Maryland: Muslim who plotted jihad on targets in the U.S., gets 20 years prison

In a plea deal, prosecutors said Mohamed Elshinawy admitted to collecting close to $8,700 from a foreign company to fund a terrorist attack in the U.S.

Maryland: Muslim Was Looking to Bomb Federal Buildings in Baltimore

ISIS plan was to assassinate a Texas businessman, or plan an attack here in the U.S., where he would place a bomb that would “kill a lot of people.”

Video: Is opposition to Muslims-only Maryland housing development just “Islamophobia”?

Predictably, those who object to this are being accused of “Islamophobia.”

Maryland: First Muslim judge reprimanded after sexual harassment complaint

His discipline remains secret.

Maryland: Muslim immigrant & developer face lawsuit for selling homes to Muslims only

“This will be a community of 49 spacious brand new homes (Villas) for Ahmadi Muslims with a dedicated mosque within walking distance”

Muslim professor arrested, dragged off LA-bound Southwest flight after complaining about dogs

Anila Daulatzai of Baltimore was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct, failure to obey a reasonable and lawful order, disturbing the peace, obstructing and hindering a police officer and resisting arrest.

Maryland imam: ‘Goal of Jihad is Sharia…Sharia Spread by the Sword’ (Video)

Maryland imam stressed that Islam had been spread by the sword and said that the purpose of Jihad is to establish the law of Allah...

Maryland: Is MAS-ICNA America’s Most Extreme Islamic Conference?

The annual event, which took place in Baltimore from April 14-16, was organized by the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and the Muslim American Society (MAS).

Virginia: 43 Muslims indicted in $30M cigarette trafficking, bank fraud, and money laundering op

Investigators say the majority of the people are from north Africa and many are not U.S. citizens.

Maryland: Pikesville Mosque Holds Celebration in Honor of…Muslim Assassin

Muslim speaker praised the American system of free speech, saying it allowed events such as these to be held.

Maryland: 2 Muslims Plead Guilty to Food Stamp Fraud, More Than $3.5M Each

In Separate Cases Defendants Each Received Over $3.5 Million from USDA for Food Stamps Traded for Cash

Univ of Maryland Muslims demand prayer rooms in every major building, shuttles to mosques

They also want bus shuttle services to local mosques

Muslim Group CAIR Leader: Overthrow the U.S. Government

Ayloush unambiguously and directly called for the overthrow of the U.S. government

Maryland: Muslim Immigrant Arrested in Plot to Kill U.S. Military Member

Das said he wanted to kill a particular military member who lived in Prince George’s County, Maryland, whose name he got from a list posted by ISIS

Maryland imam being investigated for funding Detroit ISIS supporter

After reviewing Facebook posts, the FBI also concluded Bengharsa was “an avid (Islamic State) supporter and disseminator of (Islamic State) propaganda,”

Same week as 9/11, Six Flags Holding ‘Muslim Family Day’ at Multiple Parks

Yesterday, Thousands of Americans were evacuated from Six Flags America after phoned-in bomb threat in Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Baltimore: 14 Arrested in $16M Food Stamp Fraud Raids

Most, if not all, are Muslim.

Maryland: Obama expected to open largest mega-mosque complex in U.S.

As Creeping Sharia noted a year ago, Obama accepts offer to open Turkish mega-mosque in Maryland.  According to a Turkish newspaper that time is here: h/t Shoebat America's largest mosque complex, officially known as Turkish-American Culture and Civilization Center, was built with Turkish funding under the supervision of the Turkish religious foundation (Diyanet). The $100 million mega … Continue reading Maryland: Obama expected to open largest mega-mosque complex in U.S.

Video: The Lies Obama Told at the Terror-linked Mosque in Baltimore

Dave Barton addresses the lies of Barack Obama made at the Mosque in Baltimore on February 1, 2016, where he said "Islam has always been part of America."Barton scewers the LIES Obama told about Islam and Thomas Jefferson in his speech in this MUST WATCH video Related: Franklin Graham on Obama’s Mosque Visit: “foundations of … Continue reading Video: The Lies Obama Told at the Terror-linked Mosque in Baltimore

Maryland: Muslim “Refugee” Family of 9 Includes Blind Father, 7 Kids

Guess who will be supporting this Muslim family for the next half dozen or more decades? via: Syrian Refugee Family Welcomed in College Park A U-Haul pulled into the apartment complex early after Fajr found the Farook family was ready to move to their new home in College Park, MD. Volunteers from Virginia, Baltimore and … Continue reading Maryland: Muslim “Refugee” Family of 9 Includes Blind Father, 7 Kids