Baroness Cox asks UK government what it’s doing to support victims of Muslim grooming gangs

They've done nothing to prevent the Muslim rape gangs and covered up most of the atrocities. Source: Baroness Cox to ask the government about the treatment of grooming gang victims | Christian Concern Baroness Cox has tabled an oral question in the House of Lords which will be asked on Thursday 18 October. The question … Continue reading Baroness Cox asks UK government what it’s doing to support victims of Muslim grooming gangs

“All Praise is Due to Allah” for “Genocide against Christians”: Muslim Persecution of Christians

A Muslim man set a Christian woman on fire because she refused to convert to Islam and marry him. Asma Yaqoob, 25, died five days later.

34,000 deadly attacks by Muslim terrorists since 9/11

34,000 deadly attacks by Muslim terrorists since 9/11 (and that doesn’t include the rapes, assaults, fraud and other crimes).

Islamic Relief Under Investigation; Congress Demands Answers

"officials in countries around the world are beginning to understand the dangers of Islamic Relief, its underlying ideology, and its carefully-crafted duplicity."

Australia: Red Rooster restaurant chain goes halal

'If the product is deemed successful it will be rolled out across the restaurant network,' Ms Owen said.

UK: Mostly Muslim rape gang jailed for raping more than a dozen teen girls in Huddersfield

The pattern of exploitation of mainly white girls by groups of men of mainly Pakistani heritage mirrors what has happened in a number of other towns around the country

Oklahoma: Bystander stops sexual assault by hitting suspect, detaining him for officers

Abdulahi Yusus Guled was booked into Tulsa County jail on complaints of rape by instrumentation and indecent exposure.

100 ISIS Terrorists Caught in Guatemala as Central American Caravan Heads to U.S.

President Morales confirmed that his administration has captured “close to 100 persons completely involved with terrorists, with..."

UK: Notorious, convicted jihad preacher Anjem Choudary released after serving just half of prison term

The cost of keeping Muslim jihad preacher under surveillance is likely to exceed £2million a year.

Muslim Rutgers student who falsified quotes to slander journalist as Islamophobe is intern for Dem congressman (VIDEO)

Rutgers University caved to ‘students who slandered my good name based on falsified quotes’

USMC General: Complacency in fight against radical Islam threatens U.S.

As of right now, the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces have around 700 detainees from 40 different countries.

Arizona: Dem Candidate Sinema Being OK with Americans Joining Taliban Is ‘Disqualifying’

McSally also pointed out the inherent contradiction in Sinema claiming to be a feminist but supporting Americans fighting for the Taliban — who oppress women and stone them to death.

Former DHS Officer Explains Who Keith Ellison Really Is (AUDIO)

This interview is critical information every voter of Minnesota MUST know before they go to vote in this 2018 mid-term election!

Italy Deports Radical Imam, Muslims Who Want to Kill ‘White Tourists,’ ‘Christians’

The announcement of these deportations followed closely on the expulsion of an imam charged with “inciting to Islamic terrorism.”

New York: Muslim Limo Firm’s Operator Charged in Crash That Killed 20

Nauman Hussain was charged with one count of criminally negligent homicide involving all 20 crash victims

Germany releases convicted 9/11 accomplice early, sends home to Morocco

El Motassadeq was convicted of being part of the so-called Hamburg cell, including Atta and fellow Sept. 11 pilots Marwan al-Shehhi and Ziad Jarrah.

New York: Muslim Stops Car, Brutally Assaults 62-year-old Jewish Man Walking to Synagogue (VIDEO)

'Allah' shouting 37-year-old Farrukh Aszal has NOT been charged with a hate (bias) crime.

Rutgers Univ Invokes Sharia, Cancels Journalist’s Speech Claiming Islamophobia

"it was ironic for Rutgers to pride itself on being an institution of free speech yet they canceled a speech because of “a previous denunciation of ISIS..."

California: Terror-linked CAIR wants IRS to investigate Corona pastor for sermon remarks about Muslim candidate and sharia

“It is inconceivable to me that this freedom is being challenged in Corona”

Christian cross destroyed on Greek island because it might offend Muslim invaders (video)

Outraged locals re-erected the cross, that was reportedly built in honour of the refugees who died at sea