Geert Wilders to the Prime Minister: “Close the Borders! Tackle Islam!”


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Geert Wilders and the PVV (Party for Freedom) released the following open letter today addressed to Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands:

Open letter to the Dutch Prime Minister

Prime Minister,

Yesterday’s joint statement by the cabinet and the Jewish organizations about the growing anti-Semitism in the Netherlands is worthless. There is an elephant in the room, but you refuse to see it.

Such lax behavior is unworthy of a Prime Minister.

You are afraid of Islam and therefore refuse to say what everyone knows: the more Islam in the Netherlands, the more anti-Semitism one will get.

“Together we are responsible for ensuring that conflicts that occur elsewhere in the world do not lead to tensions and conflicts between groups in our Dutch society,” you state.

What nonsense!

We are not responsible together; you are responsible!

That “conflicts that occur elsewhere in the world” lead to tensions in the Netherlands is due to the fact that you do not close our borders to people from Muslim countries. As a consequence, you allow the hatred of Jews, Christians, atheists, and non-Muslims in general, which characterizes the Islamic world, to spread throughout the Netherlands.

Do something about it, Prime Minister: Close the borders! Tackle Islam! Lock Jew-haters and Isis-supporters up and expel them. Do your duty, and reduce anti-Semitism in the Netherlands by reducing Islam.

Yours sincerely,
Geert Wilders

Wilders: Freedom is Worth It (video)

Is there a Geert Wilders in the U.S.?

Is there anyone in America who will stand up not only to the increasing Islamic influence in the U.S. but more importantly to the tyranny of a corrupt, dictator-like government now imposing its will on Americans? 

Geert Wilders: “It is our duty to expose Muhammad”

Religion of Peace?

Excerpt from Geert Wilders, Speech to Swedish Free Press Society, Malmö, October 27, 2012.

Because Sweden has the same problem as the Netherlands, Denmark and the rest of the Western world. We are all in the same boat. Our freedoms are in danger. Our political and often leftist media establishment turns a blind eye to the largest threat to liberty in our present age. This threat is called Islam.

Islam commands its followers to establish a worldwide Islamic state, where everyone has to live according to the Sharia, the barbaric law of Islam. And where Islam’s opponents are being marked for death.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn used to say that the truth is “seldom sweet; it is almost invariably bitter.” But the truth should be heard. The bitter truth that Islam is the largest threat to freedom today. And the unpleasant truth that Islam is already all around us.

The sign of Islam’s presence is visible in all our European cities.

Also in Malmö. Especially in Malmö.

25% of the population here originates from Islamic countries – the highest rate in the whole of Scandinavia. That is why it is good to be here. In this great city, which deserves better than it currently gets.

Even the international media have written stories about the outbursts of violence, the gang warfare, the shootings and bombing of police stations in Malmö. In a city like this our message needs to be heard: Malmö should not succumb to Islam. Malmö should remain what it was throughout its history. A decent, peaceful and safe place for people to live, work and raise a family. A free city.

In Malmö we must turn the tide. And show the world that the Islamization process can be stopped. That is why I am here. It is a coincidence that today marks the final day of this year’s hadj, the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca. This is a symbolic moment to tell you that it is time to turn the tide. And to tell you that it can be done. But in order to turn the tide, we must first stop pretending that there is no problem as so many journalists and politicians tell you. We must first face the truth. We must first speak the truth. So that others will know it too.

Before I continue, however, let me make one thing absolutely clear. Whenever I criticize Islam I am falsely accused by some people with false intentions of hating people. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, let me state clearly that I criticize an ideology, not people. I do not hate nor do I want to harm any human being. I totally reject the use of violence.

In fact, the most important reason why I reject Islam is its violent nature and the fact that it is harmful to people, including its own adherents, whom we should pity rather than hate, and whom we should help to liberate themselves from the evil monster which is Islam.

I have travelled the Islamic world extensively. I have visited countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Indonesia. In my book “Marked for Death” you can read how I was overwhelmed by the kindness, friendliness and helpfulness of many people there. They are often good people, but they are captives of Islam.

I always make a distinction between Muslims and Islam. Most Muslims are moderate, most Muslims are non-violent, but the ideology of Islam is dangerous. The moderates are the captives of the barbaric system of Islamofascism. There is no moderate Islam. Islam is only a religion to a very limited extent. It is predominantly a dangerous ideology. Islam is political rather than religious: It aims for an Islamic state. Islam is totalitarian. Islam is not voluntary. It orders that people who leave Islam must be killed. Contrary to real religions, it also lays obligations on non-members.

Islam is dangerous because it calls on its followers to imitate Muhammad, the so-called prophet, as closely as possible. The life and deeds of Muhammad are well known from contemporary sources.

Islam’s own sources tell us how evil Muhammad was. They show us that he was a liar, a rapist, a paedophile, a torturer, a mass murderer.

Because Muhammad abused women, some followers of Islam believe they are entitled to treat women in the same way.

Because Muhammad lied and cheated in order to advance Islam, some followers feel entitled to do the same. Islam even has a word for this kind of lying. It is called taqqiya.

Because Muhammad killed his opponents, some of his followers feel entitled to do the same.

Because Muhammad robbed non-Muslims, some of his followers feel they have the right to do the same. This is called jihad.

A few years ago, one of your Swedish newspapers interviewed the sociologist Petra Akesson after she had conducted a study of Islamic youths here in Malmö. Akesson pointed out that these youths have been raised in a culture that extols Islamic supremacy. As a consequence, a significant number of them regard their criminal activities against non-Muslim infidels as right, justified and permitted.

It is our duty to expose Muhammad, this 7th century barbarian who wrote a book which he said had been dictated to him by an angel from a book written by Allah in heaven. The people from his own hometown of Mecca knew Muhammad. They said he was crazy. An angry Muhammad emigrated to Medina which he conquered through taqqiya and jihad. Later he returned to Mecca and conquered it with his troops, eradicating its tradition of openness and religious tolerance.

Everywhere where Islam has gained a foothold, it has brought tremendous human suffering. Not all Islam’s followers behave like Muhammad would have done. But some of them do. The more Islam you get into your country, the more violent and intolerant it becomes, and the less freedom you will get.

Read it all and check out the Jihad in Malmo website that has been on our international blogroll for several years to see the real horrors that go on there every day.

Also check out this account of the event, Anti-Wilders Mob Goes Mad.


Sharia4Belgium leader to speak at Amsterdam Sharia Conference

Ain’t diversity and immigration grand? via Gemeente: ‘Leider Sharia4Belgium spreekt misschien niet live’ [update] and Google Translate.

AMSTERDAM – [Updated 16.02 pm] The leader of the radical movement Sharia4Belgium, Fouad “Abu Imran ‘Belkacem, has been invited Saturday at the Shariah Global Conference in Amsterdam to attend as a speaker. Both the municipality and the police will play everything closely monitor.

Yet it is not yet certain whether the controversial speaker Saturday at the present conference. The municipality managed to close opposite leaves have read about speaking of Belkacem, but that is not yet certain whether he will attend personally or through an Internet connection will do his speech.

The Freedom Party has now pledged to parliamentary questions to establish Opstelten Minister of Security and Justice and Minister Gerd Leers of Immigration, Integration and Asylum. That report Parool . The party wants more information about the location and time of the meeting and wondered whether Belkacem may be refused at the border of the Netherlands.

The underlying idea of the concerns of the PVV is that the radical has previously been convicted for the calls of hatred and violence against non-Muslims. That punishment must still serve Belkacem.
Another reason for the municipality and police all around the debate in the monitor that Sharia4Belgium already caused a stir. For example, last December a debate at De Balie shattered.

To date, the municipality has not yet contacted the Dutch Sharia4Holland received about the exact location of the conference.

Previously: Three members of Sharia4Belgium arrested

Muslims take Dutch state to UN human rights commission over Wilders

Muslims continue to attempt to silence non-Muslims who speak about and expose Islam. Now running to the UN where the OIC has been trying for years to establish a worldwide Islamic blasphemy law. via – Dutch state taken to UN human rights commission over Wilders.

Three Dutch Moroccans have made a complaint against the Netherlands to the UN commission for human rights, claiming the Dutch state has not protected them from incitement to hatred instigated by Geert Wilders, Nos television reports.

The three, who are not named in the court filing, say the ‘systematic incitement to hatred and discrimination against Muslims and other migrants’ committed by Wilders has left them feeling ‘discriminated against, humiliated and threatened’.

‘They are of the opinion that Wilders by his continued hate speech has poisoned the social climate in the Netherlands that has become more and more anti-migrant and anti-Muslim,’ the statement says.

Wilders was taken to court for discrimination and inciting hatred last year but found not guilty this spring after the public prosecution department called for all charges to be dropped.


The reluctance of the public prosecutor to take action against Wilders meant the ‘judge [at that trial] was only provided with one side of the legal argument due to the almost perfect harmony between the prosecution and defence,’ the UN filing states.

The three say international human rights treaties should protect them against discrimination and the UN commission should ensure those treaties are upheld.

A UN human rights commission ruling, which can take years, is not legally binding, Nos says.

The full text of the filing (in English) can be read here

Islam can never define American values (video)

h/t Ray

On May 12, 2011, Bill Warner spoke at the Cornerstone Church in Nashville, TN. His speech was part of Geert Wilders’ event, “A Warning to America”, sponsored by the Tennessee Freedom Coalition.

Geert Wilders’ latest warning to America speech in full here.

My friends, we will stand together.
We will stand firm.
We will not submit. Never. Not in Israel, not in Europe, not in America. Nowhere.
We will survive.
We will stop islam.
We will defend our freedoms.
We will remain free.

Geert Wilders Trial To Restart After Biased Judges Dismissed

Can Wilders ever receive a fair trial when every media outlet that comments on him describes him in a biased, guilty manner?

(RTTNews) – An appeals panel at the Amsterdam District Court on Friday ordered judges in the hate speech trial of controversial anti-Muslim Dutch MP Geert Wilders to step down and ruled that the trial must be restarted with a new panel of judges.

Friday’s ruling follows Wilders’ demand that the present judges panel at Amsterdam District Court presiding over his trial be dismissed as they created “an impression of partiality” by their decision to reject a defense request to recall a witness.

Wilders’ lawyer Bram Moszkowicz had insisted at an earlier hearing that the court decision to reject the request for recalling the witness would “make it impossible for the defense to substantiate a crucial part of its case.”

In its ruling made Friday, the independent appeals panel said it found the trial judges’ decision to be “incomprehensible in the absence of any motivation,” and added that the fear of bias due to the judges’ decision result was “understandable”.

“Under the circumstances, the request (for the judges’ removal) is granted,” the panel said in a statement. “Another chamber will handle the rest of the case.”

The ruling implies that Wilders’ trial will now restart from scratch with a new panel of judges. The trial had opened on October 4 at the Amsterdam District Court after a lengthy legal process that began in January.

via Dutch MP’s Hate Speech Trial To Restart With New Judges.

Meanwhile, when will the Muslims who threaten and call for Wilders death ever appear in court?

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