Oklahoma: Manager testifies in trial of Muslim who beheaded co-worker, tried to behead another

'I was looking at something horrific - something that people shouldn't have to see,' said Hazelrigg.

Maryland imam: ‘Goal of Jihad is Sharia…Sharia Spread by the Sword’ (Video)

Maryland imam stressed that Islam had been spread by the sword and said that the purpose of Jihad is to establish the law of Allah and that while you can’t force a person to believe in Allah, "you can force him to live by the shari'a."

Michigan: Muslim teen pushed ‘Americanizing’ mother out 2nd story window to her death

The father expressed concerns that his children were being “Americanized” by his wife in contrast to their Islamic roots.

Minnesota: Muslim immigrant uses vacation to join ISIS; at least 5 other open investigations

Searching his bedroom in St. Louis Park, FBI agents found handwritten notes with a sketch of the symbol that adorns the ISIS flag, next to the word “allegiance” written in Arabic.

Egyptian court reaffirms life sentence for Muslim Brotherhood terror group’s leader

Mursi's Muslim Brotherhood has been listed as a terrorist group in Egypt and elsewhere, but not the U.S.

McMaster’s Muslim appointee “opposed to Hezbollah’s designation as a terrorist organization”

The Israeli delegation demanded that H.R. McMaster's Muslim Appointee Mustafa Javed Ali leave the room.

What’s On the Mind of a Muslim ‘Refugee’?

The "romantic" West does not question why millions of West-hating Muslims are heading in their direction.

Saudi Arabia: School Textbooks (Still) Teach Intolerance of Christians and Jews

The curriculum reserves its harshest criticisms for Jews, Christians, and people of other faiths, often describing them as kuffar, or “unbelievers.”

Australia’s Jihadi Jail (Video)

Inside Australia's supermax prison holding Muslim terrorists.

France: ‘Allahu akbar’ attackers strike twice – 2 women injured, soldier attacked in separate incidents

France remains in a state of emergency following attacks such as the jihadi lorry attack in Nice, which killed 87, and the Paris attacks, which killed 137.

London bomb blast leaves 29 injured in ISIS-claimed terror attack, teen arrested

Source: London bomb blast: Parsons Green panic as bag explodes on London Tube | Daily Star A MANHUNT is underway after a bomb exploded on a packed Tube train – leaving 29 passengers injured. Commuters fled in panic after the device sent a "fireball" and a "wall of flame" through the packed London Underground train. … Continue reading London bomb blast leaves 29 injured in ISIS-claimed terror attack, teen arrested

Michigan: Refugees – mostly Muslim – behind unusually robust Obamacare enrollment

Taxation for Islamization. Paid for by Americans.

Never forget: Muslim hate crimes hoaxes

Muslims and leftists exploit the true horrors of 9/11 to hype their delusions of systemic post-9/12 oppression and collective victimhood.

After speaking at Georgetown, Muslim Brotherhood leader seeks to lobby U.S. Congress

U.S. officials and members of Congress would be wise to decline the Muslim Brotherhood’s requests for meetings.

California: Muslims demand anonymity in legal jihad, but use Facebook, give TV interviews

“It is an odd, if not untenable position, to claim a fear of public exposure while exploiting public exposure to generate a social media firestorm,” explained the filing.