St. Louis: Bosnian Muslim told coworkers he was in ISIS, could blow them up with one call

mustafa-barimacA first or second gen Clinton import? Source: Creve Coeur worker told coworkers he was in ISIS, could blow them up with one call, authorities say |

Prosecutors on Sunday charged Mustafa Barimac, 26, with the felony. His bail was set at $500,000, cash only. He made his initial court appearance Monday morning. His next court date is scheduled for Jan. 4 before Associate Circuit Judge John Borbonus.

Creve Coeur police say Barimac made the comments on Nov. 25, the day after Thanksgiving, to co-workers at an auto detailing firm, Teph Seal, at 11830 Olive Boulevard.

He told co-workers he was affiliated with ISIS and even showed them a tattoo he claimed was an ISIS tattoo.

“He threatened to co-workers that he could place one phone call and have the place blown up,” Creve Coeur Detective Cory Mueller said in court papers.

Mueller said it was hard to pin down why Barimac made the threat. Mueller said it could have been due to the face that Barimac was a detailer who was angry about his paycheck and job responsibilities. Mueller said Barimac thought he had been promised a promotion to a low-level manager with a pay hike, and that didn’t happen as quickly as he had wanted.

Workers didn’t notify police until a week later.

“At first, he was a big talker,” Mueller said. “But as time went on and he started adding on this ISIS bit and showed the tattoo, it made people take him more seriously. The statements built up over time.”

A week after the ISIS comment, police in Creve Coeur were notified and they began working with the FBI. Police conducted constant surveillance of Barimac, including at Barimac’s parents’ home where he lives in the 300 block of Southhampton Drive, near Jefferson Barracks park in south St. Louis County. Police in Creve Coeur brought a dog that can detect explosives to the business and searched it Saturday, the same day Barimac was arrested at another business in St. Louis they followed him to.

No bombs or bomb-making equipment were found at the business, on him, his car or at his parents’ home, police say. His tattoo “ended up being in Arabic, along the lines of, ‘Only God or Allah can judge me,'” Mueller said.

Barimac admitted to police that he made it up, police say. He agreed that the comments would reach the entire workforce of about 25 people, Mueller said. A few weeks before the ISIS threat, Mueller said, Barimac told co-workers he had access to firearms and if another issue came up he “could come to the business and take care of all Teph Seal employees.” Mueller said police didn’t find out about the firearms threat until workers reported the ISIS threat Friday. Police say they found no social media site associated with Barimac, except an old MySpace site that he doesn’t maintain.

Court records do not indicate if Barimac has an attorney yet. His parents could not be reached for comment. Mueller said they speak limited English. He said Barimac, a Bosnian, has been in the St. Louis area since high school and lived in Iowa before that. The FBI is developing an intelligence file on Barimac, but he was not on their radar before this report, authorities say.

In Missouri, the crime of making a terrorist threat is punishable by up to seven years in prison and a $5,000 fine. The charges say Barimac made the threat “for the purpose of frightening ten or more people.”

“We handled it pretty swiftly,” Mueller said. “It was a situation we didn’t want to sit on. We wanted to get him into custody. For all we know, he could have posed a significant threat while out there.”

Strike fear into the hearts of the unbelievers – just like the Koran commands Muslims to do.

Oddly, doesn’t include a picture of the Muslim terrorist, but includes the description of an unrelated crime and photo of that suspect in at the end of her article. Obfuscate much?

Other outlets posted Mustafa’s photo.

Kansas City imam: ‘Muslims who don’t want to contribute to good of America better off staying in country of origin’

Hanif Khalil, left, of Al-Inshirah Islamic Center in Kansas City, Missouri

Source: Religious Communities In Kansas City React To Outcome Of Presidential Election | KCUR

Hanif Khalil ministers at prisons, among other places. He worships at the Al-Inshirah Islamic Center at 36th and Troost. It’s a community of primarily black, American-born Muslims.

He told me he thinks Donald Trump will be good for America.

“I don’t think what he says resonates with me same as it would with any immigrant,” he says. “Some Muslims quite honestly have come here with intentions other than to the health of America. If you don’t want to contribute to the good of America, then they’re better off staying in their country of origin.”

And some who were born in the U.S. and converted to Islam have intentions other than to the health of America. For instance:


Or these guys: American Muslim Group Preps for Jihad Against Trump

Kansas City: Terror-linked Muslim group’s dishonest dawah billboard

The message is permitted in Islam under the concept of taqiyya – lying to protect the faith. The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule.

The story via: ‘Muslims condemn all violence’ billboard goes up on I-35 |

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Drivers on I-35 at Cambridge Circle may notice a new billboard that’s part of a public awareness and outreach campaign to counter hate and fear.

The space was bought by the Islamic Circle of North America, Kansas City Chapter (ICNA-KC) and says: “MUSLIMS CONDEMN ALL VIOLENCE”.
It then invites people to call 1-800-662-ISLAM or to learn more about Islam.

Imran Hassan, with the ICNA-KC, told FOX 4 in an email that Islam and Muslims stand against all violence be it the Orlando shooting, the San Bernardino shooting, the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting, the Dallas shooting or the Charleston Church shooting.

We know that is a lie. One only need read the Koran and other Islamic texts, listen to Muslims call for death to gays and Jews and apostates, and watch what Muslims do.


Muslim protesters

There is no place in Islam to take the life of any innocent person.

Key word “innocent.” Muslims believe that everyone is born a Muslim and those who leave are apostates and therefore not innocent.

The diversity of humanity into many races and ethnicities is a testament to God’s majesty and wisdom. Therefore, racial superiority and discrimination of any nature are prohibited in Islam.

Islam is not a race nor an ethnicity and this imam is quite careful not to claim that the religion of Islam does not discriminate. It clearly does, calling for the subjugation, conversion or death of all non-Muslims. Not to mention gender inequality.

The Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said: ‘No Arab has any superiority over a non-Arab nor does a non-Arab have any superiority over an Arab. Nor does a white man have any superiority over a black man or the black man any superiority over a white man. You are all children of Adam and Adam was created from clay,’” said Hassan.

This phrase cannot be sourced and appears to be a fraudulent translation that can only be traced back to 1991. See below.

The billboard on I-35 and Cambridge Circle in Kansas City will be up for 4 weeks from Oct 31st.

The Kansas City chapter of Islamic Circle of North America is one of 25 chapters around the nation, with a mission to promote proper understanding of Islam and Muslims.

ICNA is a terror-linked Muslim organization that wants to spread sharia law in the U.S. One of their top leaders was convicted of war crimes, so we know the “proper understanding of Islam and Muslims” they want to preach.

From previous posts:

The founder of the Islamic billboards wrote about his feelings towards non-Muslims, Christmas and Jesus. via Director of Islamic dawah ads in his own words

…a Muslim can’t enjoin in any aspect of Christmas in the disguise that Jesus is our Prophet too

Indeed Islam came to tear down the pillars of kufr and replace them with the pillars of Islam.

 And that is exactly the purpose of the billboards.

As for Imran Hassan’s quote he attributes to Mohammad but provides no source, it appears to be a Fraudulent Translation of Muhammad’s ‘Last Sermon’ to Make It Egalitarian:

Islamists, in keeping with their insecure habit of finding Muslims at the root of every major innovation, including the airplane and golf, market the Last Sermon to the left as the world’s first Charter on Social Justice. Yet the version they most promote, without sources, effectively dates to 1991.



Kansas City Public Schools Submit non-Muslims to Islamic Supremacy & Sharia

Source: KC Public Schools Submit to Islamic Supremacy 2016 | causingfitna

The standard mis-truths and outright lies from the KC Board’s website:

Condemning violence and hate speech, expressing support for Muslim students and those perceived as Muslims

Adopted by the Kansas City Public Schools Board of Education September 28, 2016

WHEREAS the United States was founded by immigrants, many fleeing religious persecution, who enshrined freedom of religion as one of our nation’s fundamental legal and ethical principles; and

WHEREAS there are more than 3 million Muslims living in the United States today, and
approximately 30,000 living in the Greater Kansas City area, making invaluable contributions to our economy, our social and political life, and our culture; and

WHEREAS discrimination on the basis of religion, and against Muslims and those perceived as Muslims in particular, is deeply embedded within our country’s long history of racism and xenophobia; and

WHEREAS there has been an unprecedented backlash since the September 11th attacks in the form of hate crimes and employment discrimination toward Arab and Muslim Americans and those perceived as Muslims; and

WHEREAS Muslims, Muslim Americans, and those perceived as Muslims, are frequently the targets of abusive and discriminatory police practices sanctioned by the state including surveillance in their neighbor hoods and places of worship; and

WHEREAS the recent escalation of hateful rhetoric against Muslims, those perceived as Muslims, immigrants, and people of color is especially harmful to children, as it has a negative impact on their psychological well-being, the health of their peer relationships, and their ability to thrive in school; and

WHEREAS Muslim students, and those perceived as Muslims, across the country have reported instances of bullying and disproportionate school discipline on account of their religion and/or race; and

WHEREAS approximately 653 Kansas City Public Schools’ families have designated Somali, Arabic, and other Muslim languages being spoken in their homes; and

WHEREAS Muslim students in the Kansas City Public school district contribute in numerous ways to the vitality of the learning environment, and
their parents form an integral part of their school communities; and

WHEREAS providing a safe school environment that ensures both the physical and emotional safety of students and staff creates the conditions necessary to foster academic achievement; and

WHEREAS it is the responsibility of schools to educate students about the social, cultural and ethnic diversity of the United States, to promote awareness of a wide range of religious and cultural traditions, and to teach students to think critically about their own biases; and

WHEREAS we, as the leaders of the Kansas City Public Schools have a responsibility to ensure that all of our students are supported in their academic and personal development:

Now therefore be it resolved, that the Kansas City Public Schools

(1) Condemns all hateful speech and violent action directed at Muslims, those perceived as Muslims, immigrants and people of color;
(2) Commits to fostering a school environment that promotes respect for and curiosity about all religions and cultures, affirms the equal humanity of all members of the community, and rejects all forms of bullying and discrimination;
(3) Commits to instituting school policies and setting an educational curriculum that reflects the values expressed in this resolution via training of staff and teachers, the inclusion of diverse resources to supplement in-class curricula, and the creation of safe spaces for students to address school-based bullying.

Here’s some reality the resolution ignores…since 9/11 and during September 2016:


Here’s a long and growing list of Islamic Terror on American Soilbut only attacks in which fatalities occurred. Will students in Kansas City learn about this?

And more of the usual suspects that seem to have infiltrated the Kansas City board of education and worked in the sharia resolution:


We will double check, but the language reads closely to the New York City effort to submit non-Muslims to sharia law as well.

Essentially, what this resolution and others like it says is that no matter how many terrorist acts Muslims commit in the name of Islam and to spread sharia law, no matter how many women are raped by Muslims or killed while Muslims scream ‘allah akbar’, no matter how many women die in so-called ‘honor killings’, no matter how many non-Muslims are beheaded by Muslims – you must remain SILENT. You are no longer permitted to question or criticize or suggest that Islam is anything but perfect. If you do, you will face not only the wrath of blood thirsty Muslims and their co-religionist legal jihadists, but the U.S. government and local law enforcement who will hunt you down and arrest you. 

This resolution goes further and includes pretty much anyone who is not a white American.

PS: To understand how KC got to this point of submission, see what’s happened over the last eight years by reviewing Creeping Sharia posts on Kansas City here. And remember, Hamas was meeting in Kansas City’s Bartle Hall calling for bloodshed long before this blog existed.

7 Afghani Muslims in the U.S. for Military Training are AWOL

Not so much as a warning to Americans? No BOLO? No names, no photos? Americans, you are on your own.

Source: Missing Afghans Raise Terrorism Fears – Washington Free Beacon

Several Afghan nationals undergoing military training in the United States disappeared from U.S. military bases this month, according to Pentagon and Homeland Security officials.

“During the month of September, seven Afghan students were considered absent without leave (AWOL) during international military student programs,” Pentagon spokesman Cmdr. Patrick L. Evans said.

Three of the Afghan military trainees fled from a Pentagon training program two weekends ago during the bombing spree in New York and New Jersey by Afghan-born bombing suspect Ahmad Rahami, raising concerns among security officials that the missing Afghan students may be linked to terrorism or plans for attacks in the United States.

The disappearance of the Afghans comes amid heightened fears of increasing Islamist terror attacks around the country. The attacks have included the New York area bombings and attempted bombings, a knife attack at a Minnesota mall by a Somali jihadist, and other regional shootings.

Two of the missing Afghans had been training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and one was training at Fort Gordon, Georgia.

An Army source said the Afghans who left the weekend of the New York area bombings appeared to be part of a coordinated effort. The three men are being probed for possible connections to Rahami. “Initial assessment is that there is not relation and the timing is coincidental,” the source said.

Evans declined to comment on whether the Pentagon has security concerns about the missing Afghans.

Sarah Rodriguez, a spokeswoman for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement service, said authorities are pursuing the Afghans.

“ICE Homeland Security Investigations is aware of the situation, and is actively working to locate these individuals in coordination with the State Department and the Department of Defense,” she said, declining specifics because of the ongoing investigation.

However, the service, which tracks illegal aliens, was notified of the missing Afghans.

Four other Afghan military trainees fled over the Labor Day weekend, two from Fort Benning, Georgia, one from Fort Lee, Virginia, and one from an Army facility in Little Rock, Arkansas.

A defense official said two of the Afghans were accounted for and suggested the two men may have fled the United States.

It is not the first time Afghan military students have disappeared. Two maintenance airmen from the Afghan Air Force disappeared from Moody Air Force Base in Georgia in December. One was later found in Virginia.

Retired Army officer Joe Myers, who was posted in Kabul, Afghanistan, said the U.S. military frequently trains foreign military students as part of a security assistance and international training and education program.

“It is not unusual at times for some foreign students to use the opportunity to not return to their country of origin,” Myers said.

“In the case of Afghanistan it is more sensitive for homeland security when their students disappear, especially in light of actual graduates of programs such as the new ISIS military commander, Gulmurod Khalimov, who attended and completed several State Department sponsored counterterrorism programs,” Myers said.

The missing soldiers were part of the International Military Education and Training program under the Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency.

According to the agency’s website, the military education is aimed at training future leaders, fostering a better understanding of the United States, and establishing closer ties between the U.S. and Afghan militaries.

Evans, the Pentagon spokesman, defended the program to train Afghan troops. “It is important to note that the majority of Afghans who train in the U.S. successfully complete their training and return to their country,” he said.

“However, there have been occasions where [military officials] have learned of plans to go AWOL. In some of those cases, those students have been returned immediately to their country,” he said.

A manual for training foreign military personnel states that the training can include “potentially sensitive or lethal training.”

Foreign military students that are absent from scheduled activities for more than 24 hours are considered “AWOL.”

Once declared missing, details about the foreign military students are sent to military police as well as to the Defense Intelligence Agency, FBI, and U.S. Northern Command.

A working group currently monitors the status of all missing foreign military students. The group is composed of officials from ICE, DIA, FBI and Northcom.

That working group has compromised leadership that are not upholding their oath to protect Americans from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Some of these defectors who were supposedly vetted will end up being your neighbors.


Massachusetts: Afghan soldier who deserted training in U.S. granted “asylum”

Texas: 17 Afghan Military Members AWOL From U.S. Air Force Base

Georgia: Two (more) Afghan military trainees disappear

Massachusetts: 3 Afghan Army trainees fled U.S. training assignments


Missouri: DMV Allows Personalized ‘JIHAD’ License Plate for Muslims

Source: ‘JIHAD 1’ personalized license plate allowed in Missouri | Daily Mail Online

A personalized license plate that reads ‘JIHAD 1’ has been allowed in the state of Missouri.

A St Louis news station was contacted by a viewer who spotted the license plate and found it ‘insulting’ before sending an email with the subject line, ‘WHAT WAS THE DMV THINKING!!!!’

The viewer said he found the plate ‘a bit scary especailly (sic) with the latest shootings in San Bernardino’, referencing the terror attack that left 14 people dead in California last December, News 4 reported.

After examining the policies for granting or denying personalized license plates, a Department of Revenue representative told them they had no legal authority to deny the word.

However, a similar personalized license plate that read ‘J1HAD’ was rejected by the state in 2009.

The state did not provide an explanation for why that particular license was rejected while this one was allowed, according to News 4.

The ‘JIHAD 1’ license plate, which was seen on a car in St Louis county, belongs to a Muslim couple who have a 14-year-old son named Jihad, whose name inspired the license plate, News 4 reported.

The family also noted that Jihad, a traditional Muslim name, has a spiritual meaning for Muslims, contrary to violence and terrorism associations with the word.

‘Jihad is very common and it doesn’t mean Holy War,’ Faizan Syed, the executive director of the St Louis Chapter Council on American Islamic Relations told News 4.

‘It means someone who is struggling, so when you name your kid Jihad, it means someone who is going to struggle to be better.’

[Taqiyya by the known terror group CAIR – see how Muslims define Jihad: The Highest Peak of Islam]

However, he added that the word ‘has the ability to confuse’ and said since the average American thinks of Jihad as a certain thing, ‘it’s probably better for this individual not to use it.’

In Illinois, the word Jihad is banned from being used on license plates, according to the station.

Among other license plates banned over the years in both states include ‘KKK’, ‘HATERZ’ and ‘K1LLER.’

100+ Creeping Sharia posts on Missouri, click the tag/category below to view. Kansas City in particular was a known jihad hangout for Muslim terror group Hamas.

Missouri: Muslim accused of Ansar al Sharia ties pleads guilty to 2 felonies, faces deportation

Muslim Brotherhood infighting? Muslims accusing Muslims of crimes and terror links all courtesy of the immigration and diversity first crowd. Source: Man living in Platte County and allegedly linked to terror groups pleads guilty to two felonies, faces deportation |

PLATTE COUNTY, Mo. — A 25-year-old Libyan man, who Platte County prosecutor alleged is part a terrorist organization, pleaded guilty to two felonies Thursday.

Ali Swei pleaded guilty to aggravated stalking and attempted stealing by coercion.

Prosecutors say he threatened to kill the family that was sponsoring him and threatened their relatives in Libya. Prosecutors add that Swei threatened to harm the Libyan immigrant family he was staying with if they did not pay him $30,000.

A member of that family, who did not want FOX 4 to show his face because he has been threatened since Swei’s arrest, says he believes the guilty pleas will result in Swei’s deportation.

“I am so relieved for my family, its really been a roller coaster especially for my wife," the man said. "Its really heartbreaking its nervousness she doesnt sleep she has nightmares. She`s worried all the threats hopefully are never-never no family will ever go through what we have gone through.”

In pleading guilty, Swei’s lawyer, Andrew Christie, denied that the Libyan student is part of a terrorist organization. Christie claims that FBI reports show that the government has no interest in Swei as a danger. But he also declined to comment on Swei’s immigration status.

As part of a plea deal, Swei was placed on probation for 4 years and his sentence suspended. The judge also said the guilty pleas could prevent Swei from becoming a citizen, permanent resident or result in his deportation.

This should result in immediate deportation. Then Swei can get his revenge in person in Libya.

As causingfitna noted in a previous post, the plaintiff’s in the case also have terror connections: Missouri: Muslim immigrant arrested for extortion, stalking – accused of Ansar al Sharia ties.


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