Letterman “Miss Iraq” Top 10 List Gets Michigan Teacher Suspended

Sharia’s creeping everywhere you look. Particularly where there are Muslims and Muslim apologists.

via Monroe teacher suspended for ‘Top-10 talents of Miss Iraq’ assignment

MONROE, MI — It may have started as a joke based on a top 10 list appearing on David Letterman’s TV show more than 20 years ago, but officials with the Monroe Public Schools aren’t laughing.

A teacher at Monroe High School was placed on administrative leave for handing out an assignment asking students to rate the jokes about the “Top Ten Talents of Contestants in the Miss Iraq Pageant” from funniest to least funny. The list was first done as a joke by Letterman.

The assignment was passed to students in a math class at the school on Nov. 10. The teacher, who has not been named by the school district, updated the Letterman list slightly to include more modern “talents.”

Among the other “talents” listed in the original skit by Letterman were “Blowing self up in a car in a parking lot,” “Describing what they would look like in a bathing suit if they were permitted to wear one” and “Withstanding the kick of a donkey.”

A copy of the assignment provided to MLive by a student at Monroe High School had several of the original “jokes” from Letterman’s list in the assignment.

Students were then asked to make a scatterplot graph comparing their rankings to Letterman’s rankings.

Monroe High School principal Sandy Kreps issued a statement Wednesday, Nov. 16, on the school’s website where she confirmed the assignment related to Letterman’s bit was issued and brought to the attention of faculty by students.

“On Thursday, November 10, 2016, one of our teachers gave an assignment from David Letterman’s Top 10 that did not promote a safe environment for our MHS community,” Kreps wrote. “Two students from the class immediately reported this to MHS administration and completed incident reports.”

Read the entire statement from Kreps here

Kreps said an investigation began the next day and yesterday. The Monroe News reported the teacher was placed on paid leave while the investigation takes place.

“The following day, I explained to the students in the class that this assignment is not valid nor should it ever been given,” Kreps wrote. “It will be removed from Power School and the assignment thrown out.”

Kreps also explained that the school works hard to create a safe environment for all students and that anyone who feels unsafe are asked to contact faculty to share their concerns.

Students do not have to raise their concerns in person, as they may also email or call school officials in order to maintain confidentiality, she wrote.





Canada deporting Muslim terrorist back to the U.S.

Source: Toronto man who has been de-radicalizing Canadian terrorists being deported to the U.S. | National Post  h/t Blazing Cat Fur

Jason Pippin was an idealistic 18-year-old when he went to a conference in Dearborn, Michigan and heard a speech about how the Indian army was treating Muslims in the disputed Kashmir region.

Believing it was his religious duty to help, the Muslim convert made his way to a camp in Pakistan run by Lashkar-e-Tayiba (LeT), an armed Islamist group that staged cross-border attacks against Indian forces.

Since then, the Toronto resident has disavowed extremism. He testified as a prosecution witness at a terrorism trial and has helped de-radicalize two former members of the terror group that plotted to bomb downtown Toronto.

But his militant youth has now come back to haunt him: he was recently ordered deported from Canada to the United States on the grounds he was a former LeT member and had engaged in subversion by force of the Indian government.

“In 1996, at the age of 18, Mr. Pippin went to Pakistan to engage in jihad,” the Immigration and Refugee Board wrote in its ruling. “He wanted to protect Muslims who were being victimized by Indian authorities. This idealistic goal, however, required him to potentially kill Indian soldiers.”

The case, which has gone unreported until now, touches on an issue likely to become more widespread as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant continues to suffer losses: what to do with ex-foreign fighters.

A U.S. citizen married to a Canadian, Pippin is not facing ant criminal charges but immigration authorities brought a case against him to the IRB alleging he was inadmissible to Canada because of his past militancy.

During two days of hearings held in Toronto in February, the 39-year-old spoke at length about his transformation from a trained jihadist who thought the 9/11 attacks were justified to a de-radicalization advocate.

After converting at age 14, Pippin said he became enamored with the idea of fighting in Bosnia. He said the “Islamic legal arguments” he was taught portrayed it as an obligation because Muslims there were being oppressed.

He missed his chance when the Bosnian conflict ended in 1995 but after meeting a conference speaker who invited him to Pakistan, he made his way from his Atlanta home to the compound of Markaz Dawat-ul Irshad. The hardline Islamic preaching group, based near Lahore, sent him by bus to a camp run by its armed wing, the LeT.

Days at the camp were a mix of indoctrination, military training and intestinal illness, he said. Eventually he was sent to the Indian border but nothing was happening and winter was coming so after three months he decided to go home.

He soon began raising money for a return journey with two friends. They arrived in April 1997 and Pippin was sent to the town of Kotli but once again he become frustrated. He realized that, because of the language barrier and the LeT’s suspicion of foreigners, he would never be allowed to fight in India.

He left Pakistan in August and traveled instead to Yemen to study Arabic, theology and literature, he testified. He returned to the U.S. in the summer of 1999 and became even more radicalized following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, buying into the argument they were justified and the victims were “collateral damage.” He also began to view Arab rulers as “apostates” who were not “legitimate Muslims” because they governed according to manmade laws.

In 2003, while living in California, Pippin was approached by an American extremist. Ahmad Abousamra wanted to know where he could go for training in Yemen. Pippin gave him names of people who might be able to help, unaware that Abousamra’s objective was to fight U.S. forces in Iraq.

Although he denied ever being a member of the LeT, which in 2008 conducted the deadly Mumbai terrorist attack, the IRB ruled he was “fully committed to the group” and was willing to risk his life fighting Indian forces. “The fact that he made two trips to Pakistan further underscores his high level of commitment to the LeT.”

The CBSA has not yet removed him to the United States and he remains in Toronto.

Which Islamic group was holding a conference in Dearborn in 1996? 

Michigan town votes unanimously to ban Syrian refugees

The “Syrian refugees” that have been imported to American towns and cities have been almost exclusively Muslim. Source: Michigan town votes unanimously to ban Syrian refugees from being accepted | Daily Mail Online

A Michigan town has voted to ban Syrian refugees from living there, because they believe the vetting process is not good enough.

The Waterford Township Board of Trustees passed a resolution against allowing refugees from the war torn country to settle in the area, on Monday night.

The vote was specifically against a federal resettlement program for the refugees. It passed with a 7-0 vote.

The result is a surprising one given that the town in North America with the highest proportion of Arab-Americans lies just 30 miles to the south.

Despite the unanimous verdict on the the ban, leaders have said they are open to allowing refugees to come to the town, but only when a process is in place to ensure those coming into the country are ‘adequately vetted.’

Board members said they know the resolution carries no legal weight.

‘We’re letting the county, state and federal officials know this is how we feel,’ said Trustee Anthony Bartolotta.

Right now, thousands have requested to come to Michigan, and records show the state leads the nation in taking in Syrian refugees.

Michigan: Dearbornistan elects first Arab Muslim to state House

State Rep-elect Abdullah Hammoud at a Dearborn polling location.

As towns and cities become Muslim-majority, they will begin taking over, like they did in Hamtramck, Michigan. Source: Historic win for Abdullah Hammoud sets stage for challenges in state House

Sealing his promise to Dearborn voters, Abdullah Hammoud, the Democratic candidate for the 15th District in the State House of Representatives, became the first Arab American Muslim man to win that seat.

An aura of unease and suspense set in Tuesday night, as Arab American voters, poll volunteers and campaigners closely examined maps in anticipation of the presidential election results.

There was no doubt the 2016 election was going to be a historic one, and that was especially true among Dearborn’s local races.

As soon as polls closed at 8 p.m., a handful of local Arab American candidates and their campaigns gathered at various venues, relentlessly updating poll numbers. Some tight races meant some candidates needed both victory and concession speeches prepared.

Early on at Hammoud’s gathering at the Leaders Advancing and Helping Communities (LAHC), formerly known as the Lebanese American Heritage Club, volunteers and the representative-elect were optimistic.

A few hours later, results revealed that 61.6 percent of Dearborn voters preferred Hammoud over his Republican opponent, WWE superstar Terrance Guido Gerin.

Cheers and jeers permeated the hall and an abundance of hugs were exchanged among the exhausted volunteers.

But they were not overly surprised.

Hammoud told The AANews he felt great and relieved to win the race, but knew that struggle still lay ahead.

“Tomorrow the real work begins,” he told volunteers. “It’s a scary, though, that Michigan elected a Muslim Arab American for the first time out of Dearborn, but Trump might win Michigan.”

Hammoud acknowledged the challenge of finding a sense of bipartisanship to work with constituents across the aisle to address the issues city most cares about.

He will be the first Arab Muslim to represent Dearborn in the state legislature, following in the footsteps of Rashida Tlaib, a Palestinian Muslim who represented Detroit from 2009 to 2014.

However, Hammoud said he never ran as a Muslim or Arab candidate, but as Dearborn’s, which he said was well received in the community.

Ghida Dagher, Hammoud’s campaigner manager, echoed the sentiment and said he will be a “good bridge and liaison from our community in Dearborn and the surrounding area as he approaches state-wide issues.”

She added that issues focused around healthcare, the environment, education and transportation are based on conversations the Hammoud campaign had with residents for about a year, combined with his background in environment and healthcare policy.

At 26, Hammoud had a tough time convincing some residents that he had what it would take to represent them in Lansing.

Mustafa Ajami, a campaign volunteer, said while most voters seemed to have their minds made up going into the polls, those who stopped to ask about Hammoud expressed concern over his limited experience in politics.

But Ajami, who has known the candidate for years, called him “an old soul.”

He assured supporters that as the campaign has been centered around a representative “from the community, for the community”, Hammoud will be determined to shed light among his peers on issues facing Dearborn.

Zeinab Sareini, another volunteer, said she noticed that the presidential election attracted many who had never voted before. The first-time voters were often the ones who had questions about local candidates.

When Hammoud’s age came up, Sareini said it was an opportunity for her to discuss what he has accomplished – and most were impressed.

She added that there is an assumption the representative will have to tackle some setbacks as a Muslim Democrat in a majority Republican State House, but that he will prove to be tenacious in fighting for the community’s interests.

The only question is, what community?

Hillary Clinton Meets with Homophobic Muslim 9/11 Truther Days Before Election


Reader’s here are well aware of Missouri’s MD Alam. Here’s a recap:

  1. Homophobic 911 Truther’s 2015 Ramadan Dinner with Kansas City Mayor
  2. Muslim Democratic Secretary of State Candidate Says 9/11 was Official Jewish Holiday
  3. Barrack Obama Sends Holiday Card to Missouri Muslim 9/11 Truther

As Wikileaks continues to lay bare the corruption of Hillary Clinton and her inner circle including her ex-president husband, Hillary was taking pictures with a gay-hating Muslim (oxymoron?) 9/11 truther. Original post from MD Alam earlier today. h/t @CausingFitna


And previous MD Alam post on his anti-gay homophobic plea:


Keep in mind, the Hillary Clinton campaign also invited to a rally the father of the Muslim jihadi who slaughtered 49 gay people at The Pulse nightclub in Orlando. The father stated ‘allah will punish the gays‘.


For the latest on Hillary Clinton’s literally sickening and sadistic activities, search #SpiritCooking and the Podesta emails.


Michigan: Muslims building Islamic enclave that includes duplexes and single family homes

An update on this post – Michigan: Terror-linked CAIR & DOJ Shakedown Township for $1.7M to Build Islamic School. Well, it’s not just an Islamic school/mosque  – it’s an Islamic enclave. Taxation for Islamization!

Source: Updated: Justice Department lawsuit over Islamic school in Washtenaw County settled | MLive.com

The township will pay MIA $1.7 million to settle the CAIR-MI suit, which was filed in 2012. The group’s attorneys say the sum is “one of the largest-ever RLUIPA settlements.” The settlement also allows MIA to proceed with plans to build a 70,000-square-foot Islamic school along with a small residential development that serves as a buffer between it and an existing subdivision.

More detail from a press release by the terror-linked, terror-listed, FBI-banned Hamas front group CAIR:

CAIR-MI said the settlement, one of the largest since RLUIPA was enacted, grants MIA the right to build a 70,000 square foot Islamic school, a residential development consisting of 22 duplex units and three single family homes, and a park.  The settlement also awards MIA $1.7 million.

How many Muslims…Syrian Muslim “refugees” perhaps, hand-picked – for their sharia adherence and stealth jihadist abilities – might fit into 22 duplex units?

The Michigan Islamic Academy was never planning to abide by any zoning laws or the interests of any neighborhood they break ground on. They have multiple sites and always expand beyond the original plan sold to city officials, residents and zoning commissions. They had already started expanding in 2014, more than a year before the DOJ officially got involved in forcing the Islamic enclave on Pittsfield.



Video: Dearbornistan, Michigan 2016

It’s only going to get worse, as yesterday’s video warned, and many more cities will be Dearborned.

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