Minnesota: Muslim Candidates Knee Deep in Voter Fraud Scandal

“we have found evidence that at least one hundred people appear to have voted in our election who do not live in Ward 6.”

Minneapolis: DHS Refuses to Divulge Names of Imams, Somali Muslims Given Exclusive Airport Security Tours

After 2 FOIA requests, 2 appeals of the responses to FOIA, and 1 FOIA federal lawsuit, 78 heavily redacted pages about the 2016 tour were released.

Video: Minnesota’s Mall of America…looks like Somalia

The Mall of America - where 2 Somali Muslims have gone on stabbing sprees - is looking more like Somalia every day.

Minnesota: Muslim Ride Attendant Arrested, Touched Woman’s Genitals As She Got on Ride

She was getting onto a Nickelodeon Universe ride with her son when Mohamed touched her.

Minnesota: Father, hacker and jujitsu instructor among those under investigation for ISIS ties

Most of the suspects hit the FBI’s radar based on their online activity.

Minnesota: Despite Muslim attacks, city rejects moratorium on refugee resettlement

... of which an overwhelming majority are Muslim. via St. Cloud, MN, site of jihad attack by Muslim migrant, rejects resolution calling for moratorium on immigration - Geller Report Muslim migrant Dahir Adan went on a stabbing spree at a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota in September 2016. Dressed in a private security uniform, Adan … Continue reading Minnesota: Despite Muslim attacks, city rejects moratorium on refugee resettlement

Minnesota: Somali Muslim stabs shoppers at Mall of America, arrested

The wounded victims managed to disarm Abdirahman and keep him down until police arrived for the arrest,

Minnesota: Christian center fires man for involvement in “Exposing Sharia” event

"I certainly lost my freedom of speech besides losing my job, but I would do it again. My desire is to be a patriot..."

Minnesota: Somali Muslim convicted in ISIS case wins release

As part of his sentence, Yusuf must remain under supervision for 20 years.

Minnesota: Rioters sentenced for attacks on “March Against Sharia” protesters

The brawling began at the “March Against Sharia” when a counterdemonstrator took a flying leap and delivered a kick to an anti-Sharia protester’s chest.

Minnesota: St. Cloud city council squelches citizen revolt over refugees

St. Cloud city council and Somali Muslims shut down attempt to justify more Muslim refugees.

Minnesota: Stewartville club cancels “Exposing Sharia” event

The club is known for hosting wedding receptions, company parties, charity events and even events organized by Muslims, he said.

Minnesota: Police track down man at his home, give citation for pickled pig’s foot at Muslim booth

Police tracked down a wheelchair-bound grandfather at his home to cite him for leaving a pig's foot on Somali's table.

Minneapolistan: Muslim Uber driver accused of taking girl to his place for ‘quick sex’

Dahir Abdillahi Aden told her he was taking her back to his apartment to have sex and she should not tell anyone

Minnesota: Muslim moms charged with female genital mutilation of two 7-year-old girls

The mothers were charged with female genital mutilation and conspiracy to commit female genital mutilation, according to the indictment.