Michigan: 2 more Muslim women arrested, subjected daughters to genital mutilation

Two Muslim mothers arrested for having female genital mutilation performed on their daughters. Neither are U.S. citizens.

Michigan: Muslim shouting ‘allahu akbar’ stabs police officer at Flint airport

Ftouhi stabbed airport police Lt. Jeff Neville with a large knife after yelling "allahu akbar."

Michigan: Farmington Hills Mosque Allegedly Paid for Female Genital Mutilation

Michigan mosque "reimbursed" Muslim doctor who performed female genital mutilation on young girls.

Michigan: Nearly 1/2 candidates for Dearborn city positions are ‘Arabs’, record number in Dearborn Heights too

Importing Muslim refugees and immigrants has led to near complete takeovers in several Islamic enclaves in the U.S.

Bronx And Michigan Muslims Arrested Working for Hizballah’s Islamic Jihad

Two Muslim immigrants in the U.S. caught carrying out missions on behalf of banned Islamic terror group Hezballah.

Michigan: Up to 100 girls had genitals cut, Dershowitz joins to defend Muslim FGM perps

As many as 100 girls may have had their genitalia mutilated during a 12-year conspiracy involving three Muslim doctors

Michigan’s first Muslim-controlled city council utterly dysfunctional – erupts in screaming, swearing, and little else (video)

#Hamtramck is the first American city to be controlled by Muslims.

Michigan: Lebanese Muslim arrested, supported & received training from Hizballah (UPDATED)

Samer ElDebek left the US eight years ago to Lebanon but returned to New York and resettled in Dearborn about 10 months ago.

Michigan: Raw, uninspected halal meat deliveries in shopping cart caught on video

Sources told Local 4 the meat hadn't been inspected by the USDA and came from a facility that isn't federally licensed.

Michigan: Muslim gas station clerk gropes female customer who asked for help

Mohammed “touched the victim’s groin area” and tried to arrange a quid pro quo in which he would help the woman and she would do a sexual favor for him.

Michigan: 2 more Muslim couples’ submitted girls to FGM, custody at risk

The two couples, who have not been charged, went before a Wayne County juvenile judge Friday for a pretrial hearing on the state’s bid to strip their custody.

Michigan Senate approves legislation making female genital mutilation a felony

Michigan's legislation would allow arrests and prosecution by local law enforcement.

Michigan: High school in Muslim-controlled city has girls-only prom for Muslims

General Motors supports sharia-compliant, Muslim-girls only prom with free photo booth in Hamtramck, Michigan.

QOTD: “Everybody knows somebody who has gotten their daughter cut [FGM]…”

"Everybody knows somebody who has gotten their daughter cut [FGM] ... but nobody wants to rat out their family members or friends,"

Michigan: After Muslims arrested for FGM, lawmaker proposes bill banning sharia law

The bill is already drawing opposition from Democrats, including Rep. Abdullah Hammoud, D-Dearborn