Illinois: Two more Muslims arrested for conspiring to help ISIS

Abdulhaqq and Wali shared photographs of themselves holding the Islamic State flag at the Illinois Beach State Park and would like to see the ISIS flag “on top of the White House”

Illinois: Muslim used fake business to rob taxpayers, illegally sell millions in cigarettes

Walid Abdel Aziz Qaddoumi was charged in St. Louis County with six felony counts of willfully failing to pay sales tax

Chicago: Muslim terrorist who led Women’s Strike to be deported in plea deal

“She was convicted of immigration fraud in the first trial, and would have been convicted in the re-trial”

Florida: U.S. Postal Service employee, and other Mohameds, arrested for theft, fraud

These kinds of fraud are happening all across the country

Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas Orgs in Chicago Using Interfaith Outreach to Surveil Churches

Muslims are conducting pre-operation surveillance in American churches

Chicago: New VIDEO surfaces implicating Muslim in deadly terrorist bombing

Rasmea’s co-conspirator, Ayesha Odeh (not related), described in a 2004 interview for a pro-Palestinian filmmaker how Rasmea was the mastermind behind the supermarket bombing.

Illinois: Muslim gets just 3 years jail, took teen siblings to join ISIS

Notes left by the siblings begged their parents not to tell law enforcement. The siblings were caught but not charged.

Another fake anti-Muslim hate-crime exposed

There Only Violent Hate-Crimewave in 'Trump's America' is By Anti-Trump Rioters and Thugs

US Muslim leader at Chicago conference: “Islam is here to dominate”

Video: "As Muslims you need to stand as carriers of an alternative way of life. An alternative political system...This is about Islam versus Capitalism."

Muslim hacker gets 20 years for sending ‘kill list’ of US military members to ISIS

Ferizi will be deported to Kosovo upon completing his sentence and will be barred from reentering the United States.

Illinois: Muslim National Guard soldier, cousin get prison in jihad plot on Joliet armory

‘Honestly we would love to do something like the [Muslim] brothers in Paris did’

Illinois teen contacted Islamic terror group, plotted jihad attack

A Facebook page for Cook contains a link to a news story about an ISIS beheading with the comment, “American feast.”

Chicago: Imam gets probation for molesting underage girl, female employee

At least four other women have also filed a civil suit claiming sex abuse by the imam

Illinois Governor Poised to Approve 21-Member Muslim Advisory Council?

Are there Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Atheist, etc. advisory councils? Source: Illinois Measure Would Create Advisory Council for Muslims - ABC News  h/t TROP Illinois could become the first state in the U.S. with a law giving Muslim-Americans a formal voice in state government. The Chicago Tribune ( ) reports that a bill approved by … Continue reading Illinois Governor Poised to Approve 21-Member Muslim Advisory Council?

US Muslim Leader: “Allahu Akbar…Islam Is Here to Dominate”

h/t Pamela Geller who writes: Haitham Ibn Thbait, of the American chapter of Hizb Ut-Tahrir, is honest where most American Muslim leaders tell credulous audiences everything they want to hear. Note how neatly Ibn Thbait’s words coincide with the words of Hamas-CAIR’s co-founder, Omar Ahmad, who said: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to … Continue reading US Muslim Leader: “Allahu Akbar…Islam Is Here to Dominate”