Comcast pimps “It’s Ramadan” commercials in U.S. as Muslims go on worldwide Ramadan killing spree

“The Ramadan commercial is airing in 74 zip codes in Michigan and southern Florida for Comcast Cable customers.”


In many other zip codes around the world, Muslims are killing as many as possible during Ramadan. via Dearborn company’s Ramadan commercial casts new light on Muslims – News – Press and Guide.

It isn’t every day that you see positive images of Muslims on television. But this Ramadan, a new commercial is changing that.

The Ramadan commercial aims to show the real image of everyday American Muslims and a glimpse into their lives during Ramadan. Dearborn company Piximotion created the first-of-its-kind commercial with Comcast.

“A part of the message is to show that Islam is very diverse,” said Wissam Bazzi, of Dearborn Heights and founder of Piximotion. “Islam in the mainstream media is not the only perspective.”

The 30-second clip features Muslims of various backgrounds, including scenes of families gathering for iftar, the time to break fast. The commercial highlights thankfulness, discipline and family as some of the key components of what makes Ramadan a special time for Muslims.

The commercial, which can be viewed at, ends with the message: “It’s Ramadan. A month of human values. From your Muslim friends and neighbors, happy Ramadan.”

Bazzi said the project shows the humanity of Muslims, and Ramadan is a great time to do that.

The Ramadan commercial is airing in 74 zip codes in Michigan and southern Florida for Comcast Cable customers. More than $5,000 in funds for the commercial were raised through crowdfunding site LaunchGood and about $25,000 were raised altogether. Bazzi said the interest was so great that people even stopped into his office to support the project.

“It’s a beautiful effort of our whole community coming together. The unification of so many different individuals,” Bazzi said.

Supporters will be glad to hear that the project doesn’t end when Ramadan does. Bazzi said they are planning for a bigger commercial next year.

If the start of Ramadan is any indication, humanity is non-existent among followers of Islam. But hey, “It’s Ramadan!”

Create your own “It’s Ramadan” video and we’ll post it!

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Things are so bad in Michigan they need a “Middle Eastern Affairs Commission”

Because assimilation is not an option. via Appointments made to Middle Eastern Affairs Commission.

DETROIT — The newly-formed 15-member Middle Eastern Affairs Commission (MEAC) will act in an advisory capacity to the governor and the director of the Department of Civil Rights.

The organization is the successor to the 10-member Michigan Council on Arab and Chaldean American Affairs, created in 2013 to replace the 33-member Advisory Council on Arab and Chaldean American Affairs.

A statement from Gov. Snyder’s office said the latest reorganization and name change reflects the growing diversity of new Americans who have come to Michigan from the Middle East. The MEAC was established by executive order.

“I think the establishment of such a commission is indicative of the growing significance of the state’s Arab and Chaldean communities,” said Royal Oak businessman Michael Bsharah.

Bsharah said he hopes the commission focuses on issues that impact both communities, including immigration and civil rights.

Massive Muslim immigration will not end well in Michigan or any other state in the U.S.


Michigan: Governor creates Arabic brochure to lure foreigners from Middle East

Michigan: Three Muslims charged with election fraud in Hamtramck; 4th tried to sell votes

Detroit: Muslim doctors arrested in ‘biggest Medicare take down in FBI history’

via 16 metro Detroit doctors accused in FBI multi-million medicare fraud. h/t Dee

In a dragnet spanning from Miami to Los Angeles — the feds launch a major crackdown on medicare fraud.

Sixteen doctors from metro Detroit are included, accused of ripping off taxpayers for over $100 million.

In the federal complaint, the FBI claims that doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other licensed medical professionals are responsible.

On Thursday the door was locked at the clinic for Doctor Rizwan Qadir in Sterling Heights. The FBI says he is part of a $19 million scheme.

No one answered the door at Qadir’s home in Bloomfield Hills. Investigators say he billed Medicare for unnecessary tests and paid a recruiter to bring him patients.

He would then allegedly order unnecessary tests for those patients.

Attorney Todd Perkins is defending Dr. Mohammed Bazzi, a Dearborn pharmacist who is also being charged.

“He is charged with a series of charges that 15 other individuals are charged with a host of different medical offenses,” Perkins said. “Medicare fraud, money laundering, structuring, different charges of that nature.”

The complaint describes the biggest Medicare takedown in FBI history. The sweep charged 243 people.

Those charged will not be allowed to perform Medicare work as this case moves forward. They stand as charged but not convicted.

“In America everyone is innocent – that’s why you have bail, until proven guilty,” Perkins said.

In the Detroit cases 24 bank accounts have also been frozen for now as the investigation continues.

Last week, another criminal Muslim doctor in Michigan was deemed, “the most egregious fraudster in the history of the country.”


Dearbornistan: Police to Enforce Curfew During ‘Month of Jihad’

It’s the official month of jihad in Islam and that means trouble in sharia paradise. Even in the Islamically occupied territories in the U.S.

via Police: Curfew to be enforced during Ramadan.

DEARBORN — During the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, parents and minors should be reminded that a curfew will be enforced.

In Dearborn, where many residents observe Ramadan, the city never sleeps. During this month, fasting Muslims congregate at sundown to eat and pray and some stay up until dawn to prepare for the next day of fasting. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. During the holy month, Muslims are religiously mandated to refrain from consuming any food or drink during the day.

Residents staying up late means some businesses open longer and bakery shops are always open.

Because people of all ages will be up late, Dearborn Police Chief Ron Haddad advised parents to be especially aware of their children’s whereabouts during the time from the sunset meal “iftar”, through the pre-dawn meal “suhur”, both of which fall during the curfew times and when many Muslims observing Ramadan are active in the community.

Unless accompanied by a parent, Michigan’s Code of Ordinances make it unlawful for minors under the age of 17 years to “loiter, idle, or congregate” in any public area between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. from Sunday through Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays, the curfew takes place from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. This curfew is ongoing and not specific to the month of Ramadan.

“When we find them in curfew violation we take them home the first time,” Haddad said. “And the second time, we give them a ticket

He added that police will add special patrolling around the places of worship and community centers during the holy month.

Chief Haddad is the same guy who enforced sharia law on Christians in Dearborn and has on numerous occasions been caught violating the rights of Christians in favor of the sharia. Dearborn was then forced to apologize and pay court costs.


Detroit: Muslim Chemo Doc Called ‘Most Egregious Fraudster’ in U.S. History

via Feds Say Metro Detroit Cancer Doctor’s Victims Top 550; Call Him ‘Most Egregious Fraudster’ In U.S. History « CBS Detroit. h/t Dee

DETROIT (WWJ/AP) – The government says 553 patients were put through unnecessary treatments by an Oakland County cancer doctor who pleaded guilty to fraud.

It’s the first time that federal prosecutors have put a number on Dr. Farid Fata’s victims, and they’re asking for life in prison — up to a maximum 175 years.

In a sentencing memorandum filed on May 28, the U.S. Attorney’s office says Fata, “is the most egregious fraudster in the history of the country, measured not only by the millions of dollars he stole but by the harm he inflicted on his victims, over 550 identified so far.”

Fata pleaded guilty to fraud last September, admitting that many of the patients he treated didn’t need the chemotherapy he ordered.

“Rather than healing or easing the suffering of the cancer patients and other who sought his help, Fata administered thousands of unnecessary treatments — a variety of chemical infusions and injections, all with potentially harmful and even deadly side effects —to the patients who entrusted him with their care. He did it entirely for his own benefit,” prosecutors wrote in the filing. adding that Fata told “thousands upon thousands of lies” to “cajole, frighten and deceive his patients…”

Prosecutors likened Fata’s case to that of notorious Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff — who was sentenced to life up to 150 years — but said that Fata’s “extraordinarily evil” crimes were worse, due to the “scope, duration and enormity of the fraud.”

Fata has agreed that the government can prove that he was paid at least $17 million by two insurers, but prosecutors say that amount doesn’t capture the total financial value of his fraudulent claims.

Fata will return to Detroit federal court on July 6. The hearing is expected to last more than a week.

A resident of Oakland Township, Fata owned and operated Michigan Hematology Oncology Centers (MHO), which had offices in Clarkston, Bloomfield Hills, Lapeer, Sterling Heights, Troy and Oak Park.

Fata is a native of Lebanon. He remains jailed without bond.


Michigan: Muslim doctor who prescribed unnecessary chemo, pleads guilty in $91M Medicare fraud

Survivors of two of Fata’s patients told The Detroit News they’re disappointed that that the full story won’t be told in court. Liz Lupo, whose mother died of lung cancer in 2007, and Cynthia Burt, whose sister died in 2011, think Fata’s treatments were responsible for their loved ones’ deaths.

“He’s not being charged with enough,” Lupo said. “He pled guilty to a handful of patients when there were thousands. We wanted to hear the details about how he was allowed to (do this).”

But said she’s glad Fata accepted responsibility and hopes he’ll pay for his crimes with life in prison, but she said the plea deal cheats “the patients and family members (who) are not going to get the answers they seek.”

Michigan: 2 new mosques proposed within 2 miles of each other in Ypsilanti Twp

If you lived here:


How would you like this mega mosque going up in your back yard?


Ypsilanti, Michigan (85,000 sf)

via 28,000-square-foot mosque proposed in Ypsilanti Township |

A 28,000-square-foot mosque and Islamic community center is being proposed for a 6.8-acre parcel near the Ellsworth and Golfside roads intersection.

As we noted in a previous post, the architect’s rendering clearly states that the mega mosque is going to be 85,000 sf., not 28,000. Residents should start asking questions ASAP.

The group proposing the project, the Hidaya Muslim Community, provided preliminary site plans for feedback purposes to the Ypsilanti Township Planning Commission at its April 28 meeting.

Township Planning Director Joe Lawson said Hidaya’s architect and leaders were given suggestions for changes and revised plans will be back before the commission soon, though the proposal won’t be on the agenda for the first May meeting.

The mosque would be built on a parcel around 500 feet east of Golfside on the north side of Ellsworth. Plans call for a building large enough to hold 800 worshippers that would be busiest in the afternoon on Friday, which is the traditional Muslim day of worship. The building would also include a community center and gymnasium.

800 today, thousands in the coming years and for busy events that host jihad and sharia-preaching Muslims.

Lawson said the proposed site layout meets all the township’s design requirements, though there’s an issue with the sanitary sewer lead’s location. The township is also awaiting results of a traffic impact study by the Washtenaw County Road Commission.

Zoning jihad. Muslims will ignore this and cry racism. The feds will then force the mega mosque with bad sewers on citizens.

“If we can get those issues resolved, then I don’t see anything else standing in the way,” Lawson said, adding that the mosque’s officials said there’s a growing population in that area that they are looking to serve.

But many neighbors stand opposed to the prospect of living near the development. Around 60 residents spoke against the project at the April 28 meeting, mostly raising concerns about traffic, Lawson said.

Neighbors will be ignored. Eventually they will flee. Muslims will then scoop up the properties at much lower values.

Residents in the same area were vocal in their opposition to an Islamic school proposed for the south side of Ellsworth just west of Golfside. The Pittsfield Township Planning Commission and Board of Trustees rejected those plans in 2011 over issues with items like lighting and landscaping.

The group proposing the school, along with Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), alleged the plans were rejected because it was an Islamic school and sued Pittsfield Township over alleged RILUPA violations. That case continues in federal court.

Lawson said Ypsilanti Township is aware of that case and will carefully consider the plans without the type of religious use factoring into the decision.

“We’re following the letter of the law in our ordinance and keeping the emotional aspect out of our decision. We’re just keeping in mind the rules and regulations in place,” he said.

Residents who will have that monstrosity viewable from their back yards will be ignored.


Masjid Bilal Ypsilanti is pleased to make the following announcements:
2. Al Hamdulillah, Masjid Bilal Ypsilanti has received one year construction permit extension from Pittsfiled Township Board for construction of a new masjid at their current location.  All brother are requested to make special dua for this project soon we will start with the project Inn- Sha- Allah
Masjid Bilal Ypsilanti is located on 4891 W. Michigan Ave. in Ypsilanti. 2 Jum’a salats are offered at the Masjid.


PS: The last day is when there are no more non-Muslims left on Earth and everyone is under the sharia.

A reader comments:

2 new proposed mosque constructions within 2.2 miles of each other in Ypsilanti, Michigan Note that the masjid bilal shows capacity of 1400 per hall, while mentioning separate halls for Men and women—the proposed new construction by the Hidaya Muslim Community shows Prayer capacity of 800—however, the Hidaya project is larger than the Bilal project— Article says 28,000 sq. ft. for Hidaya, Masjid Bilal shows mens hall 12,000 sq. ft., women’s hall 10,000 sq. ft. See webcache for that shows another group called Medani Memorial sharing same Address as Guidestar shows for the Hidaya Muslim Community—in Ann Arbor—Medani soliciting donations for the Habib Bank in Pakistan, and this Medani indicates it does not seek government assistance because it wants to be independent. ———————— men’s hall area 12,000 sq. ft. women’s hall area 10,000 sq. ft praying capacity 1,400 people per hall —————————— Roundtree Apts. is directly across street from proposed new mosque/school construction On Ellsworth Rd. (500 ft. E. of Golfside) in Ypsilanti Twp. Mapquest shows 2.2 miles distance between the 2 site locations

Webcache of site shows a group called Medani Memorial, at the same address, 3085 Rosefield, Ann Arbor—same address as Hidaya Muslim Community Ann Arbor— Shows they choose not to seek government support and shows them soliciting donations To be sent to Pakistan to the Habib Bank shows Medani Memorial Inc., Ann Arbor 2133 Glencoe Hills Dr., Ann Arbor (734) 971-1999

that new proposed school, mosque or center in Michigan here’s the 2013 990 form for the moslem group listed in the article the members include the issas–mohammed and said of the Global Educational Excellence Schools– the Gee schools management company for public charters–they now manage schools in Jordan and I have seen an ad for a position of principal at their new school in Dubai photos of mohammed issa and said issa and GEE academies help wanted ad shows first school located in Ann Arbor, MI and now one in Dubai!


Fun times coming to Ypsilanti.

Update: Readers have sent in more information.

Masjid Al-Hidaya will serve as a focal point for the community in the area. Masjid will provide religious atmosphere to practice Islamic faith and beliefs. The main Masjid has been designed to accommodate enough space for Friday’s Prayer (along with parking) for Muslims in the area. The Masjid will be open for five daily prayers. In combination with the Gymnasium the total capacity will exceed 2000 ppl which should be sufficient to cover our needs for Eid prayers and large gatherings.

3 board members have run-ins with the law

Proposed new mosques Masjid Bilal and Hidaya shared a common officer:

From Guidestar 2005 Form 990 Masjid Bilal Page 3 Officer Walayat Khan, 196 Fairhills Dr.

From State of Michigan Business Filings Hidaya Muslim Community Association Articles of Incorp. Page 3, Director/VP Walayat Ali Khan, MD, 196 Fairhill (see case at very end here)

Also note Khallil I Jassemm, Director/President (see Militant Islam Monitor—Hidaya of Ann Arbor mentioned near top, all article is about Jassemm And Wahid Kouider, Director/Vice President, 2904 Mazin Court (note it’s near proposed mosque site—look at his record with same address)—  charged$G1Ref

In 2001 someone named Wahid Kouider had said to Toledo Blade about jail, Maybe the next day, it will be me.  ———— Dr. Walayat Khan of the mosque’s boards—(and internet archives links referenced above for Hidaya shows yet another mosque he was on board of, called Ibraham) He could be the same Dr. Khan of this case (the Fairhill address is owned by another name listed and could be the same in the case, Amer Ahsan) Indictment $ 7 million Medicare fraud case United States v. Khan, et al.

Indictment shows Khan a pediatrician, page 8 196 Fairhill (the mosques’ Dr. Khan’s address) owned by Amer Ehasn -11-07-455-102@2016

IMPORTANT especially last item! Here’s the ad for the GEE school job in Dubai Issa Foundation donated most of Hidaya’s REPORTED income 2013 (nearly 13,000) see schedule after 12 page return Also see all orgs people are funding who rent from Issa Properties (page 2 schedule B of Issa Foundation) ———————- IMPORTANT TO NOTE: State of Mich. Shows Hidaya under “Automatic Dissolution” 10-1-2014!

Ypsilanti Township information here:  Contact Departments & Services

Michigan: Court Again Tells CAIR to Pay Legal Fees For Harrassing Citizens Who Opposed Mosque

via Victory Against “Civilization Jihad” – Court Slams CAIR One More Time: Pay AFLC’s Legal Fees! | American Freedom Law Center.

On June 1, a Michigan federal judge once again held that the Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas front group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), must pay legal fees and costs after the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) successfully “quashed” harassing and burdensome subpoenas issued by CAIR to Ms. Zaba Davis, a private citizen who received the subpoenas because she publicly expressed her opposition to the construction of an Islamic center in her neighborhood.  This was the third ruling by the court upholding what it termed a “sanction” for CAIR’s reckless violation of federal law.

“Apparently, hell hath no fury like a Muslim Brotherhood ‘civil rights’ organization scorned,” remarked David Yerushalmi, Co-Founder and Senior Counsel of AFLC.  “This was CAIR’s third bite at objecting to the sanction.  You’d think they’d concede this one rather than continue to run up our legal fees with each new frivolous objection they file.”

Robert Muise, AFLC Co-Founder and Senior Counsel, commented: “Private citizens have a fundamental First Amendment right to express to their elected officials their personal views on matters of public concern.  CAIR’s ruthless attacks demonstrate that its objectives are dangerously at odds with the Constitution.  Consequently, this reaffirmation by the court sanctioning CAIR’s lawless behavior was important not only for our clients, but for all private citizens who want to speak out against CAIR.”

“CAIR employs egregious lawfare tactics to frighten honest citizens so as to prevent them from exercising their constitutional rights,” Yerushalmi explained.  “Our clients opposed the new mosque construction, like many neighborhoods oppose new construction of any type, not because it was Muslim, but because it would wreak havoc on their neighborhood with un-remediated traffic and noise.”

Yerushalmi continued,  “CAIR’s abuse of federal subpoena power is analogous to Sharia-adherent jihadists threatening violence against anyone who, in their perverse view, insults their religion or Mohammed.  When you threaten people with enough violence or litigation, the media and the self-anointed talking heads on cable TV and radio begin to lecture us about ‘civility’ and ‘provocation’ not because criticisms of some fundamental aspects of Islam are wrong or in and of themselves uncivil or objectively provocative, but because these pundits are frightened themselves of standing up to these bullies—whether they be violent jihadists or lawfare jihadists like CAIR.”

In 2012, the Muslim Community Association of Ann Arbor (MCA) requested that Pittsfield Township, Michigan, rezone a parcel of land to build an Islamic School and community center.  The Township denied the request, citing infrastructure and traffic concerns.  Nevertheless, CAIR, which bills itself as “America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization” but is widely known in government circles as a Muslim Brotherhood front group, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Township on behalf of the MCA, alleging that township officials denied the MCA’s rezoning application out of discrimination against Muslims.

The MCA’s rezoning request was opposed by a group of Township residents who live in the neighborhood of the proposed development.  The residents expressed concerns about the traffic congestion that the new construction would cause in their neighborhood.  Pursuant to their rights protected by the First Amendment, these private citizens circulated and submitted to their elected Township officials a petition expressing their opposition to the rezoning and several of them spoke out at public hearings held by the Township to discuss the matter.

As a result of the citizens’ involvement, CAIR served harassing subpoenas on a number of these citizens, demanding that they produce private emails and other documents, and in some cases, appear for a deposition.  In one instance, Township resident Zaba Davis and her husband came home to find several papers jammed in the crack of the front door of their home.  The papers included subpoenas demanding the production of personal emails and other documents and a subpoena commanding Ms. Davis to appear at a deposition.

In response to CAIR’s abusive discovery requests, AFLC, a national nonprofit Judeo-Christian law firm, which is representing seven of the targeted private citizens, filed a motion to “quash” and for a protective order against CAIR.  The court granted the motion, ruling that the subpoenas violated the First Amendment and caused undue burden.


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