Taxpayer-funded Arab group behind lawsuits to stop terror-haven travel ban

Muslim at taxpayer-funded group called for “leadership that celebrates Arab and Muslim identity rather than emulating Whiteness"

Michigan: Second Muslim doctor, wife arrested in female genital mutilation case

Dr. Fakhruddin Attar has served as treasurer and a leader of the Farmington Hills mosque

Lawyer: FGM on girls was part of Muslim doctor’s Islamic ‘religious practice’

"She knew that this was illegal but did it anyway," Assistant U.S. Attorney Sara Woodward said in court

Minnesota: Protection petitions filed for girls after genital mutilation by Muslim doc

The girl said she went to see a doctor, but was told to keep that secret.

Michigan: Emergency room doc arrested, performed female genital mutilation on 7-year old girls

Nagarwala performed FGM on girls who were approximately 7 years old at the time at a clinic in Livonia.

Michigan: Dearborn Heights Muslim Who Bragged of Church Attack Gets 5-Year Sentence

Abu Rayyan said in text messages: "I would have killed every one last of them... women and children. ... I would have shown no mercy"

Michigan: MSA alum launches campaign to be first Muslim governor in U.S.

El-Sayed was an active member of the Muslim Students' Association.

Detroit: Muslim in ISIS jihad plot pleads guilty to possessing explosives

He amassed an armory of weapons that were purchased, in part, by former Maryland imam, Suleiman Bengharsa.

Michigan: Muslims fear “undercover” Christian missionaries in Dearborn coffee shop

“As those people have the freedom to preach their religion in our community, we also have the freedom to warn our children… of schemes,” Dearborn imam.

Michigan: Sterling Heights Residents Sue City to Stop Construction of Mosque

“It is evident that AICC wanted to ‘plant the flag’ in this Chaldean Christian community by building this huge Mosque. "

Michigan: Sterling Heights submits to sharia – allows mosque in residential area, will pay mosque’s $350K insurance deductible

City folds, allows mega-mosque in the heart of residential area filled with Christians who escaped Muslim persecution in Iraq.

Michigan: Mega-mosque being forced on Christian refugee community

"they want to plop it right in the middle of a Chaldean Christian neighborhood. Somebody planned that. Somebody is seeking to put a stinger in someone’s eye.”

Michigan: Prosecutors refuse to file charges against Muslim student who faked hate-crime

Ann Arbor police in conjunction with campus police and the FBI announced their investigation found the incident did not occur.

Michigan: Police coverup Islamic honor killings in Dearborn (video)

[Muslim] girls have been killed for having boyfriends and the [police] department keeps it quiet

Detroit: Iraqi Refugee Who Said Mom Died Due to Travel Ban LIED

Islamic leader in Dearborn refuted the claim and said the woman died in Iraq five days BEFORE Trump's temporary ban was rolled out.