Ohio: 4 Muslims Arrested for Providing Support to Islamic Terrorists


Almost all were university students in the U.S. so a good chance they were part of the Muslim Students Association. Will the FBI look into the mosques they attended and the imams they listened to? via: FBI: Ohio Men Plotted to Aid former al Qaeda Propagandist – NBC News

Four Ohio men have been charged with plotting to travel to Yemen and provide thousands of dollars to former al Qaeda propagandist Anwar Al-Awlaki.

Their goal, prosecutors say, was to support violent jihad against American military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The four — Yahya Farooq Mohammad, age 37, Ibrahim Zubair Mohammad, 36, Asif Ahmed Salim, 35, and Sultane Room Salim, 40 — face terrorism charges.

The FBI says Farooq Mohammad, a citizen of India, was an engineering student at Ohio State University between 2002 and 2004. His brother, Ibrahim, studied engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign from 2001 through 2005, moved to Toledo, got married, and became a lawful permanent resident.

Authorities say Asif Salim was a US citizen who studied at Ohio State University between 2000 and 2005. His brother, Sultane, is also a US citizen.

Court documents say the men made a series of financial transactions in 2008 and 2009 and discussed raising money for a trip to the Middle East.

In July of 2009, the FBI says, Farooq Mohammad traveled to Yemen with two other people, not identified by authorities, to meet Alawki.

Due to the presence of Yemeni government soldiers in the village where Awlaki was living, they were unable to meet him. So Awlaki told them to travel to Yemen’s capital, Sana’a, and give the money — $22,000 — to one of Alawki’s associates, according to an indictment unsealed Thursday.

The indictment said Mohammad e-mailed his brother, “Couldn’t meet with him, but delivered the goods to a relative.”

More via the DOJ: Four men with Ohio ties indicted for providing support to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

Yahya Farooq Mohammad, 37; Ibrahim Zubair Mohammad, 36; Asif Ahmed Salim, 35; and Sultane Room Salim, 40, were each indicted on one count of conspiracy to provide and conceal material support and resources to terrorists, one count of providing material support and resources to terrorists and one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice.  Farooq Mohammad and Ibrahim Mohammad both face an additional count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud.

“According to the allegations in the indictment, Farooq Mohammad, Ibrahim Mohammad, Asif Salim and Sultane Salim conspired to provide and did provide material support to Anwar Al-Awlaki in response to his calls to support violent jihad,” said Assistant Attorney General Carlin. “The National Security Division’s highest priority is counterterrorism and we will continue to pursue justice against those who seek to provide material support to terrorists.”

“In today’s world, Kansas is not far removed from the battlefields of the war on terror,” said U.S. Attorney Grissom.  “We will do everything in our power to prevent funding and material support from finding its way from the heart of America to terrorists in foreign lands.”

“These individuals conspired and then acted on their radical beliefs by providing support to a known terrorist organization,” said Special Agent in Charge Anthony.  “The identification of their conspiracy and the subsequent investigation demonstrate how members of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force continue to work with our international law enforcement partners to mitigate terrorist’s threats in order to protect our citizens.”

Farooq Mohammad was an Indian citizen who was an engineering student at Ohio State University between 2002 and 2004.  In or around March 2008, he married a U.S. citizen.  His brother, Ibrahim Mohammad, was also an Indian citizen who studied engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign from 2001 through 2005.  In or around 2006, he moved to Toledo, Ohio, and married a U.S. citizen.  He became a lawful permanent resident of the United States in or around 2007.

Asif Salim was a U.S. citizen who studied at Ohio State University between 2000 and 2005.  He became a resident of Overland Park, Kansas, in 2007.  His brother, Sultane Salim, is also a U.S. citizen who resided in the Chicago-area from 2006 through 2012, until he moved to the Columbus area.

According to the indictment, from January 2005 through January 2012, the four defendants conspired to provide money, equipment and other assistance to Anwar Al-Awlaki.  Al-Awlaki, a key leader of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, was designated a global terrorist in 2010.  The indictment also alleges that the defendants’ support was to be used in furtherance of violent jihad against the U.S. and U.S. military in Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout the world.

The defendants made various financial transactions in 2008 and 2009, and communicated about raising funds for a trip to the Middle East.  Allegations in the indictment charge that Farooq Mohammad and Ibrahim Mohammad obtained money by opening credit cards and withdrawing money with no intention of repaying the amounts obtained from the financial institutions.

The indictment further alleges that on July 22, 2009, Farooq Mohammad travelled with two other people to Yemen to meet Awlaki.  They were unable to meet with Awlaki, so instead travelled to Sana’a, Yemen, to meet with one of his associates.  Farooq Mohammad and his two fellow travelers gave the associate approximately $22,000 to be given to Awlaki.

 Read the indictment., there are three unnamed Muslim co-conspirators as well – at least one a Ohio State student.

The four Muslims –  who lived in various cities in the U.S. including:

  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Toledo, Ohio
  • Chicago, Illinois,
  • Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, and
  • Overland Park, Kansas

Chicago: Muslim Pleads Guilty – Tried Taking Teen Siblings to Join ISIS

His siblings have not been charged. Why not? via Bolingbrook Man Pleads Guilty to Terrorism Charge | NBC Chicago

A suburban Chicago man charged with trying to travel with his siblings to Syria to join ISIS pleaded guilty Thursday to attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization.

Mohammed Hamzah Khan of Bolingbrook was arrested last October at O’Hare International Airport along with two of his siblings as they tried to board a plane for Austria and then Turkey. The teens had airline tickets, passports and, according to the prosecutors, a plan to join ISIS.

Khan, who was 19 at the time, was indicted on terrorism charges in January and pleaded not guilty shortly after. On Thursday, Khan changed his plea from not guilty to guilty and the move was approved by a judge.

“He’s had a lot of time to think this through,” said Khan’s attorney Thomas Durkin. “I understand full well why he made this decision. It’s a prudent decision. If you’re a young man with the rest of your life behind you, you don’t want to spend it in a federal penitentiary.”

Khan admitted in the plea agreement that he knew ISIL had been designated by the U.S. as a foreign terrorist organization and intended to worker under the direction and control of the group once he arrived in Syria, the U.S. attorneys office said Thursday.

With Khan’s cooperation, federal prosecutors agreed to recommend a sentence of five years in prison.

Khan’s younger brother and sister have not been arrested. Both teens are in counseling.

Durkin would not say if the plea agreement would help Khan’s younger siblings avoid charges, but said the outcome for the siblings is “very favorable.”

The teen’s parents said in earlier interview they believe their son was brainwashed.

Khan lived with his parents in Bolingbrook but has been in custody since his October arrest at O’Hare International Airport.

A conviction carries a maximum 15-year prison sentence, though Khan’s attorney says he plans to push for less time. A sentencing hearing was not immediately scheduled, but a status hearing is slated for Dec. 3.

Illinois: Jury awards $240K to Somali Muslim truck drivers who refused to do their job

Delivering alcohol.

Enforcing the sharia one step at a time. What’s next: child marriages, polygamy, wife-beating, stoning, beheading? After all, it’s all part of their religion. via Fired Muslim truck drivers awarded $240,000 after they refused to deliver alcohol shipment – The Siasat Daily h/t TROP

Illinois: Two Somalian-American Muslims were awarded $240,000 by a federal jury in Peoria, Illinois after a judge found the company violated their religious beliefs.

The former truck drivers Mahad Abass Mohamed (formerly known as Mahad Aden) and Abdikarim Hassan Bulshale (formerly known as Abdikarim Ismail) used to work at Morton-based trucking company had refused to deliver alcohol for Star Transport Inc., saying it was against their religious belief as practicing Muslims. As such, they were fired.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) brought suit on their behalf, and sued it for religious discrimination.

It argued that the employer had failed to accommodate the religious beliefs of employees, violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which outlaw discrimination on the basis of religion.

From the press release:

[EEOC trial attorney June] Calhoun said, “This is an awesome outcome. Star Transport failed to provide any discrimination training to its human resources personnel, which led to catastrophic results for these employees. They suffered real injustice that needed to be addressed. By this verdict, the jury remedied the injustice by sending clear messages to Star Transport and other employers that they will be held accountable for their unlawful employment practices. Moreover, they signaled to [plaintiffs] Mr. Mohamed and Mr. Bulshale that religious freedom is a right for all Americans.”

Smason stated, “We are pleased that the jury recognized that these – and all – employees are entitled to observe and practice their faith, no matter what that might be.”

Just like sharia, there are now rules for Muslims and rules for the rest of us. Creeping right along…thanks to the Clintons for importing the Somalis and the religious groups who keep them coming at taxpayer expense, and to the jury who granted them their sharia.

Clearly, a jury of your peers ain’t what it used to be and in the coming decades don’t expect equality or justice from your newfound peers.

Illinois: Islamic propaganda found targeting High Mount 12-year olds

The only thing worse than Islamic propaganda are school officials who lie to defend it. via: ‘Drawing the line’: High Mount parent upset with Muslim history unit | Belleville News-Democrat

Rachel Seger’s daughter “adores” her history teacher and “loves” the class at High Mount School in Swansea, but Seger didn’t like the 12-year-old’s homework of vocabulary words on Thursday night.

“She said, ‘What’s Koran mean?’ and I flipped,” Seger said. “I said, ‘Excuse me?’ and I looked at them, and I said oh my God.”

The vocabulary words included jihad, Islam, Muslim, Arabia, Muhammad, Allah, hegira, mosque, Koran and Baghdad.

“Some of these words, I don’t even know what they are: Ayatollah, caliph,” said Seger, who was shocked that the history class would step so close to teaching religion. “I don’t want her learning other faiths from school. If it would have just stopped at ‘this is their culture, this is where they go to church,’ fine. But when you get into the actual aspect of it, that’s where I’m drawing the line. That’s just going a little too far.”

Jim Munden, a sixth-grade history teacher at High Mount, would not comment other than to say the issue had been resolved with the family.

Seger said she is happy with the quick resolution, and her daughter will work on the geography portions, not the definitions.

Mark Halwachs, superintendent of High Mount School, said parents rarely question specific parts of lessons. In his four years at the post, he said, one parent questioned a library book, but those concerns were allayed after Halwachs read the book and discussed it with other educators.

Halwachs says the school is teaching — and students that age can tell — the difference between a large group and a fanatical faction.

“We have to present, with 9/11 or anything, it wasn’t a religion that did that. It was bad men that did that. I think you have to take moments like that and use them as teachable moments,” he said. “You have to look at the age group and your students, and to me you can talk about different things in the world and teach about tolerance.”

Why can’t Halwachs teach them the truth: Muslims perpetrated 9/11 in the name of Islam; Muslims cheered the 9/11 attacks on America; Muslims chant “death to America”; Muslims in America want sharia law. You can’t teach about Islam and tolerance together because Islam does not tolerate things non-Islamic. Halwachs is not only re-writing history he is lying about 9/11.

Seger says her daughter is too young for some discussions.

“It’s just hard to explain this to her. That age group, 12-year-old girls, they’re a lot more sensitive than people give them credit for,” Seger said.

“When it comes to that, some of those terms should have been left off of there, or left to parents, or wait until they’re older. Wait until 16 or 17 and old enough to wrap her head around it. If they’re going to teach it, they’re going to teach all of it, not just the happy, good side of it … and she’s not prepared to hear the whole truth.”

Halwachs said the class, which studies from the board-approved “World Cultures” text published by Silver, Burdett and Ginn, also studies India and the Hindus, Europe and Catholicism, England and Anglicans. Seger’s daughter said they had studied monarchies and Egyptian gods and goddesses.

“You can teach about religion, you just can’t … endorse or support a religion over another,” Halwachs said. “You can’t say (Jesus) is the one and only, or he’s the best; you can explain about and teach about the religions of the world.”

Seger said: “I just don’t think that it should be the teacher’s job to be telling my child that.”

Halwachs said parents and teachers “pretty regularly” work out concerns about what students are taught.

“It’s important to talk to students and go into deep conversations about cultures and beliefs… to me (history) is a perfect time to do this,” Halwachs said.

Does Halwachs want his students to have deep discussions about jihad, beheading Christians and Jews, punishing rape victims, stoning women, honor killing, war booty, sharia law? Or just they whitewashed version of Islamic lies and propaganda the Saudi’s paid to get in U.S. textbooks?

Seger may be happy but all parents should be outraged. The damage done by the public school system in America in the last several decades is devastating.

The Board of Education’s contact list is here:

HMS Board OF Education

Name Title Email
Dusty Cole President rcole@highmountschool.net
Ray Gotsch Vice President rgotsch@highmountschool.net
Debra Wolf Member dwolf@highmountschool.net
Javis Taylor Member jtaylor@highmountschool.net
Shirla Ellis Member sellis@highmountschool.net
Susan Scott Member sscott@highmountschool.net
Stephanie McGuire Member smcguire@highmountschool.net
Mark Halwachs Superintenden mhalwachs@highmountschool.net
Darin Loepker Principal dloepker@highmountschool.net
Marilyn Rossi Treasurer mrossi@highmountschool.net
Susan Ackerman Board Secretary sackerman@highmountschool.net

Chicago: The ‘Billy Graham’ of Islam Arrested, Sexually Assaulted 14-Year Old Girl

Earlier this year it was reported Saleem fled the U.S. after sex-abuse allegations by a 23-year old Muslim woman. h/t TROP

The latest via Chicago Imam Called the ‘Billy Graham’ of Islam Held on $1 Million Bond for Sexual Harassment

Early this year, an Islamic Imam in a western Chicago suburb, who was hailed as the Muslim “Billy Graham,” was accused of sexual assault of an employee at the Islamic institute he founded. Now the Muslim leader has reportedly been charged with another crime of sexually harassing a minor and is being held on a million-dollar bond.

This is the second major case of sexual abuse against Mohammad Abdullah Saleem, 75, and even as the previous case is still winding its way through the courts, the Imam now stands accused of the sexual abuse of a minor.

The new charges stem from the alleged abuse of a 14-year-old girl, starting back in 2001 and continuing until 2003, when the victim moved to another state to continue her schooling.

Saleem has been arrested for this latest case and is being held on a million-dollar bond. The Muslim teacher is scheduled to appear in court Oct. 29 to face these charges.

Added to these new charges are earlier charges that have still not been resolved. In February, a female worker at an Islamic school in Elgin, Illinois, accused Imam Saleem of building up a personal relationship with her for months before sexually abusing her.

The 23-year-old employee charged that Saleem spent months slowly getting her to let her guard down before trying to force her into a sexual relationship. As an employee of a Muslim school, the woman was required to wear a veil among males in the school. But the imam, she says, began his coercion by requesting that she lower her veil.

Saleem was later arrested for the abuse and also faces a civil lawsuit on the alleged assault of the 23-year-old.

In Florida, another Muslim named Saleem was arrested on similar allegations. CAIR Official – former President of Muslim Student Assc. – Abdullah Saleem Arrested in Pedophile Sting.

Illinois: DOJ sues Des Plaines to force mosque in office building in manufacturing district

In 2013, we told you that Muslims promised legal jihad on the city of Des Plaines. Their partners in the Dept. of Jihad followed through.

via U.S. alleges Des Plaines discriminated against Muslim group | Chicago Sun-Times

The U.S. Justice Department on Wednesday sued northwest suburban Des Plaines, which denied a Muslim group permission to open a place of worship in an office building in a manufacturing district. [zoning jihad – happening all across America]

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Chicago, accuses the city of Des Plaines of violating the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, a 2000 federal law that bars the use of zoning, parking and other ordinances to thwart the practice of someone’s religion.

 At issue is the city’s 2013 decision to refuse the American Islamic Center use of the space for worship. The center has about 180 members, most of whom are Bosnian Muslims who fled what was then Yugoslavia amid war in the 1990s.

The lawsuit alleges that Des Plaines sought to impose parking and other zoning criteria on the center that had never been imposed on non-Islamic groups. The suit says that the American Islamic Center has gone without a place of worship as a result of the city action.

Des Plaines city spokeswoman Linda DeTomasi declined to comment on the lawsuit.

City officials have previously cited traffic and parking concerns for not approving the American Islamic Center plans. Others said they worried about a loss of tax revenue if the building was rezoned for a non-commercial, religious use.

The 28-page civil suit asks a federal judge to order Des Plaines to let the center use the office space for worship.

The American Islamic Center bought the property in February 2013 contingent on rezoning approval. The City Council denied it on a 5-3 vote six months later. Aldermen at the time denied discrimination played any role in their decision.

“I think this is a good group of people, and would love to have you in Des Plaines,” Ald. Mark Walsten said during a meeting on the issue in 2013. “I’m just not seeing this is the proper place.”

The lack of a place of worship for the Islamic group, the suit says, has “hindered in conducting weddings, celebrating births and providing funeral prayer services” and, in general, meant “interfaith activities are limited in scope and intensity.”

Remember, Jihad by Court: A Modern Strategy to “terrify the enemy of Allah. If not terrifying them, breaking them financially.

As Muslim immigration soars, these various forms of jihad – along with the violent type – will only increase.

End Muslim immigration NOW!

Chicago: Pakistani accused of touching young girl on American Airlines flight – out on bail

Source: Doctor pleads not guilty to touching young girl on plane – Yahoo News

CHICAGO (AP) — A Pakistani physician pleaded not guilty Tuesday to allegations that he inappropriately touched a girl seated next to him on an American Airlines flight from New York City to Chicago.

Muhammad Asif Chaudhry is accused of moving from his assigned seat to a seat next to the Iowa girl, who was traveling alone in July as part of the airline’s unaccompanied-minor program.

The girl sent frantic text messages from the plane to her mother, explaining that a man had touched her genitals and that she could not escape because the seat belt light was on, according to the federal complaint.

“I want to get away,” one text said. A few seconds later, she added, “Mommy, I’m scared.”

The mother fainted when she got her daughter’s texts, family attorney Brett Beatty has said.

Chaudhry, 57, was in the U.S. to visit acquaintances in Oklahoma. He pleaded not guilty to two counts of abusive sexual contact with a child between 12 and 16. Each count carries a maximum two-year prison sentence.

The doctor is free on $100,000 bail. Among the conditions of his release is that he cannot fly, so he drove the 16 hours from Oklahoma to Chicago for Tuesday’s arraignment.

The arraignment comes days after the girl’s parents filed a federal lawsuit in Des Moines, suing Chaudhry and American Airlines. Beatty said the airline should have done more to protect the girl, including putting her in a seat where she could be easily monitored.

American Airlines spokesman Josh Freed said in a statement last week that the airline “cares deeply about our young passengers and is committed to providing a safe travel experience for them.”

According to the complaint, the girl had been seated next to a window with no one in the two seats to her left, when Chaudhry moved up a row and sat in one of those seats. At one point, the girl fell asleep with her legs on a seat between them, then awoke to feel Chaudhry legs intertwined with hers under a blanket.

When Chaudhry got up to use the restroom, the girl complained to a flight attendant, who moved her to the first-class section. Authorities detained Chaudhry when the plane touched down in Chicago.

Neither Chaudhry nor his attorney spoke to reporters after Tuesday’s arraignment.

Chaudhry told agents that he moved up to the girl’s row to give passengers in his section more room, according to the complaint. He said he may have inadvertently touched the girl’s arm when he asked her to close the window shade.


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