were freed, security sources said.

Gunmen at both sieges told French TV they were acting together in the name of al-Qaeda in Yemen and the Islamic State group.

Seven people, including three police, were hurt in the supermarket raid with officers carrying some of the terrified hostages clear from the scene in their arms.

“It’s war!” screamed a mother as she pulled her daughter away.

An AFP reporter saw at least one body lying at the scene, where the sliding glass door of the shop was completely shattered.

The dramatic climax to the two standoffs brought to an end 53 hours of terror that began when the two brothers slaughtered 12 people at satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in the bloodiest attack on French soil in half a century.

The weekly had lampooned jihadists and repeatedly published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed which angered many Muslims.

After the three days of bloodshed, France was mourning the loss of 17 people and tending to 20 injured.

Supermarket gunman Amedy Coulibaly told French TV he was a member of the Islamic State extremist group and had coordinated his atrocities with one of the Charlie Hebdo gunmen, Cherif Kouachi, who told television he was backed and financed by al-Qaeda in Yemen.

In a telling detail, revealed by BFMTV, the supermarket attacker did not hang up the phone properly after talking to its reporters, allowing the police to overhear him.

And it was as he knelt to do his evening prayer that they stormed the building.

President Francois Hollande said after the sieges had ended, the threats facing France “weren’t over.”

He described the attack on the Jewish supermarket as an “appalling anti-Semitic act” and said: “these fanatics have nothing to do with the Muslim religion.”

Hollande said he would attend a march of national unity on Sunday that is expected to draw hundreds of thousands including the leaders of Germany, Italy and Britain.

About 30 kilometres (16 miles) to the northeast, in the small town of Dammartin-en-Goele, the two Islamist Charlie Hebdo gunmen staged a desperate escape bid, charging out of the building all guns blazing at the security forces before being cut down in their tracks, a security source said.

Police confirmed their identity as Cherif and Said Kouachi, French-born orphans of Algerian origin.

The other hostage-taker in the eastern Porte de Vincennes area of Paris was also suspected of gunning down a policewoman in southern Paris Thursday.

French police released mugshots of Coulibaly, 32, as well as a woman named as 26-year-old Hayat Boumeddiene, also wanted over the shooting of the policewoman.

The Vincennes area was swamped with police who shut down the city’s ringroad as well as schools and shops in the area. Authorities ordered residents to stay indoors.

In Dammartin-en-Goele, only 12 kilometres (seven miles) from Paris’s main Charles de Gaulle airport, French elite forces had deployed snipers on roofs and helicopters buzzed low over the small printing business where the Charlie Hebdo suspects had been cornered early Friday.

Ahead of the stand-off, police had already exchanged fire with the pair in a high-speed car chase.

One witness described coming face-to-face at the printer’s with one of the suspects, dressed in black, wearing a bullet-proof vest and carrying what looked like a Kalashnikov.

The salesman told France Info radio that one of the brothers said: “‘Leave, we don’t kill civilians anyhow’.”

One 60-year-old choked back tears as she said how elite forces burst into the shop where her daughter works and ordered them to take cover.

“My daughter told me: ‘Don’t be scared mummy, we’re well protected. She was calm but me, I’m scared. I’m really scared,” said the woman.

Prior to the standoff, the suspects had hijacked a car from a woman who said she recognised the brothers.

4 hostages, killed in Paris; 16 hostages freed

More details on the multiple attacks, hostage takings and police raids here.

France’s cowardly president lied directly to the French people, to himself and to the world in the face of the worst Muslim terror attacks to hit France:

A terrible antisemitic attack was committed today in the Kosher shop. Not to be divided means we must not make any confusion concerning these terrorists and fanatics that have nothing to do with the Muslim religion.


Massive search for woman suspected in Paris hostage-taking

Charlie Hebdo terror mentor’s wife on benefits in Leicester

Charlie Hebdo Paris attacks: A timeline of events




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