Minnesota: City of St. Cloud Orders Cease-and-Desist on Mosque’s Look-alike Police Car

"That raised all kind of red flags. Why do they need a patrol car?" ~City Council member

Texas: DOJ Forces Islamic Cemetery on Farmersville, Against Citizens Wishes

Islamic Association of Collin County presented the revised settlement to the city on September 11, of all dates.

Video: New book exposes Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood’s financing and Islamization network

An in-depth and eye-opening investigation on Qatar’s religious activism in the West and financial links to Muslim Brotherhood groups.

Maryland: Muslim arrested after using car to strike and injure woman; kill woman in Virginia

Muhammad Taha was arrested and charged with 2nd Degree Murder, Felony Hit & Run, 1st Degree Assault and Malicious Destruction of Property (2 counts).

Maryland: Muslim who harbored hatred for “disbelievers” planned to drive U-haul truck into crowds at National Harbor

"For two years, the defendant has harbored 'hatred' (in his words) for 'disbelievers' who do not practice the Muslim faith," prosecutors wrote.

Illinois: Muslims unveil plans for new multi-million dollar mosque near golf club

The Muslim group’s new $2.5M mosque will sit on 10 acres at the corner of Lewis Avenue and 27th Street, just a mile away from the ThunderHawk Golf Club in Beach Park.

Houston: Muslim Children Sing: ‘Allah Akbar, Khamenei Is Our Leader…We Are Your Soldiers’ (VIDEO)

...young boys wearing scarves and green headbands sang a song for Khamenei: "We are your followers, you are our Leader… We are your soldiers, and together we can all be your power…"

New Zealand: Mosque targeted in shootings has produced at least two Muslim terrorists

New evidence is emerging that several people may have been converted to radical Islam at the Al Noor mosque in New Zealand.

Kansas: Overland Park Planning Commission Approves Muslim Brotherhood Mosque Expansion Next to Public Schools

'If this facility were sponsored by a private developer seeking to build a school and other amenities the city would say “absolutely not'

Philadelphia: Mosque under investigation after child bride says “husband” sexually assaulted her 10-year old sister

14-year old victim was married off to a man more than twice her age who then allegedly began sexually assaulting her and her 10-year-old sister.

Kansas: Muslims seeking to build mega-mosque complex next to public school in Overland Park

The massive Islamic complex, next to a public school, is being planned and funded in conjunction with the terror-linked and UAE terror-listed Muslim Brotherhood-founded MAS.

Texas: Houston getting new mega mosque for first Ismaili center in U.S.

The center will be located on the corner of Allen Parkway and Montrose Boulevard.

Cleric: Non-Muslims Must Convert to Islam, Pay Jizya, or Be Killed; Don’t Be Ashamed of Our Religion

'If we kill him [non-Muslim], he goes to the Hellfire, and if we capture him, he becomes a slave.'

Massachusetts Republican Gov. Baker visits terror-linked Boston mosque

Republican governor Charlie Baker visits mosque known to host jihad-preachers and spawn convicted terrorists.

Oregon: Koran instructor sentenced to 4 years prison for sexual abuse of underage girls

Muhammad Laftah Hasan pleaded guilty to sexual abuse charges after two girls under the age of 14 reported him.

Texas: Muslim Leader Accused of Sexually Grooming Teen Girl Also Faces Polygamy Allegations

...two decades before Imam Zia Ul-Haq Sheikh arrived in Texas, he was dismissed from a mosque in Richmond, Virginia where he’d secretly married a second wife - a young convert the imam had been teaching.

New York Imam: Islam Without Jihad – Like Honey Without Sweetness (VIDEO)

Imam in NY, Muhammad "Mufti" Ibn Muneer, said that a martyr killed fighting for Allah holds the highest status of martyrdom...

Florida: Mosque Agrees to Multi Million-Dollar Legal Settlement with Girls Sexually Abused as Teens by Teacher

Tariq Ahmad sexually abused at least three female students in their young teens over a four-year period...a warrant is still out for Ahmad’s arrest.

Oklahoma: Mosque expansion is completed in Edmond

A house adjacent to the original mosque was demolished to make room for the fellowship hall building.

Islamic groups in Pittsburgh pocket thousands in cash raised for Jewish community after mass shooting

Islamic group funneled $155,000 — of over $238,634 raised for victims of shooting and the greater Jewish community of Pittsburgh — into the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh.