Staten Island: Charges dropped against landlord accused of Islamophobia, Muslim guilty of slander (among other things)

The NYPD arrested a law-abiding landlord because the tenant was playing the race/ethnicity card, and alleged she was being victimized because she's a Muslim.

New York: Jordanian Muslim Residing in Mexico Arrested, Smuggled At Least 6 Yemeni Muslims Into U.S.

Jordanian national residing in Monterrey, Mexico was arrested Saturday on arrival at JFK International Airport

New York: 8 Pakistani nationals arrested in $2.4M medical cab scheme to defraud Medicaid

Muhammad Jahangir, 23, and Waqas Nauman, 36, from Queensbury were among those arrested.

New York: Drunk Muslim cop crashed car, punched good Samaritan

Tanvir Ahmed fled the scene but was busted a half a mile away, near Quentin Road and Dahill Road, police said.

New York: Woman kidnapped from college, sexually assaulted, 3 suspects arrested

Police said she was then taken against her will from Monroe Community College to the Motel 6 in Gates where she was sexually assaulted.

Long Island family busted for $25M counterfeiting scheme

Mahmood, Ramish, and Rubail Nasir were arrested and charged with counterfeiting and/or conspiracy.

New York: Judge gives leniency to Muslim immigrant who joined Islamic State

The Muslim immigrant from Bangladesh was sentenced to 10 years of supervised release.

New York: Muslims pushing for Yonkers public school closures on Islamic holidays

Even if the City Council approves of this resolution, school officials will still have the final say.

Muslim “diversity visa” jihadi who killed 8 in NYC tells court ISIS “fighting to impose sharia on earth”

He also said that the Islamic State, in order to “impose Sharia on earth, is leading a war.”

Brooklyn: Jewish councilman gets $1M taxpayer funds for halal, kosher meals in NYC schools

City Councilman Chaim Deutsch has been a vocal advocate pushing for a kosher and halal lunch option

NYC: Lesbian couple says Muslim Uber driver kicked them out over a kiss

“I said…don’t do it,” the driver, identified by the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission as Ahmad El Boutari.

New York: Devout Muslim immigrant arrested in bludgeoning death of university professor

Mirzo Atadzhanov, who is a devout Muslim, was previously arrested on attempted rape, assault and forcible touching charges - but the charges were mysteriously dismissed.

New York: Lackawanna Muslim gets 15-year prison sentence for supporting Islamic State terrorists

Someone told the FBI that Nagi was talking about a "violent jihad" to people in the community.

Brooklyn: City councilman announces gender-segregated beach days for Jews and Muslims

City law says public accommodations cannot exclude people based on sex unless there’s an exemption “based on bona fide consideration of public policy.”

Brooklyn: Arrests made after 25 people collapse in the street, bad reactions to K2

Raddwan Alsaidi and Ashraf Rayshani arrested at the deli's thought to be at the epicenter of the K2 epidemic in New York City.

Documentary: Undercover in mosques and Muslim enclaves across the U.S. (VIDEO)

Documentary exposing how Muslims plan to take over the U.S. town by town, city by city.

NYPD Counterterrorism Ramadan Dhimmitude

The official Twitter of the NYPD Counterterrorism Bureau wished Muslims a "peaceful" Ramadan.

New York: Muslim women banished from Islamic center’s groundbreaking in Hudson

This is not the first time women have been excluded from events at the Islamic center

Judge orders Iran to pay families of 9/11 victims

A US court has ordered Iran to compensate the families of the victims of the 9/11 attack, though the ruling is considered largely symbolic.

DHS: More than a dozen known or suspected terrorists try to enter US each day

Since 9/11, NYPD counter-terrorism teams have thwarted "more than 20 plots. Bona fide plots" targeting the New York City area.