Minnesota: Terror-linked Muslim group opens offices inside Bethany Lutheran Church

Liberal Lutheran church partners with notorious terror-linked, terror-listed, FBI-banned, unindicted co-conspirator CAIR.

Minnesota: Video of ‘hijabi fighting white boy’ was a HOAX

A video purportedly showing a Muslim using her fists to exact revenge on a boy who tugged her hijab is fake, a Minneapolis schools spokesman said Saturday.

Minnesota: Muslim gets 3-years for lying about ISIS contact

Abdul Raheem Ali-Skelton maintained secret contact with "the worst of the worst of terrorist organizations."

Minnesota: First Somali-Muslim Legislator Takes Oath…on Giant Koran (Video)

The Islamization of Minnesota - started by Bill Clinton - is well under way.

Minnesota: Mohamed is Top 5 Baby Name of 2016 at St. Cloud Hospital

St. Cloud Hospital released list of top names for babies born at the hospital last year.

DHS Gave Somali Muslims Security Briefings, Tours in Secured Areas at Major U.S. Airports

The briefings were so sensitive that in 14 instances the agency redacted portions of the records under FOIA; one invitee had an active investigation pending

Minnesota: Somali Muslim in US Since September Charged With Raping Woman on Bus

“ICE has no legal interest in this individual at this time."

Judge: There is a terrorist cell in Minneapolis and it is still alive today

“It’s on the record. There’s no denying of it,” Davis said.

Minnesota: Judge sentences last of 9 Muslim terrorists to 30+ years prison, then defends Islam as non-violent

Nine Somali Muslims in Minnesota were sentenced this week for Islamic terror activities

Minnesota: Muslim tells judge “I am a terrorist” as 3 more Muslims sentenced

The judge asked Musse directly whether he was a terrorist, and Musse replied: “I am a terrorist, your honor.”

Minnesota: Three Somali Muslims sentenced for trying to join Islamic State terrorists

U.S. Attorney praises convicted Muslim terrorist; newly elected Muslim lawmaker tells judge to go easy on her fellow Somali Muslim terrorists

Minnesota Elects Nation’s First Somali Muslim Lawmaker (Who Married Her Brother)

Rampant Islamophobia.

Minnesota’s Twin Cities Are Lost (To Islamic Insurgency)

One of most popular jr high school text book in Islamic schools in US states: “The duty of Muslim citizens is to be loyal to the Islamic State.”

Minneapolis: Muslims riot, attack cops during protest of HBO series on jihad recruitment

Somali Muslims don't want the truth about jihad in Minnesota shown to the world

Taxpayers fund sharia swims at University of Minnesota

Just like in Canada and other public pools, Muslims who abide by sharia law force Americans to submit to the sharia and no men are allowed. Source: Minnesota Public Radio News Zahra Hassan, a community outreach coordinator for the Minneapolis nonprofit Fairview Health Services, works to make swim opportunities available to Muslim girls and women … Continue reading Taxpayers fund sharia swims at University of Minnesota