Missouri: Seven Muslims plead guilty in $1.7M food stamp fraud

via Two from Swansea get 7 years in prison for food stamp fraud : News

EAST ST. LOUIS • Two businessmen from Swansea were sentenced to seven years and one month in federal prison and ordered to repay nearly $1.7 million in fraud-related losses to the food stamp program, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.

Qais Hussein, 43, and Majdi Odeh, 45, owners of two Garden Grill Market stores in East St. Louis, operated a conspiracy to buy food stamp benefits and Woman, Infant and Children vouchers from customers at some fraction of their face value, prosecutors said. That fraction was 50 to 60 percent for food stamps, they said. Hussein and Odeh, who are brothers, would also accept food stamp payments for ineligible items like tobacco, cellphones and purses, prosecutors said.

In addition to the prison time, the men were fined $12,500.

Hussein and Odeh pleaded guilty in May to conspiracy to unlawfully acquire Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, aiding in the preparation of false tax returns and trafficking in counterfeit goods.

Prosecutors said that the brothers also helped prepare two false 2010 tax returns by under-reporting the income from the markets and sold fake watches, hats, DVDs and other items.

Five employees have also pleaded guilty to roles in the conspiracy and received sentences ranging from probation to the time one had already served in jail, in addition to fines and restitution.

Those employees are Hossam Ahmed, 25, of St. Louis, Alaa Jaber, 29, of Jersey City, N.J., Elsayed Hassan, 25, of East St. Louis, Rami Abou Amra, 37, of Troy, Ill., and Albraa Sabrah, 27, of Hazelwood, prosecutors said.

More via the DOJ:

This conspiracy allowed Hussein and Odeh to fraudulently receive over $1.6 million in electronic transfers to their bank accounts. The indictment also alleges that they filed false tax returns based upon the unreported fraudulent SNAP payments. Finally, the Grand Jury charged that both Hussein and Odeh in operating Garden Grill Market, II, Inc. illegally trafficked in counterfeit items from Casio, Major League Baseball, the Motion Picture Association, Prada, Coach, Fendi, Gucci and Juicy Couture.

Not mention of any of their citizenship status.

Muslim migrants to the U.S. don’t just pose a terror threat. Muslim food stamp fraud is a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Muslim Medicaid fraud is another.


Missouri and Pennsylvania: Muslims arrested in identity theft busts

Diversity alert with a Mohamed quotient of 100.

via Police: SGF cab driver tried to steal identity after wallet left in taxi

Police say instead of returning a wallet that was left in his taxi, a Springfield cab driver held onto it for months and then used the ID cards to open a phony bank account.

Mohamed S. Elsaka, 31, was charged late last month with identity theft after police say he opened a bank account in the victim’s name and established a line of credit with a limit of $18,000.

According to a probable cause statement, the victim left his wallet in Elsaka’s cab in January of 2014.

Eleven months later, the statement says, the victim got a credit card in the mail that he knew nothing about.

The victim contacted the fraud department at U.S. Bank, and they placed holds on the account, the statement says.

The next day, on Dec. 30, Elsaka went to the U.S. Bank on East St. Louis Street in Springfield and tried to activate the debit card associated with the fraudulent account, according to the statement. Police were called to the bank, and Elsaka was arrested.

The statement says Elsaka was in possession of multiple IDs belonging to the victim.

Elsaka told police he found the victim’s wallet in his cab and then months later used the IDs to set up the fraudulent account because he was struggling financially, according to the statement.

Elsaka told police he planned to pay off the account and close it after he found work, the statement says.

Elsaka has been released on his own recognizance. He does not have an attorney listed for this case.

In Pennsylvania, another Mohamed was arrested and charged in connection with a scheme to falsify IRS tax returns, the FBI said.

A 39-year-old Delaware County man has been indicted in a fraud scheme in which charged clients as much as $1,000 to falsify federal tax returns, the FBI announced.

Mohamed Mansaray, 39, of Springfield was arrested Thursday and charged with 10 counts of wire fraud, nine counts of aggravated identity theft and 10 counts of aiding or assisting in preparation or filing of false income tax returns.

Mizzou Students Burn ISIS Flag, Muslim Brotherhood-founded Student Group Refuses to Participate

The Muslim Brotherhood-founded (and funded) Muslim Students Association (MSA) refused to participate in a flag-burning of their co-religionist terrorists Islamic State. Surprised?

Kudos to the students who did burn the ISIS flag and shame on the university for trying to persuade them against doing so. via Students burn ISIS flag, chant ‘USA!’; Muslim Students Organization refuses to participate | BizPac Review

A student at the University of Missouri in Columbia burned an Islamic State flag in a barbecue grill on Thursday while hundreds chanted , “USA! USA!”

The Muslim Students Organization chose not to participate.

The Young Americans of Liberty (YAL) president organized the  “Missouri University Coalition for those Killed by ISIS,” to unify students to remember the innocent people who have lost their lives to terrorism.

A statement from the group says, “US Middle East Policy has led to the rise of radical Islam in the countries in which we have toppled secular dictators. Not only that, but ISIS has risen to power on the back of US Taxpayers.”

 The YAL president Ian Paris told The College Fix that his message was to tell ISIS “we’ve had enough. And to tell Washington … to stop using our tax money to fund radical Islamic groups in the Middle East.”
The message should be to stop using our tax money to fund anything Islamic, anywhere at any time.

University security tried to convince Paris not to torch the ISIS flag prior to the flag burning, but he maintained that the fear people have about ISIS is the reason why the event needed to happen.

He said during the rally that the rise of ISIS is primarily due to the U.S. government’s willingness to fund and support radical Islamic groups in Syria and Libya.

“Each time we have toppled a secular dictator in the Middle East, chaos has ensued. This can be seen, for example, in the countries of Iraq, and Libya,” he told the students as they awaited the flag to be set on fire.

“While I sympathize with the innocent citizens of Syria and their plight, I am disgusted, appalled, and downright infuriated that the weapons that you and I have paid for are being used to methodically execute not just Jews, not just Christians, but hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims throughout the Middle East,” Paris added.

The president of the Muslim Student Organization at MU, Zakaria El-Tayash, told KOMU that his group’s members did not participate in the demonstration because of “the way that they are approaching the situation,” even though he agrees with their message. He said burning the ISIS flag will add fuel to the fire.

“We are an organization that doesn’t stand for violence in any way,” El-Tayash said. “Their message from what I understand is good. Their intentions may be good. I just don’t believe in the way that they are approaching the situation.”

Weak excuse. He should have said he feared being killed by ISIS if he burned their flag and would then be considered an apostate.

Paris contends that “the main purpose of the Islamic State has been you instill fear in the people who would speak out and resist,” and “it’s about time somebody stop being afraid.”

Here is a full transcript of Paris’ speech.

Florida: Jewish convert to Islam indicted in plot to bomb KC 9/11 memorial

The site was selected to kill firefighters and first responders participating in a 9/11 memorial event. via Australian IS “jihadist” is actually a Jewish American troll

In recent days he has claimed, under the guise of Australi Witness, that he is working with other jihadists to plan attacks in Australia and the United States. He distributed pictures of a bomb that he was working on with “2 lbs of explosives inside”.


Early on Friday, Goldberg was arrested in his home by police in Florida, for, “Distribution of information relating to explosives, destructive devices, and weapons of mass destruction”.

An affidavit sworn in the case says that, between August 19 and August 28, Mr Goldberg “distributed information pertaining to the manufacturing of explosives, destructive devices, or weapons of mass destruction in furtherance of an activity that constitutes a Federal crime of violence”.

Police say he sent five web links to sites that provided instructions that could be used to make explosives as part of a plot to explode a bomb on September 13 at a memorial ceremony in Kansas City, commemorating the 9/11 the terrorist attacks.

Fairfax media can also reveal that Goldberg has been responsible for a number of other online hoaxes, including posing online as prominent Australian lawyer Josh Bornstein.

His online actions may have had fatal real-world consequences in May.

In the leadup to an exhibition in Garland, Texas, at which pictures of the Prophet Mohammed were to be displayed, Goldberg in the guise of Australi Witness, posted a tweet with the event’s address, and reposted a tweet urging people to go there with “weapons, bombs or with knifes”.

Two Muslim men attempted an attack at the exhibition, and were killed by police. Australi Witness then praised them online as martyrs. Continue reading

St. Louis: Muslim Duo Get 7 Years for Bomb Plot on Ferguson PD

via Two Muslims sentenced for bomb plot on Ferguson police:

Brandon Muhammad & Olajuwon Ali

Two St. Louis men were ordered Thursday to spend seven years in federal prison for planning a foiled bomb attack targeting the Ferguson police chief, the county’s prosecutor and other officials after last year’s police shooting death of Michael Brown.

The sentences for Brandon Orlando Baldwin, 24, and Olajuwon Davis, 23 – identified by federal agents as New Black Panther Party members – mirrored those agreed upon by the men when they pleaded guilty in June to four felony counts, including conspiring to use explosives and making false written statements while buying firearms.

Their November arrests during a federal sting operation came just days before St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch announced that a grand jury wouldn’t indict Ferguson officer Darren Wilson in the August shooting death of the 18-year-old Brown, who was unarmed.

Davis and Baldwin later admitted in court that they plotted to obtain explosives they planned to unleash upon McCulloch, then-Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson, an unspecified area police station and an armored vehicle police used in controlling Ferguson protests.

Davis and Baldwin were taken into custody after buying three pipe bombs for $150, unaware the devices weren’t functional and the seller during the nighttime meeting at an industrial park was a federal agent.

No explosives were ever detonated, and none of the would-be targets were harmed.

“The disruption of this plot, coming as it did on the eve of the expected grand jury announcement, undoubtedly saved lives. Luckily for all of us, we’ll never know just how many,” Richard Callahan, eastern Missouri’s U.S. attorney, said in a statement after Thursday’s sentencing hearings.

More via New Black Panther Leaders Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison for Plotting Major Bomb Attack on #Ferguson Police Dept – The Gateway Pundit

The two #BlackLivesMatter activists admitted in court that they were planning to blow up the Ferguson police station and murder St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch… But they didn’t have enough money on their EBT card!

As previously reported: Ferguson: Muslims arrested in plot to bomb Arch, kill St. Louis County prosecutor, Ferguson chief

Kansas City Mayor Attends Homophobic 911 Truther’s 2015 Ramadan Dinner

via causingfitna.

A photo above from the Iftar Dinner hosted by MD Alam, a member of the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City ISGKC shows several other attendees. Standing directly behind Mayor Sly James (left) is Mansoor Ali Syed who we just happened to speak with on June 20, 2015 less than one month prior to this event. We posted about Mansoor Ali Syed and his apparent ties to Jamaat-e-Islami. Video of the exchange which took place at the Plaza area is also available.

Are you telling me that Kansas City Mayor Sly James cannot find a more “MODERATE” group of Muslims in the Kansas City area to celebrate with?

Alam has Muslim friends in high places: Obama sent holiday card to Missouri Muslim 9/11 truther.


St. Louis: Brewing Company Scraps “Submission Ale” Name on Beer Satirizing Islam

 The previous seven beers in the Indoctrination Series met no criticism or complaints. via Alpha Brewing Scraps “Submission Ale” — But Not Necessarily a Beer Mocking Islam | Riverfront Times. h/t TROP

A St. Louis-based craft brewery is backing away from plans to market a new beer mocking Islam called Submission Ale, after outrage immediately flared on Twitter this morning.

But Alpha Brewing Company isn’t necessarily scrapping the label, which depicts a pig wearing a hijab, or even the idea of a beer targeting the Muslim faith. The company’s head brewer, Derrick Langeneckert, says Submission Ale will get a new name because he didn’t realize 2nd Shift Brewing already makes a beer with the same moniker.

That beer, Sub-Mission IPA, has nothing to do with Islam — it’s part of a collaboration with St. Louis’ much-loved Mission Taco Joint.

Alpha Brewing’s Submission Ale, on the other hand, is explicitly aimed at Islam. “Alpha Akbar,” one part of the label reads. “This smoked ale will blow your mind.”

…Langeneckert says the criticism is silly. “This is the eighth beer in our Indoctrination Series,” he says. “No one was upset when we put the pope on a label.”

Alpha announced the series making fun of religion back in January, and put all 12 labels online at that point, Langeneckert says. There was no controversy. Nor was there any in previous months when everyone from atheists to “door knockers” to Scientologists came in for a ribbing.

“Everyone’s OK when it’s L. Ron Hubbard you’re mocking,” he says. “Religion is kind of funny. Everyone thinks theirs is the right one, and everyone is ridiculous.”

It’s only when he realized the conflict with Second Shift that Langeneckert decided to change course. He’s still trying to decide just how much will change about the packaging.

“I wouldn’t say the label is off the table quite yet,” he says. He says he’ll make up his mind in a few days, admitting, “I don’t know. I got whacked in the face with a big wet fish this morning.”

That said, he notes that the people he’s heard from so far don’t seem to be Muslims, or even people who regularly buy his beer. “People are tweeting things like, ‘I’ve never bought an Alpha beer, and I never will.’ Great. Don’t buy this one, either.”

This isn’t the first time Alpha has found itself in the middle of controversy, as Langeneckert acknowledges. In January 2014, he apologize for “insensitive and hurtful statements” about other breweries. Asked why he seems to find so much controversy, the 28-year-old laughs ruefully.

“Because I’m young and stupid,” he says.



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