Michigan: Prosecutors refuse to file charges against Muslim student who faked hate-crime

Ann Arbor police in conjunction with campus police and the FBI announced their investigation found the incident did not occur.

Michigan: Police coverup Islamic honor killings in Dearborn (video)

[Muslim] girls have been killed for having boyfriends and the [police] department keeps it quiet

Detroit: Iraqi Refugee Who Said Mom Died Due to Travel Ban LIED

Islamic leader in Dearborn refuted the claim and said the woman died in Iraq five days BEFORE Trump's temporary ban was rolled out.

Michigan: Another Sexual Assault by Another Muslim Uber Driver

After the victim vomited in the car, Salim Mohamed Salem eventually stopped in an isolated area, ordered her into the backseat, and sexually assaulted her. #DeleteUber

Michigan: CAIR shakes down Dept of Corrections over sharia meals

Muslims fast for the month of jihad, then complain they aren't getting enough calories. Taxpayers fund the special sharia food and service.

Michigan: Violent threats at mosque came from…Muslim woman

The Kent County Prosecutor’s Office says the Muslim woman will be charged with one count of false threat of terrorism, a felony

Michigan: DOJ sues Sterling Heights for rejecting mosque in residential neighborhood

City says its denial of a special land use application to build a mosque had nothing to do with religion.

Michigan: Another faked hate crime – Muslim lied about man threatening to burn her hjiab

Police confirm Muslim hoax: 'the investigation revealed the incident as reported was false, and the Muslim who reported it knows it's false'

Dearborn: Muslim immigrant gets 5 years for planning to join Hezbollah terrorists

Winning: He will be deported to Lebanon after he completes his sentence.

Letterman “Miss Iraq” Top 10 List Gets Michigan Teacher Suspended

Sharia's creeping everywhere you look. Particularly where there are Muslims and Muslim apologists. via Monroe teacher suspended for 'Top-10 talents of Miss Iraq' assignment MONROE, MI -- It may have started as a joke based on a top 10 list appearing on David Letterman's TV show more than 20 years ago, but officials with the … Continue reading Letterman “Miss Iraq” Top 10 List Gets Michigan Teacher Suspended

Canada deporting Muslim terrorist back to the U.S.

“In 1996, at the age of 18, Mr. Pippin went to Pakistan to engage in jihad,” the Immigration and Refugee Board wrote in its ruling."

Michigan town votes unanimously to ban Syrian refugees

The "Syrian refugees" that have been imported to American towns and cities have been almost exclusively Muslim. Source: Michigan town votes unanimously to ban Syrian refugees from being accepted | Daily Mail Online A Michigan town has voted to ban Syrian refugees from living there, because they believe the vetting process is not good enough. … Continue reading Michigan town votes unanimously to ban Syrian refugees

Michigan: Dearbornistan elects first Arab Muslim to state House

State Rep-elect Abdullah Hammoud at a Dearborn polling location. As towns and cities become Muslim-majority, they will begin taking over, like they did in Hamtramck, Michigan. Source: Historic win for Abdullah Hammoud sets stage for challenges in state House Sealing his promise to Dearborn voters, Abdullah Hammoud, the Democratic candidate for the 15th District in … Continue reading Michigan: Dearbornistan elects first Arab Muslim to state House

Hillary Clinton Meets with Homophobic Muslim 9/11 Truther Days Before Election

Hillary Clinton meets with homophobic, Jew-hating Muslim days before election

Michigan: Muslims building Islamic enclave that includes duplexes and single family homes

Changing America one neighborhood at a time.