Trump lists 78 “under-reported” terror attacks that killed 750 people

Thirteen of the 78 listed attacked were in France, followed by the USA in second with 11.

German police now say Berlin Christmas market jihadi is Tunisian Muslim refugee (updated)

Police today revealed they are hunting Anis Amri, 23, a Muslim refugee who came to Germany earlier this year

Missing from media headlines, Russian ambassador killed by gunman screaming ‘allah akbar’

In Arabic, Altintas can be heard saying: 'We are the descendants of those who supported the Prophet Muhammad for jihad.'

Pakistani refugee arrested after driver rams truck into crowd at Berlin Christmas market; 12 dead 48 injured

The alleged truck driver from Pakistan is said to have come to Germany as a refugee on 16 February 2016 - he has now been released and police are searching for a Tunisian refugee.

NY: Muslim terrorist who bombed Honolulu flight killing 1 teen, released to Mauritania

Mohammed Rashed who killed one and injured 15 others, was removed from the United States earlier this month.

Catholic Charities Resettled Muslim Who Waged Jihad at Ohio State Univ

Muslim refugee jihadist wrote: “By Allah, I am willing to kill a billion infidels"

Muslim Refugee Killed by Police After Driving Into Crowd, Stabbing People at Ohio State Univ

JIHAD: Abdul Razak Ali Artan has been identified as the suspect in today's attack at Ohio State University. 2nd attacker arrested?

Nigeria: 800+ Christians killed, 800+ injured, 100+ churches destroyed by Muslims

Nigeria’s Middle Belt is the scene of ever-continuing attacks on Christian farmers by mainly Muslim Hausa-Fulani herdsmen

Muslim Persecution of Christians: July, 2016

persecution of Christians by Muslims is growing

Virginia: Muslim Immigrant & ex-National Guard Member Pleads Guilty in Jihad Plot

Mohamed Jalloh praised the gunman who killed five U.S. military members in a terrorist attack in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in July 2015.

Boston: Pakistani Muslim Immigrant Arrested For Bomb Threats, Assault at DC’s Reagan Airport

Pakistani Muslim immigrant was arrested for bomb threats on a major airport last month and it is just making the news today

Arizona: Muslim who wanted to “take out marines and jews” pleads guilty

Khan said he was eyeing a Jewish community center and an Air Force recruitment center in Tucson and the state Motor Vehicle Division office in Mesa

Tennessee: Muslim Convert Arrested in Shooting Spree on Shelbyville Churches

As part of its ongoing terrorist protection program, Facebook has scrubbed Buchanan’s page of all information except his name

Austria: Driver shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ tried to run over pedestrians in Vienna

Still searching for a motive. Source: Driver shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ tried to run over pedestrians in Vienna – media citing police — RT News Police detained a 21-year old man in Vienna after he deliberately tried to run over pedestrians while shouting “Allahu Akbar” out of his car. No one has been injured and officials … Continue reading Austria: Driver shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ tried to run over pedestrians in Vienna

Relatives of NYC Bomber Posted Jihadi Images on Facebook; Wife Left US Days Before Attack

The posters share the suspect’s surname and seem to have lived in the New Jersey apartment