Michigan: Muslim arrested after threatening large-scale violence against former employer

Ahmed Anwarullah said he "has more ammo to blow up your desecrated country."

Michigan: Trial of Muslim teen who ‘honor killed’ mother postponed, attorneys challenge video evidence

Father expressed concerns his children were being “Americanized” by his wife in contrast to their Syrian and Islamic roots; son Muhammad pushed her out 2nd story window to her death.

Michigan: Federal judge dismisses female genital mutilation charges against Muslim doctor

"Unfortunately, this is going to embolden those who believe that this must be continued ... they’ll feel that this is permission, that it’s okay to do this."

Michigan: Terror-linked Muslim group sues city of Troy over mosque denial

'The city articulated several reasons for its denial of Adam’s multiple and significant variance requests for a retrofit of an existing building that abuts residential properties'

Michigan: Muslim convicted for Ramadan knife attack on airport security officer

Ftouhi celebrated the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks while he was still living in Tunisia.

Why did Arabic Billboards Appear in the U.S. During Midterms Elections?

Their project [deliberately] coincided with Nov. midterm elections...

Michigan: Muslim who stabbed airport cop ‘loved jihad more than wife’

"He wanted all the Muslims to see what he did -- to not be afraid and to act against the enemy."

Michigan: Muslim Democrat Dances with Palestinian Flag at Victory Party

Muslim dedicated her congressional victory, in part, to the Palestinian cause - (and gave the infamous ISIS salute).

Michigan: Muslim doctor – who lost medical license in Massachusetts – faces lawsuit alleging fraud

The civil lawsuit against Muhammad Awaisi also labels the alleged schemes as part of a RICO conspiracy, a charge typically reserved for criminals prosecution.

Detroit: Catholic Marygrove College Offering Segregated, Muslim-Only Classes

Some community members were a little confused as to why the group was segregated.

Michigan: Judge Rejects Muslim Terrorist’s Request to Move Airport Stabbing Trial

Tunisian-Canadian Muslim said in an interview that “he had entered the United State with the sole purpose of killing armed U.S. government employees.”

Illinois: 3 more female genital mutilation (FGM) victims – all elementary school girls, went to Muslim cutter in Michigan

The Muslim doctor accused in the cuttings is now facing stiffer charges.

Dearborn: ‘Beloved’ Fordson High School teacher on leave after obscene video leak

“It’s disturbing to think someone with this mindset worked with teenager girls it’s no joke! "

Michigan: Dearborn Muslim caught pleads not guilty to ISIS charges, but agrees to be remain in jail

Ibraheem Musaibli was caught on the battlefield in Syria by anti-ISIS forces.

Michigan: New mosque in former Lutheran church…a not-so-open ‘open house’

Michigan couple visits "open house" at former St. Mark Lutheran Church that is being converted into a Sunni mosque.

Michigan: Muslims arrested for female genital mutilation file request claiming law is unconstitutional

So far, the indictment references six victims: two 7-year-old girls from Minnesota and four girls from Michigan ages 8-12.

Michigan: Muslims were giving voters rides to the polls to elect sharia candidates

Michigan Muslims transporting voters to polling stations.

Michigan: Muslim candidate for governor – primarily funded by out of state donors – accused of ‘money laundering’

Abdul El-Sayed's campaign to be Michigan's first Muslim governor tainted by illegal out-of-state donor funneling scheme.

Michigan: Candidate for Governor Has Substantial Connections to The Muslim Brotherhood

More than 60% of El-Sayed's political donations have come from out-of-state donors.

Michigan: Judge rules in favor of Sterling Heights mosque in residential neighborhood

An attorney for a group of residents opposing the American Islamic Community Center's mosque is appealing the ruling.