“Safe Pathways”: Newspeak for Muslim Refugee Resettlement in Your Neighborhood

via: WELCOMING AMERICA WATCH–MIDWEST: Safe Pathways: Newspeak for Refugees

We will soon, still be reporting the monthly figures for the official Refugee Resettlement Program; however, it has come to our attention that the UNHCR has issued guidelines for alternative “Safe Pathways” in addition to the regular refugee resettlement system.  This is apparently in response to the recent months’  large Western backlash in response to Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino, etc.

We must refer you to RRW’s recent article “Alternative safe pathways” could bring ten times more Syrians to your towns than first proposed,” and also the recent WND article by Leo Hohmann, “UN’s Secret Plan for 10 Times More Syrian ‘Refugees’.”

The code words “Safe Pathways” are specifically referring to private sponsorship, medical evaluation, extended family member reunification, humanitarian admission, labor mobility schemes and scholarships.

In the future, the refugee resettlement figures for Michigan will be presented with the caveat subject to “Alternative safe pathways.”  Concerned citizens should watch for local private sympathetic business and charitable involvement, such as this in Pontiac, Michigan.

Read the embedded links and contact your local officials and demand that no Syrian refugees invade your town.

Like most, if not all, the Muslim “refugees” before them, they will be long-term dependents of your tax dollars. Even the (shady, Muslim-run) Syrian American Rescue Network admits that:

Hey all
We have 86 Syrian refugee families and a lot more arriving in May IA [inshallah]. As you all know MI transportation system sucks and due to language barrier, it’s almost impossible for these families to get their basic necessities without being dependent. These families have 3 months to settle!!!!!
3 months to learn the language, get a job and be independent which is not possible with transportation

click to enlarge

Taxpayers are funding the Islamization of America.

More on “The Principles of Newspeak” here.

Dearborn: Muslim arrested for sex assault in Canton

No word on his immigration status. Source: Dearborn man arrested for sexual assault in Canton

CANTON – Canton Police have arrested 45-year-old from Dearborn, after he allegedly picked up a woman and sexually assaulted her at a vacant home.

Al-Aboosi has been charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct following an incident that occurred on April 12.

Al-Aboosi allegedly picked up a woman who was responding to a job opportunity where she would clean homes. He picked her up near Telegraph and Ford Road and took her to a vacant home in the area of Lilley and Warren in Canton.

The woman told police Al-Aboosi took her to the property and assaulted her.

He could be facing up to 12 years in prison if convicted.

Police don’t believe Al-Aboosi had a previous criminal record, but they are investigating to see if there are other victims out there.

“If there is anyone else with similar situations, give the police a call and just trust your gut if you don’t feel right don’t get in the car,” Canton Police said.

Al-Aboosi has pleaded not guilty to the charges. He will be back in court for April 29.

Violence becoming the norm at Dearborn’s businesses

And it will wherever Muslims become the majority.

Source: Exposing the truth is our responsibility

A horrified woman dining at the Hamido restaurant in Dearborn shielded her young daughter as a brawl erupted on the evening of March 21.

And yet, when The Arab American News posted the surveillance footage on its Facebook page earlier this week, many commentators were focused on why we posted the violent altercation instead.

Those people do make a point. Violence is becoming the norm at Dearborn’s businesses.

In recent months, patrons at hookah bars and restaurants have taken part in a series of violent encounters.

Heck, a gun was discharged at a hookah bar the other day and no one even batted an eye.

So what’s so special about the fighting at Hamido that warranted us revealing the footage to the community?

If you review the details of the Hamido incident, it’s actually quite a disturbing affair.

This wasn’t a scuffle between a few young men fighting over a woman; it involved an entire family facing the fury of reckless young adults.

What appears to be an exchange of words between the family and a group of young men sitting at a booth near them erupts into chaos. Within seconds, fists start flying between men of both parties.

The middle-aged father jumps into the madness to back up his sons, while his female family members sit back and watch in dismay.

Other patrons at Hamido attempt to take cover, in hopes that the stampede of violence doesn’t end up at their corner.

Management at Hamido was uncooperative with the release of the footage, which was submitted to The Arab American News by an anonymous source. The owners firmly believed that the incident would result in bad publicity for the restaurant.

But they can rest assured that no one is blaming them for the mess that ensued.

The manager at Hamido was able to gain control of the confrontation in a timely manner, diffusing the brawl within just a couple of minutes, and asking the parties to leave separately.

The truth is, this encounter could have occurred at any family restaurant in the community. Hamido just happened to be the unlucky business to host the barbaric episode.

We understand Hamido’s attempt to conceal the encounter from the public, but the very danger presented to the families inside of the restaurant is not something that should be swept under the rug.

The Arab American News was unable to obtain  further details about the incident as Hamido management was being uncooperative. According to Dearborn Police Chief Ron Haddad, no police report was filed following the brawl.

Regardless of how the fight started and what words were exchanged, the truth is those patrons in the video should be held accountable for their behavior. It is they who tarnish the image of this community.


More via Community weighs in on growing violence at local businesses

Haddad said the string of violent altercations at Dearborn establishments has given these types of parties in the Arab community a bad rep.

He said it’s unfair to blame hookah bars and late night parties for the rise of violence, citing the Hamido incident as an example.

“It has nothing to do with the hookah bars or if there is alcohol being served,” Haddad said. “It comes down to people’s attitudes and not being raised well. You are not supposed to be making inappropriate comments to people older than you. You are not supposed to be treating women poorly. How would you feel if those were your daughters or sisters being harassed?”

Haddad said that if other establishments want to survive the nightlife scene, then they need to invest in security – even if it means losing a few bucks.

“You have to spend money on security,” Haddad said. “You cannot have any tolerance for inappropriate behavior. You have to learn how to be able to turn people away.  It’s better than ending up with a huge fight, getting your place damaged or receiving a ticket from the police. It’s just not worth it.”

Wayne County Sheriff Deputy Chief Mike Jaafar, whose wife is part owner of The Lava Lounge in Dearborn Heights, said a respectable atmosphere begins by weeding out the bad apples and keeping them from entering an establishment. [or a country]

At The Lava Lounge, a sign displayed at the front door states the dress code and expected demeanor by which customers are required to adhere.

Jaafar said a dress code is key to limiting inappropriate behavior at the hookah lounge and restaurant.

“If you can avoid having those types of clients, that will be half the battle,” he said. “And that’s right at the front entrance of our door. We reserve the right to refuse service to any customer that doesn’t comply.”

Jaafar noted that the business has established a family friendly environment. Ensuring it stays that way requires staff and management to be observant at all times.

Still, a problem can strike unexpectedly and it leaves management no choice but to handle it in a swift manner.

Great advice that would keep illegal aliens, sharia-adherent and misogynistic Muslims and potential Muslim terrorists out of the United States.  And if already in the U.S., would send them back to their country of origin swiftly. But these same Muslims whine and cry when the same things they do in their own communities is applied to them.

But it gets better:

Jaafar cited one incident concerning a customer at The Lava Lounge who appeared to be harassing a woman, forcing management to intervene and give him a warning.

The male patron did not take the warning lightly and was escorted out of the premises.

Jaafar believes there’s a behavioral pattern amongst some young men in the community and that it begins at home.

“Unfortunately this traces back to the way they are growing up,” Jaafar said. “Every community has its rotten apples, including ours. But I believe that if some of these kids are persistently acting like fools, then the problem goes back to how their parents are raising them at home.”

Dr. Hoda Amine, a community social worker, told The Arab American News that erratic behavior by young Arab men has become a growing concern because of lack of structure at home.


All the more reason not to allow Muslim immigration to the U.S.


Another Michigan city on the verge of becoming majority Muslim

As reader’s here know, Hamtramck was the first American city to elect majority Muslim council. After Muslims took over that city they proudly proclaimed (on video) “Today we show the Polish and everybody else.”

Author Ali Harb claims there is no “creeping sharia” in a city that is already 20% “Arab” – because wearing hijabs and needing mosques have nothing to do with Islam – and is expected to be 40% “Arab” within five years. At that rate, in less than ten years it will be majority Muslim so in a sense he is right. Sharia is not creeping in Melvindale, it’s sprinting. h/t Dee via How to Lose Your Country or Melvindale’s Arab Americans settling in well:

MELVINDALE — There is not much going on here. An influx of new Arab residents has largely gone unnoticed.

A mosque was built without opposition. No creeping Sharia, no bigotry, no problems.

It is kind of boring, but the people love it.

The city of 10,000 south of Detroit is becoming a new destination for Arab Americans.

Adnan Alyafai lived in Dearborn with his parents until 2007. When he decided to move out with his wife and children, he found Melvindale to be an ideal location. It is close to the rest of his family. The homes were inexpensive; taxes are low and the neighborhoods are safe.

Soon after, his siblings bought homes in the Downriver community. Alyafai’s move is becoming a common one in the Yemeni community. Around 2,000 Arab Americans, mostly Yemenis, have settled in Melvindale over the past eight years.

Alyafai said Yemeni Americans’ positive role in Melvindale in the past few years demonstrates that the fear of Muslims and immigrants is unwarranted.

He acknowledged that some older residents were skeptical of the newcomers when they first started moving in, but as they came to contact with Arab Americans, their concerns were soothed.

“For example, one of my neighbors looked uncomfortable around us,” he said. “One day, his car got stuck in the driveway. My kids and I helped him shovel the car out. During Christmas time, we buy them gifts. Now the perception has changed. Generally, everyone respects everyone here.”

Close-knit community
Petra Alsoofy, who has been living in Melvindale for about three years, described the city as a close-knit community.

“It’s a nice small town with a lot of different people in it,” she said.

Alsoofy, an educator at The Arab American National Museum, said she has not witnessed major racial tensions in Melvindale, other than a few individual misunderstandings due to the demographic changes.

She said Yemeni Americans moving to the Downriver town are pursuing the American Dream of owning a home.
“Diversity is always a positive change to any community,” she added. [No evidence is ever provided for this false claim]

Alsoofy called on all residents to cooperate and work as one society to meet the needs of the entire city.

“If the different communities say I am going to do my own thing and not really be engaged, then you can see potential problems,” she said.
Mayor Stacy Striz said the number of Arab Americans in Melvindale has been progressively increasing over the past five years.

“I think that we are about 20 percent Middle Eastern in the city,” she said. Striz said Arab Americans’ settling in the city has been a smooth transition.

Despite the anti-Muslim rhetoric at the national level, the mayor said she is not aware of any religious intolerance from residents.

“Everyone works together and has the same goal in mind of doing what’s best for the community — to make a good, safe place to live in,” she added.

Striz said newer Arab American residents have helped stabilize the city’s economy as taxpayers and business owners.

“It’s great because a lot of businesses are opening up and our houses have people living in them, which is nice,” she said.

Real estate agent Elfatih Ahmed, who owns more than 20 homes in Melvindale, said the city is a great place for property investment.
He said after the housing market collapse in 2008, many Arab American investors bought homes en mass that they are now renting out.

“We did well for the city,” Ahmed said. “But the city has been good to us. I salute the police and the mayor for the way they have welcomed the community.”

Hussein Alkadi, the director of the Melvindale Islamic Center, said Yemenis moving into Melvindale saved the city financially after the housing market collapse.

Continue reading

Dearborn Hijabi Drops Lawsuit After Video Evidence Proves She Lied


h/t Pamela Geller who writes:

Another islamofauxbic hate crime turns out to have been committed by a Muslim. Most hate crimes against Muslims, in fact, turn out to have been faked — mostly so that Muslims can claim they’re being persecuted and that counter-terror efforts have to end. And the authorities fall for this virtually every time.

Source: Dearborn Hijab Lawsuit Dropped in Light of Video Evidence

DEARBORN, MI – A local Muslim woman has dropped her 2015 federal lawsuit against members of the Dearborn Police Department, whose officers she claimed violated her civil rights by requiring her to remove her hijab when she was taken into custody on a traffic warrant.

The city of Dearborn, which was also named as a defendant, said in a statement Wednesday that video taken in the police department’s booking room during the arrest “revealed that her claims were false.”

Maha Aldhalimi had claimed in the lawsuit that she had pleaded sever times with officers to allow her to leave her religious head covering on because of her deeply held religious belief. She claimed that if she didn’t remove it, it would be removed against her will.

When presented with the video evidence from the internal investigation, led by Police Captain Issa Shahin, Aldhalimi’s attorney withdrew the lawsuit on March 10, the city said.

“Dearborn police remain committed to respecting the rights of all people within our custody and we follow a stringent policy regarding religious head coverings,” Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad said in the statement. “We knew this lawsuit had no merit and are glad that the people we serve can have confidence that our officers acted properly in this case.”

Haddad and his officers did not act properly in numerous other cases where Christians were attacked by Muslims and/or Dearbornistan cops violated the Constitutional rights of American citizens while imposing Islamic sharia law.

Michigan: Muslim lawyer attacks Roseville police officer in court

Source: Defense attorney punches Roseville police officer in court – WXYZ.com  h/t Shoebat

In a wild turn of events at 39th District Court on Wednesday, a defense attorney punched a Roseville police officer.

ROSEVILLE, Mich. (WXYZ) – In a wild turn of events at 39th District Court on Wednesday, a defense attorney punched a Roseville police officer.

According to police, Nijad Georges Mehanna was in court representing a person charged in a drug case. He had “words” with the officer in charge of the case over his access to a co-defendant of Mehanna’s client.

Witnesses told police both the officer and Mehanna “exchanged insults” when Mehanna walked up to the officer, pushed him and tried to push past the officer and into a restricted area.

Police say when Mehanna was blocked in the office area, he punched the officer in the face, and then threw “several more punches before being wrestled to the ground by the officer involved.”

The officer suffered several loose teeth, a fat lip and bloody nose.

According to police, Mehanna was charged with Assaulting a Police Officer and Assault and Battery. He will be arraigned on those charges Thursday afternoon.

Michigan: 2 Uber drivers charged with sex assault of MSU students

Yesterday’s #rapejihad report courtesy of Uber came from California. Today, Michiganistan. via: 2 Uber drivers charged with sex assault of MSU students h/t Dee

EAST LANSING — Two Uber drivers have been charged in connection with sexual assaults in East Lansing in January and February.

Hassan Ibrahim, 48, faces one count of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct in connection with an incident that occurred Feb. 14, according to East Lansing police. He turned himself in March 11 after a warrant had been issued for his arrest. He was arraigned the same day before Lansing 54B District Court by Judge Richard Ball.

Salim Salem, 47,  faces two counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct in connection with an incident that occurred Jan. 16, police said, and he turned himself in Tuesday and was arraigned that day before 55th District Court Magistrate Mark Blumer.

Both were released on $5,000 cash/surety bonds. Salem’s bond includes a condition that he not work as an Uber driver or cab driver in the future.

Ibrahim’s attorney, Jeffrey Chip, declined to comment. A message left at a phone number listed for Salem’s attorney, Gregory Crockett, was not returned.

East Lansing police announced in late February that they were investigating two ride-booking drivers who in both cases allegedly made unwelcome sexual advances toward female Michigan State University students. The women complained of inappropriate touching, Lt. Scott Wriggelsworth said.

Uber has been notified of both arrests, police said.

“These reports of unacceptable behavior are deplorable, and both drivers have been permanently barred from Uber,” a Uber spokesperson said in a statement. “Our thoughts are with the victims of this traumatic experience. We’ve been working closely with local police since February to aid their investigations and ensure the individuals responsible are brought to justice.”

Wriggelsworth said said Ibrahim and Selim were the two men sought and that no one else is at large.

Fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct is a misdemeanor punishable by up two two years in prison and/or a fine of up to $500.

At the time of the alleged assault, police urged caution when using ride-booking services, which don’t undergo the same regulatory procedures with the Greater Lansing Taxi Authority as traditional taxi companies.



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