New Jersey: Muslim Charged With Conspiring to Support Islamic State Terrorists

Nader Saadeh appearing in court Monday. Courtesy Christine Cornell

Nader Saadeh appearing in court Monday. Courtesy Christine Cornell

via Nader Saadeh, Formerly of New Jersey, Charged With Conspiring to Support ISIS – NBC News.

A former New Jersey resident was ordered held without bond Monday on charges of attempting to provide support to ISIS.

The U.S. Justice Department said the charges against Nader Saadeh, 20, were the result of an FBI investigation into a group of individuals from New York and New Jersey. Several others were arrested in June and have already been charged.

Saadeh lived in New Jersey until he left the U.S. in May to allegedly join ISIS, according to the Justice Department. It wasn’t immediately clear how and when he returned to the U.S., but the Justice Department said he was arrested Monday morning in New Jersey.

Saadeh sent “electronic messages” expressing his hatred for the U.S. in 2012 and 2013 and posted images of the ISIS flag on Facebook in 2014, according to the Justice Department.

He later allegedly became a “radicalized supporter” of the terrorist group and expressed support for ISIS-related attacks in Paris.

Saadeh — identified as a former resident of Bergen County — was charged in U.S. District Court in Newark with conspiring with other individuals in New Jersey and New York to provide material support to ISIS and with attempting to provide material support to the terrorist organization.


New Jersey: Even the mannequins wear hijab in Union City

Creeping along. via Gates of Vienna.

A reader in New Jersey just sent in the photos below, which were taken recently in Union City, New Jersey. He says: “Union City electronics store — even the mannequins have to wear hijab.”

“The most interesting thing that this is a mostly Hispanic neighborhood with a sprinkle of Hasidic Jews.”

As you might surmise from its nickname — “Havana on the Hudson” — the predominant ethnic group in Union City is Hispanic, followed by white and black, in that order. There’s no mention of Muslims in the wiki, although the “Asian” population is listed as about 2%.

Obviously the owner of the electronics store wants to appeal to a certain niche demographic within his customer base, and has designed his display window accordingly.

Creeping Sharia readers should be aware that the Union City-area was infiltrated years ago. Just a few minutes south on Kennedy Blvd., in Jersey City, the 1993 World Trade Center terrorists lived and plotted jihad. They never left. Journal Square was infiltrated too.

One year earlier, Muslims bought a historical building and converted it from a Cuban Community Center to a mosque…replacing original artwork (cross or angels?) with their supremacist Arabic.


The North Hudson Islamic Educational Center’s building crest now reads “Allah” in Arabic. Of the thousands who worship here weekly, over a hundred are Latino. Photos by Lyndsey Matthews.

 So there’s a reason the hijabi mannequins. 


Staten Island on alert after Muslims spotted transferring weapons in parking lot

How else are peaceful Muslims supposed to celebrate Ramadan? via Security Scare On Staten Island After Woman Spotted With Weapon « CBS New York.

(CBSNewYork) – A potential security threat is causing traffic headaches on Staten Island Friday.

The NYPD issued a “be on the lookout” alert after several people carrying what appear to be assault rifles were photographed at the Midland Beach parking lot.

The photos were taken by a retired member of the NYPD.

It is not yet clear if the weapons are assault rifles or paintball guns.

Police are searching for two SUVs with New Jersey license plates A83FCB and PSJ52V.


In an updated press release the NYPD said that firearms experts conducted a forensic examination of the photographs. The preliminary opinion of these experts was that the weapons in the pictures strongly resemble replicas of firearms used in “paintball” games. Interviews conducted by NYPD and FBI investigators in New Jersey have revealed that the registered owner of one of the vehicles indicated that he was planning to go paintball shooting with friends today. The investigation is continuing.” Police said.

If they were paintball guns, why is the investigation continuing?

End Muslim immigration. NOW!

Seattle Muslim charged with terrorism after jihad attacks kill 4 Americans

This Muslim jihadist confessed almost a year ago. The media ignored the story – the only time they seem to ignore the killing of gays and blacks is when the killer is Muslim. via Seattle man charged with murder, terrorism in New Jersey | KOMO News. h/t Ninja

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) – A Seattle man was indicted on murder and terrorism charges Thursday for allegedly shooting a New Jersey college student last year in a fit of rage over the U.S. government’s role in the Middle East, which authorities said is the first time a terror charge has been brought in the state in connection with a murder case.

Ali Muhammad Brown, 30, fatally shot Brendan Tevlin while the 19-year-old was stopped at a traffic light in northern New Jersey, authorities said.

Brown also faces three aggravated murder charges in Seattle, where authorities said last year the killings were part of a crusade to punish the U.S. government for its foreign policies.

Authorities said in court documents filed in Seattle last year that Brown described himself to detectives after his New Jersey arrest as a strict Muslim who was angry with the U.S. government’s role in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan because of the death of innocent civilians and children.

“The defendant was on a bloody crusade, executing four innocent men … with the same murder weapon, over the course of approximately two months, and all under the common and single scheme of exacting ‘vengeance’ against the United States government for its foreign policies,” prosecutors said.

Tevlin was shot multiple times on June 25, 2014 as he stopped at a traffic light in West Orange on his way home to Livingston, roughly five or 10 minutes away. Tevlin was home after completing his freshman year at the University of Richmond. At the time, Brown had been a fugitive for three weeks after authorities in Seattle identified him as a suspect in the slayings of two men early on the morning of June 1.

Brown was arrested in woods not far from the site of Tevlin’s killing, in an area that includes a golf course and the South Mountain Reservation, a 2,000-acre park in the center of Essex County.

At the time of Brown’s arrest, Murray said results of ballistics tests from the Tevlin shooting were put into a national database and matched with the gun that was used in the Seattle murders. Authorities said they picked up Brown’s trail after an alleged robbery and attempted carjacking in Point Pleasant on June 29, four days after Tevlin was killed.

The prosecutor’s office announced Thursday it had dropped charges in the Tevlin slaying against West Orange residents Eric Williams and Jeremy Villagran, who were charged along with Brown.

In the New Jersey case Brown is also charged with felony murder, carjacking, robbery and multiple weapons offenses.


 Previous posts on Ali Muhammad here.

New Jersey: Another Muslim arrested on terror charges

The fifth tri-state area Muslim arrested this month on jihad charges. alaa_saadeh_0629b alaa_saadeh_0629

via Fifth arrest made in New Jersey for terror-related charges | New York’s PIX11 / WPIX-TV.

NEWARK, N.J. — A New Jersey man has been arrested on suspicion of conspiring to provide material support to terrorists, the fifth such arrest of a tri-state area resident this month, the FBI said Monday.

Alaa Saadeh, 23, of West New York, N.J., was taken into custody Monday morning at his home, the FBI said.

In addition to accusations he conspired with other men in New Jersey and New York to provide services and personnel to the Islamic State terror group, Saadeh is suspected of trying to persuade a witness to lie to the FBI, the agency said.

The 23-year-old appeared before a judge Monday afternoon.

Manny Gomez, a former FBI agent and founder of MG Security Services says that Monday’s arrest should be embraced with mixed feelings, “The authorities are doing an amazing job at identifying, investigating and ultimately arresting these people and stopping these attacks.”

That is the good news.

As for the bad?

“The bad news is that statistically speaking, ISIS is recruiting more and more young people on a daily basis and the authorities are being challenged more and more everyday to keep up with these potential attacks,” says Gomez.

The FBI said Saadeh’s brother left the U.S. in May allegedly to join the terror group, which uses beheadings and mass killings — often captured on camera then published online — to impose its violent agenda.

Saadeh along with another man and Samuel Rahamin Topaz, 21, of Fort Lee, allegedly traveled with him and promised to meet overseas again in a few weeks. Soon after, Saadeh’s brother, whom the FBI did not identify, was arrested in Jordan on suspicion of supporting ISIS, federal officials said.

But Saadeh, Topaz and a third man continued to discuss their suspected terror goals. That is, until May 21 when he and Topaz allegedly talked about the need to “lay low,” apparently suspicious that someone may have “snitched” on their plans and that the feds were listening, the FBI said.

Saadeh allegedly revealed to an informant that he supported ISIS and their brutal slayings, the FBI said. He then allegedly told someone in New Jersey to “play dumb” and be “honest up to a point” but be sure not to tell the FBI anything about his suspected terror aspirations.

PIX 11 spoke with U.S. Representative Yvette Clarke, a former Member of the House Committee on Homeland Security at her Brooklyn office. Rep. Clarke says it translates to, “Well it just says to me that we’ve got a lot more work to do in terms of finding those potential lone operators.”

Rep. Clarke also added that equally as disturbing is the fact that a number of the men arrested are relatively young, “It speaks to some sort of disillusionment among some young people, particularly those who would be more vulnerable to those trying to find acceptance and unfortunately that acceptance is through theses dramatic terrorist plots.”

As for the fact that this is the fifth arrest in the tri-State area in recent weeks, Gomez says the rash is concerning, “Five in a short amount of time in the same area is a new thing and it makes one wonder how many more are out there in the country that we don’t have eyes and ears on that can potentially blow up, literally at any given time.”

Each count in the complaint against Saadeh carries a maximum potential penalty of 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

Another news source writes:

Saadeh could face up to 60 years in prison if convicted.

According to the federal complaint, Saadeh believed one of the others snitched on him when he learned his brother was arrested overseas. Saadeh allegedly said he would “kill someone” and told a witness to “play dumb” after he learned the FBI was on to him.

Another article writes: A Roommate Told the FBI About His Suspicions of Saadeh & His Brother.

DOJ press release here.

Criminal complaint here.

New Jersey: Muslim Arrested in ISIS Support Case, 4th Muslim Arrested in a Week

via Samuel Rahamin Topaz Accused Of Conspiring To Provide Support To ISIS « CBS New York.


NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) — A New Jersey man has been charged with conspiring with three other men to provide material support to the Islamic State terror group.

Samuel Rahamin Topaz, of Fort Lee, was arrested Wednesday and is charged with conspiring with others in New Jersey and New York to provide services and personnel to ISIS.

According to prosecutors, the 21-year-old was arrested at his home and made an initial court appearance in front of a federal judge in Newark Thursday. He is being held without bail.

Prosecutors alleged one of Topaz’s co-conspirators was a Munther Omar Saleh, 20, who was arrested in Queens this week. Another alleged co-conspirator traveled oversees to join ISIS in May, prosecutors said.

The third co-conspirator wasn’t identified but was said to be a New Jersey resident.

As CBS2’s Jessica Schneider reported, the suspect shared ominous posts on social media.

Topaz posted selfies on Facebook wearing the head and face coverings similar to those worn by jihadist fighters.

One of his friends alerted the FBI to his troubling behavior.

Topaz lives in a Fort Lee apartment building with his mother and younger brother.

He used to sing and was in a band — and was seen playing guitar in a Facebook video. But in the past few months the feds said he withdrew from his friends and began associating with men that the FBI had been monitoring — including Saleh, 20, the student from Queens arrested Saturday near the Whitestone Bridge.

Saleh is accused of planning an attack on New York City landmarks on behalf of ISIS.

A complaint alleges months of correspondence between Topaz and Saleh, and two other men. One of the men left the U.S. to fly to the Middle East last month.

The men allegedly made plans to join ISIS but ran into financial issues.

“I’m not sure how much longer I can take not being in the Dawla. Honestly, everything is so accesible and unchangeable and excessive in American that I feel any much longer I’m here I might just start fasting to get much closer to God,” Topaz said in a text to Saleh on May 4.

Agents executed a search warrant and arrested Topaz on Wednesday.

Debra Weinberg saw Topaz being led out of his home in hadcuffs.

“I think it can happen here because we’re very close to Manhattan and it makes me nervous, but you have to go on with your life,” she said.

The feds said that after his arrest Topaz admitted to sympathizing with ISIS and planned to travel overseas.

Another man, Fareed Mumuni of Staten Island, was also arrested Wednesday morning after allegedly attacking an FBI agent with the Joint Terrorism Task Force with a knife during a search of his home.

Investigators said Mumuni “repeatedly attempted to plunge the kitchen knife into the torso of an FBI Special Agent,” CBS2’s Jessica Schneider previously reported.

None of the stabs penetrated the agent’s body armor, and he suffered only minor injuries, according to the criminal complaint.

Authorities said Mumuni and Saleh were plotting to explode a pressure cooker bomb in the city, CBS2 reported.

If convicted, Topaz faces a maximum of 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

There are at least two other pre-jihad Muslims that associated with this cell in New Jersey:

The FBI said Topaz also met regularly with two others who have not been charged — dual citizens of the U.S. and Jordan, ages 20 and 23. The younger one left the U.S. on May 5 for Jordan and presumably attempted to travel on to Syria, the FBI said.

Under questioning, Topaz said he sympathized with ISIS and watched videos, and admitted speaking with three others about wanting to join ISIS, the complaint stated.


New Jersey (Muslim) Community Service Awards?

A reader in NJ noticed this.

New Jersey had 1.45 million volunteers in 2015. 580 of them were nominated for a community service award. Yet the photo op is almost exclusively comprised of Muslims. Quite reminiscent of the FBI community service awards.

via New Jersey Department of State – NJ Commission on National and Community Service.

Recognizing who?

Trenton, NJ – Recognizing the efforts of New Jersey’s 1.45 million volunteers, Acting Governor Kim Guadagno will attend the annual Governor’s Jefferson Awards this evening in Newark.

“One person truly can change the world, just as each of tonight’s honorees has done. I know I’m not alone in feeling such a deep sense of pride in knowing that New Jersey is home to so many extraordinary individuals,” said Acting Governor Guadagno. “Let’s all continue to be inspired by the examples we will honor tonight. More importantly, when we see a need, let’s not wait for the ‘other guy.’ Let’s all work together to envision the answer and take action – not only during times of crisis, but in everyday life.”

There were 580 nominations across 22 categories for the 2015 awards. Tonight’s awardees represent the highest ideals of volunteerism and will be honored for their outstanding acts of service. Among many other service projects, honorees:

Prepare and deliver more than 10,000 home-style and nutritious meals per month to shelters in the Garfield area;

Offer safe and engaging alternatives for endangered youths in Newark and Trenton;

Assist impoverished third-world regions obtain clean drinking water and proper sanitation;

Provide homeless shelters with new socks, winter goods and other basics;

Provided thousands of health screenings to uninsured or underinsured residents;

Enlisted more than 1500 volunteers to provide pro-bono legal assistance to those in need; and

Established a Scout Troop in Afghanistan that has expanded to more than 10,000 boys and girls.

 You’d think those accolades listed would correlate with those pictured above. But if you read the 2015 list of honorees, none of them are Muslim. So what gives?

The Scout Troop was established by U.S. Army Maj. Glenn Battschinger. He is listed. An interesting story worth reading.


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