Muslim Minneapolis cop ‘intended’ to kill Australian woman, prosecutors seek new charge

Prosecutors are seeking to charge Mohamed Noor with intentional 2nd-degree murder in the death of Justine Damond, who Noor shot and killed in July 2017.

Minnesota: Ex-Muslim Christian Pastor May Face Trial Next Month for Sharing Testimony at Mall of America

The Mall of America banned pastor Parsa for 6 months, including the hotels, and "If they don't drop the charges, it goes to trial."

FBI Announces $3M Reward For Help Finding Iranian Who Sourced IED Parts From Minnesota

Hossein Ahmad Larijani is wanted for his role in illegally procuring technology that originated in the U.S. and was later incorporated into IEDs that targeted U.S. and coalition forces in Iraq.

Minnesota: Somali Muslims Shake Down Amazon for Special Privileges, Less Work

The organization representing the Muslims shares space with the Minnesota chapter of the [terror-linked] Council on American-Islamic Relations at a Lutheran church.

Minnesota: Muslim Who Got Chipotle Manager Fired is an Admitted Dine-and-Dash Thief

Muslim Masud Ali pulled a fast one on Twitter and the media only to be outed as a convicted thief.

Why did Arabic Billboards Appear in the U.S. During Midterms Elections?

Their project [deliberately] coincided with Nov. midterm elections...

New Photos Corroborate Perjury Claims Against Rep. Ilhan Omar, as She Deletes Social Media Evidence

'...perhaps the most troubling candidate background the state [Minnesota] has ever seen.'

Keith Ellison Again Misleads On Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan Ties

The Washington Post’s fact-checker in March awarded Ellison “four Pinocchios” — its worst possible rating — for claiming his ties to Farrakhan ended in the 1990s.

Official School Records Support Claims That Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) Married Her Brother

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is implicated in multiple felonies.

Keith Ellison: Hitler-Admiring Farrakhan Had “Some Things to Offer”

Ellison actually defends the leader of a racist hate group as having something to offer.

Minnesota: Learn the truth about congressional candidate Ilhan Omar at

What the Main Stream Media won’t tell you about Ilhan Omar

Minnesota: Newspaper says Muslim congressional candidate owes voters better explanation about allegations

Dem. congressional candidate Ilhan Omar stands accused of 3rd financial impropriety that violates either Minnesota House rules or state campaign finance laws.

Former DHS Officer Explains Who Keith Ellison Really Is (AUDIO)

This interview is critical information every voter of Minnesota MUST know before they go to vote in this 2018 mid-term election!

Video: Keith Ellison – The Enemy Within

Democrat and Muslim Keith Ellison is running for Attorney General - but can't practice law in Minnesota.

Video: Judicial Watch on mysterious building explosion at Somali-owned Minneapolis building

The Cedar-Riverside neighborhood is known to law enforcement and intelligence officials as a place where Islamic terrorists congregate.

Minnesota: Senate candidate calls on state to investigate Keith Ellison domestic abuse charges

'recent and substantiated allegations...raise significant doubts about Keith Ellison’s fitness to serve as Minnesota’s chief legal officer.'

Minnesota: Somalis Riot at Amusement Park, Forcing Evacuation

The media is covering up the fact that the violent rioters were Somali men because the media and police don’t want to offend the Muslim Somali population

Dem. Keith Ellison Wants to Flood Minnesota and the U.S. with 110,000 Refugees in 2019

House Resolution 1073 was submitted by Ellison and more than 50 other Democrat members of Congress

Minneapolis: Appeals court upholds sentences for three Muslims in ISIS case

Judge cited “compelling testimony” from co-conspirators and recordings among the “overwhelming evidence” that the three intended to follow others to the battlefield to fight, and kill, for ISIS.

Minnesota: Somali cop raised red flags with trainers, psychiatrists before killing unarmed woman

Roughly two months before the shooting, Mohamed Noor put a gun to the head of a motorist pulled over for a minor traffic stop.