Kansas City imam: ‘Muslims who don’t want to contribute to good of America better off staying in country of origin’

Hanif Khalil, left, of Al-Inshirah Islamic Center in Kansas City, Missouri

Source: Religious Communities In Kansas City React To Outcome Of Presidential Election | KCUR

Hanif Khalil ministers at prisons, among other places. He worships at the Al-Inshirah Islamic Center at 36th and Troost. It’s a community of primarily black, American-born Muslims.

He told me he thinks Donald Trump will be good for America.

“I don’t think what he says resonates with me same as it would with any immigrant,” he says. “Some Muslims quite honestly have come here with intentions other than to the health of America. If you don’t want to contribute to the good of America, then they’re better off staying in their country of origin.”

And some who were born in the U.S. and converted to Islam have intentions other than to the health of America. For instance:


Or these guys: American Muslim Group Preps for Jihad Against Trump

Canada: Port Coquitlam imam found guilty of 2013 sexual assault

Source: Port Coquitlam imam found guilty of 2013 sexual assault

A Port Coquitlam man has been found guilty of sexual assault stemming from events that took place in 2013 at the Masjid Al-Hidayah and Islamic Cultural Centre.

According to the judge’s ruling, during his trial, physician Saadeldin Bahr, who is known as Dr. Saad and was imam of the PoCo mosque, told the court that semen found in the victim’s vagina could have come from a toilet seat, where he had ejaculated earlier in the day. Bahr also said the victim’s DNA, which was found on his boxer shorts, may have been the result of the woman putting her hands down his pants.

In his decision, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Robert Crawford said he did not find Bahr’s assertions credible, noting the cleanliness practices associated with the Muslim religion.

“I have great difficulty with Dr. Bahr’s evidence,” Crawford said Wednesday during his reasons for judgement. “Much of what he said is contrary to fastidious cultural procedures.”

He later added: “He did not clean it up immediately? In his own church?”

The events that led to the charge took place in June 2013, when Bahr had been counselling the woman, known as “Z” in court filings, who was married and struggling with depression. Following afternoon prayers at 1:30 p.m., he and the victim went to a room on the upper floor of the mosque, where the assault took place. The court heard that during the assault, Bahr told the victim she had “a bad curse on you and we have to remove it.”

After the initial encounter, Z went downstairs, where her family was waiting, while Bahr attended to some other business. The judge said he believed testimony that stated Bahr told the family not to talk to the woman and that she was to read verses from the Qur’an.

Crawford noted that because Bahr was an imam in a “position of control, power and authority,” the family complied with his request.

Video surveillance at the mosque showed that approximately 35 minutes later, Bahr returned and took Z back upstairs, where the sexual assault continued. When it was over, the victim said she returned to her family and told her sister what had happened, which led to an altercation between Bahr and the family in the parking lot of the mosque. During the trial, the victim’s husband testified that the imam told the family that Z should not be believed and that “she has a curse and I’ll need to see her again.”

Bahr, who is a married father of five with a degree in medicine that he received in Egypt, denied all of the allegations, saying the sexual assault never took place. He said at no point did he tell the family that Z was cursed and that he did not remove her clothing in the upstairs area of the mosque.

While the judge acknowledged several inconsistencies in the victim’s statements, he said she was a credible witness.

The imam was supposed to be sentenced last week but is pretending to be sick.

Bahr was expected to go before B.C. Supreme Court Justice Robert Crawford on Friday but instead a note was presented to the court saying he was in hospital. His lawyer confirmed to The Tri-City News that he has been ill, but no other details were provided.

Sharia has been creeping in the Coquitlam-area for many years, previous posts here.

Video: Italians speak candidly about opposing new mosque, Muslim invasion

Source: LiveLeak.com – Interviews with displaced and angry Italians about Islam, Muslims, and immigration  h/t shoebat

A trip to Torpignattara [Rome, Italy], where the Muslims want the opening of a new mosque and the neighborhood does not. (Monica Raucci)

On Liveleak.  http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=e43_1479914309

And if you want to translate some of the comments on the original Channel 7 Italy page go here.

And just yesterday in another Italian city: Migrant centre EXPLOSIONS: Violence between locals and migrants SHUTS DOWN Italian city


New Jersey: DOJ Sues Town for Rejecting Uncooperative Mosque in Residential Area

The DOJ – more aptly the Injustice Dept. or the Dept. of Jihad…zoning jihad – is at it again. Forcing Islam on Americans. 

Source: Justice Department Suing Towns For Refusing To Build Mosques | The Daily Caller

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is suing a town in New Jersey for bias after municipal officials refused to approve plans to build a mosque.

In a new court filing, the DOJ alleges that the Bernards Township Planning Board discriminated against the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge (ISBR) and violated the federal Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act during a lengthy application process that ultimately resulted in the town’s denial of the proposed project.

The town is accused of discriminating against ISBR on the basis of its religion, applying standards of review to the ISBR it had not applied to other congregations and assemblies, and imposing a burden on members of the ISBR for practicing their religion.

“RLUIPA ensures that municipalities must treat religious land use applications like any other land use application,” U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman said in a statement. “But here, township officials kept moving the goalposts by using ever-changing local requirements to effectively deny this religious community the same access as other faiths.”

The Justice Department claims the township chose to apply different fire safety standards to the mosque than other similar buildings, changed the number of parking spots required to an arbitrary figure (107 as opposed to the standard 50), and amended parliamentary rules governing hearings so that supporters of the mosque were granted prohibitively less time to speak in favor. The township also cited storm-water management (SWM) as grounds for killing the project, though they had previously approved the ISBR’s proposed SWM plan.

The township argues that it provided the mosque numerous opportunities to redress its legitimate concerns. “The Township maintains that the Planning Board denial was based on legitimate land use and safety concerns which Plaintiffs refused, and to this day, refuse to address,” the town said in a statement. “To that point, the Planning Board presented Plaintiffs an opportunity for reconsideration to address the land use issues early on, and Plaintiffs have shown no interest in complying.”

The township also calls into question the propriety of a relationship between a member of the ISBR and a lead DOJ investigator. Attorneys for the township also confirm that a lawyer representing the mosque was in contact with DOJ investigators well before the planning board reached any decision regarding the ISBR’s application. “These communications, unknown by the Township at the time, suggest an inappropriate collusion with Plaintiffs rather than an unbiased review.”

The town also accuses the Department of Justice of engaging in punitive behavior throughout the investigation, and not acting in good faith.

“The Township strongly believes the DOJ investigation, including the interviews, was not conducted in an objective manner designed to seek the truth, but rather only to support and bolster the ongoing ISBR civil lawsuit.” The ISBR brought its own civil rights lawsuit against the township earlier this year.

This is a direct result of Muslim immigration and a DOJ run amok.

The reality is – and mosques around the country have proven this to be true – the mosque’s estimates are low. Extremely low. That is their M.O. There will be hundreds of Muslims frequenting this residential area at all hours and when the parking spots run out – they will park in the streets, on neighbors lawns and blocking driveways if necessary. Their numbers will grow substantially faster than any estimate they provide.

Eventually the large tract of land they purchased will be used for additional buildings or extensions to the planned building. A school, a recreation center, a cemetery, a bigger school, a bigger mosque, possibly even Muslim only residences. It will not end well for residents. They should stall further discussions until the DOJ is under competent leadership and all subversive elements are removed.

A few exits north on the Turnpike reveals what happens when Islamic supremacists move in: New Jersey: Mosque takes over church, quickly disrupt neighbors quality of life.


New Jersey: Islamic Society lawyers bullying and harassing citizens who spoke against mosque

“It was scary. They came to my home in the middle of the night to serve me the papers.” ~ Citizen speaks about mosque lawyers intimidation

New Jersey: Mosque lawyer demands city ignore fire officials’ concerns

Muslims turning residential NJ home into mosque for 150+

Muslims plan to raze house to build mosque in residential NJ neighborhood

New Jersey: Islamic society wages legal jihad over denial to build mosque in residential area

NJ: Preserve Liberty Corner! Mosque continues zoning jihad

New Mexico: Top imam who supported Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is detained by ICE

despite judge’s order he be released | Albuquerque Journal   h/t ReligionOfPeace.com

One of New Mexico’s top Muslim spiritual leaders has been held in federal detention for more than two months, despite a judge’s order he be released on bond, a move federal officials say is necessary due to alleged national security concerns.

Imam Talha Elsayed. (Courtesy Omar Momani) dhanson@abqjournal.com Fri Nov 18 18:24:17 -0700 2016 1479518656 FILENAME: 316163.jpg

Imam Talha Elsayed

In a lawsuit filed in federal court seeking his release, Tahla Elsayed’s attorney says he is the target of a “witch hunt.”

The arrest of Elsayed, a Saudi-born Egyptian citizen and Islamic studies scholar, on Sept. 1 stunned the local Muslim community and leaves the two mosques in Albuquerque without an imam, or priest.

Elsayed, 35, is suing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in federal court after the agency refused to allow him to post a $10,000 bond ordered by an El Paso immigration court judge, who ruled Nov. 1 that Elsayed was neither a danger to the community nor a flight risk.

The lawsuit – which includes hundreds of pages of documents, including those from his bond hearing – contends Elsayed has been the subject “of a witch hunt based simply on his religion and national origin,” and should be released.

He has been seeking a visa to work and had refused a demand by a Homeland Security agent that he leave the country. He is charged with overstaying his visa, despite having an application pending with immigration authorities.

The documents show that the FBI said it has “an investigative interest” in Elsayed and that a DHS attorney said the case “possibly involved a national security concern.”

ICE declined to comment, citing pending litigation.

The imam’s detention has rattled Albuquerque’s small, but growing, Muslim community.

Omar Momani serves on the board of the Dar Al-Salam Foundation of New Mexico and describes Elsayed as “a well-known imam” with “amazing qualifications.” Marrying a deep knowledge of the Quran and a “fun” lecture style, Elsayed “has everything you’re looking for in an imam or priest,” Momani said.

His detention was “a huge shock.”

“It was like somebody sucker-punched us in the face,” Momani said. “We didn’t know why this was happening. Everything we did was through a lawyer. The paperwork was filed. Why this was happening?”

Elsayed first came to Albuquerque three years ago at the invitation of the Islamic Center of New Mexico, where he led prayers during the holy month of Ramadan and offered religious lectures. He returned for Ramadan in 2014.

The new mosque in northeast Albuquerque, Dar Al-Salam, invited him back in 2015 as a guest lecturer, and, early this year, the Dar Al-Salam Foundation applied to the U.S. government for a new visa that would let Elsayed work, providing religious instruction.

While he waited for a response from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to his application, he and his wife, Ebtesam, enrolled their four children in Albuquerque public schools and volunteered in the Muslim community.

Then, Homeland Security Investigations called. Continue reading

Germany bans Muslim org used as front to recruit jihadists; raids mosques

Salafist preacher Ibrahim Abou-Nagie was known for his campaign to distribute Korans to every household in Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Sounds like CAIR. Unfortunately for Germans, their leaders have not banned Muslim immigration – the carriers of the ideology.

Source: Germany bans Islamist organization after raids – CNN.com

German authorities have banned an Islamist organization that they say is responsible for inspiring 140 youths to join the Syria conflict.

Germany Interior minister Thomas de Maiziere announced the ban on Tuesday after police carried out dawn raids on around 200 targets connected to The True Religion, a Salafist organization, across 10 states.

“As a federal minister, I today banned the organization called The True Religion,” de Maiziere told reporters, adding that the ban addressed “the misuse of religion and extremist religions.”

“We do not accept and won’t tolerate” the acts of this network, de Maiziere said, adding that it glorified death and terror.

Salafism is an ultrafundmentalist branch of Islam that is particularly prevalent in Saudi Arabia. It is intolerant of what its adherents consider “deviant” or mainstream Sunni Islam, including Islamic sects, such as Shia Islam, as well as other world religions.

The True Religion is led by prominent Salafist preacher Ibrahim Abou-Nagie, who was born in a refugee camp in Gaza and moved to Germany when he was 18. He later became a German national.

The raids targeted mosques, apartments, offices and storage halls. The main focuses of the raids were in the states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Hamburg, de Maiziere said.

In Berlin 200 officers took part in raids on 20 sites, Berlin police told CNN.

Abou-Nagie triggered national debate in Germany in 2011 when he spearheaded a drive to give a copy of the Koran to every German, Swiss and Austrian household.
Federal Police in September said 800 German nationals had traveled to Syria to join the conflict.


“Today’s ban is not directed against the distribution of the Koran or translations of the Koran,” de Maiziere told reporters.

“Today’s ban is rather directed against the abuse of religion by people propagating extremist ideologies and supporting terrorist organizations under the pretext of Islam.” The group had several hundred members, he added.

Clearly German leadership still doesn’t get it and probably hasn’t read the Koran. Even after finding this:

Police said they also found communications equipment, machetes, tasers, knives and knuckle dusters.

Georgia: Atlanta Mosque Blares Islamic Call to Prayer Through Neighborhood


And the Chicago Tribune says, Georgia communities struggle with Muslims’ arrival.” 

Masjid Al-Mu’minun, a mosque in south Atlanta, is one of the few that play the call to prayer over external speakers, letting the sound drift through the neighborhood. Ahmed Najee-ullah, a leader in the congregation, said neighbors set their watches by it.

“We are in those parts of the African-American community where a lot of people wouldn’t venture and the communities that we’re in appreciate us being there,” he said. “They have this perception that we represent the best in them.”

The article fails to align with its title and explains little about the “arrival” of Muslims, where they are coming from and who is struggling at what. It’s mostly about black converts to Islam and opposition to mosques with at least one hate crime hoax mixed in by terror-front group CAIR. Nary a mention of the actual problems caused by Muslim immigrants, jihadis and the imposition of sharia on others in Georgia that reader’s can find here.

As the U.S. Muslim population grows, communities are seeking to establish Islamic institutions such as mosques, schools and cemeteries in otherwise homogenous suburban and rural areas.

Homogeneous areas like, “the African-American community where a lot of people wouldn’t venture”? Surely not. In fact, often times they are in residential areas.

When opponents of the Newton County mosque called it a terrorist training ground, Imam Mohammad Islam counseled his congregation, which bought the property to use primarily as a cemetery, to be patient.

That paragraph encapsulates the deception that is inherent in Islam. They bought the property as a cemetery all the while intending it to be a full blown Islamic center, school, mosque, etc. Islam is patient. It creeps along.

Just like many African Americans deceived by the Democrats who use and abuse them, we repeat from the second paragraph above:

“They have this perception that we represent the best in them.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here’s how it sounds in Hamtramck, Michigan (now occupied territory):

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