The New Crusade & How the Crusades Saved Europe

First: The New Crusade – The Daily Reckoning

We’ve all grown up believing that one of the key exports from the Middle East is oil. And yes, that’s true. But now, in the past year, about 2 million “migrants” have left Africa and the Middle East and basically invaded Europe. I’m sure you’ve seen accounts.

Let’s say that “only” 1% of these migrants are ill-intentioned toward the West (it’s likely much more, per Interpol and FBI accounts). What’s 1% of 2 million? That’s 20,000 people… and in the Army, they call that “two divisions.”

But two divisions require a large military base, right? Not exactly — not when you have Europe’s welfare states to provide food, housing and walk-around cash. Not when there’s the Internet, from which potential terrorists and wannabes can download everything they need.

And not when Saudi Arabia has funded over 50,000 mosques and madrassas across the world, staffed with hard-line Islamists — and often a source of weapons, as we’ve recently learned from France.

Now let’s say those 20,000 radicalized people break into small terror cells. How much trouble could a couple thousand terror cells cause? Well, 19 terrorists — 15 were Saudi — caused carnage on 9/11 and instantly cost the U.S. economy hundreds of billions of dollars.

A few dozen people caused the Beslan, Russia, massacre of 385 people in 2004. Fewer than 10 bad guys perpetrated the Paris massacre last year, killing about 130. We don’t have all the details about the recent attacks in Brussels that killed 35 people last week. But investigators believe they were carried out by the same cell behind last November’s attacks in Paris. Closer to home, San Bernardino was two people — husband and wife — killing 14, and gravely injuring dozens more, within minutes.

Former Navy SEAL Matt Bracken has written extensively about the growing probability of a looming “Tet Offensive” by Islamist terrorists across Europe, North America and more. Bracken’s reference is to the 1968 battle in Vietnam, when Viet Cong and North Vietnamese troops appeared out of nowhere to wreak havoc:

A Paris or Beslan attack takes 10 jihadists, operating in pairs with controllers on cellphones. One percent of [just] a million means 1,000 major attacks, but the effects will be vastly magnified by the synergistic effects as the anti-terror police are overwhelmed and burned out… Europe will be at war this year. Once the European war detonates, it’s going to rip open like a zipper or a fault line from the North Sea to the Indian Ocean. Think the European banks are failing now? How will the economy run in a continent engaged in bloody civil war?

In the U.S. right now, according to the FBI, law enforcement is tracking over 900 “active” potential terrorists in all 50 states. Astonishing. Terrorists in Alaska? North Dakota?

Here’s more from Bracken:

Imagine a ‘Super Tet Offensive,” with every type of target on the hit list from airports to zoological parks, each being assaulted by an eight-man squad of such killers. Some attacks smaller, some larger, from pairs to platoons in strength.

To paraphrase the long-deceased Leon Trotsky, you may not be interested in this war, but this war is interested in you.

This story has a wide footprint. And while I’ll admit that we’re in the early stages of what could be a catastrophic wave of terrorism and anti-Christian attacks, this story simply must be on your radar.

From a military standpoint — or that of the FBI, CIA and Department of Homeland Security — this won’t be an easy war to win. You know that. I know that. We’re fighting an ideology with deep roots and long-reaching tentacles.

For decades, Middle East terrorism has run rampant. Decades ago, we saw “Palestinian” terrorism, such as with 1972 Olympics in Munich. Then mujahedeen in Afghanistan during the 1980s… then the Taliban splintered off in the ’90s… Meanwhile, we saw the rise of al-Qaida throughout the Middle East… Today we’ve got ISIS.

These groups differ in time, place and some ideology. But they all utilize brutal terrorist tactics and the desire to indoctrinate the world with hard-line, ruthless Islamic law.

Today this situation is much worse than ever before. With breakdowns in many Middle Eastern and North African governments, terrorist groups like ISIS are gaining legitimate footholds. Combine that with the onset of the Internet and global connectivity — and their reach is much more effective than in years past. The “black flag” is spreading.

There really is no difference in ideology. It’s about spreading Islam and ruling by sharia. The article continues:

I hope you understand the seriousness of this situation. And frankly, if you’re a bit unnerved or worried, you should be.

Let’s cover one more important part of this story. This could be the powder keg ISIS has been waiting for… that’s the Saudi connection.

Saudi Arabia is in the midst of internal revolution. There’s an elderly king and a young defense minister who’s filled with zeal and ambition. A power struggle is unfolding. At the same time, the U.S. is offering less support to Saudi, along the lines of President Obama’s “detente” with Iran.

There’s a real probability that Saudi’s royal family will fall and radicals within that nation will take over all the money, oil assets and U.S.-supplied military equipment and munitions that fill Saudi vaults. Then the overall radical Islam movement will become even better funded. Now imagine that just a “little bit” of success in global jihad breeds further unrest. Then the jihad revolutionary cancer will grow.

If you don’t think Saudi could become the largest ISIS breeding ground in the entire Middle East, think again.

All in all, the U.S. is not mentally geared for the coming firestorm. In this new religious war, the typical Western mind is what military professionals describe as an “unprepared battlefield.”

Eventually, people will wake up. Sooner, I hope, not later. When blinders finally come off, it’ll be a nightmare to realize what’s happening. And if this situation gets legs, watch out. We’ll find ourselves fighting a form of “crusade” — and I use that word intentionally, whether you’re religious or not.

It might not be your crusade, but the enemy has a vote too.

Read it all and then watch the video below: How the Crusades Saved Europe


Misconceptions about the Crusades

Jihad vs Crusades: The Facts (video)

Saudi Arabia planning Sunni ‘Muslim NATO’ super-army

34-nations have already agreed.

Source: Saudi Arabia planning ‘Muslim NATO’ super-army after North Thunder

The Islamic kingdom has proposed the powerful new fighting force after hosting massive military exercises dubbed “North Thunder” – with the armed forces of 20 Muslim nations.Pakistan – which the US fears – is already on board.The new bloc is officially being set to fight terror groups – such as ISIS – just as .

But it will be seen as a threat to archenemy Iran – and a possible rival to NATO, which includes the UK and US.

Pakistani media is reporting Saudi Arabia has asked its nuclear-armed Muslim ally to lead the initiative and chalk out a framework for the grouping.

The newly-assertive monarchy – which already has the highest military spending in the world – has already established a 34-nation force to fight ISIS.

Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Shareef was reportedly asked to command the alliance.

All members are Sunni Muslim countries and security experts have interpreted the alliance as a counterweight to Shia Muslim Iran – which has been their sworn enemy for almost 1,400 years.

It is unclear if the new NATO-like force – which could have a shared army or command structure – will have the same Sunni membership.

The shock development comes as Saudi Arabia blasted long-time ally America for calling the Muslim oil giant a “free rider”.

US president Barak Obama slammed Saudi Arabia as a “free rider” on US foreign policy and attacked Riyadh’s funding of religious intolerance last week.

Prince Turki al-Faisal – a former Saudi intelligence chief and ex-ambassador to Washington and London – hit back, saying: “No, Mr Obama – we are not ‘free riders’.”

Video: Muslim toddlers joyfully behead stuffed animals as parents cheer


h/t Bare Naked Islam


Egypt: Christian teens to be prosecuted for mocking ISIS in video

This blows Obama, Kerry and Clinton’s cover that ISIS is not Islamic. If ISIS wasn’t Islamic, these boys wouldn’t be prosecuted. Source: Egypt: Coptic teens tried for mimicking jihadists on video  h/t

A year since members of the so-called Islamic State killed 20 Egyptian Copts and one Ghanaian in Libya, Egypt is set to judge four young Copts for alleged blasphemy.

The four teenagers, aged 15 to 17, appeared in a 30-second video clip, mocking the militants’ show of Islamic piety in beheading the 21.

The video was apparently recorded by their Coptic teacher, Gad Younan. He has already been sentenced for “insulting Islam”. The teenagers’ case is pending a verdict on 25 Feb.

Younan’s first hearing took place in Minya (223km south of Cairo) on 29 Oct., 2015. The hearing had been postponed twice before. On 31 Dec., the teacher was sentenced to three years, though released on bail pending appeal.

The case against Muller Atef Edward, Bassem Amgad Hanna, Albert Ashraf Hanna and Clinton Maged Youssef has, likewise, been postponed twice before.

The video, taken while on a church trip, shows the boys mimicking Islamic rituals, with one of them signing, with his hand, a beheading of a supposed victim of jihadists.

In what appears to be a swipe at the Islamic State’s Libya atrocity, one boy is seen kneeling and crying out, “Oh Allah have mercy on us against wrongdoers! Oh Allah, protect us from Hellfire!“, while another, standing, motions to behead his kneeling colleague in front.

It’s somewhat ironic that the anticipated verdict against the Coptic teenagers might come a few days after today’s first anniversary of IS’s actual beheading of the 21 predominantly Coptic Christians in Libya.

In IS’s original footage, released 12 Feb., 2015, 21 Christians were shown being beheaded by the Islamists on a beach in Libya. Videos produced by Islamic jihadists often contain long diatribes against Christianity and Christians, while citing verses of the Quran.

“This is a harsh and misplaced judgement,” said lawyer Maher Naguib, who is acting for both the boys and Younan, describing the not-yet-appealed three-year sentence against the Coptic teacher.

“I was not given enough room by the court to defend my client,” he added, noting that his request for the “mocking” clip to be shown in court was turned down.

“I asked the judge to show the video in my presence. But he said the case was ‘already settled’ based on the boys’ confession and the Egyptian official broadcaster’s transcript report,” said Naguib, who said that the broadcaster’s report was “opinionated”.

“The [Egyptian Radio & Television Union’s] report said the boys were ‘deriding’ Muslim prayers. It failed to mention the ‘beheading’ mock gesture, when it was supposed to give a verbatim transcript. It said the boys were ‘misrepresenting’ Islamic prayer. That’s an opinion,” said Naguib.

Fearing the court was set to hand down a harsh sentence, he said, “I’m not optimistic about the outcome of the next hearing”. A decision on appealing against Younan’s sentence will be taken based on the verdict in the boys’ case, Naguib added.

Both cases are set against a slew of blasphemy cases in Egypt, which have recently increased to the tune of more than one case per month.

“This is an issue of fair justice. When you have a general climate where the public, prosecution, defence lawyers, plaintiffs and even judges all share a particular culture, it’s a very bad situation indeed,” says lawyer Hamdi al-Assyouti, the author of the book ‘Blasphemy in Egypt’.

And it’s not only a legal penalty that those accused of blasphemy have to endure.

“Gad has been suspended from his work since April 2015 when the case started,” said Khamis Younan, his brother.

“He’s been without salary. Forced to relocate from his town together with his wife and children, every time he tries to find work a criminal record and the nature of his accusation stand in the way of him earning a living,” he said.

A series of riots and death threats have dogged the boys and their families, as well as other Christians, in their native Al-Nasriyah village in Minya, Upper Egypt.

The boys had to be delivered by their parents to the police station in April 2015, following violent protests by angry Muslims, in which homes were attacked and demands were made that Christians be banished from the area, after word of the video became public.

CAIR-like group forces Pakistani officials to scrap law banning child marriage

The group wants the current age limit lowered…per the sharia!

Mohammed married a 6 year-old. Rapedher  Consummated the marriage when she was 9.

Source: Pakistani officials forced to pull law banning child marriage | World | News | Daily Express

OFFICIALS in Pakistan have been forced to withdraw a law banning child marriages after Sharia enforcers declared it “un-Islamic” and “blasphemous”.

The proposed bill would have handed out harsh punishments to anyone who married a minor while raising the minimum age for girls to 18.But Marvi Memon of the Pakistan Muslim League party was forced to withdraw the proposal after facing staunch opposition – with the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) slamming the plans.
CII chairman Mohammad Khan Sheerani went on to claim the move contradicted Islamic teachings.He said: “Parliament cannot create legislation that is against the teachings of the Holy Quran or Sunnah.”The group, who unanimously rejected the proposal on “purely religious grounds”, have also claimed the country’s current child marriage laws are not compliant with Islamic teachings – and want it lowered.
Pakistani rules stipulate that the legal age for marriage is 16 for girls and 18 for boys.Last year the CII stated that under Islamic Law girls as young as nine were suitable for marriage if “the signs of puberty are visible”.

Muslim invaders are pouring into Western nations with the same mindset: that girls as young as nine years-old are marriage material. The #RapeJihad epidemic is just beginning.

Muslim Persecution of Christians, November 2015

Source: Muslims “Have Nothing Whatsoever to do with Terrorism”: Muslim Persecution of Christians, November 2015 |

As Muslim jihadis, mobs and regimes terrorized Christians and others throughout the world of Islam, in the West, institutions—from governments to grade schools—empowered and praised Islam, often at the expense of Christians.

On November 2, a group of Muslims stormed the Church of our Lady of Carmen, in the town of Rincon de la Victoria, Spain, and smashed wooden statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus on the cross. The month before, a Moroccan man was arrested in the same town after trying to destroy another statue of the Virgin Mary while screaming “Allahu Akbar!”

U.S. President Barack Obama described the idea of giving preference to persecuted Christian refugees as “shameful”— even though helping persecuted refugees is what America has always been doing and much of what it is about.  “That’s not American.  That’s not who we are. We don’t have religious tests to our compassion,” Obama admonished.  Unfortunately for the president, statistics were soon released indicating that “the current [refugee] system overwhelmingly favors Muslim refugees. Of the 2,184 Syrian refugees admitted to the United States so far, only 53 are Christians while 2,098 are Muslim.” So, although Christians are 10% of Syria’s population—and possibly the most persecuted group—only 2% of the refugees entering America are Christian.

Adding to the confusion, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush falsely claimed that Syrian President Bashar Assad  “executes Christians.”  In reality, not only have Christian minorities long been protected under the secular regime of Assad — himself a member of a religious minority — but many Christian refugees who fled the jihad in Iraq went to Assad’s Syria for sanctuary.

Accordingly, the head of the Syrian Catholic Church, Mar Ignace Youssif III Youan, in a November interview, accused Western governments of “perpetuat[ing] the endless conflict in Syria” and of having “betrayed the Christians of the East. We explained from the beginning that our situation was different from that of other nations in the region, they were not listened to. And now we mourn deaths over the past five years….It’s a shame that the West has abandoned Christians to this situation.”

Less than a week after jihadis murdered 130 people in Paris, Hillary Clinton asserted that Muslims “have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.” Continue reading

Muslim Persecution of Christians – ISIS Slaughters Christians “In Their Beds”

Source: Muslim Persecution of Christians, October 2015 |

Teams of trained killers disguised as refugees were sent by the Islamic State (IS) into U.N. refugee camps to kill Christians, including “in their beds,” and to kidnap young girls to sell or use as slaves. This came out, according to a report, on October 24, soon after an IS operative “got cold feet and renounced jihad after witnessing Christians helping out other refugees within the camp. He then revealed that he had been sent with an Islamist hit squad to eliminate Christians as part of the hate group’s ideological drive to wipe the religion off the map.” The report also quoted an aid worker saying:

They’re like a mafia. People are even killed inside the camps, and the refugees are afraid to say if they saw somebody get killed. If you ask them, they’ll say, “I don’t know, I was asleep.”… The camps are dangerous because they have IS, Iraqi militias and Syrian militias. It’s another place for gangs…. They’re killing inside the camps, and they’re buying and selling ladies and even girls.

The rest of October’s roundup of Muslim persecution of Christians around the world includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Islamic State Slaughter of Christians

Syria:  The Islamic State executed three Christian men who, along with 250-300 other Christians, were abducted in an earlier raid on an Assyrian Christian village.  In the video of the execution, the three Christians appeared on their knees, dressed in the usual orange jumpsuits; they were then shot dead by three masked executioners. Before being killed, each of the Christians identified himself by name and village of origin.  The president of the Alliance church in Syria described one of the slain as “a great man of God who took a risk by staying in his village to take care of his people and to encourage them in the Lord.” In the same video, IS threatened to execute the remaining Christian hostages unless a ransom—as much as $100,000 USD per hostage—was met.

Libya: A group claiming affiliation with the Islamic State announced the beheading of a Christian man of South Sudanese origin who had been living and working in Libya since 1989.  It is unclear when the execution took place. An IS masked figure appears in the video and accuses South Sudan of mistreating Muslims. He does this despite South Sudan having an interim constitution that defines itself as a secular state—unlike  Sudan, which rules according to Sharia and oppresses non-Muslims: “Oh Christians in South … [there is] no safety or shelter for you except that of the Islamic State,” the masked jihadi says.  The Christian is then forced down to his knees, his throat slit and his head cut off.

Muslim Attacks on Christian Churches

Indonesia:   Several churches were destroyed by Muslim rioters and local authorities in Aceh.   On October 9, hundreds of Muslims marched to the local authority’s office and demanded that all unregistered churches in Aceh be closed.   Even though the authorities agreed, on October 13, a mob of approximately 700 Muslims, some armed with axes and machetes, torched a local church.  When the mob moved to a second church, violent clashes with Christians trying to protect their churches broke out.  One person, believed to be a Christian, was killed and several injured.  About 8,000 Christians were displaced. Extremist Islamic leaders afterwards issued messages: “We will not stop hunting Christians and burning churches. Christians are Allah’s enemies!”  In response, local authorities demolished three churches (one Catholic, two Protestant) on October 19, and vowed to destroy many more in the months to come.

Sudan: Two churches were destroyed in separate incidents.  On October 17, a Lutheran church was burned down in Gadaref. The building was completely destroyed, including the furniture and Bibles inside. On October 22, in Omdurman, after giving the congregation only 72 hours’ notice and citing “redevelopment,”  authorities demolished the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sudan.  The church had stood on the same location for over 30 years.  According to local sources, Muslims set fire to the building before officials ordered bulldozers to tear down the rest of it.  “The strange thing is that the church was destroyed but the mosque was still standing in its place! This shows us many things…We were asking them, ‘Where are our rights?’” a Lutheran church leader said.

Syria: On the night of October 25, a mortar shell hit the Latin church of Aleppo, dedicated to Saint Francis, as mass was being celebrated.  Launched from areas held by anti-Assad forces, the grenade hit the roof and exploded outside.  Seven people were injured.  According to Bishop Georges, the apostolic vicar of Aleppo, “It was around 10 before six in the evening, there were about 400 people in church and the time had come for communion…  If the grenade had exploded inside there would have been a massacre. Instead, only seven worshippers were injured, not in a serious way, when rubble fell down and the roof was damaged.”

Iraq:  At least eight historic and ancient Christian churches in Mosul were used as animal slaughterhouses by the Islamic State during Bakr-Eid, the Islamic Festival of Sacrifice. The St. Ephrem Syriac Orthodox Church, which was seized by the Islamic State (IS) a year ago, was one of them. In June, IS had announced that the church would be reopened as a “mosque of the mujahideen,” even though the ancient church was later apparently deemed suitable only for slaughtering animals.

Germany: On October 20 in Cologne, eight young men appeared in court and were charged with robbing churches and schools to finance the Islamic State’s jihad in Syria. The central figure in the gang, of Moroccan background, had also uploaded a YouTube video encouraging Muslims to join IS. When the eight young men had earlier broken into churches, they had stolen collection boxes, crosses, and other objects “dedicated to church services and religious veneration,” the prosecutors alleged.  How much of the money actually reached the Islamic State is unknown.

Slaughter and Persecution of Muslim Converts to Christianity

Uganda: Muslims, angry at a former Muslim for converting to Christianity, killed his wife, a mother of eight, including five ranging in age from 9 to 17.  On October 19, men had come knocking on the family’s door looking for the apostate.  His wife told them he was away, according to her children who were present.  One of the men said, “Your husband has followed the religion of his brother [Christianity], and we had warned you people to stop these activities, but our message has landed on deaf ears.” Next, “[t]he attackers dragged our mother outside the house as she screamed and cried for help,” said her 13-year-old. The Christian woman was later found in a pool of her own blood 100 meters away.  Rushed to a hospital, she was declared dead on arrival.  A few weeks earlier, her husband’s brother had also been killed after erupting tempers cut short a religious debate with Islamic scholars.

Nigeria: A former Muslim who converted to Christianity revealed his all-too-typical experiences—including how the jihadi organization Boko Haram tried to kill him, burned his stores and his father’s homes, and slaughtered one of his cousins, a college student:

A few months after my conversion to Christianity, I received several threats and warnings from the insurgents, telling me to revert to my former religion or face dire consequences. I received written threats saying I could only run but could not hide, which I took to the Police and they told me they would do something about it, but nothing was done… I conducted my own investigations. One of my neighbors whose brother received the same notes because of his conversion a few years ago was killed by an unknown killer…. My family members and I have been marked for death, and everyone in the community denied ever knowing me or my family…

Kazakhstan:  On October 9, a court began hearing a case against a Muslim convert to Christianity, facing as much as ten years in jail on charges of “inciting religious hatred.”  A member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, the 54-year-old man was led to the courtroom in handcuffs. Several witnesses in the case reportedly testified that during Bible study sessions he had expressed ideas that sounded “insulting to Muslims and the Prophet Muhammad.”  His case is part of what Christian advocacy groups view as a pretext to persecute Christians minorities, especially converts, or “apostates,” in the Muslim majority nation.

Read it all.


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