Ohio: Made-to-order Neighborhood in Toledo…for Syrian & Afghani Muslims


Afghan and Syrian refugees are being resettled in Toledo, Ohio.  We have known for awhile that the address of an apartment complex’s office called Kenwood Gardens is listed on the State Department refugee resettlement subcontractor list as address for the subcontractor US Together.   At the link just Control+F (for find) and enter the search term Kenwood and it will take you straight to the address of the apartment office (shown in the photo with the red door), 2629 Alisdale Drive, Toledo, OH  43606.

This neighborhood appears to have everything a family could need to function.  At the link to US Together–Toledo’s Facebook, there’s photos of another apartment for Afghan refugees.  There’s a mosque, shopping center with grocery, large apartment complex, refugee resettlement contractor stationed at the apartment office building–and to top it all off, a public charter school for the kids that has an Arabic theme (the schools–elementary and middle–moved from their original Secor Rd. location into an old synagogue adjacent to the apartments).  And all this is within walking distance of a huge employer, the University of Toledo (not on the above map).

The pictures tell the story here.  The public-funded charter school and the Islamic “community center” (mosque) partner for events since the school is a large venue.  Below is a poster for a recent event featuring speaker Sheik Murphy that is sponsored by the mosque and the school.  Also below is a photo of Steve Tobocman (of Global Detroit) speaking to Toledo leaders when he visited them a couple of months ago, getting them all buttered up for the influx to come.

Later he got the Toledo Blade to publish this guest column about the “new economic development movement” coming their way.

As icing on the cake, US Together (the refugee resettlement subcontractor of Toledo whose headquarters are at Columbus)–their founder was recently honored at the White House as a “Champion of Change.”

Stay tuned for more on Toledo’s links to Syria  . . .

Ramadan: ‘They leave the mosque with a will to slaughter and kill’

Muslims proudly note that Ramadan is the month of jihad and victory over the infidels. via ‘They Leave the Mosque With Hatred in Their Eyes’

Middle East expert explains that Ramadan is ‘victory month’ and is the wrong time for any gestures.

Middle East expert Dr. David Bokai explained Tuesday on Arutz Sheva that Ramadan is traditionally a month of violence and is the wrong time to offer any kind of gestures to Muslims.

“Look at all of the terror attacks in Kuwait, France and here in Israel,” he explained. “They carry out terror attacks against all of the enemies of Islam. Ramadan is defined as the month of victory. All of the great victories of Mohammed and the expulsion of the Crusaders took place on that month. That is why Ramadan turns into a month of terror and violence worldwide.”

Dr. Bokai noted that Israel makes the same mistake every year, regarding Ramadan. “It’s amazing that we don’t learn, and we make gestures for Ramadan every year,” he said. “It drives me mad and makes me nauseous. This is not a month for making gestures, but for placing limitations. When you offer them gestures, you get terror and violence. In this month one should toughen and harden policy.”

The imam’s sermons also inflame the spirits, the expert added. “You see people from the middle class upward who are influenced by the serrmons at the mosques during Ramadan. After a 20-minute Friday sermon, they leave with a will to slaughter and kill. That is what characterizes Islam – it’s a religion of murder and not of peace. Its culture says that the entire world must be conquered.”

Comcast promotes the Month of Jihad.

NYPD finally tickets hundreds of cabbies illegally double-parked while praying in mosques

Will Sheik Deblasio void the tickets or fire the officer(s) who gave the tickets? via Hundreds of cabbies ticketed while praying in mosque | New York Post. h/t BNI

The NYPD went on a taxi ticketing blitz outside a mosque on the Upper West Side while drivers were inside reciting Ramadan prayers Friday, The Post learned.

At least one officer handed out nearly 100 tickets on the streets surrounding the Islamic Cultural Center on Riverside Drive near West 72nd Street, said cabby ­Mohammad Zaman.

“This is a special prayer time, a time for religion. We double-park here every Friday and they [allow it], but today they gave us all tickets, almost 100 cabs,” he said.

Zaman, who has been attending services at the mosque for nine years, was slapped with a dreaded orange envelope that held a $115 greeting for double parking.

“This has never happened ­before,” he said.

“I can’t help but to think they are being prejudiced. They don’t understand. We have to be here.”

His ticket incorrectly listed the violation date as Saturday, June 27, he said. The wrong date on the ticket could get him off the hook.

Ramadan this year is observed from June 17 through July 17.

A volunteer at the mosque said cops used to cut cabbies a break.

But this year, “maybe three or four times [this month] I’ve seen them go down the line giving tickets to cabs, and [they’re] getting strict again,” the volunteer said.

An NYPD spokesman said that while individual precincts may make accommodations in extenuating circumstances, such as the Ramadan observation, double parking is never authorized, citing, for example, the need for emergency vehicles to navigate the roads.

A source at the 20th Precinct, which covers the mosque, said he wasn’t aware of an organized ticket blitz.

He added that cops at the precinct have a good relationship with the mosque.

“It is mandatory in our religion to come to the mosque every Friday. It’s our duty. Other places they are OK with double parking — people do it everywhere here — but now they won’t let us? Most of us only come for one hour,” said cabby Mohammad Choudhury.

Driver MD Shomuz, who has been going to the mosque for six years, said, “No one has been given tickets before, but today ­everyone got one.”

“It’s frustrating, but what can I do?” he said.

Previous posts on the topic here.


Scotland: Public school forces students to recite Islamic prayers, perform ritual washing on mosque trip (video)

Creeping in every nation, via Shoebat.com

Are Muslim immigrants forced to visit churches and learn about non-Muslim religious practices?




Arizona: Muslim Arrested in “Draw Muhammad” Shooting, Wanted to Attack Super Bowl

Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem

He attended mosque with and helped the dead jihadis. via Third Man Arrested in Garland “Draw Muhammad” Shooting: Authorities | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth.

A man charged with helping plan an attack on a provocative Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas that ended with two Phoenix men being killed in a shootout with police also wanted to join Islamic State and attack the Super Bowl, prosecutors say.

The revelation at a court hearing for Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem shows that the Phoenix-based plot extended beyond last month’s shootout.

An indictment filed in federal court in Phoenix last week says that 43-year-old Abdul Kareem hosted the gunmen in his home beginning in January and provided the guns they used in the May 3 shooting in Garland, Texas. The indictment also says others were involved, but no other arrests or indictments have been made.

At a court hearing, prosecutors portrayed Abdul Kareem as motivated to join the burgeoning Islamic State movement as the terrorist group rampaged through the Middle East and gained a large following on social media. They obtained their information from a confidential informant.

Prosecutor Kristen Brook called Abdul Kareem “off the charts dangerous.” Defense lawyer Daniel Maynard calls it a trumped-up case based largely on an unreliable snitch.

The magistrate denied bail for Abdul Kareem, who is charged with conspiracy, making false statements and interstate transportation of firearms with intent to commit a felony.

Nadir Soofi and Elton Simpson were roommates in Phoenix and drove to Texas to attack the event featuring cartoons deemed offensive to Muslims. They were killed by police after they drove up and opened fire outside the contest at a conference center, injuring a security guard. No one attending the event in suburban Dallas was hurt.

Abdul Kareem practiced shooting with Simpson, Soofi and others in the remote desert outside Phoenix between January and May, the indictment said. He hosted the gunmen and others in his home to discuss the contest and the shooters’ plans to travel to Texas to attack the event, according to the indictment.

Court records in Phoenix show Abdul Kareem had a criminal record, struggled with substance abuse and had difficulty finding steady employment.

He has two aggravated drunken driving convictions in Arizona, including a 1998 case where he was found passed out with a beer bottle between his legs behind the wheel of a vehicle that was still running. He was also charged in 1997 with aggravated assault after a woman told police that Abdul Kareem had pointed a gun in her direction. Abdul Kareem maintained that he didn’t point the weapon at anyone and instead had taken the gun away from his brother during an argument.

After a second DUI arrest, probation officials say Abdul Kareem was generally cooperative but had continued to drive while drunk and struggle with substance abuse. He was sentenced to four months in jail.

He was born and raised in Philadelphia as Decarus Lowell Thomas and changed his name to Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem in 2013. His attorney, Daniel Maynard, didn’t immediately respond to phone or email messages early Tuesday.

Kareem is charged with conspiracy, making false statements and interstate transportation of firearms with intent to commit a felony. He is also known as Decarus Thomas. He has lived in multiple locations in Phoenix and suburban Glendale during the last several years, records show.

Kareem attended the same Phoenix mosque where Soofi and Simpson occasionally prayed.

The FBI arrested Kareem on June 11, and he is set for a court appearance Tuesday in Phoenix.

Phoenix FBI spokesman Anthony Farinacci declined to provide additional details or say if the agency was seeking other suspects in the case. “The indictment speaks for itself,” he said.

Read the indictment.

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Boston imam denies radicalizing Muslims, despite his jihad-preaching videos

via Boston imam denies radicalizing faithful, despite video of fiery sermons

Several Boston-area terror suspects, including the man killed by police earlier this month as he allegedly sought to behead cops and two alleged associates, have frequently attended sermons given by firebrand imam whose message to the faithful doesn’t match the conciliatory tone he struck when contacted by FoxNews.com.

Imam Abdullah Faaruuq, of the Mosque for the Praising of Allah in Roxbury, Mass., has been seen on videos of his fiery sermons exhorting worshipers to commit acts of violence in the name of Islam. In videos of Faaruuq preaching, the former Northeastern University chaplain appears to skirt the line between metaphor and incitement.

“You must grab onto the rope, grab onto the typewriter, grab onto the shovel, grab onto the gun and the sword,” he railed in one video reviewed by FoxNews.com. “Don’t be afraid to step out into this world and do your job.”

It is not known if convicted or suspected terrorists including the Boston Marathon bombers, Usaamah Rahim, who was brandishing a knife when police shot him on June 2 or two men who have since been charged in the same plot heard sermons like these, but all have attended prayers with Faaruuq. The imam has been on the radar of researchers at Americans for Peace & Tolerance (APT), a conservative group devoted to exposing Islamic extremism, since 2009. Ilya Feoktistov, director of research at the organization, says he first spotted Faaruuq at a rally in support of now-convicted terrorist, Tarek Mehanna, who was convicted for providing material support to Al Qaeda and conspiring to kill Americans.

“We knew he was a prominent Imam in the Boston Muslim community,” Feoktistov told FoxNews.com. “We were concerned as to what he might be teaching.”

Usaama Rahim, 26, who reportedly was obsessed with killing anti-Islamist activist Pamela Geller, allegedly plotted with Nicholas Rovinski, 24, of Warwick, R.I., and David Wright, 25, of Everett, Mass., to help ISIS by killing U.S. citizens. Rovinski was arrested Thursday, and appeared in court Friday on charges of conspiring to provide material support to ISIS. Wright was arrested last week on a conspiracy charge and is due in court June 19.

In addition to preaching at the Mosque for the Praising of Allah, Faaruuq gave sermons at the mosque that Boston Marathon bombers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev attended.

When FoxNews.com reached out to Faaruuq to ask about his teachings, including the sermon in which he mentions taking up the “gun and the sword,” the imam said he was simply advising his followers to learn to protect themselves.

“You have to do your job to maintain the peace,” he said. “We all need to pitch in to make this better, or our future will be increasingly gloomy. Get involved in the work you do to lift heavy oppression.”

Neither the Boston police nor the FBI would comment on Faaruuq. But one active member of Boston’s Muslim community, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Faaruuq’s words were not ambiguous.

“There are two types of people in Islam; radicals, and those that are peaceful,” the man said. “We never talk of killing, and never talk of taking out our ‘swords,’ even as a symbolic measure.”

The man said sermons like those given by Faaruuq are calibrated to stoke rage and promote radicalism.

“For a young mind, these statements carry weight,” he said. “That young mind now thinks it can change the world with the sword.”

Still, in addition to attracting young men who gravitated toward killing in the name of Allah, Faaruuq has also defended known terrorists to his flocks. Americans for Peace & Tolerance provided FoxNews.com with another video in which Faaruuq told his congregation it must defend MIT graduate Aafia Saddiqui, known as “Lady Al Qaeda,” who is serving 86 years in prison for attempting to kill FBI agents in Afghanistan and planning a chemical attack on New York City. ISIS tried to trade American journalists Stephen Sotloff and James Foley for Saddiqui before beheading the men last year.

In the video, Faaruuq praises Saddiqui effusively.

“They say she took up a machine gun while they held her captive in the other room and was ready to attack her captors,” he said. “What a brave woman she is. And if my mother was in the same place, she would have taken her West Indian machete and cut her way through those kafirs (infidels).”

But when Fox News asked Imam Faaruuq about his relationship with Aafia Saddiqui, he explained that he never intended to defend the convicted terrorist, but rather look deeper into her situation.

Faaruuq is this guy > Northeastern U’s Muslim Chaplain Removed After Video Exposes Support for Terrorists and this guy > Boston U Muslim Chaplin Raising Funds for Al Qaeda.


Penn: Lebanon School District teachers sent to mosque to learn Islam

Islam means submission. Once the teachers are submitted, you’re kids are next. via Lebanon Valley Mosque welcomes Lebanon School District staff – Lebanon Daily News. h/t Iron Burka

Mohamed Omar, former Lebanon Valley Mosque president and former teacher's aid in the Lebanon School District, speaks to Lebanon School District staff at the Lebanon Valley Mosque on Monday, June 8, 2015. Staff members of the Lebanon School District visited the mosque to learn more about Islam. Jeremy Long -- Lebanon Daily News

Mohamed Omar, former Lebanon Valley Mosque president and former teacher’s aid in the Lebanon School District, speaks to Lebanon School District staff at the Lebanon Valley Mosque on Monday, June 8, 2015. Staff members of the Lebanon School District visited the mosque to learn more about Islam. Jeremy Long — Lebanon Daily News

With its large Hispanic population, teaching children from different cultures is nothing new for Lebanon School District’s teachers.

But with the added dimension of religion, teaching children from Arabic nations whose families practice Islam provides a different sort of challenge.

To bridge that cultural divide, about 50 district staff members attended an in-service workshop on Monday that included a trip to the Lebanon Valley Mosque. While there they learned about the practice of Islam, watched an afternoon Muslim prayer service and where treated to a lunch of Moroccan cuisine.

It was the second year that the workshop was offered to the staff, according to Fred Shattls, director of the district’s English as a Second Language department. The workshop was led by Mohamed Omar, a former teacher’s aide and Arabic translator for the district who also served a year as president of the mosque.

Omar, who moved from Egypt to the U.S. in 2000, took time off from his new job as a case worker for the Department of Human Services in Philadelphia to share his knowledge of Islam with the staff, which included Superintendent Marianne Bartley and several other administrators.

Providing a course on Arabic culture and Islam is important, Shattls said, because the number of students from Middle Eastern countries in the district is growing and now totals 87. Most of them are from Eygpt and Morocco, two of the 33 countries represented by students in the district.

“We have so many students from different Hispanic countries, but slowly but surely the Arabic population is growing,” he said. “With Hispanics you have the language differences and certainly cultural differences, but there are similarities in their religious practices. Of course, the Arab language and the religion are very much different, but we are learning that there are also many similarities.”

The workshop began at the high school where Omar spoke about the histories and cultures of several Arab countries and the differences in their educational systems to that in the U.S.

At noon, the teachers took a bus to the mosque, located not far away at 13th and Florence streets. Following Islamic practice, each took off their shoes before entering the prayer room where they took a seat on a maroon-colored carpet with intricate designs.

They were joined by several members of the congregation, including several dressed in the traditional dishadasha, an ankle-length garment with long sleeves.

Omar, dressed in a suit and tie, spent about 20 minutes instructing the teachers on the many facets of Islam, including some nearly identical to Christianity, like the belief that all who are faithful to the religion will one day be called before God who will judge them to determine if they will go to Heaven or Hell.

“We believe we will be judged by God,” he said. “The more good deeds we do, God will forgive us in the end. … You must work. Faith without work will not be accepted.”

Omar was asked about the five daily prayer sessions and if that presented a conflict for students who may not be able to break away from their lessons make their devotions.

He explained as long as there is intent to pray and the student does so at the next appropriate time it is acceptable.

“You can pray anywhere,” he said. “You don’t have to go to the mosque. God is forgiving and he understands intent.”

The lesson was followed by the luncheon, which included traditional Morrocan dishes of couscous, lamb and rice, fresh fruit and salad.

During the break Omar explained what he hoped to accomplish with his message.

“The goal of my speech or lecture is to break the ice, to break the barriers between not just teachers but between any American and those with Muslim background,” he said.

After sharing the meal, the workshop concluded with Omar and members of the mosque saying their afternoon devotional prayer.

At its conclusion, the mosque’s founder, Hamid Housni, expressed his thanks to the teachers and praised the initiative of the district for arranging the workshops this year and last.

“I think this is the first time ever in the United States that a school district goes to a mosque,” he said. “Usually a representative of a mosque goes somewhere. We don’t have words to explain to you how we appreciate that. This is very, very special.”

Lara Book, who for eight years has taught ESL at Lebanon Middle School and French at the high school, also said the workshop was a special day. The experience will help her to communicate with her Arabic and Muslim students and their families, she said.

“It’s important that we educate ourselves about cultures that are different from our own and that we try to eliminate some misunderstandings,” Book said. “And any way that I can communicate with my students, especially the ESL ones, that makes it more meaningful or easier, it is a vital tool for us.

“Basically, although our cultures are different, the fundamentals of them are similar and we all want the same things: happiness for our families health, and success,” Book said. “Although we might go about finding those things in our lives differently, from a cultural standpoint, we all want the same thing.”



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