Kansas City Mayor Attends Homophobic 911 Truther’s 2015 Ramadan Dinner

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A photo above from the Iftar Dinner hosted by MD Alam, a member of the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City ISGKC shows several other attendees. Standing directly behind Mayor Sly James (left) is Mansoor Ali Syed who we just happened to speak with on June 20, 2015 less than one month prior to this event. We posted about Mansoor Ali Syed and his apparent ties to Jamaat-e-Islami. Video of the exchange which took place at the Plaza area is also available.

Are you telling me that Kansas City Mayor Sly James cannot find a more “MODERATE” group of Muslims in the Kansas City area to celebrate with?

Alam has Muslim friends in high places: Obama sent holiday card to Missouri Muslim 9/11 truther.


St. Louis: Brewing Company Scraps “Submission Ale” Name on Beer Satirizing Islam

 The previous seven beers in the Indoctrination Series met no criticism or complaints. via Alpha Brewing Scraps “Submission Ale” — But Not Necessarily a Beer Mocking Islam | Riverfront Times. h/t TROP

A St. Louis-based craft brewery is backing away from plans to market a new beer mocking Islam called Submission Ale, after outrage immediately flared on Twitter this morning.

But Alpha Brewing Company isn’t necessarily scrapping the label, which depicts a pig wearing a hijab, or even the idea of a beer targeting the Muslim faith. The company’s head brewer, Derrick Langeneckert, says Submission Ale will get a new name because he didn’t realize 2nd Shift Brewing already makes a beer with the same moniker.

That beer, Sub-Mission IPA, has nothing to do with Islam — it’s part of a collaboration with St. Louis’ much-loved Mission Taco Joint.

Alpha Brewing’s Submission Ale, on the other hand, is explicitly aimed at Islam. “Alpha Akbar,” one part of the label reads. “This smoked ale will blow your mind.”

…Langeneckert says the criticism is silly. “This is the eighth beer in our Indoctrination Series,” he says. “No one was upset when we put the pope on a label.”

Alpha announced the series making fun of religion back in January, and put all 12 labels online at that point, Langeneckert says. There was no controversy. Nor was there any in previous months when everyone from atheists to “door knockers” to Scientologists came in for a ribbing.

“Everyone’s OK when it’s L. Ron Hubbard you’re mocking,” he says. “Religion is kind of funny. Everyone thinks theirs is the right one, and everyone is ridiculous.”

It’s only when he realized the conflict with Second Shift that Langeneckert decided to change course. He’s still trying to decide just how much will change about the packaging.

“I wouldn’t say the label is off the table quite yet,” he says. He says he’ll make up his mind in a few days, admitting, “I don’t know. I got whacked in the face with a big wet fish this morning.”

That said, he notes that the people he’s heard from so far don’t seem to be Muslims, or even people who regularly buy his beer. “People are tweeting things like, ‘I’ve never bought an Alpha beer, and I never will.’ Great. Don’t buy this one, either.”

This isn’t the first time Alpha has found itself in the middle of controversy, as Langeneckert acknowledges. In January 2014, he apologize for “insensitive and hurtful statements” about other breweries. Asked why he seems to find so much controversy, the 28-year-old laughs ruefully.

“Because I’m young and stupid,” he says.


Kansas City: Terror-tied ICNA Holds Global Dawah Day (VIDEO)

Meanwhile, Clear Channel refuses to display The Truth About Mohammed. via causingfitna.

The Kansas City area chapter of the Islamic Circle of North America ICNA-KC took part in the 2015 Global Dawah Day on June 20th. Mansoor Ali Syed, an organizer for multiple past ICNA-KC events also attended, and passed out what they call “one minute cards” that give a brief description of Islam and Prophet Mohammed.

We had a chance to speak with Mansoor Ali Syed at this years Global Dawah Day in Kansas City as seen in the ideo below.

Mansoor Ali Syed is from India but now lives in Olathe, KS. He attended the University of East London. In 2014 he traveled to India as a representative of Helping Hand USA as seen pictured below.

Mansoor Ali Syed of Olathe, KS pictured above in a facebook post by Khalid Mubashir-ul-Zafar, president of Jamaat-e-Islami’s Hyderabad unit. Now if you watched the video from the 2015 dawah day at the Plaza, you may have picked up on the fact that Mansoor did not want to volunteer much info on the Muslim Brotherhood or SHARIA law for that matter. These pictures showing Mansoor’s affiliations should raise a red flag for anyone with an ounce of sense……

For any Kansas City resident that is wondering who is pushing Islam at the plaza, you may be interested to know about their Jamaat e Islami Hind affiliations, and you can read a bit more about the JIH here.

For more on the growing jihadi network in the KC area, follow @causingfitna.


New York: Muslim Org ICNA Scrubs Leader Accused War Crimes From Its Web Page

New York: Muslim who wanted to kill Americans spoke for Islamic “charity” ICNA

ICNA’s “Shariah For America” Campaign Hides Extremist Beliefs

St. Louis: Winning Mohammad Cartoon on Billboards

via Bosch Fawstin

When Western media acts like Muslims and refuses to show Mohammad cartoons, (Including the self-advertized “Most Powerful Name in News”, Fox News) Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer & the organization AFDI (American Freedom Defense Initiative) decide to put my Mohammad cartoon on 100 billboards. For starters :)

Full story at Breitbart

The ads have been submitted to run on billboards in the St. Louis area. The next city will be going up tomorrow.

St-Louis-Muhammad-768x1024 St-Louis-Airport-AFDI-ad-1024x791

Many more Mo-toons here.

Kansas City Mosque That Wanted to Ban Free Speech Will Hold Funeral for Garland, Texas Jihadist

via Kansas City Mosque That Wanted to Ban Free Speech Will Hold Funeral for TX Jihadist Nadir Soofi | PJ Tatler.

A service will be held on Thursday for Nadir Soofi at the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City.

A Kansas City mosque that petitioned Barack Obama to ban free speech defaming Islam in 2012 will hold the funeral for one of the two jihadists killed in a shootout Sunday outside a Dallas-area convention center that was hosting a “Draw Muhammad” cartoon contest.

The Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City (ISGKC) will hold a funeral on Thursday for Nadir Soofi, according to KCTV5:

The funeral for one of the people suspected in a chilling attack outside a Texas art contest will be held in the metro.

While Nadir Soofi never lived in the metro his father lives in an Overland Park neighborhood near 158th Place with his wife, Nadir’s stepmother. A woman who came to the door at the home told KCTV5 that the family didn’t want to talk about what happened to Soofi.

Police say the 34-year-old and 30-year-old Elton Simpson opened fire at a Dallas area conference center on Sunday. An art exhibit and contest depicting the Prophet Mohammad was being held there.

They wounded a security guard before police shot back, killing both.

While not mentioned in the article’s text, the KCTV5 video report specifically states that Soofi’s funeral service will be at ISGKC.

As I reported at PJ Media back in September 2012, ISGKC launched an online petition calling for Barack Obama to sponsor a bill limiting the free speech of American citizens by criminalizing insults to religion (namely, Islam) following international protest of the “Innocence of Muslims” video.

The petition, which was signed by the ISGKC executive board and posted on the mosque’s website, received 348 signatures. One of the mosque board members defended the petition in an interview with the local media following our PJ Media report:

“Insulting somebody else or putting somebody down can insight violence and lead to people losing their lives. We’re trying not to give these people a chance to misbehave,” said Mohammed Kohia, who started the petition along with the executive board of the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City.

But as a local ACLU attorney explained:

As I noted at the time, the position of ISGKC was particularly peculiar given that the mosque had hosted internationally renowned Islamic hate speaker Khalid Yasin, whose controversial statements include calling for the death penalty for gays and describing the beliefs of Christians and Jews as “filth.”

An Australian news channel exposed Yasin’s extremist views back in 2005:

YouTube Preview Image

So with Nadir Soofi and Elton Simpson’s attempts to silence speakers at Sunday’s event in Texas, perhaps Soofi’s funeral at ISGKC is appropriate.

UPDATE: In the “you can’t make this up” category, Kyle Shideler notes that Nadir Soofi “liked” Khalid Yasin on his Facebook page:

h/t and more at causingfitna

A story from a Kansas City Muslim woman and the funerals at the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City that scarred her for life. A must read at this link, a story of forcing hijabs on non-Muslims who attend the ISGKC funerals to yelling at women who try to attend the funeral of a loved one……. WOMEN ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Let us also remember that a former student of ISGKC was recently sentenced to life in an Egyptian Prison for terror related activities surrounding the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Pictured below at the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City. SHHHHHH, the KC Media won’t touch that story…….

St. Louis: Bosnian Muslim died fighting with Islamic State in Syria

via Allegations of St. Louis terrorism support rooted back in Bosnian War. h/t Money Jihad

In one picture, Ramo Pazara is the picture of casual cool.

He straddles a gleaming Suzuki motorcycle, wearing torn jeans, a long-sleeved black T-shirt and a necklace. He sports a scruff of hair on his chin, and his collar-length blond hair is tucked beneath a black stingy-brim hat.

But something changed. Dramatically. After his marriage and trucking business in Michigan both failed, Pazara cut his hair short and grew his beard long. He began wearing a white Arabic-style thawb and head covering, and moved to St. Louis.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After 17 months here, in 2013, Pazara left to fight in Syria, where he reportedly would rise to be a deputy to a top commander of the murderous, apocalyptic Islamic State terrorist group.

He was one among a tiny number of Americans fighting with extremists in Syria, perhaps a dozen by one FBI estimate in September.

What Pazara did is the linchpin of a federal criminal case here that led in February to the arrest of six people — three of them current or former St. Louis-area residents — on charges of supporting overseas terrorists.

The indictments claim they knowingly provided funds for Pazara and others in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere who engaged in violence “with and in support of” the Islamic State group, al-Qaida in Iraq and the Nusra Front.

Ramiz and Sedina Hodzic, a married couple living in south St. Louis County, also bought uniforms, rifle scopes and other gear, the indictments say. Nihad Rosic, of Utica, N.Y., allegedly was stopped on his way to Syria.

It is unclear what motivated Pazara, believed to have died last fall in Syria at age 37 or 38. His Facebook postings from overseas are gone. Friends, relatives and employers won’t talk. Court hearings for the others revealed little.

The Bosnian news magazine Slobodna Bosna reported after the charges that Pazara, who they dubbed an “Islamic fanatic,” briefly fought for the Serbs in the war before coming to the U.S.

His deep past is murky. He pops up in available records in 2003, living in an apartment just north of Detroit. He registered a company called R&A Express Trucking, and with his then-wife, Amela Pazara, bought a small brick house.

The company made just $10,000 in 2006, and $4,000 in 2007, records show. The couple divorced and lost the house. Pazara filed for bankruptcy in 2008, listing more than $36,000 in debts. He claimed his only income was money from his family, and that his ex-wife was taking over the company.

Pazara spent some time in New York, where he has relatives. On Dec. 15, 2011, he rented a one-bedroom, $520-a-month apartment in the Oakbrook Gardens complex in south St. Louis County. By then, his beard was long, and his clothing ethnic.

Lisa Albert, Oakbrook’s former manager, said Pazara was late several times with his rent but “always very, very friendly.” She added, “You never would have suspected anything.”

She said the news about him “gave me chills.”

A former Oakbrook maintenance worker, Izet Fejzic, said Pazara stood out because of his clothing. Fejzic, also Bosnian, speculated that Pazara might have fallen for a pitch from foreigners who fought for Bosnians during their war, something like: “We helped you guys, now you have to help us.” Or, he said, Pazara might have gone to help a different group and ended up on the wrong side.

Pazara left Oakbrook at the end of April 2012. It’s not clear where he stayed then.


On May 17, 2013, Pazara became a U.S. citizen and changed his name to Abdullah Ramo Pazara. Yara Holt, who also became a citizen that day, remembered Pazara as someone who came alone, was perhaps the only one who didn’t get a picture with the judge and “kind of took his certificate and ran.”

Eleven days later, according to the indictment, Pazara traveled to Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina before arriving in Syria that July.

According to court testimony, Pazara posted Facebook pictures of himself in military clothing, holding a rifle in front of the black flag associated with Islamic State.

Authorities began tracking him, using social media along with wiretaps, search warrants and other tactics authorized by the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court process.

The indictments claim that on March 20, 2014, Pazara told an unidentified person about a mission in which he and others killed 11 people and captured one, whom they intended to “slaughter” the next day. Pazara also allegedly said Islamic State was “spreading every day.”

Media reports say that at the time Pazara died, he was a deputy to Omar al-Shishani, one of Islamic State’s top commanders.

The FBI briefed some St. Louis-area Muslim leaders shortly after the arrests. Agents claimed that some images from an infamous Islamic State massacre of Iraqi soldiers were traced to Pazara, indicating he was there, Imdad said.

“That was pretty alerting — shocking to me that he was standing right there … as the massacre was happening,” Imdad said.

Hayat said she left the briefing with the impression that Pazara was the leader of the group that included the Hodzics and that there was a recent “ideological” change in Pazara and the Hodzics.

The FBI declined to comment about the briefing.

The indictment claims Hodzic was a conduit for money and supplies to Pazara and others.

The FBI should be arresting Muslim leaders and briefing everyone else. Not working with those who share the same ideology, preach jihad, recruit and fund jihadists.

Read it all for more on the Six Bosnian Muslim immigrants in U.S. charged with supporting Islamic State terrorists.

Also read this Twitter exchange on the now dead jihadi.


Kansas City: Muslim Brotherhood Group Spreading Islam in Public High Schools

“Combating Islamophobia” is the latest way for Muslims to sneak into public schools as liberals knowingly allow terror-linked groups to spread a vile ideology to unsuspecting students held captive with no way out. It’s in the textbooks too.

via Kansas City Terror Tied Group Combating Islamophobia in Public Schools | causingfitna.

Islamic Propaganda Week at UMKC….. Highlighted text in the screen capture below from the UMKC Muslim Students Association facebook page claims to have had a da’wah (pushing Islam) event in a Public High School. I will explain why this is a bad idea below.

The facebook page of Yousef Hammuda seen below shows several men throwing the Four Finger Muslim Brotherhood “gang sign”. The man with the beard in the center of the picture is Fera El-Ghussein, former President of the UMKC-MSA and is a youth leader in the Muslim American Society of Kansas City. Yousef Hammouda is also a youth leader with the Muslim American Society and as his profile shows, a Teacher at the Islamic Center of Kansas. Look at the picture, can you pic out the Muslim Brotherhood folks????

Feras El-Ghussein, the former President of the UMKC-MSA can also be seen in another picture with some of the older Muslim American Society leaders. Pictured below at the Plaza Fountains in KC August 2013 again with the Muslim Brotherhood “gang sign”. It should be noted now, that the Muslim American Society is a designated terrorist organization in the UAE, and the Muslim Brotherhood is also a banned terror organization in Egypt. This makes inviting them to your high school a bad idea.

Another young Muslim man with a long history in Kansas City is Mohammed Soltan. Pictured below in 1999 at the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City. His father, Salah Soltan was recently given the death sentence in Egypt and Mohammed will likely receive the same verdict on April 11th, just days from now for his accused role in Muslim Brotherhood operations.

It should also be noted that Mohammed Soltan was former President of the Muslim Students Association at Ohio State University along his path as a tool for the Muslim Brotherhood. See more about this troubled young man that was started on his troubled path arguably in the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City HERE.

The MSA has a growing list of terrorist alumni as noted in this post, Why Muslim Student Group Concerned the NYPD: (but they did nothing about them)

The list is extensive, but among the MSA alumni who went on to terrorist involvement are:

  • Anwar al-Awlaki, an influential American-born al-Qaida cleric who recruited a series of homegrown jihadists before being killed by a U.S. drone strike;
  • Aafia Siddiqui, convicted of attempted murder and assault on U.S. officers and employees in Afghanistan;
  • Zachary Chesser, convicted of attempting to provide material support to the Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab and soliciting attacks on “South Park” producers for an episode in which the prophet Muhammad was shown in a bear suit;
  • Jesse Morton, convicted with Chesser of threatening the South Park producers with murder;
  • Adam Gadahn, an al-Qaida spokesman who is on the FBI’s Most Wanted List for treason and material support to al-Qaida;
  • Waheed Zaman, who was convicted of plotting to blow up transatlantic flights;
  • Adis Medunjanin, who is awaiting trial for plotting to bomb New York subways;
  • Ramy Zamzam, who was convicted in Pakistan of conspiring to carry out terrorist attacks;
  • Omar Hammami, who was indicted on charges of providing material support to al-Shabbab and is designated by the U.S. Treasury Department for his terrorist connections;
  • Muhammad Junaid Babar, who pled guilty to his support to al-Qaida; and
  • Syed Hashmi, who pled guilty to providing material support to al-Qaida.

MSA was founded in the United States in 1963 by members of the Egyptian-based Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood seeks a global Islamic state and has spawned leaders of a series of Sunni terrorist groups, including al-Qaida, Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The Muslim Brotherhood motto established by founder Hassan al-Banna is, “God is our objective, the Quran is our Constitution, the Prophet is our leader, jihad is our way, and death for the sake of God is the highest of our aspirations.”

MSA members remain faithful to Brotherhood ideology. At the closing session of the MSA West conference in January 2011 at UCLA, attendees recited a pledge, “Allah is my lord, Islam is my life, the Quran is my guide, the Sunna is my practice, Jihad is my spirit, righteousness is my character, paradise is my goal. I enjoin what is right, I forbid what is wrong, I will fight against oppression, and I will die to establish Islam.”

And its your kids, and their kids, kids being forced to listen to Islamic dawah in public schools, that they will be killing to establish Islam. In America.


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