New Hampshire: Church gives house to Muslim who will convert it to a mosque

Keene, N.H.-based Shire Free Church is donating a house to a Muslim who will turn the home into a mosque.

New York: Armed ISIS-obsessed Muslim murder suspect busted at Port Authority

After being placed in custody, Passaro became irate and threatened cops stating “you are lucky I didn’t shoot you”, officials said.

Terror suspect’s Paterson, NJ mosque on NYPD radar since 2005

Jihadist's mosque was under surveillance until terror-linked CAIR waged legal jihad on NYPD.

DHS interviewed NYC jihadi in 2015 about terror ties; mosque was in NYPD sites

New York City attacker, Sayfullo Saipov, was interviewed in 2015 by federal agents in the Department of Homeland Security.

New York: ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Plan Resubmitted Years After Protests

Muslim thug and fraudster vows, "We are still building an Islamic museum and sanctuary."

Maryland: Muslim immigrant & developer face lawsuit for selling homes to Muslims only

“This will be a community of 49 spacious brand new homes (Villas) for Ahmadi Muslims with a dedicated mosque within walking distance”

New Hampshire: Why are police ignoring evidence that mosque is preaching jihad? (video)

Manchester, New Hampshire police themselves don’t want to appear “Islamophobic,” and put that imperative above any responsibility they may have to protect their citizens.

Atlanta: Muslims get bloody in brutal ritual at mosque (video)

Muslims at the Dar-e-Abbas Islamic Shia Center in Atlanta, Georgia perform brutal, bloody ritual.

U.S. imam explains why Muslims can enslave captured women & children (video)

Sayed Mohammed Baqer al Qazwini explains why Muslims can take women & children as slaves or war booty.

South Carolina Imam: A Woman Is Her Husband’s Prisoner and Must Obey Him; Men Are Better Than Women

She is in a form of captivity. A captive! She is a prisoner. This is the term. 'Your captive.'

Switzerland: Parliament Votes to Ban Foreign Funding For & Arabic Preaching In Mosques

Switzerland’s legislature voted to ban foreign funding of mosques, including from Saudi Arabia, as well as force mosques to use local languages.

Australia: Muslim “refugee” who married 14-year old at mosque gets slap on wrist

Mohammad Shakir, who shook and sobbed during his sentencing on Thursday, will spend less than 14 more days behind bars.

Pennsylvania: DOJ & CAIR Force Mosque on Residential Bensalem Neighborhood Not Zoned for Houses of Worship

Source: Mosque To Be Built In Bensalem As Township Settles Lawsuit - Bensalem, PA Patch BENSALEM, PA — The Justice Department and Bensalem Township have reached an agreement to resolve allegations that the township violated the law when it denied zoning approval for a mosque two years ago. As part of the agreement, the Bensalem … Continue reading Pennsylvania: DOJ & CAIR Force Mosque on Residential Bensalem Neighborhood Not Zoned for Houses of Worship

Maryland imam: ‘Goal of Jihad is Sharia…Sharia Spread by the Sword’ (Video)

Maryland imam stressed that Islam had been spread by the sword and said that the purpose of Jihad is to establish the law of Allah...

Cleveland State Univ’s Muslim maintenance director erases 9/11 chalk memorial

Shehadeh Abdelkarim - the @CSU maintenance director who power-washed away the 9/11 memorial - is also the President of the Islamic Center of Cleveland.