New Jersey: Pastor’s home vandalized for 4th time after opposing mosque, sharia law

Bayonne, where once upon a time you could see the Twin Towers…until Muslims destroyed them…on their second attempt. Coincidentally:

The Muslim community has been in Bayonne for 15 years, and for the past seven years, the group has rented the basement of St. Henry’s School at 28th Street and Avenue C for its activities, he said.

9/11 was just the beginning. Source: Pastor vandalized for fourth time after anti-mosque remarks h/t Blazing Cat Fur

BAYONNE – A pastor who has been outspoken about his opposition to construction of a mosque in Bayonne is the victim of vandalism for the fourth time.

In the past, Pastor Joseph Basile has spoken against plans to turn an old warehouse on 24th Street into a mosque due to its proximity to homes. Things changed when his question about their beliefs went unanswered.

Basile says he asked the men in charge if they believed in Sharia law and they refused to answer. Their lawyer wouldn’t let them answer.

Sharia law is moral laws for Muslims in which, in extreme versions, women are forced to wear all black and adulterers are stoned.

Basile says he is uncomfortable with Muslims not sharing what their beliefs are.

Earlier this week, Basile’s house was graffitied.  He was also verbally threatened by someone who knocked on his front door in another incident.  So far, police have not caught anyone.

Following the last bought of vandalism, local Muslim leaders denounced the actions and said the pastor has the right to publicly share his concerns.

The zoning board meeting later in the month will decide the matter of the mosque.

The proposed site is surrounded by homes as the mosques website shows – a site that links to the major terror-linked Muslim groups in North America.


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New Jersey: Muslim teacher’s legal jihad against Hunterdon school district continues


Our second post in recent weeks coming out of rural Hunterdon County in central New Jersey. A few weeks ago we told you about the area getting its first mosque. Previously we told you about the town’s high school made the mistake of hiring a Palestinian Islamic supremacist. Her legal jihad against the school continues.

via: Muslim teacher’s lawsuit against New Jersey school district gets ugly

NEW JERSEY – A lawsuit between a Muslim teacher who claimed she was fired for mentioning Islam to her students is getting ugly with her former school district.

The legal fight is between Hunterdon Central and Sireen Hashem, a former teacher at [sic] Ridge High School who claimed she was told by former Superintendent of Schools, Christina Steffner, that she had “caused trouble because she was Palestinian.”

In the meeting with Hashem, Steffner referred to Hashem’s classroom use in October 2013 of a video about Malala Yusufazi, the teenage Pakistani activist who was awarded the Nobel Peace prize for her human rights campaign after being targeted for assassination by the Taliban.

Hashem showed the video in her class after she saw another history teacher, Lindsay Warren, using the video. When Hashem asked why Warren was allowed to use the video, Steffner said, “You’re not Lindsay,” the suit said.

After she showed the video, Robert Zywicki, her supervisor, told her the school had received a complaint about the video from a parent.

Zywick then told her “she could not teach current events in the same manner as her non-Arab, non-Palestinian and non-Muslim colleagues,” the lawsuit claimed.

Furthermore, the district claimed that she was not sticking to the curriculum, and questioned her about her teaching and accused her of “discriminating against Jewish students.” Continue reading

New Jersey: Rural Hunterdon County Getting First Mosque

9/11 was just the beginning. Source: Ground is Broken for Hunterdon’s First Mosque – Flemington/Raritan. NJ News – TAPinto

RARITAN TWP., NJ – Ground was broken for Hunterdon’s first mosque yesterday afternoon in an interfaith service under sunny skies.

The mosque will be at the corner of Route 12 and Autumn Leaf Drive, just across from Heritage Baptist Church.

The mosque, which Muslims also refer to in Arabic as a masjid, won’t be built until the Islamic Center of Hunterdon County can finish raising the funds. fees, permits, engineering and architectural plans have already cost the group about $170,000, according to the center’s chairman, Yaser ElMenshawy.

ElMenshawy said that unlike the Catholic Church, where basic rules originate at the top, in Islam each mosque sets its own rules. At this mosque, there will be no membership requirements and everyone is welcome to participate in any function provided that simple rules – such as showing respect and proper dress – are followed. The group is now based in Flemington, he said, and its Arab language class students are overwhelmingly non-Muslim.

The formal ceremony began with a recitation of text from the Koran. Speakers at the event included Rev. Dr. Mark  Summer of Zion Lutheran Church in Oldwick, Rev. Harry Mazujian of the Calvary Episcopal Church in Flemington and Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker, who represents the state’s 16th district and is a physicist at Princeton Plasma Physics Lab.

“This is a milestone,” ElMenshawy said. “We’re now ready for actual construction.”

ElMenshawy noted that many proposals to build a mosque often face “legal setbacks .. for some reason, they don’t want a mosque in their neighborhood.”

Y’all ready for this?

That hasn’t been the case in Hunterdon, he said. The center began operating in Flemington in 2005 and its members have been welcomed to the community. Even the center’s attorney was surprised that the preliminary plans for the new mosque were granted by the township after just one public meeting, ElMenshawy said. Final approval was also granted after just one hearing.

ElMenshawy said he’d attended similar meetings for mosques proposed elsewhere, and protestors were often in attendance.

“We’re very lucky to live in the community,” he said. “We thank them … they’re all really for us getting this done.”

He urged the group to be “patient, persistent and (to) persevere.”

“What a wonderful day for our county, our religious organizations and our country,” said Rev. Mazujian. “This is what we’re about.”

Zwicker called it “a day we should be celebrating” and said all who live here share “in the community and diversity.” He said that sometimes, there are “politics trying to divide us. But we are all one.”

Rev. Summer said the Islamic Center’s success is growing and building the mosque “is not the result of luck. God is here.”

There were no disruptions to the event. A sole Raritan Township patrol officer sat in a marked SUV at the edge of the festivities.

The reporter didn’t even bother to research the founders, the funding, the beliefs. While they talk about “no membership requirements and everyone is welcome” their website clearly states to vote for the shura (or sharia council) you must be a Muslim.  Their useful links page links to three of the most notorious terror-linked Muslim groups operating in the U.S.: CAIR, ISNA and ICNA.

Their Objectives

  • Establish mosques and other facilities…
  • Disseminate and project to the public the Islamic positions related to all areas of life.
  • Help Muslims practice Islam as a belief, a behavior, and a way of life, and invite people to the cause of Allah.
  • Encourage the Muslims to follow the example of the righteous early Muslims.

The righteous early Muslims – the ones who waged jihad for centuries to spread Islam. Hunterdon County is just the latest and history proves it will only get worse from here.

Not the first time the area has made the pages of Creeping Sharia…because that’s how it starts…it creeps:

Now comes the mega-mosque.

New Jersey: Imam Fighting Deportation Hosts Syrian Cleric Who Backs Suicide Bombings

Source: Hamas-tied Imam Hosts Syrian Sheikh Who Backed Suicide Bombings :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism

by John Rossomando

A New Jersey imam fighting deportation may have harmed his case to stay in this country and avoid deportation by hosting a radical Syrian cleric last week.

Sheikh Mohammad Qatanani is due back in immigration court next month. He failed to disclose connections with Hamas when he applied for permanent residency in the United States. That omission, immigration officials say, renders him ineligible to stay in the country.

Israeli military court records show he was arrested in 1993 and convicted of providing support to Hamas. Qatanani claims he was merely detained and never charged.

While his case is in recess, Qatanani’s mosque, the Islamic Center of Passaic County (ICPC), hosted Sheikh Mohammed Rateb Al-Nabulsi last Friday. Al-Nabulsi is a Syrian imam who defended Palestinian suicide bombings in April 2001.

“All the Jewish people are combatants” acceptable as targets for attacks in Israel, Al-Nabulsi wrote in his “ruling on martyrdom operations in Palestine.”

Al-Nabulsi praised “our Mujahidin Resistance Brothers in Palestine and Lebanon” in a 2006 article on his website.

“We say Allah-u Akbar to all our Mujahidin brothers in South Lebanon and Palestine who embodied with their heroic deeds the meaning of Jihad,” Al-Nabulsi said.

During a  visit to Qatar earlier this month, Al-Nabulsi posed for a photo with Ismail Haniyeh, a top Hamas leader who served as its prime minister in Gaza.

Qatanani also hosted Al-Nabulsi in January 2014.

Al-Nabulsi’s defense of suicide bombings might be added into the record in Qatanani’s immigration court case to help build the argument that he supports extremists. It also could contradict Qatanani’s statement at his Dec. 7 deportation hearing that he did not know anyone in Hamas or connected to Hamas apart from his brother-in-law, who he met once in 1994.

Both Qatanani and Al-Nabulsi are slated to speak at next week’s MAS-ICNA Convention in Chicago.

New Jersey: Islamic indoctrination – Westwood school teaching Islam since school year started

Source: School lesson says Christians are treating Muslims harshly | Fox News

By Todd Starnes

A classroom assignment on Islam says one negative effect of the Crusades is that Christians are still treating Muslims harshly.

“I almost fell over,” said Barbara Light.

Mrs. Light, of Westwood, New Jersey, was helping her 13-year-old daughter prepare for a World History test when she discovered some rather shocking lessons.

“The Christians’ harsh treatment of Muslims in the Holy Land led to bitterness that has lasted to the present,” one worksheet stated.

Another worksheet asks students to identify “one negative effect of the Crusades that has continued to the present.”  The answer written on the worksheet – “the Christians harsh treatment of Muslims continues in the present day.”

“In this day and age when so many bad things are happening to Christians all over the world – they are basically saying Christians caused this, Mrs. Light told me. “This is just too much.”

I reached out to the superintendent of the school district, but so far he has not returned my messages.

Mrs. Light said the class has been studying Islam since the beginning of the school year. She said the students have also touched on Christianity and Judaism, but the lessons primarily revolve around the Islamic faith.

“It is indoctrination,” she said.

But Mrs. Light does not blame her daughter’s teacher for the Islamic-centric lessons.

“It’s not really the teacher’s fault. This is what they are required to teach. They have no choice,” she told me.

Mrs. Light did the right thing. She got involved in her child’s education. And when she saw something suspicious, she said something – and contacted me.

“The good news is my daughter doesn’t believe this,” she said. “But my problem is – how many kids do believe?

It should come as no surprise that our public schools have been turned into indoctrination centers for dangerous ideologies. I address this topic in my new book, “The Deplorables Guide to Making America Great Again.” The Islamic faith has been given accommodation in public schools while the Christian faith has been marginalized.

I asked Dr. Emir Caner, the president of Truett-McConnell University to examine the lesson and offer his observations as a former Muslim who converted to Christianity.

Here, Christians are once again blamed for the onset of violence by Muslims in the Holy Land,” Caner told me. “Forget the fact that it was the Muslim community, without provocation, that conquered Jerusalem from the Byzantines just a few years after Mohammed’s death.”

That fact wasn’t mentioned in the assignment.

“Forget the fact that Muslims killed Catholic pilgrims before the first crusade began,” he said.

That fact was not mentioned either.

“Forget the fact that it in modern history Muslims attacked the democratic state of Israel after the Jewish people were given the right to govern their land once again,” he added.

Those are what I like to call inconvenient truths, folks.

“Forget the fact that such violence is based on a traditional reading of the Koran,” Caner went on to say. “No, in the simplistic and skewed mind of a liberal educator, it must be Christians that are at fault, regardless of the evidence.”

In other words Christians – if we get blown to smithereens, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

For Mrs. Light and others, some posts and videos from the archives:

Jihad vs Crusades: The Facts (video)

How the Crusades Saved Europe

Misconceptions about the Crusades

New Jersey: Hamas-Tied Imam Must Prove Why He Shouldn’t Be Deported


Source: The Investigative Project on Terrorism

Mohammad Qatanani is imam at the Islamic Center of Passaic County. Immigration officials have been fighting to deport him since 2006, alleging he failed to disclose connections with Hamas when he applied for permanent residency. When he came to the United States 10 years earlier, he claimed he had never been arrested or belonged to any terrorist groups.

That history makes Qatanani subject to deportation, DHS says.

Tuesday’s hearing centered on Qatanani’s October 1993 arrest and conviction by an Israeli military court on charges he provided support to Hamas. He claims Israeli authorities detained him and never charged him.

“No lawyer prior to 2008 ever told me that I had a conviction,” Qatanani said.

U.S. Immigration Judge Judge Alberto Reifkohl ruled in 2008 that the bulk of the evidence and testimony introduced by the Department of Homeland Security was not credible and granted Qatanani permanent residency, better known as a “green card.”

The Justice Department’s Board of Immigration Appeals sent the case back to Reifkohl in October 2009, finding that he erred rejecting the credibility of evidence and government testimony.

In addition, DHS attorneys bolstered some of the evidence obtained from Israeli officials, including two confessions which include statements Qatanani made about his Hamas connection. Three additional witness statements came from people who told Israeli officials that Qatanani recruited them to join Hamas

Qatanani claims he never was given translations of the Hebrew-language Israeli court records and never knew what they alleged. “There is no confession to my understanding” Qatanani said Tuesday.

He also disputed that the signatures on the documents were his, saying instead they were “similar” to his signature. DHS evidence was able to match the fingerprints on the documents to Qatanani.

It’s impossible for Qatanani to get around the fact he lied when he said he never had been arrested, Brundage said.

No ruling was issued before the hearing recessed. It is scheduled to resume next month.

This is the same imam whom:

For his support of the Hamas imam alone, Chris Christie should never have a position in Trump’s administration.

New Jersey: Muslims arrested, forced illegal alien Muslim slave laborers to work in 24/7 halal slaughterhouse (updated)

A Mohammed Quotient of three so far, the two arrested and one of the lawyers.


The slave trade is certainly one of the contributions Muslims have had on American history. Source: Men forced others to work in Halal slaughterhouse, authorities say |

NEWARK — Federal agents on Tuesday arrested two New York men on human trafficking charges after they say the pair forced undocumented migrants to work in a Halal chicken slaughterhouse they ran in Middlesex County.

Mohammad Abdul Wahid, 54, and Mohammed Iqbal Kabir, 42, are charged with one count each of conspiracy to commit human trafficking, conspiracy to harbor undocumented persons for financial gain and violating the Fair Labor Standards Act, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Prosecutors say that between July 2011 and January 2016, Wahid and Kabir paid the workers approximately $290 a week for 70-100-hour work weeks, deducting $40 a week for allowing them to live in an insect-infested boarding home in front of the Perth Amboy slaughterhouse.

Prosecutors say the workers weren’t paid overtime or additional wages for working longer hours.

Two Muslim individuals who were employed to slaughter the chickens also were threatened with arrest and deportation when they complained about their working conditions, according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors say the arrests were the result of collaboration between the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Department of Labor, Department of Homeland Security, FBI, IRS, Department of Agriculture and the Civil Rights Division’s Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit.

Both men face a maximum prison sentence of 20 years in prison if convicted of the human trafficking charge, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The charging documents do not name the business.


The factory, which was in operation between July 2011 and January 2016, employed only Muslim workers, a requirement of Halal meats.

Proper saftey equipment, such as gloves, masks or soap, was not provided to employees. When employees complained, Wahid and Kabir threatened to call the police. The employees did not further their complaints over deportation fears.

If convicted, the pair face steep fines and lengthy jail sentences: they could face up to 30 years in prison and have to pay $510,000 each.

And more:  2 in NJ charged with keeping immigrants as slaves in halal slaughterhouse

The state Labor Department, as a matter of policy, does not investigate workers’ immigration status or share workers’ immigration status with federal immigration officials. Nevertheless, unscrupulous employers often use fear of deportation or arrest to exploit illegal workers, officials say.

The federal complaint says all the workers in Wahid’s business were undocumented immigrants. The complaint also refers to co-conspirators who are not named in the charges.

Wahid’s attorney, Mohammed Gangat, declined to comment on the specifics of the case.

“We do deny all charges and intend to have our day in court,” he said Tuesday.

Kabir is being represented by the federal public defender’s office.

The two merchants face as many as 20 years in prison and a $250,000 if convicted of human trafficking, another 10 years and $250,000 fine if convicted of harboring.

The were released on $75,000 unsecured bond with home confinement and electronic monitoring.

Why aren’t state agencies – many of whom thrive on state and federal taxpayer dollars – not required by law to report immigration status in criminal, if not all, matters?

Update:  Looks like Abdul irked his neighbors too, and previously filed a lawsuit against the city and its officials.  Muslim poultry processor may continue discrimination suit, judge says

Abdul has operated the plant in Perth Amboy for the last five years. It has an adjacent duplex that Abdul rented, with the other side used for workers who use the space to sleep. The plant, records say, operated 24 hours a day.

Martini also noted that Perth Amboy in its response says inspectors were dispatched because neighbors complained of odors. They reportedly found “excessive flies, foul odors, feces, blood and animal refuse on the property,” it said. The problems were left uncorrected, it said.

In addition, it said that “undocumented” workers, paid under the minimum wage, were found in the duplex in “deplorable living conditions.”

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