New Jersey: Jewish Group Holds Vigil…For Muslims

Rev. Susan Joseph Rack, of the Christ Presbyterian Church, said she was very pleased to be asked to host Muslim vigil

Maryland: Pikesville Mosque Holds Celebration in Honor of…Muslim Assassin

Muslim speaker praised the American system of free speech, saying it allowed events such as these to be held.

New Jersey: Parents Find Islamic Propaganda in 7th Grade Class, Violates District Policy

Video students are forced to watch and be tested on states "Allah is the maker of everything, the one true God, etc. The main character in the cartoon video is looking for converts."

New Jersey: Is Muslim mayor who declared amnesty for illegals linked to Syrian terrorists?

Muslim mayor in New Jersey seen rallying with Muslims who carry the Black Flag of War (Jihad)

New Jersey: Dem State Sen & Mayor Tells Muslims Union City is a Sanctuary for Illegals

New Jersey mayor panders at mosque, tells Muslims to bring your illegal friends to Union City.

New Jersey: Egyptian Immigrant Gets 2 Life Sentences for Beheading 2 Christians

Ibrahim cut off their heads and hands using a small drywall saw and scissors, and knocked out their teeth with a tire iron.

New Jersey: Syrian Muslim mayor declares Prospect Park sanctuary for illegals

Muslim mayor Mohamed Khairullah banned all law enforcement agencies and funds from enforcing Federal Immigration Law,

New Jersey: Teacher Blames Strict Islamic Upbringing for Sex with Underage Students

One of her victims was 'so upset, so disgusted that he got out of the car and walked home' two miles away.

New Jersey: Pastor’s home vandalized for 4th time after opposing mosque, sharia law (updated)

Bayonne, N.J. pastor says he asked the men in charge if they believed in Sharia law and they refused to answer. Their lawyer wouldn't let them answer.

New Jersey: Muslim teacher’s legal jihad against Hunterdon school district continues

The school district has "heard that (Hashem) is running into the same problems with her new employer as she did while employed with (Hunterdon Central)."

New Jersey: Rural Hunterdon County Getting First Mosque

Even the center’s attorney was surprised that the preliminary plans for the new mosque were granted by the township after just one public meeting

New Jersey: Imam Fighting Deportation Hosts Syrian Cleric Who Backs Suicide Bombings

Deport him! Qatanani's NJ mosque hosted Syrian imam who defended suicide bombings and earlier this month met with top Hamas leader.

New Jersey: Islamic indoctrination – Westwood school teaching Islam since school year started

Mrs. Light said the class has been studying Islam since the beginning of the school year. “It is indoctrination,” she said.

New Jersey: Hamas-Tied Imam Must Prove Why He Shouldn’t Be Deported

It's impossible for Qatanani to get around the fact he lied

New Jersey: Muslims arrested, forced illegal alien Muslim slave laborers to work in 24/7 halal slaughterhouse (updated)

All the slave laborers were illegal aliens and all were Muslim.