New Jersey: Woman bludgeons 73-year-old mother-in-law to death

Tasneem Diwan (Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office)

Source: Daughter-in-law found, charged with woman’s bludgeoning death  h/t Dee

A woman accused of bludgeoning her mother-in-law to death was arrested in a bus terminal outside of an Atlantic City casino Friday night, according to the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office.

Tasneem Diwan, 47, of East Windsor was charged with murder, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and unlawful possession of a weapon Saturday morning after she was spotted in a bus terminal of the Tropicana casino in Atlantic City Friday night.

Authorities have been looking for Diwan since Tuesday night after her mother-in-law, 73-year-old Safia Diwan, was found bludgeoned to death in a home the two shared in East Windsor.

Police responded to a 911 call and found Safia Diwan’s body at a front office of a house on Mozart Court, an upscale area of East Windsor around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Police believe Tasneem Diwan used an unknown object to repeatedly strike her mother-in-law over the head before leaving the scene, the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office said Saturday.

Some residents who lived near the Diwans’ house on Mozart Court said Saturday that they did not know the family and that they stuck to themselves.

“I wouldn’t even know who lived in the house,” one neighbor, who did not want to be named, said Saturday.

Atlantic City police took Tasneem Diwan into custody late Friday night and she was taken back to East Windsor where police continued the investigation before filing charges Saturday morning.

Bail was set at $1 million cash or bond by Mercer County Superior Court Judge Robert Billmeier.

More: No indication on the killer’s citizenship status or country of origin however her husband went to school in Karachi, Pakistan.

Dr. Nauman Diwan, the victim’s son and the woman’s husband, is a local internist.

A neighbor uncomfortably described the family as a nice, normal “American” family. Video here

Seattle Muslim who killed 4 Americans as “vengeance” for Muslims, sentenced for robbery

Ali Muhammad – who was on a terrorist watch list – confessed that his jihad killings were ‘“vengeance” for the loss of innocent lives killed as a result of American military operations’. Conveniently for the media and race hustlers (essentially one and the same) – black, gay and Muslim lives don’t seem to matter when the perp is black and Muslim.

Source: Prosecutor: Seattle man charged with killing 4 was on terrorism watch list | The Seattle Times h/t Ninja

NEWARK, N.J. — A Seattle man charged with killing four people in Washington and New Jersey in 2014 to protest U.S. foreign policy was on a federal terrorism watch list and wrote in his journal that he planned to follow the Islamic State group and “learn the ways of jihadis,” a New Jersey state prosecutor said Wednesday.

The details came out before Ali Muhammad Brown was sentenced to 36½ years in prison on an unrelated armed-robbery case.

 The armed robbery occurred during the same time period as four killings now linked to Brown, three in Washington and one in New Jersey. Brown is still awaiting trial in all four slayings. He also faces a charge of terrorism, the first and only time New Jersey’s state terrorism statute has been used.

Before Brown was sentenced for the armed robbery Wednesday, assistant prosecutor Jamel Sempter revealed the contents of Brown’s journal to an Essex County judge. The prosecutor also said Brown was on a federal watch list, although he did not elaborate.

Dave Joly, a spokesman for the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center, said the agency does not publicly confirm or deny whether an individual is included on its terror screening or no-fly lists.

Brown, who has refused to participate in most of the court hearings, was flanked in court by 10 sheriff’s office deputies. He said little, refused to sign any papers and once pulled an ear plug out of his ear to better hear a judge’s question.

Brown also attended a status hearing on the murder and terrorism charges in New Jersey. His lawyer, Albert Kapin, told the judge that he still wants to get some more evidence and plans to file some motions in the terrorism case. But Kapin would not say if he would seek to have the charges dismissed.

The New Jersey slaying victim, Brendan Tevlin, was shot at a West Orange traffic light on June 25, 2014. The 19-year-old University of Richmond student was driving to his home to Livingston, N.J.

Brown also faces three aggravated murder charges in Washington: the April 27, 2014, shooting of 30-year-old Leroy Henderson in Skyway, and the June 1, 2014, shooting deaths of two young men outside a Seattle gay nightclub, Ahmed Said and Dwone Anderson-Young.

Authorities in Seattle have said that Brown described himself to detectives as a strict Muslim who was angry with the U.S. government’s role in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan because of the deaths of innocent civilians and children.

New Jersey passed its anti-terrorism statute after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Other states have similar laws, though they have rarely been used. Some state charges, such as ones filed against gang members in New York, have failed to survive the courts. More recently, though, New York state successfully prosecuted two cases under its terrorism law against men who had planned bomb attacks.


Seattle: Muslim ex-con executes 2 gays, wanted in Jersey armed robbery

Seattle Muslim charged with terrorism after jihad attacks kill 4 Americans

New Jersey: Does Islamic company selling ‘Sharia-compliant mortgages’ control Asbury Park boardwalk?


Source: Does Islamic company selling ‘Sharia-compliant mortgages’ control Asbury Park NJ boardwalk? | Fox News

With ISIS committing acts of terror on 4 continents, and President Obama importing refugees from their home territory, now is a bad time to offer interest-free Sharia Law mortgages in America, but that’s exactly what one company is doing.

The beach town of Asbury Park, New Jersey has undergone a slow-grinding redevelopment for the better part of 30 years.   Bereft of money in 2007, the city sold millions of dollars worth of storied boardwalk buildings including Convention Hall to a private company — Madison Marquette.  Madison Marquette also owns concert venues near the boardwalk like the famed Stone Pony.  They are positioned in expensive retail properties across America in California, Ohio, Washington, D.C., Florida and more.

What few know is that Madison Marquette is owned by an Islamic company rooted in the Middle East; a company whose other subsidiary specializes in “Sharia Law Compliance” and lures Sharia-following Muslims to 23 states with interest-free home mortgages.

The parent company is Capital Guidance Corporation, whose managing director Amer Hammour is also CEO of Madison Marquette.  Hammour was born in Syria and educated in Lebanon, France and the U.S.  Another wholly-owned subsidiary named Guidance Financial Group, run by Mohamad Hammour with help from Amer Hammour, was formed to enter the burgeoning “Islamic Financial Market.”  Capital Guidance states its “main vehicle” for doing business in the U.S. is Madison Marquette, and controls $5 billion in assets.

Guidance Financial maintains a “Shariah Supervisory Board.”  This board counsels in financial matters to ensure compliance with the controversial Muslim value system known as “Sharia.”

For the uninitiated, Sharia is a set of Islamic laws dating back to the 7th century, still used in whole or in part in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen.  Sharia contains the notoriously brutal social and penal rules that Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram and other terrorists wish to impose on the West, including America.

Under Sharia, women are chattel of men, and if convicted of adultery are stoned to death [Warning: Graphic], can be punished if raped, suffer “honor killings” and  “female genital mutilation.”  Homosexuality is punishable by death by stoning or dropping them from great heights.  Stealing is punished by having a hand chopped off  [Warning: Graphic] while apostasy and blasphemy will get you beheaded.

Sharia also has strict business rules rooted in religious texts like the Koran and Hadith. For instance, it is prohibited to charge or pay interest, which they call riba.  Sharia compliance is so complex that barely 100 Islamic scholars are recognized to opine on it, and they have set up a profitable cottage industry as “Sharia compliance advisors,” including in America.  Guidance Financial is a world leader in this area. Continue reading

New Jersey: Nearly a dozen Muslims charged in ‘elaborate’ $3M credit card scheme

All well-vetted no doubt. via 12 charged in ‘elaborate’ $3M credit card scheme, AG says |

The sign slumped in the window of the ramshackle carpet store on Monticello Ave. in Jersey City said they had the “best price in town.”

But, state and federal authorities claim, the operators of USA United Trading were fleecing banks out of more than $1 million.

They were among a dozen foreign nationals and U.S. citizens charged with money laundering this week in a crackdown on an “elaborate” credit card scheme, acting Attorney General John Hoffman announced Wednesday.

All told, the accused — some of them family members, some business associates living mostly in Hudson County — stole $3 million by passing bad checks and making phony credit card payments, authorities claim.

Charged were:
• Naim Tahir, 47, of Clark
• Hassan Shahbaz, 42, of Jersey City
• Aqeel Ahmed, 60, of Secaucus
• Shama Munir, 49, of Secaucus
• Faisal Mushtaq, 37, of Secaucus
• Mohammad Shakeel, 46, of Jersey City
• Muhammad Farooq Bhatti, 64, of Jersey City
• Rilvan Junaid, 49, of Spring Valley, N.Y.
• Shakeela Ahmed, 56, of Secaucus
• Aqeel Sheikh, 54, of Secaucus
• Mahamed Khan, 53, of Piscataway
• Huda Ahmed, 27, of Secaucus

Eleven of them are being held at Union County jail on $1 million bail, authorities said. Khan remains at large. Charged with first degree money laundering, they face up to 20 years in prison.

Hoffman said Wednesday the investigation is ongoing, “but we’re confident that with these arrests, we’ve dismantled this prolific theft ring in New Jersey.”

The so-called bust-out scheme would start with Tahir, authorities claim, who was allegedly responsible for creating “synthetic” identities by pairing real Social Security numbers with phony names and birth dates, which the others would use to open checking accounts and credit cards online.

Then, police claim, they deposited bad checks into the accounts and used them to make payments to the credit cards in order to inflate their lines of credit, or to make ATM withdrawals and money orders before the banks could determine the checks were bad.

Eventually, the group allegedly “busted out” the credit cards by running them up to their limits, often by using a group of phony merchants in on the scheme, authorities claim.

USA United Trading, operated by Hassan Shahbaz, was allegedly one of those shell companies, which “held itself out as a carpet retailer” on a street lined with minimarts and hair salons, even displaying rolled-up carpets in the window, according to a statement from the state Division of Criminal Justice.

Often, police said, these companies were set up solely to obtain credit card terminals to make phony charges on the cards. The operators of those shell companies also allegedly wrote checks to each other to appear as if they were conducting regular business and defraud the banks out of more money, authorities claim.

The credit card holders and the shell company operators then allegedly split the proceeds.

A spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office said Wednesday that many of the phony credit card applicants also listed the shell companies as their place of employment.

Police say the scheme fell apart when Wells Fargo Bank began investigating a phony check case, and referred it to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, which brought in state and federal investigators from the Attorney General’s Office and the Newark office of ICE Homeland Security Investigations, among others.

On Tuesday, police executed search warrants at four locations, including several residences and “drop locations” used to receive mail from the banks and credit card companies. They also seized nearly half a million dollars in cash and from bank accounts controlled by ring members, authorities said.

Authorities declined to comment on how the money was being used. Peter Aseltine, the attorney general spokesman, said Aqeel Ahmed and Shakeela Ahmed were married, and that their daughter, Huda Ahmed was married to Faisal Mushtaq.

Aside from Tahir, who is accused of making the “synthetic” identities, the others “were all associated in some way with businesses that were being used to conduct fraudulent credit card transactions,” Aseltine said.

Report: Some Jersey City Muslims did celebrate 9/11

Concluding what we already knew despite media lies and cover ups. via EXCLUSIVE: Some Jersey City Muslims did celebrate 9/11, cop and residents say |

…in a new examination by NJ Advance Media, a police officer who worked on 9/11 and residents on the outskirts of Journal Square say they witnessed small pockets of people celebrating before the groups dispersed or were broken up by authorities.

The NJ Advance Media inquiry, encompassing more than two dozen interviews conducted since Nov. 25, found Trump’s broad assertion that thousands of people cheered to be baseless. At the same time, the inquiry provides the first credible indication of at least two modest celebrations, as described by on-the-record sources who say they witnessed the behavior.

“When I saw they were happy, I was pissed,” said Ron Knight, 56, a Tonnele Avenue resident who said he heard cries of “Allahu Akbar” as he shouldered his way through a crowd of 15 to 20 people on John F. Kennedy Boulevard that morning.

Collectively, the gatherings amounted to dozens of people at the two locations, the witnesses said. Callers also flooded the 911 system with accounts of jubilant Muslims on a rooftop at a third location, three police officers said, but a reporter was unable to find witnesses there 14 years later.

Among the news organization’s findings:

• A retired police captain, Peter Gallagher, said he cleared a rooftop celebration of 20 to 30 people at 6 Tonnele Ave., a four-story apartment building with an unobstructed view of Lower Manhattan, in the hours after the second tower fell.

“Some men were dancing, some held kids on their shoulders,” said Gallagher, then a sergeant. “The women were shouting in Arabic and keening in the high-pitched wail of Arabic fashion. They were told to go back to their apartments since a crowd of non-Muslims was gathering on the sidewalk below and we feared for their safety.”

FBI agents took several residents of the building into custody days later, according to neighbors and an account in The Star-Ledger. It is unclear why they were detained.

• Knight was one of two Tonnele Avenue residents who said they witnessed a crowd celebrating on John F. Kennedy Boulevard not far from Masjid Al-Salam, the mosque where Omar Abdel-Rahman, known as the “blind sheikh,” preached before the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Carlos Ferran, 60, who lives in the same building as Knight, said he was on his way to a liquor store to buy beer when he came across the gathering on the sidewalk.

“Some of them had their hands in the air,” Ferran said. “They were happy.”

• Numerous people called police to report an exultant crowd on the roof of 2801 John F. Kennedy Blvd., a distinctive, five-story apartment building at the intersection of Sip Avenue, said retired officer Arthur Teeter, who worked in the radio room at police headquarters on Sept. 11.

Officers were dispatched to the address at least twice but were delayed getting inside because the front door was locked, said another retired officer, Bruce Dzamba.

“By the time I got to the roof, no one was there,” Dzamba said.

The building was cited in a Sept. 16, 2001, WCBS television news clip in which reporter Pablo Guzman, citing unnamed sources, said federal officials had detained eight men seen cheering on the roof. That account could not be independently verified.

Teeter, the officer who worked in the radio room, said the address was one of several where 911 callers cited rooftop celebrations.

“There were enough calls that it was disturbing,” he said. “That’s the only word I can use.”

Jersey City mayor Steve Fulop speaking with terrorist Muslim group CAIR

• Three additional officers who remain on the Jersey City force said they witnessed small groups of Muslim celebrants on Sept. 11, but they would not speak for attribution, citing a department policy that prohibits media interviews.

The officers, including a high-ranking official, said their reluctance to speak publicly also stemmed from concern they would run afoul of Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, who has repeatedly said celebrations did not take place.

“I saw it with my own eyes,” the ranking officer said. “In the end, police officers are professionals, so we just observed that stuff and sucked it up.”

Eleven other officers claimed to have been witnesses to celebrations in postings on Facebook after Trump resurrected the issue, but they either declined to speak for attribution

“I don’t remember the exact words, but it was to the effect of a large amount of people on the roof, and they were celebrating, and we had to check it out as a hazardous condition given the background of what had just happened,” Ascolese said, adding that he did not personally respond.

A longtime resident of the building said that on Sept. 11, three other residents independently told her people were cheering on the roof.

“As a good American, as a good person, it made me angry,” said the woman, 88, who insisted on being identified by her formal married name, Mrs. Robert Evans. She was interviewed in the presence of the building’s superintendent, Jose Cespedes.

Related Creeping Sharia posts with more evidence:

Flashback: Muslims cheered 9/11 attacks (videos)

Jihadis recollect, celebrate 9/11

New Jersey: Controversial Muslim teacher not rehired, wages legal jihad

Not the first time this school has been highlighted on Creeping Sharia. The central Jersey region was one of the first to experience the post 9/11 Muslim invasion, New Jersey: Muslims demand Islamic holidays in rural high school. It seems no school in the nation is immune to the Islam problem.

Hire Muslims at your own risk. Better yet, avoid the trouble and don’t hire them. via N.J. school board called FBI on Muslim teacher after firing, lawsuit says |

RARITAN TWP. — Sireen Hashem, a Muslim teacher at Hunterdon Central Regional High School, had just lost her job in what she described in a lawsuit as a firing motivated by religion discrimination when the FBI came knocking on her door in July.

The agents told Hashem they were investigating a report that she told school board members “they would be sorry” if they didn’t reconsider the decision not to renew her contract as she made a plea to keep her job in June.

“This is a teacher, a very qualified and very loved, very competent teacher, working for the benefit of the school. She was humiliated, discriminated against, and dismissed,” Hashem’s attorney, Omar Mohammedi, said Friday.

“But they didn’t stop there,” he said. “They went on and called the FBI on her. This is very problematic, and very dangerous. The treatment is beyond comprehension.”

Hashem, an Arab and Palestinian Muslim, filed the religious discrimination lawsuit in federal court in Newark this week.

The 17-page lawsuit details two years of interactions between Hashem and those named as defendants leading up to the decision not to renew her contract with the district. The defendants include Hunterdon Central Regional District Superintendent Christina Steffner, high school Principal Suzanne Cooley, and two teachers who supervised her, Robert Zywicki and Rebecca Lucas.

Steffner released a statement Thursday saying, “I respect the personnel confidentiality rights of all employees, and it would be inappropriate for me to publicly comment about job performance or personnel matters.

“However, I want to very clearly state that Ms. Hashem’s allegations against me are untrue. I have never made a personnel decision based on any improper purpose. The statements attributed to me are factually wrong, and may even be defamatory. It is unfortunate that the district and I will have to defend this case, but will do so vigorously, so that the real facts may be presented in court. After an appropriate review of the allegations, further comments may be provided.”

Hashem’s lawsuit argues that her problems with school officials began in October 2013 when she used a video featuring Malala Yousafzai, a young girl who survived being shot in the head by the Taliban, during a lesson. She used the video after another teacher, who had also used the video in class, recommended it, according to the suit.

The school’s principal received a complaint from a parent and Hashem was called to a meeting where she was told “she could not teach current events in the same manner as her non-Arab, non-Palestinian and non-Muslim colleagues,” the suit states.

Additional incidents questioning her methods of teaching followed, the lawsuit says. In an elective class, Hashem used the book the “Lemon Tree,” a book about Arab-Israeli relations, for discussion. In another lesson, she asked students to compare the actions of John Brown at Harper’s Ferry to those of Osama bin Laden on Sept. 11, 2001, the lawsuit says.

When a parent complained about the bin Laden exercise, “Cooley told Plaintiff that she should not mention Islam or the Middle East in her class,” the lawsuit said, adding that Cooley “further stated that plaintiff should not bring her culture, life experience or background into the classroom.”

In a September 2014 meeting, the lawsuit argues Steffner “accused her of not sticking to the curriculum, questioned her about her teaching and how it related to the common core, accused her of discriminating against Jewish students, and also questioned her about her place of birth, her family, and her personal life.”

She was notified in April that her contract was not being renewed, and she pleaded her case before the board in June. Her employment was terminated on June 30.

The final interaction alleged in the lawsuit came when the FBI came to Hashem’s home in Franklin, Somerset County, asking about what she said during the closed-door executive session with the board of education on June 15.

Hashem denies making the statement, and in her lawsuit she argues “this erroneous and defamatory allegation must have originated from the defendant board” because it allegedly occurred outside the public meeting.

Cooley and Steffner better hire some lawyers who understand how Muslim supremacists roll. The lawyer representing the Muslim teacher has represented al Qaeda financiers and the fraudulent Flying Imams:

Omar Mohammedi, the New York attorney who represented the imams, was the former president of the Board of Directors for CAIR, New York.

As readers here know, CAIR has been named a terrorist organization by the UAE, it is an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror finance conviction in U.S. history and the FBI has banned agents from doing business with the Hamas front group.

A few options for the school:


New Jersey: Muslim pleads guilty to Islamic terror charges

via ISIS-supporter from N.J. pleads guilty to terror charges |

NEWARK—A second man tied to a close circle of friends who were arrested on charges of secretly planning to join ISIS pleaded guilty Thursday in federal court of planning to help the terror organization.

Alaa Saadeh, 24, of West New York, who has been in custody since June, admitted he conspired to provide material support to the Islamic State, known as ISIS or ISIL, by helping his younger brother fly to the Middle East.

Alaa Saadeh, 24 (Essex County Correctional Facility)

Alaa Saadeh, 24 (Essex County Correctional Facility)

According to court filings, Saadeh had discussed efforts to join ISIS with his  brother, Nader, who left the country for Jordan earlier this year, allegedly to join up with ISIS. He was sent back in August and is now awaiting trial on similar charges.

“Alaa Saadeh is the second defendant in this case who has admitted trying to provide material support to a known terrorist organization,” said U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman. “That organization, and others who share its goals, are intent on recruiting people in this country and around the world to join their campaign against our security.”

Samuel Topaz, 21, of Fort Lee, who went to Fort Lee High School with Nader Saadeh, pleaded guilty in September in the same courtroom to conspiring to provide services and personnel to ISIL. He faces 20 years in prison.

Three others tied to the case include Munther Omar Saleh, a 20-year-old engineering student from Queens who the FBI said it believes was planning on building a deadly pressure cooker bomb; Fareed Mumuni, 21, of Staten Island, who is charged with attacking federal agents who came to arrest him with a kitchen knife; and an unnamed 16-year-old from Queens charged as a juvenile.

The group first came under investigation by the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force after Topaz’s mother apparently went to authorities to express fears that his friends were pushing him to “do something stupid,” according to Topaz’s attorney,Ian Hirsch of Hackensack.

Topaz, who is cooperating with authorities, told his lawyer some of those connected with the group had plans to stage an attack on the lawn of the White House because they were unable to leave the country. Federal prosecutors have not commented beyond the charges outlined in a string of indictments filed in Newark and Brooklyn.

The Saadeh brothers, who are both American-born, grew up in Fort Lee after their parents were deported to Jordan over a credit card fraud case, say law enforcement sources.

According to court filings, Nader Saadeh grew determined to travel to the Middle East to join ISIS. By April of this year, a government informant told the FBI he was speaking mostly in Arabic, had stopped using the computer in the house, and turned to his smartphone for most communications. He told friends he was heading to Jordan and left in May. However, Jordanian security officials took him into custody after his arrival in Amman.

In court Thursday morning before U.S District Judge Susan Wigenton in Newark, Alaa Saadeh admitted assisting his brother with his travel plans by letting him purchase airline tickets using his credit card and by removing the SIM card from Nader’s smartphone and resetting the smartphone in an effort to avoid detection. Saadeh also admitted that Munther Omar Saleh assisted Nader Saadeh by giving him a contact who would facilitate Nader’s travel from Turkey to ISIL in Syria.

After learning that Topaz and others had been arrested, Alaa Saadeh told a friend in a secretly recorded conversation to “just play stupid,” “pretend it never happened,” and “keep it honest up to a point,” according to a criminal complaint.

He faces up to 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine when he returns to court for sentencing in February. His attorney, Maria Noto of Matawan, said later outside court that Saadeh was prepared to serve his sentence for the crime he committed, had deep regrets for his involvement.

“He has no history of violence, no history of being involved in anything like this,” she said.

The father of the brothers, Khaled Saadeh, who works as a project manager in the Gulf state of Oman, said they had encouraged Nader to come to Jordan to keep him from traveling to Turkey and joining ISIS,which controls a large swath of territory in Syria and Iraq.

“I did what I have to do like a father to protect my sons, but the government is not doing enough to protect our kids from this kind of group, who try to brainwash our kids,” he said in email.

Nationwide, at least 70 men and woman have been charged with conspiring to aid ISIS since March 2014, many lured by social media, according to the Center on National Security at Fordham School of Law. More than 80 percent were U.S. citizens, the center found. The vast majority were charged with attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization. Their average age was 26. Three who actually made it to ISIS-controlled territory were reported killed.

Again, it all leads back to immigration. The parents were Muslim immigrants who caught in a credit card fraud racket. Had they not been allowed into the U.S., these particular jihadis would not have been our problem.



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