Georgia: Muslims report man exercising Constitutional rights to FBI

First and second amendments have nothing on sharia blasphemy law. As noted earlier in, the Islamo-pandering FBI is encouraging reporting breaches of the sharia. You will be left defenseless. via Muslim Community To Rifle Man with Muslim Message: Come To Islamic Center To Learn | WJBF-TV.

Martinez, GA – The Muslim community is responding to negative messages displayed by a local man armed outside of the military recruitment center in Augusta.

With the recent conviction of a local man for wanting to join ISIS to another local man and his very public statements about radical Islam, people in Augusta’s Muslim community want to be treated fairly. The Imam for the Islamic Society of Augusta told News Channel 6 while many people point to radicals, that is not at all what the Islamic faith represents.

“Are we going back to the Wild West again?”

A question that should have been asked of Mohammad Daoudi is, “Are we adopting Islamic sharia blasphemy laws in America?” It sure seems that way.

That’s Mohammad Jamal Daoudi’s response to this man.

News Channel 6 told you about Jim Stachowiak first on Monday.  He has made a promise to stand on Wrightsboro Road, near Augusta Mall, armed with his rifle and what some perceive as a negative message toward Muslims to protect military recruitment centers in the local shopping mall.  This act comes after a man claiming he was Muslim killed Marines in Chattanooga, TN.

Does so-called journalist Renetta DuBose have any reason to doubt that Palestinian-born Mohammad Youssuf Saeed Al-Hajjaj – born to Muslim parents, whose Muslim friends say he attended mosque was not a Muslim? A close friend stated he QUOTED THIS FROM THE KORAN before the attack, via Reuters: Tennessee suspect texted friend link to Koranic verse before attack

“Whosoever shows enmity to a friend of Mine, then I have declared war against him.”

Does it get any more Muslim than quoting directly from the Holy Koran? And how ’bout that quote Ms. DuBose. Peaceful? Back to the article.

“He has a history of anti-Muslim slogans, bashing Muslims and Muslim faith and sometimes teasing the Muslim community by coming with his car [to the center] that already has a print against Islam,” he stated.

The Koran is full of anti-non-Muslim slogans and commands for Muslims. Should it be banned?

Mohammad Daoudi, the Imam for the Islamic center in Martinez, said they have reported Stachowiak to the FBI, putting him on watch.

“What you learn from the media is not correct,” he said.  “What you learn from the Internet is not correct because the media is one person’s opinion.  The Internet is an anonymous person who is providing the information. This is a real Islamic Center.  I’m the resource of the Islamic Center.  I’m the Imam.  Come and ask.”

Ask him if Muslims are permitted to lie to protect Islam.

The primary Quranic verse sanctioning deception with respect to non-Muslims states: “Let believers not take for friends and allies infidels instead of believers. Whoever does this shall have no relationship left with Allah – unless you but guard yourselves against them, taking precautions.” (Quran 3:28; see also 2:173; 2:185; 4:29; 22:78; 40:28.)

Al-Tabari’s (838-923 AD) Tafsir, or Quranic exegeses, is essentially a standard reference in the entire Muslim world. Regarding 3:28, he wrote: “If you [Muslims] are under their [infidels’] authority, fearing for yourselves, behave loyally to them, with your tongue, while harbouring inner animosity for them… Allah has forbidden believers from being friendly or on intimate terms with the infidels in place of believers – except when infidels are above them [in authority]. In such a scenario, let them act friendly towards them.”

Regarding 3:28, the Islamic scholar Ibn Kathir (1301-1373) wrote: “Whoever at any time or place fears their [infidels’] evil, may protect himself through outward show.”

As proof of this, he quotes Muhammad’s companions. Abu Darda said: “Let us smile to the face of some people while our hearts curse them.” Al-Hassan said: “Doing taqiyya is acceptable till the day of judgment [in perpetuity].”

So if you do go, take your Go-Pro and send us the video. We’ll post it for all to see. Here are Questions to Ask Every Muslim. Record it all.

Renetta DuBose went to the mosque and apparently failed to ask the imam – or publish her findings – about taqiyya or any other aspect of the Islamic ideology that is wreaking havoc not only in Georgia but worldwide. Why didn’t she ask him about wife beating, honor killings or marrying six-year old girls as Mohammad did? Why didn’t she ask him about Muhammad’s well-documented history of waging jihad, killing, rape and plunder? Is she not interested in Islam’s role in enslaving black Africans – that continues to this day? Is that not savage?

Maybe she’ll do a follow up piece on that one day soon. Ask her at facebook twitter mail.


Georgia: 15 years for Muslim who tried to join Islamic State

Abdul Wakil Khalil aka Abu Hurairah Al Amreekee

via ‘I am an American’ says Georgia man who tried to join Islamic State |

AUGUSTA, Ga. — A Georgia man who wrote he was “ready for jihad” before buying a one-way ticket overseas to try joining the Islamic State group was sentenced to federal prison Tuesday after he sobbed to the judge, “I am an American.”

Leon Nathan Davis III of Augusta was sentenced to 15 years, the maximum punishment allowed. A pale, bearded man with a Southern accent, the 38-year-old Davis pleaded guilty in May to seeking to help a known terrorist organization.

He was arrested at the Atlanta airport last October trying to board a flight to Turkey. Davis later said his plan was to be smuggled into Syria so he could join the Islamic State group as a recruiter and an English teacher.

During his sentencing Tuesday, Davis told the judge he had been “brainwashed” by writings and online propaganda of radical Muslims not long after he converted to Islam while imprisoned for cocaine trafficking a decade ago.

“I allowed myself to stray away from the truth of my religion, which is peace, love and humility,” Davis said. “They brainwashed me into thinking that hatred and death were the way into heaven.”

Despite his apologies and acknowledgement of wrongdoing, prosecutors insisted Davis was far from harmless.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Carlton Bourne showed the judge a photograph Davis posted online of himself holding a shotgun and surrounded by other weapons. Bourne said Davis added the caption: “ready for jihad.”

About a year before buying his plane ticket, Bourne said, Davis posted online: “One of my greatest desires is to kill Zionists and bring down Israel and the United States of America.”

Despite being a convicted felon, Davis owned six rifles, four handguns and two shotguns, according to prosecutors who originally charged him with illegal gun possession. That charge was dropped as part of a plea deal.

Davis posted “stupid things” on social media, said his defense attorney, Michael Loebl. But with no military training and a bad back, Davis posed “a low-level threat, if any,” Loebl said.

Davis underwent a genuine religious conversion while in prison from 2005 to 2008, Loebl said, and became so dedicated that he taught himself to read and write Arabic. He said Davis’ interest in radical Islam peaked when he left prison and was able to access writings, videos and other materials online.

Davis and his attorney insisted he never meant harm, particularly to Americans. Davis was born in Augusta and had a father who served in the military. At the time of his arrest, he was selling dietary supplements. He told the judge that because of his actions, his wife, an Iraqi citizen, has been barred from returning to the U.S.

“I love my country and I am an American,” Davis said through loud sobs. “This is the best country in the world and it deserves better.”

Authorities have charged several dozen people in the last year with trying to fight alongside the Islamic State and other militants or with lending them material support.

U.S. District Court Judge J. Randal Hall said he chose the maximum punishment for Davis in hopes that it might deter others, though he also voiced concerns Davis might use prison to recruit more Islamic State supporters.

“In light of the clear evidence of their savagery and brutality, he chose to travel there and join them,” Hall said. “This is a serious offense against our nation. We need to impose a serious sentence.”

More:  15 Years For Attempting To Help ISIS

In 2005 when Davis went to prison for trafficking cocaine, he converted to Islam. He taught himself to read and write Arabic and he taught the tenets of the religion to others, Loebl said. He said Davis began to read and study radical Islamic views in 2006 and gradually became brainwashed over the years that the only way to an Islamic utopia on Earth was through the Islamic State.

Davis apologized to faithful Muslims for falsely believing terror and hatred was the path to heaven, and for leaving another black stain on the religion. He apologized for the pain and shame he brought to his family.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Carlton R. Bourne Jr. asked the judge to impose the maximum sentence. Davis is not the peace-loving man he claims – claims belied by his posts on social media such as “ready for jihad,” with a picture of himself surrounded by a dozen weapons, Bourne said. Davis was fully prepared to join the Islamic State and it was only through the proactive work of federal and state law enforcement officers that his plan was foiled.

Davis bought his airplane ticket just weeks after the Islamic State publicized the beheadings of American journalists Steve Sotloff and James Foley, Bourne said.


In one piece of evidence against Davis, he can be seen posing in a picture surrounded by weapons with the caption “ready for jihad.”

Now he’ll go back to prison ready to teach others jihad.

Georgia: Note on car near military base: ‘mohammad will show no mercy, attacks will come, death to come to you’

via Chilling Note Found on Car Near Military Base Taking Aim at Service Members

Police are investigating a threatening note left on a car near Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta, Georgia, Wednesday.

The note, found on the windshield of a service member’s car, was turned over to the Cobb County Police Department, which is working with military authorities in its investigation.

“dear american soldier,” the note read in all lowercase. ”death to you coward women child killer and all the american military mohammad will show no mercy on you attacks will come full force death is to come to you.”

The note was found on a car at an office complex near Powers Ferry Road, a news release from police stated, classifying it as a possible terrorist threat. Police noted that the victim might have been targeted because his license plate identified him as a service member.

WAGA-TV reported that the note it featured in its report is a reproduction of one that also is being shared on Facebook.

The note comes a week after a military recruiting center and a base in Chattanooga, Tennessee, were attacked. Four Marines and a sailor were killed in the shooting by 24-year-old Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, who was killed by police at the site of the second shooting.

Not far from the site of our post earlier this week in Alpharetta.

Georgia: What Muslim immigration looks like in Alpharetta (video)

Celebrating Islam days after one of their own waged jihad on U.S. soil, killing five American soldiers.

Not concerned with or unaware of the rapid importation of Muslims to the U.S.? Even after last week’s jihad attack that killed four Marines and one Navy seaman. Sometimes a picture, or in this case a video, can help to visualize the problem.

Check out just the first few minutes of this video from Alpharetta, Georgia. This is what Muslim immigration results in. Large numbers of foreign Muslim men who prefer to live by the sharia. h/t Iron Burka.

How will that video look in 2o years? In every major city and metropolitan area in the U.S.? 

Many previous posts on Alpharetta here.

This is what Lilburn, Georgia looked like five years ago:

Clear Channel Refuses “Truth About Muhammad” Ads Countering ICNA’s Lies


via Atlas Shrugs:

A good many Atlas readers have written me over the past couple of weeks, concerned about a deceptive ad that ICNA is running in a number of American cities. The Islamic Circle of North America is an Islamic organization that has been probed by the FBI for ties to terrorism. They are running a deceptive Muhammad propaganda campaign (above). You may remember their Sharia for America ad campaign here.

So we created a counter campaign of truth, “The Truth About Muhammad.”

Clear Channel rejected our ad, saying it wasn’t very nice.

Muhammad-quotes-800x233  ICNA-mo-ad

So we submitted a different ad, using Muhammad’s own quotes (below). That way Clear Channel could not say we were editorializing or opining.

 ICNA works closely with radical Islamic organizations and invites radical speakers to its conferences:

ICNA was named in the Muslim Brotherhood document — titled “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America” — as one of the Brotherhood’s 29 likeminded “organizations of our friends” that shared the common goal of destroying America and turning it into a Muslim nation. These “friends” were identified by the Brotherhood as groups that could help teach Muslims “that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands … so that … God’s religion [Islam] is made victorious over all other religions.”

Clear Channel rejected our second ad using Muhammad’s own words.

The subversive, supremacist, Muslim Brotherhood organization known as the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) launched a new billboard campaign designed to mislead Americans and lull them into complacency regarding the jihad threat. And so my human rights organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), is once again doing what we always do: countering lies with truth.

ICNA’s billboards in Atlanta claim that “Muhammad — peace be upon him — believed in peace, social justice, women’s rights,” along with a phone number to find out more about Islam. They’re planning on having 100 of these billboards around the country by the end of the year, while hosting conferences in various cities around the country about Sharia and Muhammad.

We are countering ICNA’s lies with the truth about Muhammad. Our ad reads, “Muhammad believed in war, denial of rights to women, denial of rights to non-Muslims, deceit of unbelievers,” and directs people to an AFDI website, At that site, we lay out abundant evidence for what we say about Muhammad – evidence taken from core Islamic texts.

We submitted our ads to go up in Atlanta in the same areas as the ICNA kitman billboards: Camp Creek Parkway at Desert Drive; at Mountain Industrial Boulevard at Stone Mountain Freeway; and at Chamblee Tucker Road at I-285.

ICNA is dedicated to “establishing a place for Islam in America” – which means a place for jihad and a place for Sharia. ICNA, like the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), is a terror front group whose “Muslim advocacy” front masks their true Islamic supremacist agenda. Despite the carefully constructed myth surrounding Muslim Brotherhood groups in America, advanced by a hostile and pro-jihadist media, the truth about these subversives is out there.

The Muslim Brotherhood group ICNA is lying to Americans about Muhammad, Islam and Sharia in order to advance a false narrative about the most extreme and radical ideology on the face of the earth. Period. They don’t want Americans to know the truth that the gendercide of honor killings, the clitoridectomies, the stonings, and the 1,400 years of cultural annihilations and enslavements are all Sharia-mandated and inspired by Muhammad’s example.

Clear Channel rejected both of our ads — here are my notes from our conversations with Jack Jessen of Clear Channel, who said that he “cannot run” our ad. I asked Mr. Jessen why, and he said that it had a “negative connotation to it.”

I told him that I was using direct quotes from Muhammad. But he said it was “very negative-based” and that he “considered it an attack” on ICNA. I said that I hadn’t even mentioned ICNA and that the ICNA ad wasn’t honest. I explained that the ICNA is a terror-tied group and explained their background.

I said that we didn’t oppose his running  the ICNA ad, because it’s a free country. But if he was going to run that kind of propaganda, he had to allow a counterpoint. He had to allow the truth. At least our ads are true – they are quotes, direct quotes from Muhammad.

Mr. Jessen admitted he “didn’t know enough about the details of it,” but he just knows “that’s the way he perceived it.”

I reiterated that I was not attacking ICNA in the ad — I even offered to change the layout, the colors. I explained that he was running something that is completely and utterly false because he perceives it as good. But it is not good. I explained that he was helping to disarm the American people in a very grave threat.

I told Mr. Jessen that I was willing to work with him. I changed the ad once, but for him to say absolutely no was just so wrong. It’s  unconscionable.

He suggested I talk to another company in Atlanta. I asked if he knew of a company in Atlanta that would run it. He said he did not.

So I responded that it was Clear Channel that ran the ICNA ad. So how could he not run the AFDI ad? How did he reconcile that?

He could not answer. I gave him  primary sources of the quotes. So who am I attacking? What’s negative? Mohammad said it.

He said he didn’t recognize the names of the sources of my quotes.

“I have been made victorious through terror” — Sahih al-Bukhari 2977

“I have seen that the majority of the dwellers of Hell-fire were you (women).” — Sahih al-Bukhari 304

“War is deceit.” — Sahih al-Bukhari 3029

He admitted he used wikipedia to vet our ad. Wikipedia – edited by paid operatives funded by Muslim countries in many cases.

He admitted that he was in “a difficult position.”

I said, you’re an advertising company that is obviously taking issue-related ads. So if this ad doesn’t go up, you know that Clear Channel will come under attack for not taking this ad, because Clear Channel is showing a preference.

He said he would talk to his people in corporate and get back to me.

He never did.

Clear Channel:

Clear Channel Outdoor
1200 Wilson Way SE # C
Smyrna, GA
(678) 309-0085

Clear Channel Broadcasting
1819 Peachtree Rd #700
Atlanta, GA
(404) 367-0640

Clear Channel
315 Chester Ave SE
Atlanta, GA
(404) 581-1901

@CCOutdoorNA on Twitter

Will Clear Channel wake up before the lawsuit comes – one that numerous other large organizations have fought and lost already – or will they ban all political/religious ads to protect jihad-waging Muslims? Time will tell. Our money is on Geller.

As we’ve posted many times before, the founder of the Why Islam ads wrote very clearly telling Muslims how they should treat Christians and why they are here:  Director of Islamic dawah ads in his own words

Islam came to tear down the pillars of kufr and replace them with the pillars of Islam.

Georgia: Muslim Pleads Guilty to Trying to Join ISIS


Abdul Wakil Khalil aka Abu Hurairah Al Amreekee

via Georgia Man Leon Nathan Davis Pleads Guilty to Trying to Join ISIS.

Leon Nathan Davis, a 37-year-old Georgia man, admitted in court this week that he bought a one-way ticket to Turkey last fall in an attempt to join ISIS.

Davis appeared in U.S. District Court Wednesday and pleaded guilty to attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization, according to The Associated Press. At sentencing, he could face up to 15 years in federal prison and fines of up to $250,000.

Davis said during the hearing that he planned to fly to Turkey and then be smuggled into Syria. But police caught up to him as he was checking into his flight at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on October 24, the AP reported.

It’s not clear what Davis’ motivation was to join the terrorist organization.

Attempting to leave the country was also a violation of his parole, Patrick Holsey with the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Parole told WJBF.

FBI agent Gutis Zunde testified, saying federal authorities began watching Davis more than a year ago after he tried contacting ISIS through social media, the AP reported.

“Us, along with the Georgia Board of Pardons and Parole, have been investigating him for over a year knowing that he had intentions to join ISIS,” Assistant Special Agent to the FBI Angela Tobon said in a press conference, according to WJBF.

Zunde said Davis told investigators he believed he would teach English to ISIS members.

“He said he wasn’t sure if he would be a fighter or possibly a recruiter for them,” Zunde added.

Davis left behind his wife of two years, a stepdaughter, and a mail-order medical supplements salesman job when he went to try and join ISIS.

He reportedly went by the names Abdul Wakil Khalil and Abu Hurairah Al Amreekee, according to the AP.


This is not the first time Davis has been in trouble with the law.

The Georgia Department of Corrections shows that Davis was convicted in October 2005 of dealing cocaine and sentenced to 10 years in prison, but was released in September 2008. He returned to prison for more than a year in February 2012.

Prosecutors had been holding Davis since February of this year for possession of illegal firearms by a convicted felon, according to the AP. He reportedly had six rifles, four handguns, and two shotguns, though that charge is now being dropped.


Georgia Lawmakers Honor American Muslims – But Not One Cited

via Georgia Lawmakers Take Part in a Historic Milestone Honoring Georgia American Muslims – CNN iReport.


Georgia State Lawmakers introduced a historic milestone at the State Capitol, recognizing the 100 Influential Georgia American Muslims on March 11th, 2015.

The 100 Influential Georgia Muslims is an initiative of the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta (ISB). The initiative aims to recognize and honor leaders making a difference in the lives of Georgians day in and day out, provide role models for our communities, and provide many narratives to the Muslim American experience.

A special ceremony was kicked off with an official photograph and brief interaction with Georgia Governor Nathan Deal. Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens and Secretary of State Brian Kemp gave special remarks at the event about diversity, which featured the contributions of American Muslims in the State of Georgia.

Court of Appeals Judge Carla McMillian, gave the keynote at the event. “As a diverse group, we have a strong sense of responsibility to each other, and a legacy of strength in family, community and helping one another”, said Judge McMillian. “I stand in front of you today because I am an example of a positive outcome of people who fought hard to ensure all Americans and women had equal opportunity in this country.”

State Representative Pedro Marin presented an official House Resolution 575, recognizing and honoring the contributions of American Muslims to the State of Georgia. “On behalf of the Georgia General Assembly, I would like to congratulate you on a historic milestone in Georgia. This year for the first time, Georgia lawmakers and Georgians join with influential Georgia American Muslims throughout our state to celebrate the legacy of influential Georgia American Muslims – highlights the past and present contributions to Georgia and United States of America,” said State Representative Pedro Marin.

“Recognition of the achievements and contributions of the American Muslim community is a tribute to those who have paved the way for their success. In addition, the Georgia American Muslims honorees serve as role models for many segments of our society,” said Soumaya Khalifa, Chief Organizer of the event and Executive Director of Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta.

You can read the resolution here. , that reads in part:

WHEREAS, many contributions have been made by influential Georgia American Muslims  who have furthered the development of this state and nation; for over a century, the American Muslim community has made significant accomplishments in the State of Georgia4and the United States; and
WHEREAS, the 100 Influential Georgia American Muslims is an initiative of the Islamic6
Speakers Bureau of Atlanta; they are men and women “Continuing the Legacy; Changing the7Narrative” with their work, vision, compassion, dedication, and commitments to their communities; they are continuing the legacy of their forefathers who contributed to the advancement of human civilization while at the same time providing many narratives to today’s conversation about Islam and Muslims; …

So who are these oh-so-influential Muslims that are contributing so mightily to the state of Georgia? Are their “contributions” any different than other Georgians? Do any of them support sharia law? And what legacy did their forefathers contribute to the advancement of human civilization?

We don’t know because not a single name was made available for this event. But you can find out if you drop $60 to buy their book.

We searched around a little and the reality is that the few folks profiled are thriving not because they are Muslim but because they are in America where they have the freedom to choose, to think and to participate in society and apply their skills as they choose. Many probably would be considered apostates in Islamic countries.

Would Georgia’s governor, secretary of state and attorney general approve of a group that promotes a so-called prophet who beheaded 800 people in one day? Who married a six-year old? Who killed the brother and father of one of his wives he captured in battle?  Because that’s the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta promotes just that on Twitter.


Muhammad is the most revered and influential Muslim in history. Is this the type of diversity public officials want Americans to respect? 


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