Georgia Lawmakers Honor American Muslims – But Not One Cited

via Georgia Lawmakers Take Part in a Historic Milestone Honoring Georgia American Muslims – CNN iReport.


Georgia State Lawmakers introduced a historic milestone at the State Capitol, recognizing the 100 Influential Georgia American Muslims on March 11th, 2015.

The 100 Influential Georgia Muslims is an initiative of the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta (ISB). The initiative aims to recognize and honor leaders making a difference in the lives of Georgians day in and day out, provide role models for our communities, and provide many narratives to the Muslim American experience.

A special ceremony was kicked off with an official photograph and brief interaction with Georgia Governor Nathan Deal. Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens and Secretary of State Brian Kemp gave special remarks at the event about diversity, which featured the contributions of American Muslims in the State of Georgia.

Court of Appeals Judge Carla McMillian, gave the keynote at the event. “As a diverse group, we have a strong sense of responsibility to each other, and a legacy of strength in family, community and helping one another”, said Judge McMillian. “I stand in front of you today because I am an example of a positive outcome of people who fought hard to ensure all Americans and women had equal opportunity in this country.”

State Representative Pedro Marin presented an official House Resolution 575, recognizing and honoring the contributions of American Muslims to the State of Georgia. “On behalf of the Georgia General Assembly, I would like to congratulate you on a historic milestone in Georgia. This year for the first time, Georgia lawmakers and Georgians join with influential Georgia American Muslims throughout our state to celebrate the legacy of influential Georgia American Muslims – highlights the past and present contributions to Georgia and United States of America,” said State Representative Pedro Marin.

“Recognition of the achievements and contributions of the American Muslim community is a tribute to those who have paved the way for their success. In addition, the Georgia American Muslims honorees serve as role models for many segments of our society,” said Soumaya Khalifa, Chief Organizer of the event and Executive Director of Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta.

You can read the resolution here. , that reads in part:

WHEREAS, many contributions have been made by influential Georgia American Muslims  who have furthered the development of this state and nation; for over a century, the American Muslim community has made significant accomplishments in the State of Georgia4and the United States; and
WHEREAS, the 100 Influential Georgia American Muslims is an initiative of the Islamic6
Speakers Bureau of Atlanta; they are men and women “Continuing the Legacy; Changing the7Narrative” with their work, vision, compassion, dedication, and commitments to their communities; they are continuing the legacy of their forefathers who contributed to the advancement of human civilization while at the same time providing many narratives to today’s conversation about Islam and Muslims; …

So who are these oh-so-influential Muslims that are contributing so mightily to the state of Georgia? Are their “contributions” any different than other Georgians? Do any of them support sharia law? And what legacy did their forefathers contribute to the advancement of human civilization?

We don’t know because not a single name was made available for this event. But you can find out if you drop $60 to buy their book.

We searched around a little and the reality is that the few folks profiled are thriving not because they are Muslim but because they are in America where they have the freedom to choose, to think and to participate in society and apply their skills as they choose. Many probably would be considered apostates in Islamic countries.

Would Georgia’s governor, secretary of state and attorney general approve of a group that promotes a so-called prophet who beheaded 800 people in one day? Who married a six-year old? Who killed the brother and father of one of his wives he captured in battle?  Because that’s the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta promotes just that on Twitter.


Muhammad is the most revered and influential Muslim in history. Is this the type of diversity public officials want Americans to respect? 

Georgia bill seeks to ban foreign law, again

via Ga. and SC again try to ban Sharia law | Online Athens.

Georgia and South Carolina lawmakers worried that Islamic law might influence proceedings in American courtrooms seek to halt such a possibility.

It’s not clear whether Sharia law ever affected proceedings in Georgia and South Carolina, but bills are moving through both state legislatures. Their passage would send a statement to the court system and the U.S. Congress, according to the South Carolina sponsor of a bill aimed at making sure foreign law doesn’t sway the American justice system.

Charleston Republican Rep. Chip Limehouse introduced H. 3521, which says a court can’t use Sharia law, which are based on Islamic principles, or any other foreign law to violate someone’s constitutional rights.

In Georgia, a similar bill championed by Republicans, HB 171, is pending.

Read the bill, that does not mention sharia, here.

It must be reiterated that these bills are far less important than stopping the actual spread of Islam in states across America.

Georgia has a very large and growing Islamic problem – from Muslim charter schools, to mosques being forced on towns and Islam being pushed on public school children, to bloody Ashura rituals that include small children, to jihadis being arrested.

The more Muslims there are in America, the more sharia there will be. At least 57 other nations have learned that deadly lesson. America is no exception.

It’s all in the archives and it’s all striving for the sharia.



Islamic terror financier ran kiosks at malls in Delaware, Philly, Georgia, Florida

“…among other locations.” via Officials: Ex-Dover Mall kiosk owner financed ISIS plot

A man who last year operated a Dover Mall kiosk that repaired cellphones was the alleged financier of what federal prosecutors say was a terrorist plot to fly two other suspects to Syria to join the Islamic State fighters, The News Journal has learned.

Abror Habibov, 30, who was arraigned Wednesday in Jacksonville, Florida, and held without bail, ran the I Cell Fix kiosk at the mall and also briefly lived in Dover.

“We are aware that Habibov was known to operate or work at a kiosk at the Dover Mall,” Dover Police Cpl. Mark A. Hoffman said.

The indictment said Habibov operates kiosks that sell kitchenware and repair mobile phones in malls in Philadelphia; Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, Virginia; Savannah, Georgia; and Jacksonville, “among other locations.”

At the I Cell Fix kiosk in Chesapeake on Thursday afternoon, an employee told a reporter that he had just learned of Habibov’s arrests.

“It’s crazy,” said the man, who identified himself as Amin, but declined to give his last name.

Talk about crazy. And Kiosks can be ideal for terror financing, expert says

Relaxed background checks, short-term leases and an easy-to-launder cash flow are among the reasons owning a mall kiosk could be ideal for a terrorist living in the United States, an expert on terrorism financing said.

Abror Habibov, the alleged financier of a plot to fly two associates to Syria to join the Islamic State group, operated the I Cell Fix kiosk at the Dover Mall. Habibov was arraigned Wednesday in Florida.

Authorities have not released information about the nature of Habibov’s businesses or his time in Delaware. His public defender did not respond to calls from The News Journal.

Mall kiosks offer relatively anonymity, said Moyara Ruehsen, an associate professor at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey in California. Ruehsen has researched money laundering and terrorism.

“I think kiosks are easy to set up because you don’t have to provide that much information, compared to taking out a small-business loan to start a larger-scale business,” she said.

Brady Flowers of Minneapolis, who has spent 10 years in the kiosk industry, said each mall has different standards to evaluate people who apply. He said malls have adopted more stringent requirements for ownership since the 2008 credit crunch. But Flowers said that a credit check might be the only review a mall may request in addition to verifying a business license and federal tax identification number.

“If I saw a rent sign in a strip mall, I would have to go through a qualification process to have that space,” he said. “The difference with a kiosk is that they really only want to know what you are going to sell.”

Ruehsen said an all-cash business such as a kiosk would be ideal because it would avoid a complicated, easy-to-trace money-laundering process.

“It doesn’t take much money here in the states if you are an independent cell and not getting money from a larger organization,” she said.

This isn’t the first time kiosks have been linked with the funding of terrorism.

In 2002, FBI and INS agents raided more than 65 jewelry stores kiosks operating at Intrigue Jewelers in six states, including one in Philadelphia. That chain was owned by a Florida company suspected of funding terrorist activity and laundering terrorist money.

 More via Terror plot exposes flaws in business permits

Lawmakers with both parties started looking closer Friday at Delaware’s business registration practices after the discovery that accused terrorists set up shop in a Dover Mall kiosk without direct city, county or state permits or approvals.

The state’s top tax officer was unable to find any sign of Abror Habibov’s I Cell Fix in the Division of Revenue’s license database. The agency plans a check of other such sites at Dover Mall, along with a wider reminder to host sites like malls that they need to verify permit compliance when they open doors to vendors.

“As far as we can tell, there is no entity” connected with Habibov on record, Carter said. “We ask that places like the Dover Mall and Christiana Mall make sure that anybody that does business there has an active license.”

The Dover company also was not listed among companies that had secured a required Kent County permit.

Next time you’re at the mall and think about buying fake Rayban sunglasses, a Louie Vuitton handbag, some watered down brand name perfume or a remote control helicopter – ask the kiosk owner a few polite questions.


Georgia: Muslims file another lawsuit against city after scaring city into approving mosque in mall

The city is already ****ed. Will some brave citizen please file the challenge!! via The Marietta Daily Journal – Lawsuit filed in Mosque application. h/t Islamist Watch

KENNESAW — A federal lawsuit was filed against the city of Kennesaw on Tuesday in relation to one resident’s application to use a retail shopping center suite as a mosque, said Doug Dillard, the applicant’s attorney.

Dillard said the lawsuit was filed as a precaution in case anyone challenges the City Council’s Dec. 15 vote to approve the mosque application.

“If the opposition to the mosque filed a lawsuit and for some reason the vote that they took on December 15 was declared null and void, then all we’ve got to fall back on is their actions on Dec. 1,” Dillard said.

On Dec. 1, the council voted 4-1 to deny the mosque application, but then reversed that decision on Dec. 15.

However, Dillard said if the Dec. 15 vote is successfully challenged within 30 days of the vote, then the denial from Dec. 1 still stands.

Dillard said the lawsuit is there as a safety net until those 30 days run out. Then, the applicant can know for sure that the Dec. 15 approval stands.

“If the 30-day appeal period goes by and there is no appeal, we can always dismiss the lawsuit, but we had to file it as a preventative measure just in case someone challenged the December 15 action,” Dillard said.

A council member, a resident or anyone could challenge the vote, Dillard said.

Kennesaw Mayor Mark Mathews said he has not heard any indication from council members that there could be a challenge to the approval.

“As for the decision made by council, I have not heard any comments or discussions regarding any changes to the last action taken. The permit was approved unanimously,” Mathews said.

The lawsuit filed Tuesday in the U.S. Northern District Court references the First, Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth amendments to the United States and Georgia constitutions as well as the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, a federal law protecting religious institutions from discriminatory zoning laws, Dillard said.

“Obviously, we hope we don’t have to litigate against the city. We hope the Dec. 15 vote is (upheld),” Dillard said.

Meanwhile, the applicant is beginning to get the retail space ready to become a mosque, Dillard said.

“They’re going forward with more requests for the permits and that kind of thing. They’re going full speed to make use of the property,” Dillard said.

As noted in a previous post, Georgia: Legal jihad terrorizes council members to approve mosque in retail shopping center:

Council member Debra Williams, who voted against the mosque the first time, changed her vote, as did council members Leonard Church, Tim Killingsworth and Jim Sebastian. Cris Eaton Welsh was the only member who voted in favor of the mosque both times.

“We denied a nightclub there a few months ago and we argued the same thing – traffic, noise and parking,” she told WND. “And it would have operated at night when all the other businesses were closed and they were willing to put in sound-proof walls. They should sue our pants off.”

Yes they should.


Georgia: Legal jihad terrorizes council members to approve mosque in retail shopping center

Islam means submission. And the Kennesaw City Council submitted to Islam in a cowardly display, selling out citizens and essentially converting a shopping mall into a mosque. Back stories here.

Mayor Mark Mathews: The Dhimmi Behind the Mosque

Mayor Mark Mathews: The Dhimmi Behind the Mosque Approval

via The Marietta Daily Journal – Mosque approved in 5 0 Kennesaw City Council vote.

With a unanimous 5-0 vote Monday, the Kennesaw City Council approved a permit allowing an Islamic prayer center to open in a retail center, reversing its decision earlier this month to deny the request.

The controversial vote came despite protests from a crowd of about 20 people outside City Hall holding signs with the words “Ban Islam” and “No Mosque” and waving American flags before and after the meeting.

Monday’s vote, which was approved with a list of other items on the consent agenda without discussion, allows the applicant for the mosque, Kennesaw resident Mufti Islam, to use a 2,200-square-foot space in a retail shopping center off Jiles Road near Cobb Parkway as a Muslim prayer center.

Kashif Islam, the applicant’s brother, said he had no ill feelings toward the protesters.

“They have the right to protest,” Kashif Islam said.

Kashif Islam said he was happy he was given the freedom to practice his religion in the retail center and that the vote ended peacefully.

“This is not life and death. We’ve been living in this neighborhood for 15 years. Have you ever seen us getting into trouble? No,” Kashif Islam said.

When Mayor Mark Mathews adjourned the meeting, all the council members left the room quickly through a back door. Mathews remained but said none of the other council members would comment on the change of vote.

Mathews said Monday’s vote will allow the mosque to operate in the retail center without stipulations for 24 months. Continue reading

Georgia: After threats, Kennesaw city council to allow mosque in shopping mall?

This article states it’s a done deal. The threats of terror have paid off again for Muslims with UAE-designated terrorists CAIR leading the charge. via Kennesaw to re-vote on allowing mosque |

The application to allow a storefront mosque in a Kennesaw shopping center will be back on the city council’s agenda Monday. The council had rejected the application by a 4-1 vote on Dec. 1.

Wednesday night, the council and Mayor Mark Mathews held a closed-door work session. According to a statement released by Mathews afterward, council members Leonard Church, Tim Killingsworth, Jim Sebastian and Debra Williams said they wanted to change their votes against allowing the mosque to open.

Each of the four council members had previously voted against allowing the mosque.

“…After further consideration and legal review, council members … have independently approached me in my office during a recess following tonight’s executive session and requested to change their votes cast in the meeting held Dec. 1,” the statement says.

Mathews says there will be no limitations — called stipulations — required for the mosque to open. Kennesaw staff had recommended approval of the request by Suffa Dawat Center, Inc., which wants to open a worship center at 2750 Jiles Road.

Mathews said in the statement that the council is trying to achieve a mission for Kennesaw to be “an inclusive city with opportunities for all.”

A group calling itself the Steering Committee of the Muslim-Jewish Dialogue released the following statement:

“We are heartened that the Kennesaw City Council has acted promptly to correct its Dec. 1 vote and has (Wednesday) evening approved the application by local Muslims to establish a place of prayer within the City of Kennesaw. This decision is in keeping with the First Amendment of the Constitution, which guarantees the right of all people to practice their religion freely.

“Respect for the Constitution means equal treatment for all. Living up to this principle is difficult, but it is a precondition for achieving justice and peace in our communities.”

Obama has rendered the constitution DOA, and practice freely does not mean trampling others rights and doing it in an improperly zoned area. But leave it to jewicidal Jews to fight for their arch enemies.

h/t BNI who has the contact info:

Kennesaw City Council

Contact Us

Address:2529 J O Stephenson Ave
Kennesaw, GA 30144


Phone: 770.424.8274

Georgia: Kennesaw council members require increased security after rejecting mosque in shopping mall

The named terror group CAIR is on the ground agitating, is it any wonder council members need security? And the mayor wants to submit to the follower’s of sharia…against the wishes if his constituents.

via The Marietta Daily Journal – Kennesaw mayor urges another look at mosque application. h/t Islamist Watch

KENNESAW — After the Kennesaw City Council voted last week to deny an application to allow a mosque in a retail shopping center, the mayor is urging members of the council to reconsider the decision.

Mayor Mark Mathews said Sunday he would like to see the issue brought up at the council’s meeting Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Mayor Mark Mathews: Dhimmi

Mayor Mark Mathews: Dhimmi

“Our meeting procedures provide a way for a council member to bring an item back for reconsideration. My hopes are that one will,” Mathews said.

The permit Mufti Islam, of Kennesaw, applied for would allow a mosque inside a 2,200-square-foot unit in a shopping center off Jiles Road, and Mathews said the council could discuss and re-vote on the application if a council member suggests it.

“It’s completely up to a council member,” Mathews said.

If one member asks to reconsider the mosque’s application, then a majority, which is three out of the five council members, will have to agree to look at the application again at the Wednesday work session meeting, according to city code.

Councilwoman Cris Eaton-Welsh, who voted in favor of the mosque, said she also hopes someone on the council will want to discuss the issue again.

“The council has not agreed to do anything yet, but I am hopeful that they will,” Eaton-Welsh said Sunday.

Mathews’ recommendation to the council to reconsider the mosque’s request for a prayer center in Kennesaw comes after a backlash of public comment to council members in person, on social media sites, by email and by phone about the 4-1 vote to deny the application.

Eaton-Welsh wouldn’t talk about the specifics of the many comments she and the other council members have received, but she said the tension among residents in Kennesaw has led to increased security for all council members.

“Since this is such a controversial time, the Kennesaw Police Department has been proactive and has increased security for all council members,” Eaton-Welsh said.

All four other council members did not return requests for comment.

Following the vote, the Council on American-Islamic Relations said it would offer legal support to Islam if he decided to follow through with his threats to file a lawsuit against the city for violation of his First Amendment right to worship freely.

Ibrahim Hooper, national spokesman of CAIR, said the applicant has not made a decision yet about whether to go forward with a lawsuit.

“We’re still monitoring and working with the community, but I don’t think anything has been decided,” Hooper said.

Why do the media continue to run to a designated terrorist group for comment?

Back posts on the mall mosque here.

The CAIRorists are forcing another vote:

Kennesaw City Council
Contact Us
Phone: 770.424.8274


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