Ohio: Muslim charged with murder after missing ex-wife’s body found

Honor killing? Victim feared her child would be kidnapped by Fahad Mohammad Saeed and that Saeed would kill her

Ohio: Jordanian Muslim arrested at airport en route to join Islamic State terrorists

Laith Waleed Alebbini arrested at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport after they said he attempted to help ISIS.

Ohio: After refusing oath, judge asks Muslim terrorist to swear oath “under Allah”

"I only swear by Allah." The judge then asked if he swore "under Allah."

Ohio: 7th Graders Being Taught Muslims Were… Tolerant of Other Religions

The same school stopped showing 7th graders an Islamic propaganda video in 2013 after the Thomas More Law Center threatened a lawsuit.

Ohio: Suspect in anti-Arab Graffiti on Muslim Home is…MUSLIM!

Fake Muslim Hate Crime of the Day. Osama Nazzal charged with criminal damaging but no hate crime.

Ohio Mosque Declares Itself a Sanctuary for Illegal Aliens

Ohio declares it will be a sanctuary for illegal aliens, and a radical imam in Texas is helping mosques nationwide harbor illegals. Is this not sedition?

Ohio: Muslim who shot daughter 3 times in head as she slept, claims ‘accident’

...according to experts on Islamic law, his execution-style killing of his adult daughter bears the hallmarks of an Islamic honor killing.

Columbus Mosque Holds Funeral For Ohio State Terrorist, 100 Muslims Attend

Muslim terrorist's mother doesn't think her son is guilty.

Ohio Muslim sentenced in Capitol jihad plot yells: “Allah is in control, not this judge!”

Cornell, aka Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah, continued to promote violence from jail, calling for others to "fight against the disbelieving people of America".

US govt loaned money to OSU jihadi refugee to fly to America

“Somali refugees are the most difficult to deal with. They are easily manipulated towards criminal activities, making it difficult to negotiate with them at times,” a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees official in Pakistan

As Muslim Jihadi Strikes OSU, Media Drives the Deception Operation

For the media to say they do not know the motive is for the media to be waging an information campaign for the enemies of the United States.

Catholic Charities Resettled Muslim Who Waged Jihad at Ohio State Univ

Muslim refugee jihadist wrote: “By Allah, I am willing to kill a billion infidels"

Muslim Refugee Killed by Police After Driving Into Crowd, Stabbing People at Ohio State Univ

JIHAD: Abdul Razak Ali Artan has been identified as the suspect in today's attack at Ohio State University. 2nd attacker arrested?

Ohio: Muslim immigrant gets 20 years for plot to behead U.S. veteran

Abdulkader used @Twitter to post images almost daily of beheadings and support for the Islamic State. @Jack is complicit.

Ohio: Muslim Arrested For Trying To Join ISIS in Hillary’s Libya

His mother stated, "He linked up with a Masjid in our neighborhood and attended regularly."